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19-11-2017 09:44
Burn (UK) will have their new album 'Ice Age' released in Japan via Marquee/Avalon on Nov 22. The album is then released worldwide on Jan 19th 2018 via Melodicrock Records.

19-11-2017 09:40
I was a bit cranky last week, waiting for various things to happen with the website transition. God it's good to be back. Didn't Gary Glitter sing a song like that? dogrun

19-11-2017 07:06
Note to all Members. Please review your Message inboxes. Some of these are getting rather large. Thanks.

19-11-2017 03:05
OK, all the YouTube videos are working again. Just use the YT link, and then encase in tags [ youtube] at the start, [/ youtube] at the end. Cool. Thumbs Up

12-11-2017 02:39
Starting to crank out some reviews now. Woah!

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40ft Ringo - 2002 Interview with P.J Farley and Steve Brown
40 Ft Ringo interview with Steve Brown and P.J Farley - Mar 2002.

707 - 2004 Interview with Kevin Russell: Part 1
707 interview with Kevin Russell - Apr 2004.

707 - 2004 Interview with Kevin Russell: Part 2
707 interview with Kevin Russell - Apr 2004. Part Two.

707 - 2005 Life Beyond 707: interview Kevin Russell
A history of 707 with Kevin Russell. July 2005.

8084 - 2003 Interview with Randy Smith
Richard Baldwyn manages to snaggle 8084's Randy Smith for a few GLORY-DAZE ramblings, as the band prepares its latest forthcoming album 'The Last Great Train'..

Adrenalin - 2002 Interview with Brian Pastoria
Interview with Adrenalin's Brian Pastoria - Sep 2002.

Alkemyst - 2003 Interview with Arnaud Menard
Interview with Arnaud Menard from French power metallers Alkemyst - June 2003.

Alva Star - 2002 Interview with John Hermanson
Alva Star interview with John Hermanson. Jan 2002.

Angry Tears - 2000 Interview with Joey Sinopoli
Interview with Joey Sinopoli, from the band Angry Tears - Aug 2000.

Arcangel - 2002 Interview with Jeff Cannata
Interview with Jeff Cannata - April 2002.

Armory - 2013 2013 Interview
here's our extensive interview with US power metallers ARMORY!

Atello - 2000 The Big Payoff Interview
Interview with the band Atello - November 2000.

Austin, Jeff (Project) - 2002 Interview with Jeff Austin
Interview with Jeff Austin - March 2002.

Automatix, The - 2002 Interview with Bruce Nazarian
Interview with Bruce Nazarian of The Automatix - November 2002.

Aviary - 2003 Interview with Brad Love and Toby Bowen
Interview with Aviary's Brad Love and Toby Bowen - July 2003.

Axe - 2001 Interview with Bobby Barth
Bobby Barth talks with Lee Bradfield about Axe's recent Euro tour during 2001.

Bad Boy - 2003 Interview with Steve Grimm
Interview with Bad Boy's Steve Grimm - Jul 2003.

Bertrand, Steve - 2002 Interview with ex Tories guitarist/singer
Interview with former Tories main man Steve Bertrand - Sept 2002.

Big Smile - 2000 Interview with Chris Brockway
Interview with Chris Brockway, formerly of Wrabit, Lee Aaron and Big Smile - Feb 2000.

Biloxi - 2002 Interview with Clyde Holly
Interview with Biloxi's Clyde Holly (December 2002).

Black Majesty - 2002 Interview with Steve Janevski
Interview with Black Majesty's Steve Janevski - Sept 2002.

Blind Date - 2007 Interview with Brad Wilson (aka Brad Billion)
Interview with Brad Wilson, formerly Brad Billion of 70's rockers Blind Date. Sept 2007.

Blue Major (Norway) - 2001 Band Interview
Introducing Norway's Blue Major - May 2001.

Bold, Nick - 2002 Interview with the ex Virginia Wolf guitarist
Interview with former Virginia Wolf member Nick Bold, now undertaking a solo crusade. Sept 2002

Bonrud, Paul - 2004 Interview 01
Interview with Seattle based melodic rocker Paul Bonrud. Sept 2004. The first of three parts.

Bonrud, Paul - 2004 Interview 02
Interview with Seattle based melodic rocker Paul Bonrud. Sept 2004. The second of three parts.

Bonrud, Paul - 2004 Interview 03
Interview with Seattle based melodic rocker Paul Bonrud. Sept 2004. The third of three parts.

Brazen Abbot - 2003 Guilty As Sin: Interview with Nikolo Kotsev
How do you follow up a monumental feat such as 2001's 'Nostradamus' Rock Opera? Brazen Abbot's Nikolo Kotsev does just that, and he's taking the band out on the road too, in support of the new album 'Guilty As Sin'! Read on..

Brighton Rock - 2001 Interview with Gerry McGhee
Interview with Gerry McGhee, October 2001.

Broke[N]Blue - 2000 Interview with Lars Abrahamsson
Interview with Lars Abrahamsson, Dec 2000.

Candy - 2001 Interviews with Kyle, John and Jonathan
Andrew Ellis caught up with the boys from L.A popsters Candy... Kyle Vincent, John Schubert and Jonathan Daniel. We find out about the 'Whatever Happened To These?' album as well as big hair, Candygrams and much more. They still may not know what happened to fun, but they have plenty to tell about the years in-between, with individual interviews with all three ex members.

Chauncey, Danny - 2000 Interview with the 38 Special guitarist
Interview with guitar gunslinger Danny Chauncey. July 2000.

Churchills, The - 2000 Interview with Ron Haney
Interview with Ron Haney. Nov 2000.

Clarks, The - 2000 Interview with Rob James
Interview with Rob James. Nov 2000.

Coastland Ride - 2003 Interview with Markus Nordenberg
Interview with Markus Nordernberg, from Swedish west coast AORsters Coastland Ride. May 2003.

Coastline - 2003 Interview with Thomas Hansson
Interview with Thomas Hansson, from Swedish rockers Coastline. Aug 2003.

Dakota - 2000 Interview with Jerry Hludzik
Interview with: Jerry Hludzik, April 2000.

Dakota - 2003 Interview with Jerry Hludzik
Interview with Jerry Hludzik - Aug 2003. The 'Deep 6' interview.

Damon, Jesse - 2002 Interview
Interview with Jesse Damon. Dec 2002.

Day, Jo - 2003 Interview with South African rocker Jo Day
Interview with South African rock mistress Jo Day. July 2003.

Demon Drive - 2003 Interview with Jochen Mayer
Interview with Jochen Meyer. May 2003.

DeMont - 2001 Interview with Terry Mandryk
Interview with De Mont guitarist Terry Mandryk. July 2001.

Doc Holliday - 2001 Interview with Bruce Brookshire
Interview with Bruce Brookshire, Dec 2001.

Duke Jupiter - 2001 Interview with Rickey Ellis
Duke Jupiter is a band name edged in melodic rock history. Not exactly reaching the starry heights of bands like Bon Jovi or Def Leppard, but at high enough a level to at least to record numerous albums, tour constantly with many of rock's finest artists and bands, and to even get featured here at G-DAZE nearly sixteen years after their last studio album.

Duke Jupiter - 2003 Interview with Greg Walker
More updates from Rochesters' finest. This time from Greg Walker.

Dungeon - 2002 Interview with Lord Tim
Interview with Dungeon's Lord Tim (Grose) as to the band's new album 'A Rise To Power'.

Eddie & The Tide - 2003 Interview with Steve Rice
Interview with Steve 'Eddie' Rice - from San Francisco outfit Eddie And The Tide. Jan 2003.

Eight (NZ) - 2002 Interview with Paul Russell
Interview with Paul Russell - from NZ rockers Eight. Apr 2002.

Elevener - 2008 Interview: Johan Bergquist
One of the great surprises in the AOR world for 2008 is the Swedish duo going under the banner of Elevener. The duo in question are Johan Bergquist and Andreas Broden, who hail from the power metal capital of Scandinavia - Gothenberg. GLORY-DAZE editor gdazegod talks to Johan Bergquist about the power of eleven, and why it is that kaleidoscopes collide..

Elyte - 2000 Interview with Pablo Leon and David Ruiz Forjanes
Interview with Pablo Leon and David Ruiz Forjanes - from Spanish rockers Elyte. Aug 2000.
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