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Ache - 1971 Green Man
Denmark has never been known as a hotbed of progressive rock, but there were quite a few bands in the early days that are worthy of attention, including the subject of this review - Ache, considered to be the Danes answer to Procol Harum.

Aubrey Small - 1971 Aubrey Small
Aubrey Small was another extremely talented group in the long list of British progressive rock artists that appeared on the scene with much hope and promise and quickly disappeared without a trace.

Black Oak Arkansas - 1971 Black Oak Arkansas
Although BOA are an acquired taste and not my thing really, I've kept this album over the years for the sheer weirdness of it all that from my experience goes better with a bottle of 'Jack' or at least that's what I remember..

Blunstone, Colin - 1971 One Year
'One Year' is a gorgeous record and a perfect example why Blunstone is considered one of the best and most original vocalists in rock.

Deep Purple - 1971 Fireball
Bolstered by the profile of 'In Rock' and the hype, 'Fireball' actually hit number one, which seems amazing even 44 years later. While reviews were mixed it continued to establish them as leaders of the hard rock circuit. It must be said this was and still is light years ahead of most bands trying their luck in 1971.

Dionysos - 1971 Le Grand Jeu
Canada's Dionysos are a minor legend in prog rock circles in their home province of Quebec. 'Le Grand Jeu' (The Big Game) saw the light of day in 1971. Suffice to say this album is compared to Uriah Heep a lot, mainly due to the use of Hammond.

Doobie Bros - 1971 The Doobie Brothers
Here's the debut Doobie Bros album up for review, a rare listen - considering most people thought their career started with 'Toulouse Street'..

Doors, The - 1971 Other Voices
Writing for 'Other Voices' started before Morrison left for Paris where he later died but apparently a genius at Elektra thought it was a good idea for The Doors to finish what they started. Someone should have stepped in and told both guitarist Robby Krieger and keyboardist Ray Manzarek they couldn't sing, but here they are croaking away on a mixture of decent to godawful material.

Dust - 1971 Dust
Featuring one of the most macabre looking record covers ever, American legends Dust were at the forefront of true American heavy rock with this scorcher of an LP way back in the dim dark days of 1971.

Focus - 1971 Moving Waves
One of the great Dutch progressive bands; 'Moving Waves' originally titled 'Focus II' is the Amsterdam based outfit's second album and certainly one of their best.

Grannie - 1971 Grannie
This English prog rock effort was once considered so obscure that Record Collector magazine once ranked it in their '100 Most Valuable Albums of All Time'. With such a heady reputation you'd expect something extraordinary.. correct?

Hawkwind - 1971 In Search Of Space
From London, their 1970 début album consisted of free-wheeling blue rock jams with a touch of folk and little suggestion of the ground breaking space rock outfit they would become beginning with this one: 'In Search Of Space'.

Jake Jones - 1971 Different Roads
A crying shame Jake Jones isn't better known among progressive rock fans. Think Styx and Sugarloaf with a sprinkling of Procol Harum and while there's a general lack of power on 'Different Roads', Jake Jones offer up a delectable sophomore album that AOR fans can definitely find solace with.

Jethro Tull - 1971 Aqualung
'Aqualung' became Tull's biggest selling album over the lengthy career. They are not everyone's cup of tea, and they did vary their sound and style over the years, but selectively, there are some gems to be found among their vast discography.

John, Elton - 1971 Madman Across The Water
Up to and including 'Captain Fantastic', Elton's catalogue is essential listening and a lesson in consummate songwriting/storytelling.

Lazarus - 1971 Lazarus
Lazarus are from that Woodstock era of the late 60's and early 70's. This is gentle lilting folksy styled rock with a hint of Christian overtones in the vein of Crosby Stills & Nash and early Poco and America

Noah - 1971 Peaceman's Farm
This is killer-no filler rock spiced with southern flavorings and from the opening title track you just know this is going to be something special.

Ol' Paint - 1971 Ol' Paint
Early signs of the American led power-pop scene can be heard as far back as 1971, with the New York based outfit Ol' Paint. Comparisons to both Big Star and The Beatles have been made in other reviews and I have to agree.

Osibisa - 1971 Osibisa
Adorned in one of Roger Dean's best and well-known sleeves, the Osibisa debut is not their finest moment but it was a groundbreaking album that pointed the way to the future 'World Music' movement

Radice, Mark - 1971 Mark Radice
Unbelievable but true, Mark Radice was just 7 years old when he signed with RCA Records releasing several singles and just 13 when he recorded this album for Paramount.

Ratchell - 1971 Ratchell
From that hotbed of rock n' roll Huntsville, Alabama let me introduce you to Ratchell. Never heard of them eh? Oh, I think you have. Any self respecting AOR fan that owns the two Couchois albums will recognize three names in this group's line-up.

Silberbart - 1971 4 Times Sound Razing
Fans of early 70's German prog rock will probably be well aware of this underground classic, which at four tracks runs well over forty minutes. This was the only vinyl statement heard from this trio, but it left an impact as almost 40 years later prog rock buffs are still enthusing over the warped and tortured acid rock captured so brilliantly.

Stark Naked - 1971 Stark Naked
Good major label progressive rock from Long Island, New York; the uber talented Stark Naked had a one-time shot at the big leagues only to have the rug pulled out from underneath them.

Still Life - 1971 Still Life
Musically Still Life was very similar to other so called 'proto prog' bands of the day such as Gracious, Spring, Indian Summer and Cressida. In other words heavy on the vocals, shorter songs and less on musical virtuosity than Yes or Genesis.

Sweet, The - 1971 Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be
As a fan and student of all things bubblegum, it's hard for me to find fault with this record. The songs are as sticky as ice cream fingers on a summer day..

T Rex - 1971 Electric Warrior
This band, along with Sweet, shaped my musical tastes for the next four decades. How does one review such an iconic album that has been reviewed many times over?

Ten Years After - 1971 A Space In Time
TYA were a staple on the blues/classic rock circuit in the early 70's. Giving this a spin today, there is so much to recommend, not only quality songwriting but the underlying psychedelic feel in the production.

Thin Lizzy - 1971 Thin Lizzy
As a dedicated follower of early 70's British Isles rock, I give this record my whole-hearted recommendation.

Tin House - 1971 Tin House
This 1971 debut from Floridians Tin House s considered a closet-classic in that early progressive/blues sub-genre come power-trio sound.

Wackers, The - 1971 Wackering Heights
The Wackers intent was to emulate The Beatles and steer clear of the prog rock trends, they succeeded with this their debut.

Westfauster - 1971 In A Kings Dream
Cincinatti was the home to one of the first Ameriprog classics.. Westfauster..

Wright, Gary - 1971 Footprint
Wright feels that with this LP, his songwriting began to blossom and he's not far off the mark.
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