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8084 - 2005 The Last Great Train
The pride and joy of Vermont return with 'The last Great Train'. Gone however is the AOR pedigree to be replaced by modern rock in the vein of Goo Goo Dolls and (excuse the pun) Train.

91 Suite - 2005 Times They Change
Spanish AOR wonders 291 Suite return in 2005. And a well overdue return it is too!!

Airless - 2005 2nd Round
It is indeed Round Two for these Spanish melodic rockers. Now signed to Scandi label Lion Music.

Alien - 2005 Dark Eyes
Swedish melodic rock band Alien are one of a few yesteryear bands making a return splash in 2005. is anyone getting wet though?

Allen/Lande - 2005 The Battle
Two vocal powerhouses team up for a power metal extravaganza!

Alternativa - 2005 A Night In Starlight
According to the Alternativa web site, Dutch songwriter Willem Evers accidentally 'discovered' the music of Electric Light Orchestra in 2003 and set to work forming a band while churning out a remarkable 129 songs inspired by Jeff Lynne.

Anthrax - 2005 Interview with Frank Bello/Joey Belladonna
Anthrax interview with Frank Bello and Joey Belladonna - October 2005.

Arena - 2005 Peppers Ghost
British band Arena arrive in 2005 with a stunner.. part prog part metal effort 'Peppers Ghost'.

Aruna - 2005 Running Red Lights
One of the few highlights (should I say.. rare highlights) during my MySpace years was listening to Texan come Floridian pianist, singer/songwriter Aruna (Abrams).

Astral Doors - 2005 Evil Is Forever
Very heavy Swedish outfit, with a load of melody to boot. Check out Astral Doors!

Avian - 2005 From The Depths Of Time
Avian are a new prog-metal outftit from the USA with a near all-star lineup including Lance King, Jonah Weingarten and Dave Elelfson. But the man of the hour is guitarist Yan Leviathan.

Bad Habit - 2005 Hear-Say
Swedish AORsters Bad Habit return to former glories. Can they match their past achievements?

Balance II - 2005 Balance
Essentially the brainchild of virtuoso guitarist/keyboard player Brian Moritz and vocalist Vince Claps, this album has been the result of a labour of love spanning a period of nearly 10 years. They have been compared with Trillion, presumably as a result of Thom Griffin's involvement with the project, and their fondness for weaving elaborate musical passages with west coast tendencies.

Bardowell, Philip - 2005 In The Cut
He may have been in the music biz for a wee while, but Philip Bardowell is now becoming part of the furniture within the melodic rock scene. Check out his colloboration with Tommy Denander on 'In The Cut'.

Benedictum - 2005 Uncreation
San Diego have unleashed the next big thing in heavy metal.. Benedictum, and the next logical heir to the thone of HM Queen.. Veronica Freeman.

Bitter Suite - 2005 Crime Of Love
One from the 70's, resurrected in 2005. Canadian outfit Bitter Suite.

Black Majesty - 2005 Interview with Steve Janevski
Interview with Black Majesty's Steve Janevski - Sept 2005.

Black Majesty - 2005 Silent Company
Aussie prog metal heroes Black Majesty return with a new stunning album.

Blanc Faces - 2005 Blanc Faces
Most are saying this is one of the best albums of 2005. What do you think?

Boystown - 2005 Angels With Dirty Faces
Great edgy New Jersey melodic rock from 80's faves Boystown.

Brainstorm - 2005 Liquid Monster
It's a monster literally. The music, the album cover.. Great stuff!

Broke[N]Blue - 2005 The Waiting
A personal fave band of the Editor (lol!), the new album from Swedish AOR band Broke[n]Blue.

Caroline Blue - 2005 Slave To The Hourglass
Upstate New York rockers with an eighties attitude. Not quite sure about the delivery..

Chalice - 2005 Shotgun Alley
Denis Ward is back at it again, helping out German rockers Chalice develop a bit more attitude and angst on their ffith album 'Shotgun Alley'.

Change Of Heart - 2005 Truth Or Dare
British melodic rockers Change Of Heart are back after a 5 year absence.

Christian, James - 2005 Meet The Man
Quality vocals win out every time, as James Christian proves. Pity he's not given the right environment nor the right vehicle to strut his stuff.

Cloudscape - 2005 Cloudscape
More prog metal mayhem from Swedish outfit Cloudscape. Related to other Swedish bands Alyson Avenue and Second Heat.

Crystal Ball - 2005 Time Walker
These Swiss melodic metallers are taking a trip back in time.

Crystal Eyes - 2005 Confessions Of The Maker
Swedish prog metallers Crystal Eyes with former Lost Horizon singer Daniel Heiman onboard.

Dawn Rider - 2005 Fate Is Calling: Part 1
A concept album by Majesty's Tarek Maghary, with a ton of guest musicians who turn up to play. Not convincing though..

Deep Purple - 2005 Rapture Of The Deep
Still rockin' and rollin' after 35 years. Ian Gillan has still got it!!

Defcon - 2005 Defcon
Defcon is a superb CD for those of you who can't quite escape the clutches of eighties/early nineties hair metal.. like me!

Defender - 2005 Shout
Defender might very well be a common band name, but these Austrian metallers flew pretty low to the ground when this was released back in 2005. It's old school metal revisited, with an anti-war theme the centerpiece of their lyrics.

Demons And Wizards - 2005 Touched By The Crimson King
This is album number two from this (essentially) project band by two of prog metal's leading lights. Hansi Kursch from Blind Guardian and Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth.

Diamond Head - 2005 All Will Be Revealed
Long time British faves Diamond Head return with a new lineup and a retro sound.

Dio - 2005 Evil Or Divine [Live In New York City]
Another year, and another album full of dungeons and dragons. What will it be next year? Hobbits and faeries?

Divinefire - 2005 Glory Thy Name
Divinefire is a new project for Swedish singer Christian Liljegren. As if singing for Narnia and Audiovision wasn't enough.

Dogpound - 2005 A Night In The Gutter
Swedish quartet Dogpound survive on the very edge of the hard rock frontier. Impressing everybody with their 2003 debut 'The Hellbum', the band return for more hi-jinks on their second album 'A Night In The Gutter'. 'Turn it loud'.. In the immortal words of the Headpins.

Dream Theater - 2005 Octavarium
'Octavarium' is Dream Theater's eighth studio opus (naturally) and considered by their legions of loyal fans as being their most complex and reference ridden concept album.

Dreamland - 2005 Futures Calling
Euro metallers Dreamland provide yet more power metal goodies and thank established outfits such as Hammerfall and Dream Evil in the process.

Dreamtale - 2005 Difference
'Difference' has a share of downright awkward tracks, so it cannot rise above 'good', but the rest of the album certainly has its charms.

Eternal Reign - 2005 Forbidden Path
Old school metal supplied by German rockers Eternal Reign.

Face Face (Switzerland) - 2005 Bridge To Nowhere
Swiss outfit Face Face return in 2005 with a new album. Also known as Purple Cross, the band features English singer Mervyn Spence (ex Wishbone Ash, Phenomena and O'Ryan).

Final Frontier - 2005 High Tension Wire
Another GDAZE editor fave band are Canadians Final Frontier. Surely their next album is gonna be a killer!!

Flagship - 2005 Maiden Voyage
These guys have definitely listened to a crateful of Kansas albums.. And they are Swedish too, related to the prog metal band Narnia.

G.L.A.S - 2005 Eighteen
Here's a band from Italy that have been through more changes than Naomi Campbell's wardrobe! After many 'time-outs' being called on the band, G.L.A.S finally re-emerged again in 2004 after a seven year hiatus, and reunite with three of their original cast. 2005's six-track EP 'Eighteen' is the resulting piece of work.

Gotthard - 2005 Lipservice
These Swiss guys are ultra consistent in everything they do. 2005's 'Lipservice' is no different.

Grave Digger - 2005 The Last Supper
German metallers Grave Digger venture into prog-metal territory, while trying to starve off dinner time!

Hammerfall - 2005 Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Tried and true HM from Swedish metal merchants Hammerfall.
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