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101 South - 2002 Roll Of The Dice
'Majestic' is the word that immediately springs to mind when this new 101 South opus gets a fair hearing on my CD player.

91 Suite - 2002 91 Suite
The new Spanish inquisition is thankfully a less gory and violent affair from millennia past. The new inquisition is instead, celebrating the glory of melodic rock and AOR in it's finest form - and it don't come better than this..

Adrenalin - 2002 Twenty Five Years: 1977-2002
For newcomers to Adrenalin and DC Drive, you cannot go wrong with this. For those expecting more of Adrenalin, there may be cause for concern. As a time capsule it's fascinating to hear the bands evolution from a bar room type set of rockers, into smooth melodic rockers, while retaining the homegrown midwest feel.

Airless - 2002 Airless
Another of the new brigade of Spanish bands, though not as pink and fluffy as labelmates 291 Suite or Golden Farm for instance. A harder guitar oriented edge is taken with Airless.

Alchemist, The - 2002 Songs From The Westside
A curious collection this one. Not the sort of album to turn up loud. For the most part it drifts on a bed of atmospheric layers infused with rhythmic pieces. If I could compare it to anything.. think Zappacosta crossed with Sting..

Aquila - 2002 Say Yeah
Aquila is the reincarnation of the superb Dutch band Terra Nova. Or more succintly, guitarist Fred Hendrix and brother Ron on keyboards. Though this time the full on pomp/AOR attack is dropped in favor of a lighter pop direction.

At Vance - 2002 Only Human
On 'Only Human' the German neo-classical metallers seem to have found a second, even third wind, and are definitely back into the groove.

Atello - 2002 Welcome To The Wrecking Ball
New York quartet Atello seem to have cornered the independent American hard rock scene with their traditional rock 'n' roll sound. 'Welcome To The Wrecking Ball' is the follow up to 1999's acclaimed debut 'The Big Payoff', as documented here previously at this website.

Athenaeum - 2002 Hourglass
One can only assume the fickle behavior of such labels if the quality of bands like Athenaeum, Sugarbomb and Mars Electric can be dispensed with, yet utter crap like Tommy Lee, Handsome Devil and Beautiful Creatures can be perservered with. My god where is the justice? In Athenaeum's case, they follow a similar path to local contemporaries Far Too Jones, though unlike their buddies FTJ, they've managed to keep going, even without a proper label behind them.

Atticus Fault - 2002 Atticus Fault
Rather like Collapsis before them, Atticus Fault is the thinking man's rock band. Intense, melodic and not a song about high school in sight, it's clear that they won't be to everyone's tastes..

Austin, Jeff (Project) - 2002 Go Big Or Stay Home
Having been active around the Toronto and Florida scenes for quite a while, Jeff Austin has been getting this album together in stages for quite some time now. With guidance and studio assistance forthcoming from none other than John Albani (Wrabit/ Lee Aaron), chances were always pretty good for a cracking 80's AOR album.

babyPAUL - 2002 babyPAUL
babyPAUL is a German band hoping to prove that German music fans do recognise real talent when they hear it, and on the evidence of the majority of their self titled debut album, they are well on course to achieve that feat.

Big Big Train - 2002 Bard
This is another good, solid release from a criminally under-rated band. The album is designed to be heard as a whole piece.

Biloxi - 2002 Right The Music
Though it's been nine years since the release of the classic 'Let The Games Begin' album, we here at G-DAZE are better prepared for Biloxi's melodic onslaught second time around.

BISS - 2002 BISS
It's been a good six years since Victory released 'Voiceprint', and the last time we heard Fernando Garcia. Whether or not Victory is a going concern is a mystery, but Fernando has come out of the wilderness on this new release by BISS.

Black Majesty - 2002 Sands Of Time [Promo]
If their 3 track sampler is any indication then Black Majesty's debut album due in early 2003 will receive plenty of positive attention.

Bodin, Tomas - 2002 Pinup Guru
Aside from his regular gig as keyboard player in the Swedish retro-prog band The Flower Kings, Mr Tomas Bodin is an independent composer. Following 'An Ordinary Night In My Ordinary Life', comes his second solo outing 'Pinup Guru'.

Boetz - 2002 Four Track Sampler
Here's Ernie again with another HM blast of retro rock, all the way from Atlanta Georgia. Ernie continues on from his recent 'Call To Arms' effort, with a new 4 track EP.

Boetz, Ernie - 2002 Interview
Interview with US hard rocker Ernie Boetz.

Bold, Nick - 2002 For A Small Fee
Here's a chap who's been out of the spotlight for a good wee while. Nick Bold.. better known as the guitarist with UK melodic rockers Virginia Wolf. In 2002, he returns with an album of solo material, pitched at the commercial end of the spectrum. It's more pop than it is rock and in some parts, it could best be described as the Travelling Wilburys doing AOR - though it does have a bit of variety.

Bon Jovi - 2002 Bounce
The album was actually a tepid mixture of modern rock and weepy ballads that had little to do with the sound that enabled them to become huge in the 80's.

Boston - 2002 Corporate America
Don't quite know what to make of this album.. At the time of its release 'Corporate America' was absolutely slagged in the press and when listening to this album one can see why. When compared to Boston's glorious past, 'Corporate America' is sadly lacking. Not that it's any good - it's just VERY different that's all.

Bradshaw, J.D - 2002 The Essence Of Existence
Out of Wachapreague, Virginia comes J.D. Bradshaw, a hard rocking, high energy guitar instrumentalist with influences such as Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen and Van Halen.

Buzzie - 2002 Are You Feeling Anything Yet
You'd have to be six feet under to remain unmoved by this collection of catchy-as-hell pop rock. Hooks, melodies and yet more melodies burst out of these songs like rapid fire from an automatic weapon.

Byrd - 2002 Anthem
Byrd has gained massive acclaim as a progressive rock mastermind, with Yngwie Malmsteen endorsing his work, most notably on Byrd's 1996 project 'Son Of Man' which featured a front cover note from Malmsteen.'Anthem' adheres to the symphonic metal niche, combining orchestral passages a la Queen (especially those multi-tracked guitars), and solos that the aforementioned Mr Malmsteen would gladly sign his name to.

Byrd, Brad - 2002 The Ever Changing Picture
Brad Byrd is one of the most intriguing new independent artists I've had the pleasure to hear in ages. A fusion of alt. country and left-of centre rock with a real contemporary feel, 'The Ever Changing Picture' is an undiscovered gem.

California Guitar Trio - 2002 CG3 + 2
For those of you unfamiliar with these guys, they've recorded a huge body of work both in the studio and live. They met at one of Robert Fripp's guitar clinics and then toured with his League of Crafty Guitarists.

Cannata-Arcangel - 2002 Tamorok
This is a comeback album of sorts for pomp god Jeff Cannata. Out of action since 1993's 'Watching The World', his new effort 'Tamorok' is an eclectic collection, encompassing his new direction of world music, plus a dabble into his past.

Carlton, Vanessa - 2002 Be Not Nobody
Okay, so I realise that Vanessa Carlton's debut album is more rooted in the pop field as opposed to rock, but we agreed here at GDAZE that there was something here which would be of appeal to many of our regular visitors. The fact is, 'Be Not Nobody' is a strong album, regardless of whatever musical style it may be.

Carrier, Chuck - 2002 Songs For 27
On 'Songs For 27', Chuck Carrier has finally found his identity, both personally and creatively. His former band, Marathon, garnered a fair bit of attention with its album 'The Year of You' but even though that record was a decent effort, it's not a patch on this, Carrier's first solo release.

Chain Link Faith - 2002 Chain Link Faith
These guys are coming at ya from Arizona, playing an 'in your face' style of heavy guitar oriented rock. Subtlety is not the sort of word to describe CLF, and if the rabid snarling dog intro is anything to go by, then you'll understand where these guys are coming from. More than likely the back alley of retro rock from the seventies and eighties.

Cher - 2002 Living Proof
Cher brings new meaning to the word 'longevity', and like a chameleon through the ages, has bounced back to surprise us yet again. If her massive dance-oriented hit single from 1998 'Believe' was an indicator of things to come, then 'Living Proof' her brand new album is exactly that.

Clarke, Gilby - 2002 Swag
Clarke has certainly been more active than his former GnR bandmates, with 'Swag' being the fourth album he has issued since leaving them..

Claymore, The - 2002 II
While the Claymore sword was used for striking a killing blow to the enemy, The Claymore (the band), are striking a blow for melodic heavy metal. I wouldn't expect the German town of Castrop-Rauxel to be a mecca for metal, but that hasn't hindered this lot from putting together a bunch of fine melodic metal tunes.

Cornerstone - 2002 Human Stain
This is the second installment by Cornerstone, the Danish/UK combo who first appeared at the end of 2000 with their debut 'Arrival'.

Cryonic Temple - 2002 Chapter 1
From the dim dark days of power metal heaven comes Swedish exponents of said genre.. Cryonic Temple. Despite being part of a rather saturated scene back in the early part of the decade, I kinda like these guys. They strike a sword in the same manner as Manowar (just check out the lyrics for starters!), but come across as slightly gonzo as well..

Damon, Jesse - 2002 The Hand That Rocks
This is the debut solo album from Silent Rage guitarist/singer Jesse Damon. Moving away from the hardened melodic bludgeon of his current band, to a series of styles showcasing his developing talent both as a songwriter and solo performer.

Dark Sky - 2002 Edge Of Time
This time two years ago, GDAZE was applauding the efforts of Dark Sky's entrance into the melodic rock fold with their impressive 'Believe It' album. Now they're back, and continue the progress so evident from that 2000 set.

Dead Soul Tribe - 2002 Dead Soul Tribe
This is the new offering from one-time Psychotic Waltz frontman Buddy Lackey, this time going under the guise of Devon Graves. It's quite heavy but also quite melodic.

Def Leppard - 2002 X
It's coming up to the end of the decade, and there are a few contenders for the decade's worst albums. This would surely have to be in the list..

Derelict Brew - 2002 Amputated Feelings
Derelict Brew run the gamut of musical styles - a complete pot pourri integrating David Bowie, King Crimson, Black Sabbath and Sonic Youth.

Dio - 2002 Killing The Dragon
With a seasoned lineup like this it's refreshing to see even a weary soldier like Dio is still capable of producing classic material.

Dionysus - 2002 Sign Of Truth
In amongst all the aural bluster, there is a fantastic melodic rock band just waiting to break out! Surely? Pipe-dreams aside, Dionysus have demonstrated in the space of 50 minutes just what a melodic rock band would sound like if they veered toward the power lines and pylons of prog/melodic metal.

Dreadful Minds - 2002 Lost My Heart
The material is solid, the songs are catchy and keep your attention. Unlike many German bands they've got a singer without a hint of an accent, and he's a fine one at that. An impressive taster for what should be good things to come from Dreadful Minds in the future.

Dream Evil - 2002 Dragonslayer
Taking into account that this was initially Fredrik Nordstrom's baby, there is no hint of Dream Evil being a 'project'. This is one hell of a tight band and the production is the best I've heard for many a while (not surprising with Fredrik at the helm).

Dream Theater - 2002 Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
No matter how you slice it - and many have tried to 'slice' Six Degrees in many ways, and approached it from many angles - this is one of Dream Theater's top albums simply because it contains ninety minutes of consistently good music.

Dungeon - 2002 A Rise To Power
After hearing this new album I sincerely doubt that an Australian band has ever produced a better melodic metal album.

Enchant - 2002 Blink Of An Eye
Their third album, 'Break', was praised by the press and fans alike, but it would be their fourth, 'Juggling 29 Or Dropping 10' which would be hailed as the Enchant masterpiece. How could they hope to match the all-round greatness of that album? You'll be pleased to know that 'Blink Of An Eye' is a worthy successor.

Fast Machine - 2002 2 Track Promo
Fast Machine features two stalwarts of classic rock/AOR heroes from yesteryear White Sister. Keyboardist Gary (as you knew him then.. Garri) Brandon, plus one-time WS drummer Gus Moratinos (ex ZZYZX).

Fatal Smile - 2002 Beyond Reality
The music sees them at the crossroads of melodic metal, and straight ahead hard rock. Comparisons include Black Sabbath, Shotgun Messiah, and Talisman.
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