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8 Is - 2010 Frame Of Us
8-Is deliver classy AOR, west coast, ballads, and there's enough here to suggest these guys have a big future ahead of them.

Accept - 2010 Blood Of The Nations
In a year that's thrown up some tremendous comebacks by veteran acts, Accept have now joined the list and in convincing fashion.

Air Supply - 2010 Mumbo Jumbo
Air Supply return with the strangely titled 'Mumbo Jumbo', what is less confusing is the typical soft rock/balladeering style of these former Aussies, still alive and well in 2010.

Airbourne - 2010 No Guts No Glory
While Jimmy Barnes is off covering 12950's and 60's songs we can be thankful that we have Airbourne flying the flag for Australia, otherwise I might had felt that the Aussies have gone all soft on us.

All I Know - 2010 Vanity Kills
This band deliver very melodic songs that will strike at the heart of the GDAZE audience with ease. Singer Ward Dufraimont sounds like a young Kevin Cronin in places, not that everything on here sounds like REO, but it surely adds a classic rock veneer to what is a undeniable modern hard rock album.

Amethyst - 2010 The Maze Of Destiny
If Queensryche circa 'The Warning' or debut album Crimson Glory is your bag, then Amethyst might very well be on your shopping list.

Angeline - 2010 Confessions
Named after that classsic Paul Sabu track, Angeline have been in business since 1987, with more ups and downs than Aussie soccer star Harry Kewell's football career.

Armored Saint - 2010 La Raza
'La Raza' is a totally engaging album, and you needn't feel threatened that this is a HM extravaganza. It isn't. It's a cool sounding disc, with loads of different features.

Asia - 2010 Omega
Many of us have been fans of the band since day one, and 'Omega' captures a sense of style from their past, plus where they sit now in the present.

Astral Doors - 2010 Requiem Of Time
Astral Doors is a band I've enjoyed in the past, the new one is classy but very derivative, and with not much in the way of variation, 'Requiem Of Time' could be pushed to the back of the class by the time we finish up the year 2010.

Auras - 2010 New Generation
Does the world need another Journey? We ask the question of Brazilian copy-cats Auras.

Bachman Turner - 2010 Bachman Turner
Earlier in 2010, we took a look at the promo CD 'Forged In Rock', released as a giveaway with Classic Rock magazine. The big kahuna CD was official released in September 2010, and though it's taken a while for us to get to it, the CD is surely worth a look.

Bachman Turner - 2010 Forged In Rock [promo]
As a prelude to their Sept 2010 full length CD 'Bachman Turner', the duo released a promotional EP called 'Forged In Fire', which was bundled with Classic Rock magazine earlier in the year (issue 148).

Bad City - 2010 Welcome To The Wasteland
Bad City were the group that clutched defeat out of the jaws of victory. These guys had a pack of cards stuffed with kings, queens, aces the whole lot, no low numbers nor jokers. Already fast tracked as the new face or maybe the alternative version of AOR, plus gaining the approval of Paul Stanley. This album is like a group of teenagers drinking shandy, pushing to all extremes and still having enough energy to stay up all night.

Best Of Decade 2000-2009 - 2010 jeffrey343
Better late than never, I guess. Coming in two years after most everyone else's list, here is mine. But I do have a good excuse.

Black Majesty - 2010 In Your Honour
I have enjoyed all the Black Majesty albums up to this point, but 'In Your Honour' tops the list.

Bogaert, Jane - 2010 5th Dimension
The 'Fifth Dimension' after all is said and done is a pretty catchy album, the backbone is pure 80's, and it's easy to hear how Jane has encapsulated the essence of past female greats into her voice. Very likeable and if you're a female fronted AOR/hard rock fan, then you don't need any invitation.

Boys Of The Band - 2010 Does I Can
Finland's BOB, or Boys Of The Band may have seen Eurovision glories come and go, but they have landed one very hook laden melodic pop/rock opus to sink your teeth into.

Brendel, Doris - 2010 The Last Adventure
'The Last Adventure' is a very pleasant listen, well suited to the GDAZE audience as it straddles the fence between Doris' past influential eras of the 80' and 70's with the trends and styles of today.

Brock, Terry - 2010 Diamond Blue
'Diamond Blue' is a reasonable album, but is let down by a few issues.

Bronz - 2010 Carried By The Storm
It's taken 25 years, but finally, the unreleased Bronz album 'Carried By The Storm' gets a private release.

Bush, Stan - 2010 Dream The Dream
If you liked the past two Stan Bush albums, as well as most of what he's done, I'm confident in saying you'll like this too. And if you're looking for something that is consistently positive and upbeat, you should check this out.

Charlotte (USA) - 2010 Medusa Groove
Another of the L.A brigade which tried to put a different spin on their hair metal influence back in the 80's.

Chriss, Anders - 2010 Volatility
Swedish singer/songwriter Anders Chriss is no chip off the old block. This guy lives in the outside of left field, and if you enjoy running up hills backwards, or driving around roundabouts the wrong way this maybe right up your street.

Crazy Lixx - 2010 New Religion
Crazy Lixx. Crazy name huh? From the Scandi sleaze skool of hard rock, these guys combine all that was good (and bad) about 80's glam and metal and put a 21st century spin on it.

Damien, Dannie - 2010 The Boxer And The Boozer
Don't be thinking that this CD is camped well inside the Glam circus-ring because it isn't. Fans of many of the other hard rock sub-genres may enjoy this outing as much as I did. Another solid effort from this promising Italian artist.

Degreed - 2010 Life Love Loss
One of the new arrivals to the new Melodicrock Records roster is Swedish band Degreed. At first appearance, their name, image and album title might have you thinking this is dark and dirgy stuff - and wondering what the heck is Andrew McNeice thinking? Fear not my melodic friends, Andrew has selected wisely and surely, Degreed being a class melodic act that has taken ownership of the year 2010 as a breath of fresh air from the Nordic North!

Dockers Guild - 2010 The Mystic Technocracy (pre production demos)
'The Mystic Technocracy' is a Space Rock Opera, with more than a hint of Arjan Lucassen's Ayreon thrown into the mix, plus some of the progressive rock gods from years gone by.

Ellis, Kerry - 2010 Anthems
A singer better known for West End Theater productions, teams up with Queen's Brian May, who described this as 'an anthemic-orchestral-rock-musical-theatre- fusion'.

Elvenking - 2010 Red Silent Tides
Definitely, 'Red Silent Tides' is a very melodic album, and an appealing one at that too, but judging from what I've heard of their earlier material, those too are ripe for investigation.

Enforcer - 2010 Diamonds
Those of you tiring of Iron Maiden's ability to bore you with long-winded epics should check out Sweden's Enforcer for a short and shrill blast of maiden-esque metal!

Enuff Znuff - 2010 Dissonance
So long as bands like this, plus Cheap Trick are still in operation, I am a happy man.

Exciter (Canada) - 2010 Death Machine
I have a feeling this one will rate high in my end of year list, simply because it is straight down the line heavy metal.

Exhibit A - 2010 Make Mine A Lobster
There was always a strong element of pop in the Exhibit A sound, sort of a Duran Duran/Spandau Ballet thing mixed with catchy neo-prog a la Jadis which I found quite appealing and much of that character can still be heard on this disc.

Faithealer - 2010 Welcome To The Edge Of The World
I like what Jason and Ivan are doing here, and as this is their first CD they've delivered a pretty good album. My only bug-bear are those guitar solos.

Fenrik Lane - 2010 317
Fans of modern pop/rock should investigate, and if Poets Of The Fall and/or Melee are on your playlist already, then Fenrik Lane will make a welcome addition.

Fifth On The Floor - 2010 Dark And Bloody Ground
This CD is full of drinking songs, not your American Dog type of song, but pure southern whiskey drunk out of a glass jar.

Fire (Malta) - 2010 Ignite
Personally, I think this is one of the better bands doing the rounds in Europe at the moment. Their high-octane brand of rock is well suited to the live/arena environment, and I would love to see them get an opportunity to play a few select gigs on the mainland.

Firecracker - 2010 Born Of Fire
Firecracker is the melding of personnel principally from two other Swedish bands. Stefan Lindholm is from melodic prog metallers Vindictiv, while singer Tommy Karevik is well known to GD readers as being the voice behind Seventh Wonder.

First Signal - 2010 First Signal
First Signal to my way of thinking is definitely in the top 3 Frontiers releases for 2010..

Flag - 2010 Perihelion
This is the third instalment of the Arthur Offen Flag project - Perihelion. Fantastic pomp!

FM (UK) - 2010 Metropolis
I can't recommend this more, it's one of the best releases so far in an unusually above average year for melodic rock. A real triumph for the veterans.

Foghat - 2010 Last Train Home
The material on this CD has blues and classic rock written all over it, but I'm thinking that much of the appeal that Foghat had in the 70's and 80's is now lost. For true blues fans only I would suggest.

Ghost (Norway) - 2010 The Engraving
Norwegian metallers Ghost are a band that are new to me, unlike their musical style which has a very familiar ring to it. These guys are playing old school heavy metal in the vein of Iron Maiden, Accept, Savatage and Armored Saint, and have a firm steely grip on precedings.

Giant - 2010 Promise Land
Sorry to say, but at the end of the day - to me Dann Huff is GIANT. End of story, despite what others will tell you.

Gorden, Keith - 2010 A Place In Time
If you're a fan of Chicago (the band not the city), then this 5 track CD is for you.

Grand Illusion - 2010 Brand New World
One of my favorite bands, I am over the moon with their reunion, but less enthused about the end result..

H.E.A.T (Sweden) - 2010 Beg, Beg, Beg [ep]
2008 was the start of a love affair with Swedish band H.E.A.T. While everyone was still agog the following year, the band consolidated their credentials with a solid round of live gigs, and in 2010 they give us a prelude of things to come with a three-track EP titled 'Beg Beg Beg'.

H.E.A.T (Sweden) - 2010 Freedom Rock
Are these Swedish boys taking over the mantle of Europe? As the former 80's hair melodic rockers continue to dwell in alternative rock, H.E.A.T take the reigns.. But for how long?

Halford - 2010 Halford IV - Made For Metal
A great return to form for Halford, although this would have been even better with Priest on board. This is what Halford excels at, traditional heavy metal.. It's yet another excellent release in what has been an unusually above average year for heavy metal..
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