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Van Wilks
Do you think the Japanese labels always use original master tapes too???
I don't know if that's always the case, probably not. But I have the aforementioned japan releases as flac rips from the internet. And the sound is always very very good to exceptional (apart from the Sneaker demos). No crackles, turntable noises or anything in sight.

So whatever sources are used for japanese cds, they certainly have a high(er) quality standard - even when the stuff is more obscure (like Bighorn). The problem with these releases is that they are OOP very fast und the price is often horrendous.

As for Bighorn, they had their one album out on CBS - around the same time Toto released their debut on the same label. So maybe there are some possibilities...
Edited by RobLynott on 08-06-2016 11:01
The Jap releases always seem to be of better quality. Well, especially the ones that I have, but maybe that's just a perception?
I agree the Jap versions always sound clean...I have the Jap version of Bighorn and it sounds fine...if they weren't double the money I'd buy Jap versions all the time I just think they have higher standards.
Agreed, rk!!

George, I don't think it's a perception. Maybe the japanese label executives have access to the master tapes more than others. Or they just care more about the sound and have a better quality control. Dunno...

Btw, some other AOR/West Coast gems released via Japan are Tim Feehans first two albums and the sole album from Footloose, his former band. Why these were never reissued in the rest of the world is beyond me. Instead of that, Feehans vastly inferior later albums are easily available for cheap. Strange world!
As we know, 'Bombay Tears' was reissued by Rock Candy in 2016, with the 'Boystown' EP added on for extra impact.

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