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101 South - 2009 No U Turn
Overall, 'No U Turn' is kinda soft on the ears, and though it's great to see the band back in action, it's kind of a half hearted attempt to rock out, as much of this album is operating on a combination of valium and viagra, though we're not quite sure who is winning out.

Acid - 2009 Live In Belgium
It's easy to hear why Acid is so revered among metal aficionados. Often referred to as speed and even black metal; the band was quite melodic and rest assured, nothing here will put you in cardiac arrest or give you the urge to burn down your local church.

Allied Nation - 2009 Touch And Go
San Francisco's Allied Nation were one of many tremendous melodic hard rock acts to not find favour with the record labels of the day. Their material is prime contenders for the AOR Underground, until this CD came along.

Amorphis - 2009 Skyforger
This is a band doing well on all fronts - imaginative, if limited, use of non-metal instruments, varied vocals, phenomenal songwriting, and two guitarists who write monster melodies and riffs.

Ancara - 2009 Chasing Shadows
Ancara are unsure what type of band they are on this album. They change styles frequently, and if you had an opinion of them as a heavy metal band, then that may have softened after listening to 'Chasing Shadows'.

AOR - 2009 Journey To L.A
There are some truly excellent songs on this CD, and I have no hesitation in recommending it as the best release from Frederic, Tommy and the gang.

At Vance - 2009 Ride The Sky
At Vance surprise with a very solid album, you won't be short changed by this one!

Bad Habit - 2009 Above And Beyond
'Above And Beyond' is a good start for 2009, but to be honest, this is so play-by-numbers, it's as if the songwriters stumbled into writers block territory and don't know the way out.

Bad Sister - 2009 Because Rust Never Sleeps
German melodic rockers/AORsters Bad Sister return to the limelight with their 2009 'return' album 'Because Rust Never Sleeps'..

Balance - 2009 Equilibrium
You know all is well in the AOR Universe when New York band Balance are on the scene. It's 2009, and it has been many a year since their last recorded studio effort - 1982's classic 'In For The Count', but back they are, with a new album no less! What's the verdict?

Blanc Faces - 2009 Falling From The Moon
Without a doubt, 'Falling From The Moon' ends the year on a positive note.. it's a consummate release of AOR, and is a definite Top 5 album for me in 2009.

Bon Jovi - 2009 The Circle
Bon Jovi claim that this album 'rocks hard'. However and disappointingly so, there is nothing here resembling hard rock. Who are they kidding?

Broken Valves - 2009 Lady [ep]
Italy's Broken Valves have delivered on their 4 track EP, but it seems there is some way to go before stardom will come door-knocking.

Bullet Boys - 2009 10c Billionaire
Against the odds this is probably the best album I've heard from the band, topping their self titled 1989 album.

Cain's Offering - 2009 Gather The Faithful
Cain's Offering are a new Finnish outfit featuring members of well known bands Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius. It's majestic prog metal in the vein of Dragonland. Sounds damn good to me!

Carswell, Neil - 2009 Keep You Guessing
Out of the ashes of Copperhead comes Neil Carswell, who has returned as a solo artist in his own right. Releasing two solo CD's, with a shift away from the Southern Rock/Metal of Copperhead to a more Southern/Country feel.

Charlemagne - 2009 Charlemagne
This is the first review from the Eonian Records roster. First cab off the rank were the Los Angeles based Charlemagne, who were familiar faces on the overcrowded Sunset Strip during the late 80's.

Charlie - 2009 Kitchens Of Distinction
Is Terry Thomas annoyed at the world? You would think so by listening to and immersing yourself in the latest Charlie CD.. Though by all accounts, should this have been a Terry Thomas solo album? Hmm..

Cheap Trick - 2009 The Latest
Cheap Trick can now be considered the god fathers of the power pop genre. I wouldn't call them elder statesmen or grandfathers.. that would be way too uncool for Robin, Rick, Tom and Bun.

Cherry Lips - 2009 Cherry Lips
With a name like Cherry Lips, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to ascertain that this band are full of good looking girls. This (excuse the pun) 'bunch' of gals come at us all the way from Verona Italy. When they are nice, they can be compared to The Bangles and The Gogos. When they want to be nasty (oo err.. there's a thought!), spinning out comparisons to Girlschool and The Runaways wouldn't be out of order.

Chickenfoot - 2009 Chickenfoot
The year 2009 and the term 'classic rock' can only mean one thing. And that is Chickenfoot. If you're reading this review, then you won't need enlightening, and you'll know damn well who we're talking about.

Circle Of Fate - 2009 Back To Life
Chicago band Circle Of Fate are a new name to me, but this female fronted combo have been in the business for a good decade or so. They mix up their sound with straight-ahead metal with some progressive streaks as well..

Coldspell - 2009 Infinite Stargaze
Coldspell appear to come from the progessive metal crossover arena and into the melodic rock camp. Bands to have accomplished that in more recent times have been fellow Swedes Cloudscape, Seventh Wonder and to a lesser degree UK band Threshold.

Constancia - 2009 Lost And Gone
'Lost And Gone' might appear to be siding with the hard rock fan club, but in all honesty, this is heavy shit, you'd be inclined to compare this lot to bands like Coldspell, Cloudscape, which is all good by me.

Cooper Inc - 2009 Pulling The Trigger
A great little album this.. from two parts Dutch - two parts German combo called Cooper Inc

Covered Call - 2009 Money Never Sleeps
Covered Call are playing in a straight-ahead guitar rocking style, with very little (if any) in the way of keyboards. Their sound is dynamic, and carried heavily by the melodic throat of Thomas Vikstrom. The rest of the music fits in nicely from behind.

Crash The System - 2009 The Crowning
It's a melodic collison of Scandanavian proportions as Sweden and Finland join forces to create an AOR overload.

Crooked X - 2009 Crooked X
These boys are Crooked X. From the town of Coweta, Oklahoma, this quartet were only aged 14 or 15 when the songs on this CD were recorded - believe it or not!

Danger Danger - 2009 Revolve
Causing a big stir in the latter part of 2009 are melodic rock faves Danger Danger. Can you believe it's twenty years since they graced us with their near-perfect debut album!

Dare - 2009 Arc Of The Dawn
Any Dare release is well worth obtaining, but don't be expecting anything different or revolutionary, because you won't find it here.

Daughtry - 2009 Leave This Town
The debut album Daughtry went 4x Platinum, propelling Daughtry to the upper echelon of U.S. rock bands. This album didn't leave quite the mark as the debut, but overall though, this proved to be a successful follow-up, and I don't detect anything more than a very slight sophomore slump here.

Dream Theater - 2009 Black Clouds And Sliver Linings
When I finished my first listen, my conclusion was that, unlike albums which are for the heart, or for the ears, 'Black Clouds..' was an album for the brain. And I'm still sticking to that impression.

Dynazty - 2009 Bring The Thunder
Where H.E.A.T set tongues and eyebrows on fire last year, these new boys are setting the pace for 2009.. Not since Aces High's fantastic debut 'Ten N Out' have I heard a Swedish band play with this much bristling energy!

Electric Eels - 2009 Electric Eels II
Electric Eels caused a stir when we first reviewed their debut album. Unbeknown to many people, EE had a whole bunch of other songs in the can as well recorded in 1986, but now reissued in 2009.

Elektradrive - 2009 Living 4
Elektradrive were best known for their overly keyboard pomp based attack. Unfortunately you'll get none of that here, as this is mostly heavy rock with a few melodic twists and turns plus a hint of progressive rock. It's not bad - just different. For an overall comparison, try Toto's 2006 'Falling In Between'.

Eye (Sweden) - 2009 2 Hearts [ep]
Featured earlier in the year through our News Desk was Gothenburg based AORsters Eye. These guys are definitely drinking from the same fountain as fellow Swedish sensations H.E.A.T.

Fab Box - 2009 Music From The Fab Box
Well then, what a pleasant surprise this is! Fab Box, the cleverly named duo of Fabrizio Ugolini and Massimo Bozzi have landed a quite beautiful light AOR/west coast album.

Fair Warning (Germany) - 2009 Aura
'Aura' is a decent enough listen, the band have kept musicianship in the bag, and have tried to concentrate on writing a batch of decent songs. Sometimes it works well, but mostly you'll be trying to squeeze all the goodness out of this album.. and then you'll be going back a second time to eek out anything left over.

Farcry - 2009 High Gear
Farcry have generated a heap of interest over in the Myspace domain plus some of the other hard rock sites out there on the Net. Mostly, this is a good album, but like any album there are some parts that don't quite strike a home run for my liking.

Fire (Malta) - 2009 Thrill Me
I guess this is a first! The very first review of a rock band from Malta.. of all places. Pretty soon it won't be long before we reviews acts from the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Gibraltar, possibly even Cyprus or Turkey!

Firenote - 2009 Firenote
Causing a right little ruckus on this website and elsewhere are new Finnish boys Firenote!

Foreigner - 2009 Can't Slow Down
Another of the mega-bands to do the 'Walmart' thing is Foreigner, and though they say they 'Can't Slow Down', it's taken the band 15 years to work their way out of first gear - and deliver us a new album! Such is the irony!

Fotomaker - 2009 Interview with Frankie Vinci
Thanks to a mutual contact I was recently given the chance to ask Fotomaker's Frankie Vinci a few questions and to say I was thrilled by the opportunity would be an understatement.

Freakshow - 2009 Freakshow
Freakshow are one of the new signings to Retrospect Records that are in the 'here and now', rather than being a retrospective band who no longer exist, and boy - do they have an all-star cast!

Free Spirit - 2009 Pale Sister Of Light
Whatever you do in 2009, one thing you need to have on your 'must-do' list is to buy a copy of this album. It's already locked down a place in my top 10 for the year. Guaranteed!

Frontline (USA) - 2009 Frontology: 1983-1993
Some of you may have seen this album cropping up on retail site NEH Records just recently. And no, it isn't a greatest hits of the well known German band of the same name. Nope, this version of Frontline predate the German crew by at least a decade, and originate from Novato California.

Grand Design - 2009 Time Elevation
I'm sure there might be one or two albums that might might nudge this one for album of the year, let's see what the last three months of the year have to show. In the meantime, the phrase 'bye or die' is resurrected once more.

Great White - 2009 Rising
Soundwise the band still continues to flirt with the same type of blues based hard rock they did in their 80's heyday but far more unconvincingly. In fact this is a remarkably weak album in terms of heaviness, with the band trying to sound tough but falling rather flat.

Grimm, Steve (Band) - 2009 History Of A Bad Boy
Steve Grimm is well known to many of us as the glue that holds the Wisconsin band Bad Boy together. There are a few reviews of that band here on GDAZE, less known is his solo career which has spanned a lengthy history on its own merits.

Halestorm - 2009 Halestorm
So what do bands like Benedictum, Hydrogyn, Infernophonic and Evanescence have in common? Well they all have powerhouse females on lead vocals. You can now add the impressive Lizzy Hale to the list. Pennsylvania's Halestorm have their debut full length CD on the shelves very soon. Check 'em out, a cool little album!
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