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7 Days - 2006 The Weight Of The World
'Weight Of The World', the debut album from Sweden's 7 Days, indicates that Markus Sigfridsson has used the past 3 years wisely. It is a thoughtful album with enough nuances to keep prog metal fans happy and plenty of melody to grab the attention of melodic metal enthusiasts.

707 - 2006 Interview with Kevin Russell
Interview and update with 707's Kevin Russell.

88 Sundays - 2006 California
This duo must be geographically displaced or locationally challenged. Both from Philadelphia, they now reside in Atlanta, sing about California, and sound like a remnant of 60's British rock. What gives?

Altaria - 2006 Fallen Empire
After the impressive credentials of 2004's 'Divinity', Finlands Altaria return to save the empire.. or do they?

Ambition - 2006 Ambition
The man from Trillion returns in 2006. That is probably how best to describe the return of vocalist Thom Griffin to the AOR and hard rock ranks after many years of inactivity.

Andersen Laine Readman - 2006 Three
A star-studded line-up this one. Doesn't necessarily make for star-studded music unfortunately.

AOR - 2006 Interview with Frederic Slama
Interview with France's Frederic Slama, of MTM Music band/project AOR.

AOR - 2006 L.A Attraction
Frederic Slama returns with album number five under the AOR banner. This time we are more AOR/hard rock than pure west coast. All good nonetheless.

April Wine - 2006 Roughly Speaking
Roughly speaking (excuse the pun), this is April Wine celebrating their career with a quick short sharp blast of classic rock. This is beer coaster stained rock with an emphasis on 70's values, rather than their flashy 80's melodic rock/AOR back catalogue.

Astral Doors - 2006 Astralism
Old school metal mixed with a new world message. Astral Doors return with album number three 'Astralism', and take a dig at all the religious fanatics causing chaos in the name of God.

Avalon (Richie Zito) - 2006 Avalon
Unfortunately, this is not the return of the 70's Canadian pomp kings. It is the side project of top producer Richie Zito, with a whole bunch of well-known musical contributors. Can class compensate for mediocrity? Umm.. no.

Bartley, Jock - 2006 Blindside
Along with a supporting cast of more than two dozen, 'Blindside' is perennial Firefall leader Jock Bartley's first solo CD after a career spanning more than thirty years.

Beagle Hat - 2006 Magical Hat
Here's a Japanese five-piece reinventing the time-honored tradition of classic 70's British pop, with a hand from one of it's leading lights.. Pilot's David Paton.

Beautiful Sin - 2006 The Unexpected
I reckon this album will find favour with many melodic rock fans here at GDAZE. It is an album of unusual flavours, and full of contrasts. The overall Euro metal style on display lacks for nothing. It has everything you would expect from a line-up of this caliber..

Bloodbound - 2006 Nosferatu
Believe it or not, Bloodbound combine melodic metal and hard rock to great effect. After looking at their band photos you'd be having second thoughts.. surely?

Blue Tears - 2006 The Innocent Ones
Blue Tears return with a new album in 2006, but really, new doesn't necessarily mean a return to past glories.

Break Point - 2006 First Serving
The band are right in the middle lane of AOR, with Toto as a prime influence. They move into Shooting Star territory, plus there are references to fellow Germans Lake and Raindancer, and when the keyboards get going Styx rears its head.

Briley, Martin - 2006 It Comes In Waves
What hasn't this chap done in the music industry? I mean, he's done prog, he's done 70's pop, 80's pop even, but his main claim to fame (he would say anonymity) is as a songwriter to the stars.

Brother Firetribe - 2006 False Metal
Meet a band who are gonna make a big dent in your melodic rock/AOR consciousness for 2006. Finnish wonders Brother Firetribe, featuring Nightwish guitar-slinger Empuu Vuorinen. This is majestic pomp rock all the way!

Brother Firetribe - 2006 Interview with Pekka Ansio Heino and Jason Flinck
Interview with Finnish sensations Brother Firetribe. Oct 2006.

Cannata - 2006 Mysterium Magnum
Prog/AOR identity Jeff Cannata returns with a self-released effort 'Mysterium Magnum', very much a soft prog release rather than the bombast of yesteryear.

Cheap Trick - 2006 Rockford
A welcome return in 2006 for Rockford Illinois' favorite sons Cheap Trick, with their new album called 'Rockford'.. What the..?

Chicago - 2006 XXX
Chicago return with their first studio album since 1991's' Twenty 1'. A big album, with plenty to keep fans of old and new happy!

Cloudscape - 2006 Crimson Skies
It's round two for Swedish prog specialists Cloudscape. Nothing airy fairy about this lot - dynamic fluid melodic prog metal of the best sort.

Corin And Edman - 2006 Roc De Light
This is a West Coast project from keyboardist Claes Corin and singing maestro Goran Edman.

Cosmo - 2006 Alien
Cosmo isn't entirely disappointing but I'm also guessing this album is not what people were expecting either, considering the name association and past history.

Damsel Fly - 2006 What Lies Beneath
Vancouver uncovers another female fronted bunch of rockers. Damsel Fly.. hardly lightweight, and ready to give your ears an aural workout!

Daughtry - 2006 Daughtry
Season 5 of American Idol featured 26-year-old Chris Daughtry from North Carolina. He did very well on the show, finishing 4th and impressing the folks at RCA. As a result, this was an absolutely huge album for 2006, selling over four million copies in the U.S. and spawning five Top 40 hits and two others that charted high on the rock charts.

Deacon Street - 2006 II
The return of the Denader/Demming project Deacon Street for 2006 is here. A full fourteen tracks with a mix of originals, covers, and instrumentals. Overall, 'II' is a good album, with a point or two being docked for musical excesses perhaps..

Dionysus - 2006 Fairytales And Reality
If European bands have a certain type of sound that typifies them, then Dionysus put it up for show. It's melodic metal with lots of Yngwie Malmsteen and Pink Cream 69 reference points.

Dragonland - 2006 Astronomy
A few years ago, I was stunned by Swedish prog metallers Dragonland, and their third effort 'Starfall'. Melodic, commercial, and powerful. Well two years on, these guys have moved into the big league with their new platter 'Astronomy'.

Dream Theater - 2006 Score [DVD]
While a few of the songs on the setlist absolutely should have been replaced, 'Score' is probably Dream Theater's seminal DVD release, and that says a lot for a band who tend to issue a DVD every two to four years.

Edguy - 2006 Rocket Ride
In an era where humor has been thrown out the window (just ask the Extremist Muslims and the American Thought Police, aka FBI/CIA/NSA), it is refreshing to see a band who know how to have fun amid all of the current day crap. Perhaps someone should nominate Tobias Sammet for the humorist of the month?

ESP - 2006 Eclipse
A band related to Starcastle.. ESP was originally formed in Champaign-Urbana by guitarist Lou DiBello and quickly developed into something more than just a run-of-the-mill cover band. Features Gary Strater..

Europe - 2006 Secret Society
An apt title for Swedish rockers Europe don't you think? You'd have to be a member of a Secret Society to be caught listening to this.. really.

Faber, Erik - 2006 Passages
It's very rare to find a album of near pop-perfection. You will find it here with Norway's Erik Faber.

Fair Warning (Germany) - 2006 Brothers Keeper
Germany's premier melodic rockers Fair Warning reunite after six years and give Euro and Japanese fans a thrill..

Faro - 2006 Angelost
Classy German melodic rock is the order of the day with Faro. I like this album a lot, and am a bit disappointed that other sites haven't given 'Angelost' due credit.

Fatal Force - 2006 Fatal Force

Torben Enevoldsen breaks rank with Section A for a moment, and ventures down the melodic hard rock road, just to see what it's like. Fatal Force is the result..

Feeling, The - 2006 Twelve Stops And Home
A slice of summery melodic power pop from London based combo The Feeling.

Final Frontier - 2006 Freelight
Let me say from the very outset, this new Final Frontier album is a 'fun' release. Damn catchy nearly everywhere across the laser etched grooves, and consolidates their position as one of the better outfits currently in operation.

Firewind - 2006 Allegiance

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Gus G and his band of metallic firebands have returned for album number four, and pledge Allegiance to all that is metal, but also show their melodic hard rock side too.

Fist (Canada) - 2006 Bolted Door
Why can't every veteran metal outfit sound this good? Returning after an eleven year abscence from the studio, 'Bolted Door' marks Fist, and mainly leader Ron Chenier's first album since 1995's 'Loud, Loud, Loud'. And what a splendid return this is.

Fraze Gang - 2006 Fraze Gang
From the ashes of seminal Canadian hard rock favourites Brighton Rock comes this spinoff - featuring Greg Fraser and Stevie Skreebs from the now deceased, one time major label act.

From Behind - 2006 Game Over
From Behind feature two of Britain's leading lights in the rock scene. Vocalist Nicky Moore and Manny Charlton, best remembered from their 70's and 80's exploits with the likes of Samson, Mammoth and Nazareth.

Frontline - 2006 Circles
2006 sees the return of German melodic rockers Frontline. Generally good typical stuff but a far-cry from their previous best moments.

Frost - 2006 Milliontown
Frost land their sound somewhere between clever Saga esque passages and Kino like progressia.. if there's such a word.

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FX - 2006 FX
Australian outfit FX are comparable to INXS although the song witing isn't quite up to that level. In fact this disc blows by without any real standout.

GPS - 2006 Window To The Soul
John Payne's new band/project GPS, has its roots from the band Asia, the band formed after he split away from longtime compadre Geoff Downes.

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Hauteville - 2006 Relief Data Incomplete
If you enjoy ambient prog mixed in with a bit of AOR and pop, then French outfit Hauteville just might be your musical espresso!

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