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Van Wilks
Van has apologized and re-sent this CD. I will let you all know what it is all about!
So ... the CD has finally arrived. Well, actually it's a CD-R and not a silver pressed one either, which is a little disappointing. The front and back cover are simple scans of the LP covers and not really adjusted to properly fit into a jewel case. It obviously has been mastered from the vinyl. I am not a sound expert, so it does sound fine to me, but Steve (rkbluez) thought it could do with a little more punch.

Interestingly Van sent me a note saying that 'An English company called Rock Candy Records is releasing Bombay Tears and my Boystown EP in May or June. Check out their site.'

Who can confirm this?
That would be cool if Rock Candy did this...I'll believe it when I see it though...if they do do it I'll buy it.

Hopefully if they do they get a good source to remaster it from.

Van Rocks!!!
It would be one of their more interesting reissues and like Steve, count me in!
Has anybody picked up the Rock Candy version on Van Wilks 'Bombay Tears' and if so how does it sound?
Nick C
Hi bud, to me it sounds okay, maybe a little bright but I haven't heard it on vinyl so can't compare, in fact it's the first time I've heard it. At the start of Danger in the Dark there is a slight (sounds like) vinyl rumble you'll hear it on headphones - and yet on the back it says from the original master...'Audiophile Recording' those two words set alarm bells ringing for me Grin . But I know you have a better ear for this than me and you said Bernd's version needed a little more it could fit the bill..... I'm pretty glad I have it at last though - great album that I've been too long without.
Carl Noonan
RC releases usually say 'from original source tapes'. I can't think of one that say's 'from the original master tapes' and I have a lot of their releases. Most of them sound great though so I'm not complaining.
Carl, have you read that Steve Hoffman thread which we put up on the Shoutbox? There's a guy there complaining about the quality of RC's releases..
Carl Noonan
Yeah, seems to have a big issue with them but I can't say I have. There are a few like the Money and Paris cd's that' aren't brilliant but most are great. I just wish Rock Candy would say if they are definite original master tape remasters as original source tapes is vague.
Ordered a copy of Bombay Tears...looking forward to hearing this Rock Candy reissue...hope it sounds good I'll post again once I've had a chance to listen to it.
Nick C
The wording on this is ' Mastered in High Definition Audiophile Recording From the Original Master'.
On to the debate over at Hoffman...there's a second thread I just found that has a more balanced view of the RC releases - some like them some don't, some say others sound better than other releases... which is probably about right for any label.

I'm really interested to read a review of Van Wilks: Bombay Tears. rk, have you received your copy yet? Please tell us your verdict about the sound quality.
Rob it sounds like a really good vinyl rip to me...very listenable...a huge improvement over the version on Van's it audiophile way...but for an old classic like this it's well worth picking up IMO anyway.

An obscure gem like this is worth having and this is probably as good as we're going to get.

Looking forward to the next 5 releases.

Glad Rock Candy seems to be getting back to business with some way OOP and obscure classic's that have never been on CD yet
Ordered a copy of this the other day, should land shortly. Will review it once it does.
Edited by reyno-roxx on 05-06-2016 21:55
Picked up a copy for a very reasonable £9.99 from my local HMV last week. Very entertaining essay from Xavier Russell and nice to have the 'Boystown' EP as bonus tracks on CD for the first time as well.
Hmm, these vinyl rip reissues really put me off to be honest. Hearing crackles and 'turntable' noise just makes me mad. This is NOT what I want to hear on a cd! Rock Candy should be stating if the source is vinyl or whatever. 'Original source' can mean everything...

Anyway, some reviewer on Amazon says this: 'Sound quality is extremely good. The high end notes aren't tinny and muffled from the re-mastering process, the instrumentals and solos are crisp and clear. I still have the vinyl too, but this is cleaned up a bit. Love it.'

George, what do you think?
Rob, I'll let everyone know when the CD lands, hopefully by the end of the week. It has been shipped.
Thought it was well worth the money myself even if it was mastered from vinyl...some things just don't have master tapes anymore...some vinyl rips like the later day Rennasance stuff really sounded like shit as did a few of the Rock Candy release like Roadmaster...if it's done right the results can be good...better than never having it on disc.
Imho Rock Candy should concentrate on stuff, where the master tapes ARE available! There's such a huge amount of Japan only releases like Bighorn, Sneaker, Brock Walsh, John O'Banion etc. that are OOP for a long time... These are begging for a reissue in the rest of the world!!!
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