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40ft Ringo - 2001 Ten Song CD
Make no mistake, with a sound that fuses tub-thumping stadium rock and the contemporary bombast of nu-breed acts like Marvelous 3, Tsar and SR-71, 40 Ft Ringo's songs are so damn addictive, they should come with a health warning.

Aerosmith - 2001 Just Push Play
'Just Push Play' does nothing to suggest that the Boston rockers are convincingly back to their Columbia Records heyday of snarling, classic rock, nor does it confirm that Aerosmith are just spewing out more of the commercially minded rock..

Alva Star - 2001 Alligators In The Lobby
The title may be slightly mystifying, but Alva Star's mixture of irresistible pop hooks and rythymic, driving rock n' roll proves that great, addictive and memorable music is anything but rocket science.

Amun Re - 2001 Magic Kingdom
This outfit come from the Alpine climes of Austria. That country is more famous for producing Olympic class winter athletes, but now perhaps.. melodic rockers? Who knows, but whatever the case, an Austrian band immersed in all things Egyptian sounds mighty strange to me.

Anatomic - 2001 In For The Thrill
Despite adopting a new edgier name, Shy Tiger's metamorphis into Anatomic proves nothing has really changed. The Bay Area band gained opening slots for Bon Jovi and Night Ranger and sold respectable numbers of their debut CD 'Feed The Kitty' with a high energy brand of melodic hard rock, and if that album did it for you, then there's an excellent chance 'In For The Thrill' will hit the right buttons again.

Aries - 2001 Crash And Burn
If someone told me this was a classic midwest AOR album from 19729 or thereabouts, I would have fallen for it. There's more than a little Kansas influence, with smatterings of Styx, REO Speedwagon, and Uriah Heep.

At Vance - 2001 Dragonchaser
There is still the neo-classical metal that the band can do so well, but it lacks the extra spark that made 'Heart Of Steel' so appealing. Actually, 'Dragonchaser' doesn't have much of a spark at all.

Athenaeum - 2001 Athenaeum
It's good to see that not EVERY new rock band supported by major labels has to be a Blink 182 clone, Limp Bizkit rip-off or Linkin Park imitator. Step forward Athenaeum, a band with few pretensions, not much marketing potential but plenty of great tunes.

Avantasia - 2001 The Metal Opera
Tobias Sammet is in essence the lead vocalist for Edguy, and while he is definitely still a part of that band, he needed an outlet for some of the material he had written that didn't fit into the Edguy mould. Avantasia is quite an adventurous project melding grandiose, over-the-top orchestration with melodic speed metal guitars, operatic vocals (just look at the list of singers) and multi-layered choruses.

Badhoven - 2001 Behind The Masquerade
Awful name, dubious cover, originate from Austria.. Hardly AOR heaven isn't it? Not looking promising. But wait, these guys deliver pitch-perfect AOR, with a few neat twists and turns..

Baileys Comet - 2001 Judgement Day
Baileys Comet is the band founded by The Bailey Brothers, Dez and Mick. The brothers came to prominence in the 80's as hosts of MTV's Metal programme and also writing for Metal Hammer magazine.

Band Central Station - 2001 Now Arriving
These guys have been around for awhile, but never made it beyond their local hunting ground of Long Island New York. Though Boston and Journey are strong influences, you can also hear Norway and Diving For Pearls in their sound.

Beautiful Creatures - 2001 Beautiful Creatures
Rehashing a staple diet of AC/DC and Guns N Roses, the songs on 'Beautiful Creatures' will be nothing new to any self respecting rock fan.

Big Smile - 2001 Going Vertical
After doing an interview with Chris Brockway at the end of 1999, I was starting to wonder whether the boys with the big smile would actually get around to releasing 'Going Vertical'. Well, we're finally underway.. 'good things take time' is the old adage. And so it is with Big Smile's second album.

Bliss 66 - 2001 Trip To The 13th
Displaying an intriguing blend of hard rock aggression and pop subtlety, Detroit based Bliss 66 could well be the band to break out.

Boetz - 2001 Call To Arms
Proudly proclaiming the re-emergence of true hard rock is Ernest Robert Boetz (pronounced Bets). Ernie to you and I. His motto is 'God Bless America, and long live rock n roll'.

Bonfire - 2001 Strike Ten
Few melodic rock bands can boast a career that spans fifteen years and ten albums. Apart from the mediocre 'Knock Out' and the interesting acoustic/country flavoured 'Feels Like Coming Home', Bonfire has been steadily releasing good-to-excellent quality Euro melodic hard rock.

Brock, Kelly - 2001 So Close
Take a pinch of the Corrs, a little bit of Alisha's Attic and a real penchant for pop sensibilities, then you get a rough idea of what Canadian singer songwriter Kelly Brock is all about.

Brock, Terry - 2001 Back To Eden
Let's shift camp to Mr Brock, and all of his cohorts who have helped create a solo album for Terry which stands right alongside the best solo moments of Steve Perry, Hugo and Michael Bolton, integrated with the commercial style of a band like Survivor.

Broke[N]Blue - 2001 Northern Light
For an indie effort this should be an inspiration as to how well it can be done on limited resources..

Broken Toyz - 2001 Out Of The Box [Demo]
Broken Toyz stick steadfastly to the 70's side of rock, with a sound reminiscent of Deep Purple to Led Zeppelin, with a dash of AC/DC mixed in.

Bush, Stan - 2001 Language Of The Heart
For this new solo album, Stan has collaborated with Curt Cuomo, who worked on the Kiss albums 'Carnival Of Souls' and 'Psycho Circus'. Curt co-writes on nine of the ten tracks, plays keyboards and produces this slightly more organic and stripped down sounding album.

Byrd, James - 2001 Flying Beyond The 9
James Byrd for those discerning punters out there is of course better known for his work with the eighties melodic rockers Fifth Angel, and his other band projects such as Atlantis Rising.

C4 (Featuring Michael Angelo) - 2001 Call To Arms
Michael Angelo's C4 is not going to win any prizes for being the CD of the year, but it's certainly worth tracking down as it gives an interesting twist to previously released versions of material from his former bands Nitro and Holland.

Cage - 2001 Astrology
Cage are an uncompromising pure metal band, and if you're a fan of 'Painkiller' era Judas Priest, Primal Fear and early Crimson Glory then you are going to have a very sore neck after listening to 'Astrology'.

Catley, Bob - 2001 Middle Earth
The legendary Magnum frontman returns with his third, and arguably best solo album. The musical feel is classic Magnum, circa 'On A Storyteller's Night' and 'Wings Of Heaven'.

Clarks, The - 2001 Live 2001
Despite an intensely loyal and sizeable local fan base, Pittsburgh based rockers The Clarks remain one of America's best kept musical secrets.

Cline, David Neil - 2001 Through Scrutiny
A veteran of the Detroit Metal scene, David has been forging his career since the 80's, with recent re-releases of EP's and albums that were previously only available on vinyl and cassette. 'Through Scrutiny' may have been released in the year 2001 but the material was written quite some time ago I believe, with some touch ups and re-recordings being made, resulting in this release.

Collective Soul - 2001 7even Year Itch
Collective Soul are definitely an interesting, if somewhat strange band. Over the course of a seven year career, the band has sold more than five million albums, but you would scarcely recognise any of the band members if you ran into them in the street.

Company Of Wolves - 2001 Steryl Spycase
An enjoyable romp of rock and rhythm/blues from this resurrected outfit from years gone by. Formed around the talented Kyf Brewer, some of you will remember his brief foray with his earlier band The Ravyns. COW was his second coming, and though signed with a big label, the band's timing was a bit unfortunate.

Coppertree - 2001 Coppertree
This self-titled CD is actually a re-recording and remix of much of the material on Coppertree's 2000 disc, 'Left Of Somewhere', and a big improvement it is too.

Cranberries, The - 2001 Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
The Cranberries have in a sense, come full circle with 'Wake Up And Smell The Coffee', and this may mean that in an ever-changing industry, their Celtic flavoured alternative pop can't go much further.

Crashing Angels - 2001 Crashing Angels
Thanks to you can come across some impressive bands, and it was through that I discovered this talented quintet from Vancouver, Canada.

Danger Danger - 2001 Cockroach
'Cockroach' was supposed to be Danger Danger's third release on Epic Records in 1993. Issues with lead vocalist roles prompted Epic to completely shelve the release - until 2001 that is..

Danzi, Danny - 2001 Interview
June 2001 interview, featuring the guitar virtuoso from New Jersey .. Danny Danzi.

Dare - 2001 Belief
'Belief' is not so much of a departure, but a combination of the commercial approach derived from their classic debut 'Out Of The Silence' merging into 'Calm Before The Storm'.

Demon Drive - 2001 Rock n Roll Star
For anyone familiar with either German or European melodic rock, the name Michael Voss and Demon Drive will be recognisable. His trademark voice is still a major part of Demon Drive, although it now fronts a less flamboyant, maturer outfit.

Doc Holliday - 2001 A Better Road
This might appear to be a new album, and I suppose technically it is. However, upon peeling back the layers you'll find that the material is in fact a mix of unreleased and re-recorded songs. All thankfully from that classic period of the early 80's.

Dreamtide - 2001 Here Comes The Flood
The year 2000 saw the turning of the tide and the turning of fortunes for German melodic rock heroes Fair Warning. With the departure of singer Tommy Heart to a new and different project that was Soul Doctor, the remaining members decided to pull the plug. Since then, lead guitarist Helge Engelke has resurfaced with this new band Dreamtide, and for fans of Fair Warning and Zeno in particular, rest easy.. the legacy continues.

Dustsucker - 2001 Hookers Planet
No, Dustsucker is not a new brand of vacuum cleaner, but a heavy rock band from Germany.

Emerald Rain - 2001 Perplexed In The Extreme
Compared to their previous work this album makes a step up in attitude and heaviness. The melody is definitely still evident but on a number of occasions it is moulded around some European heavy rock style riffing from Mike Dmitrovic.

Empire - 2001 Hypnotica
Fans of power vocals will love this. Definitely anyone interested in the heavier genres of melodic rock will do well to check this ablum out. Overall, you can't help but be impressed by an album which has good consistent material, two talented singers, and a stellar musical cast. Melodic metal never sounded so good.

Far Too Jones - 2001 Shame And Her Sister
With a blend of catchy, yet raw and edgy rock, 'Shame and Her Sister' is one of the best records I have heard in this genre in the past couple of years.

Fatal Attraction (Sweden) - 2001 Unknown World EP
A pleasant interlude from this Swedish indie quintet, with a heart and home between Scandi-land and the sun-drenched boulevards of L.A. It's AOR and West Coast all rolled into one.

First Shot - 2001 From The Hip
'From The Hip' traverse most AOR corners on the album, there's some bold hard rock down to some teary eyed ballads.

Five Way Friday - 2001 Interview with Joe Good
Andrew Ellis interviews Five Way Friday drummer Joe Good.

Flickerstick - 2001 Welcoming Home The Astronauts
If Reality TV is your preference, you'll probably remember Dallas-based Flickerstick as the band that overcame three other groups, adversity and near elimination to win VH1's 'Band's On The Run' contest during 2001.

Francis, Chris - 2001 Chris Francis
This self-titled CD is the debut release from Chris Francis, who has since gone on to join british melodic rockers Ten.

Giant - 2001 III
Most, if not all of these tracks were recorded some time ago - some for the 'third' album which never materialised, and others from the 'Time To Burn' sessions that never made it.

Gonzalez, Jason - 2001 On The Edge Of The Edge
Most will recall Jason Gonzalez being the voice behind the band Just Jay. Jason's approach is not unlike the one taken by artists such as John Taglieri and Jim Steed, both chaps have been featured here at GDAZE.
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