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Airtime - 2007 Liberty Manifesto
The two gentlemen who comprise Airtime are a stellar duo who really need no introduction here. Though they have individual musical history between them, both Rik Emmett and Michael Shotton will say Airtime is NOT Triumph nor Von Groove revisited in its entirety.

American Angel - 2007 Vanity
'Vanity' is so steeped in the rites of the late 80's hard rock scene that you'll wonder where the last eighteen years went. For Fury it may as well still be 1989, as this is as close in spirit as you'll come to the long lost days of the 80's when the band were first poised to break through.

Ancara - 2007 Beyond The Dark
Ancara have continued on in the same vein as fellow Finns Leverage - who themselves kicked up a storm last year with their debut album. roduced in the studios of Timo Kotipelto, 'Beyond The Dark' is their second album, following last years 'The Dawn', released last May.

Anvil - 2007 This Is Thirteen
Now down to a trio (along with bassist Glenn Five), Anvil hooked up with longtime fan and erstwhile British heavyweight producer Chris Tsangarides, to produce their latest (and thirteenth) album up to this point: 'This Is Thirteen'.

Armory - 2007 The Dawn Of Enlightenment
A new American power metal band crossing our path is Massachusetts six-piece Armory. The boys in Armory will admit to a healthy dose of admiration for traditional 80's metal a la Riot and Virgin Steele plus of course, all the obligatory nods and references to the abundant European power and speed metal genres.

Bang Camaro - 2007 Bang Camaro
Is this a band, or a bunch of computer gamers hooking up at a convention where music is only a sidedish? That would be cruel, because Bang Camaro are more than just a couple of guitar playing geeks with an assortment of lead singers to help sing their songs.

Best Of 2007 - 2007 Dangerzone
A summary of 2007 from Dangerzone (Alun).

Best Of 2007 - 2007 Eric
A summary of 2007 from Eric Abrahamsen.

Best Of 2007 - 2007 Gdazegod
A summary of 2007 from GLORY-DAZE editor gdazegod.

Best Of 2007 - 2007 Jeff Duran
A summary of 2007 from Jeff Duran.

Best Of 2007 - 2007 jeffrey343
Best of 2007 from Jeff.

Best Of 2007 - 2007 Kelv Hellrazer
A summary of 2007 from Kelv Hellrazer.

Best Of 2007 - 2007 RichardB
A summary of 2007 from Richard Baldwyn (RichardB).

Biloxi - 2007 Biloxi III: In The Wake Of The Storm
For this third offering, Biloxi give us fourteen tracks at just under an hours listening time. Mostly, it is different sounding Biloxi than what we've heard previously - and that's to be expected.

Black Bonzo - 2007 Sounds Of The Apocalypse
How do they dream up names for bands? I wonder sometimes. Yes, I gave Black Bonzo a furrowed frown when I first heard of them, but that was all put out to pasture when listening to their fantastic brand of 70's inspired progressive/symphonic rock.

Black Majesty - 2007 Tomorrowland
Continuing the excellent work done so far with 'Sands Of Time' and more importantly 2005's 'Silent Company', this lot just keep getting better and better. I recently described BM as a 'polished sounding Iron Maiden. Sure, there are other reference points as well, but the Irons will always be galloping closely behind.

Blind Alley - 2007 Destination Destiny
Blind Alley aren't a pure AOR band that many think they are. They do mix it up a bit, and come off sounding quite 'metal' and 'progressive' in places.

Burn (UK) - 2007 Global Warning
A huge surprise in 2007 is the return of UK melodic rockers Burn. The band have not lost their sense of melody. I was a bit worried when I heard reports that 'Global Warning' was nothing like their earlier efforts. I can confirm that those reports are unfounded. Alt or nu-metal 'Global Warning' is not, it's pretty melodic, but hard hitting and less of the airy keyboardy stuff from yesteryear - which is a relief.

Burning Point - 2007 Burned Down The Enemy
Burning Point will appeal to Euro metal merchants with a hankering for 80's style metal a la Accept and Motorhead, plus if course 21st century contemporaries such as Altaria and Dionysus.

Bush, Stan - 2007 In This Life
One of the strongest albums from Stan in a good while - though in saying that, I like most of his stuff.. just reckon this stands out a little more, though a couple of tracks toward the latter sees the album start to drift.

CC Rock - 2007 CC Rock [ep]
Featured recently in our News section is Swedish melodic rockers CC Rock. These guys have delivered a seriously good dose of music that any fan of Swedish AOR, let alone pop or glam should be proud to have in their collection.

Circus Maximus - 2007 Isolate
Circus Maximus are (along with Pagans Mind) one of the premier progressive metal bands coming out of Norway. 'Isolate' is their second breakthrough album.

Code - 2007 The Enemy Within
Take equal musical doses of Los Angeles and Sweden, shake it in a bottle, and you might end up with something along the lines that this band Code have produced. Somehow, the end result is neither..

Crossfire - 2007 Dirty Games
It's not often we feature an Israeli act on this website. You'd be thinking.. how on earth would Israeli men find time to churn out rock music where their country is on red-alert for acts of terrorism and other such nasties? They could be described as Motley Crue with keyboards, but that would be an injustice to Crossfire.. really. Probably a better comparison would be outfits like Tuff Luck and Friction.

Dante Fox - 2007 Under The Seven Skies
Dante Fox's 1996 debut 'Under Suspicion' was a pretty good effort to be fair, and stylistically this new one (their third) 'Under The Seven Skies' is pretty much the same, perhaps a tad edgier in the guitar department and less intrusive with the keyboard work.

Darksun - 2007 The Dark Side
Darksun are a Spanish 5 piece that play very attractive neo classical metal, in the mould of Kamelot and Angra.

Daydreamer - 2007 Daydreamer
Swiss band Daydreamer finally have their day in the sun, with their debut album on Escape Music..

De Young, Dennis - 2007 One Hundred Years From Now
Dennis DeYoung appears to have enjoyed something of a renaissance of late, releasing a solid live recording a couple of years ago and now a new studio album of original compositions - his first in over 10 years. 'One Hundred Years From Now' marks a return to former glories, with a hard rockin' approach and less theatrics than of yore.

Decoy - 2007 Call Of The Wild
Decoy provide a bit of the 'back-to-the-future' approach. 'Call Of The Wild' is a hark-back to 80's styled commercial metal that many of our readers are familiar with. There is no hint of pompous glory as found with Sundell's previous outfit Grand Illusion - in fact, it's not too dissimilar to his old bandmate Anders Rydholm new band Code: both bands with great singers, exceptional guitarists and meaty tunes to chew on.

Dominici - 2007 O3, A Trilogy - Part 2
Dominici returns with a young team of modern virtuosos and shredders from Italy to form his new band, all it appears to have been stepped in the traditions of prog metal.

Dream Theater - 2007 Systematic Chaos
After the resounding success of 'Octavarium', Dream Theater seemingly had nothing more to prove, neither artistically or commercially. All that was left was to make albums for the sheer pleasure of it - and sadly, the first album they made without having to meet expectations was a bit iffy.

Dreamscape - 2007 5th Season
German prog metallers Dreamscape return with their melodic prog metal escapade.. '5th Season'.

Eva (Italy) - 2007 Blue
We all though Italian melodic rockers Eva had slipped off the radar. It appears they haven't disappeared into total obscurity, with a surprising return to form, armed with a new album called 'Blue', which has been released on a burgeoning new Italian label - Heart Of Steel Records.

Evile - 2007 Enter The Grave
Evile are a rare example of an English thrash band being able to stand alongside their American counterparts and for me their debut ranks as one of the best of the decade. This is the type of thrash album that defines the genre, one which never relents in the speed category and would have been huge in the 80's.

Firefall - 2007 From Colorado To Liverpool
Firefall have long been a favorite here at Glory Daze, although I have to say 'Colorado To Liverpool' was something of a surprise and not the type of thing I would expect from the band, or more to the point from Jock Bartley and Steven Weinmeister aka Firefall Acoustic. Despite my minor quibble overall 'Colorado To Liverpool' is one of the better Beatles tributes I have heard.

Frederiksen-Denander - 2007 Baptism By Fire
Somehow I'm not convinced that the songs are 'all there'. Something is definitely missing. Perhaps rushed? Who knows.. What is apparent now is a change to the recipe.. sorry to say.

Gotthard - 2007 Domino Effect
At fourteen tracks plus bonus, this is probably a bit long, even though the total time is just under an hour. I'll let that point slide because most of the material is pretty damn good.

Harem Scarem - 2007 Human Nature
A return to form for Canadian rockers Harem Scarem. A much better effort than 2005's 'Overload'.

Harlequin (Canada) - 2007 Waking The Jester
Here's a Canadian band who hold a regular place here at GLORY-DAZE. I thoroughly enjoyed this CD and was glad I threw some bucks at it.

Hartmann - 2007 Home
The follow up to 2005's 'Out In The Cold', this is another worthy release from one of Germany's finest rock singers!

Hellrazer, Kelv - 2007 Interview (with Jeff Duran from The Edge 100.1 FM)
Three part interview between Kelv Hellrazer and Jeff Duran, from radio station The Edge 100.1 FM. (Nov 2007)

Hensley, Ken - 2007 Blood On The Highway
Having not heard anything from Hensley since Blackfoot, I was somewhat skeptical when I received this in the mail, but lo and behold, this is a fine release housed in a beautiful digi-pack that folds open to reveal a mirror reminiscent of Uriah Heep's 'Look At Yourself' album with the quote 'Reflect, But Never Turn Back'.

Infernophonic - 2007 Spark It Up
Coming at'cha from the eastern seaboard digs of New Jersey are a band that totally live up to their name. Infernophonic indeed know how to spark it up with this 70's groove laden disc of tunes belying their age, history and locale.

Ironhorse - 2007 Change My Religion
Followers of Ron Keel will recall his stint with country rockers Ironhorse. Back in 2004, Ron and IH released the 'Bring It On' album. Ron is now longer, but the band have recruited new singer Charlie Wayne (Morrill) and have turned out an excellent of hard rock, country/blues tinged rock and a handful of choice ballads.

Isom - 2007 Hearts On Fire
This outfit seems to have had similar raps on them in much the same way that L.A's Freelance did - in terms of being unsigned, and a participant in that hazy late 80's arena called the AOR Underground. In fact, there is a musical similarity, but for Isom you can tack on the likes of Aviator, House Of Lords and Treat as well.

Jet Trail - 2007 Edge Of Existence
A huge surprise for me just recently is the brand new debut from Sweden's Jet Trail. Signed to UK label Escape Music, this quartet are female fronted, and hard rockin' to the core. No goth themes in sight thank goodness (think Nightwish et al), it's just good hi-octane melodic hard rock. Perhaps Grand Illusion with female vocals might be the best way to describe this band.. and that would be an appropriate comparison given the history of some of the personnel.

Kamelot - 2007 Ghost Opera
After concluding their famous concept pair of albums, 'Epica' and 'The Black Halo', Kamelot have decided to go where 'The Black Halo' had unexpectedly taken them - towards big, ballsy symphonic arrangements and penetrating darkness.

Knyght - 2007 Destination Unknown
These Rome natives mix a little glam with hard rock, and though the image and relative youth sees them very much in the now, you can tell these boys have a record collection that contains music long before they were born!

Krackerjack - 2007 Rock On!
European rock fans are getting a taste of old school classic rock with Aussie band Airbourne touring the continent during the first part of 2008. They could go one better and get familiar with Danish rock merchants Krackerjack instead.

Ladder, The (UK) - 2007 Sacred
Fans of Steve Overland will need no second bite of the cherry to take a chunk out of the sophomore album by UK band The Ladder. Don't be fooled into thinking that 'Sacred' is just a showcase for Overland and his majestic vocals. It isn't.