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Rock Candy Latest
A little birdy tells me that first Legs album is going to really special...
Explorer wrote:

A little birdy tells me that first Legs album is going to really special...

You know more than me on that score then Makcolm, but the liner notes are certainly very revealing in terms of never before disclosed detail. score 10
Emda wrote:

Will Rock Candy reissue the first Refugee album Affairs in Babylon?

I'm sure it's on a wish list. Will ask.
Tried to send you a PM Dave but it says your inbox is full.
Try now Malcolm
Still saying it's full, send me a PM and I'll reply, see if that works.
Sorry guys, I had to put a cap on the Message Box. The Messages table was one of the things giving me grief when we did the GDM site upgrade, due to the crap that was in there, and because (like emails), everything was repeated.

I will be making changes to the way we use Messages in the future, which will probably be a solution outside of GDM.
Thanks for the info George. Sent you an e-mail instead Malcolm
Got it and sent a reply.
Guys, I have it on good authority that the 1982 Fortnox album is being lined up by Rock Candy very soon. I talk to the FK guys often, and they say it's in the can.

No details about bonus tracks nor who is (or could be) doing the essay.

Dave, are you on the case with this one?
Not me. I only know about the things I'm doing the notes for ( though equally interesting).
Fortnox is cool...but I wish they'd do Striker, Streek, Ozz, MPG & Novo Combo!!! They did Creed so you never know.
Edited by rkbluez on 07-01-2018 14:27
Wouldn't mind RC doing Montrose - Mean...see what this is going for on E-bay!!!!!!!!!!
Nick C
Might have to dig that puppy out, not played it for a while.
Played a CD-R of it and forgot how good it was...a damn fine kick ass solid hard rock album...would be cool if it was on Rock Candy's to do list.

Kaipa - Children Of The Sounds
What's the matter with Rock Candy these days?

Delay after delay after delay after delay.... two bunches of reissues since August, which is not a lot. No updates for upcoming releases on their homepage. And I won't start on debatable choices like D'Molls or Atomic Opera etc...

Has anyone more informations on that topic? Reyno maybe...
Yeah it's pretty bad. Prob best to contact them on their Facebook page. Julia is their Social Media Manager there.
Carl Noonan
What annoys me is that they take ages to update their site and they never take any comments into consideration regarding potential improvements. Even a once a week update would be welcome but they just don't bother. I have probably 3 quarters of their releases and I appreciate getting albums released can be a difficult task. Product is generally excellent but public relations need work.
Facebook just seems to be a kiss ass forum with people saying how great they are and almost the same response to every request, ie variations on it's on our list to do. Never once seen anyone saying anything slightly negative (not to say I have read everything ever posted of course).
I used to be in love with Rock Candy but I feel the spark has gone. I want them to win me backcomfort
The PR of RC is pretty horrible and that's pretty surprising in the internet age. You can get out information quick, easy and comprehensive. But they do it like it's 1997.
Some other questions occur to me:
Where are the north american "Extra Titles" they announced so proudly?
Why did they start yet another classic magazine when there are already enough on the market? Not that it's bad, but they should really concentrate more on their cd releases.
Why did they drift away from the popular classic aor/pomp genre (rare (!!) titles that is)?

Carl, they probably delete all the negative comments...
With regards to negative comments, they do indeed delete them.
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