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Asgaerd - 1972 In The Realm Of Asgaerd
'In the Realm of Asgaerd' as an oddball moment of Brit prog gone Yankee, it's definitely worth a listen. Definitely one for early Styx and Kansas fans to sink their teeth into..

Big Star - 1972 #1 Record
We've name checked this band enough here at Glory Daze; it's about time we got down to actual review of what is arguably the greatest power pop band to come out of America.

Black Sabbath - 1972 Vol 4
Sabbath's 'Vol 4' differed from their first three albums, with the introduction of ballads and acoustic fare, but it still retained the heavy doom nature the band had become renowned for.

Bloodrock - 1972 Passage
Bloodrock stormed out of Ft Worth, Texas in 1970 with their high powered blend of hard rock and with Grand Funk Railroad manager Terry Knight calling the shots for the band, they were one of the most prolific and hardest working bands of the era.

Bowie, David - 1972 The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
This is an iconic album, very much of its time and the most revered album in the David Bowie catalogue. Oh and before I forget this is 'To be played at maximum volume'.

Bread - 1972 Guitar Man
Like The Carpenters, Bread paved the way for the soft rock sound that would dominate American airwaves in the early 70's.

Chirco - 1972 Visitation
The Chirco sound is very much in the style of Journey's first three albums, early Styx and Strongbow. Simply put this is a fantastic progressive rock find..

Climax - 1972 Climax: Featuring Sonny Geraci
Remember the '60s group The Outsiders and their fifteen minutes of fame with the tune 'Time Won't Let Me'? Still a popular tune on oldies radio, Climax formed out of the ashes of that band thanks to vocalist Sonny Geraci and guitarist Walt Nims in 1970.

Deep Purple - 1972 Machine Head
Depending on which version of Deep Purple you prefer, it wouldn't be outrageous to suggest that their signature studio album of their entire career is captured on this album thanks to the MkII version of the band.

Fludd - 1972 On!
On!' along with A Foot In Cold Water's 'All Around Us' and the first couple Thundermug long players, remains one my favorite Canadian rock albums and naturally receives my highest recommendation.

Grass Roots, The - 1972 Move Along
The Grass Roots three part harmony folk/pop vocals were now passe, in favor of a big production rock sound. The pairing of Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter were bought in and provided songs that beefed up the GR sound, landing two hit singles in the process..

Hansson, Bo - 1972 Music Inspired By The Lord Of The Rings my opinion 'Music Inspired By The Lord Of The Rings' is one of the finest progressive rock albums ever put to tape.

Highway Robbery - 1972 For Love Or Money
Recommended by an avid reader of Glory Daze is this highly regarded early 70's US hard rock band, who recorded this lone ear-shattering set and promptly split.

Hudson - 1972 Hudson
The Hudson's would sign to Elton John's Rocket Records and under the direction of Bernie Taupin would find greater success with a string of hit singles, but their debut as 'Hudson' on the Playboy label while not as immediate as their later masterworks, is worth every effort and penny to track down.

It's A Beautiful Day - 1972 At Carnegie Hall
As live albums go, this baby cooks. Fetching vocalist Pattie Santos had one of the best voices in rock, a mixture of Janis Joplin and Maggie Reilly rolled up in one sexy package playing counterpoint to David LaFlamme's tenor and unusual, at times otherworldly five string electric violin. 'At Carnegie Hall' is a special album for fans because it includes material not found on previous releases..

Kid Gloves - 1972 Kid Gloves
UK outfit Kid Gloves are a real treat for anyone, like yours truly, into post-Beatles pop with a touch of bubblegum. The album is all over the place stylistically from Badfinger inspired ballads and bluesy rockers to innocent orchestral pop..

Lodi - 1972 Lodi
This is damn near a great record that deserved a better shot. Solid production, sharp and crisp resulting in a dusty cross between America, Three Dog Night, Joe Cocker and The Beatles circa 1969 and at times - vaguely proggy.

Looking Glass - 1972 Looking Glass
The song 'Brandy', sold a million copies and became number 1 in 1972, and it was Looking Glass's only claim to fame.. Or was it?

Mann, Manfred (Earth Band) - 1972 Manfred Mann's Earth Band
I have a few favorites from Manfred Mann's extensive catalog, in particular 1973's 'Solar Fire' and 1978's prog/ pop tour-de-force 'Watch', but prior to those evergreen albums came the Earth Band's debut released in 1972 and its an impressive precursor of things to come.

Mark-Almond - 1972 Rising
This is one of the most musically satisfying albums I own and naturally I give it my highest recommendation. No it's not AOR, but good music is good music and if you groove to the bluesy sounds of some of Chris Rea's stuff or the early Steely Dan albums, 'Rising' might be right up your alley.

Mississippi - 1972 Mississippi
The origins and headwaters of the band Little River Band go way back in time and upstream, to an Australian band called Mississippi..

Morgan - 1972 Nova Solis
Recognize any of these guys? Wouldn't blame you if you didn't since none of them were ever household names, but they all played in some very important bands worthy of note, namely 60's pop band Love Affair and the pre Queen outfit Smile.

Pell Mell - 1972 Marburg
Within the psychedelic haze that was early '70s West Germany sprouted some decent bands familiar to Glory Daze readers including The Scorpions, Eloy and Lucifer's Friend. Pell Mell never found the same commercial success, but among progressive aficionados, their early albums are considered to be the Creme de la Creme when it comes to German symphonic music.

Pilot (UK/USA) - 1972 Pilot
No relation to the Scottish band that gave the world 'Magic', this Pilot was a minor-super group of sorts based in the UK, but comprised of both American and British musicians.

Pretty Things - 1972 Freeway Madness
'Freeway Madness' like much of their 70's catalog has often been compared to The Rolling Stones and while that's true to some extent, it's still a solid album and well worth your attention.

Raiders, The - 1972 Country Wine
Paul Revere & the Raiders are one of the handful of '60s pop bands whose early appeal I've never quite understood. By the early 70's, Revere had disappeared, leaving behind 'The Raiders', releasing this album 'Country Wine' which took a direct swipe at bands like Three Dog Night, showing an uninterested public that they could 'rock out' too..

Sensational Alex Harvey Band - 1972 Framed
As a debut, 'Framed' is barely representative of the hard rocking progressive band they would become beginning with their 1973 classic 'Next..'. This album is very much blues rock ordinarie and while boasting a couple of covers, it's Harvey's gravely Bon Scott meets Nazareth's Dan McCafferty vocal delivery that saves the day.

Shocking Blue - 1972 Attila
Immensely popular in their native Holland, Shocking Blue set the airwaves crackling in 1970 with the worldwide hit 'Venus', but can you recall any other singles by the band? Probably not and unless you are a fan of the group or connoisseur of 'Nederpop'..

Sidewinders, The - 1972 The Sidewinders
This album apparently scored good reviews in the mags of the day, but in an era where promotion via radio and LP sales was paramount, The Sidewinders had none of these.

Skylark - 1972 Skylark
This is the band of MOR genius David Foster, who in the early 70's returned to his native Canada and put together Skylark with local musicians from the cities of Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.

Steely Dan - 1972 Can't Buy A Thrill
Can't Buy A Thrill' with its hideously trashy cover art contained three of the 70s most endearing singles - 'Dirty Work', 'Do It Again' and 'Reelin' In The Years' all putting Steely Dan on a varied path to success..

Stories - 1972 Stories
The first two Stories albums are a necessity in any American pop music collection and if you are a fan of the early 70's proponents of this style i.e. The Raspberries and Blue Ash then I suggest doing whatever it takes to get your hands on these superb recordings.

Styx - 1972 Styx
Arguably America's first pomp rock album, the Styx debut is nothing short of a rock classic. Whatever the politics of the band at the time, the Styx debut is a solid effort and belongs in every serious collection and once again it's a reminder of just how great this band were and how far they have fallen from grace.

T.Rex - 1972 The Slider
One of the most fascinating and tragic stories in rock history is that of the late Marc Bolan. Tyrannosaurus Rex produced 4 albums of delightful Tolkien inspired progressive folk; before Marc decided to go rock, downsize the band name and spearhead the glam rock revolution. A lot of this record dovetails from the previous album 'Electric Warrior'..

The Association - 1972 Waterbeds In Trinidad!
Few bands this side of The Beach Boys could match The Association's sunshiny harmonies and knack for taking middle-of-the-road cheesiness and turning it into pure solid gold.

Thirty Days Out - 1972 Miracle Lick
Playing a well behaved version of San Francisco west coast and Midwestern hippie rock with slight progressive moves, 'Miracle Licks' will appeal to those who long for the hazy days of Grand Funk Railroad, early REO Speedwagon and more importantly Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Tranquility - 1972 Silver
The second and best album from this UK based progressive pop band that sadly failed to make much of an impact. This is a seriously strong collection with comparisons to Crosby, Stills & Nash and in many instances Starcastle in the lush vocal arrangements as well as fellow Brit prog also-rans Capability Brown and Wally.

Uriah Heep - 1972 Demons And Wizards
Considering this opus harks back to 1972, one can say that melodic rock was etched on people's brains (particularly the 5 musicians on display here) long before the supposed glory days era kicked in.

Ursa Major - 1972 Ursa Major
This album is nearly approaching its 40th year, it's well worth investigating today so don't leave it any longer, because believe me from my experience life doesn't always start at 40.

Vincent, Raymond - 1972 Metronomics
Long before corporate product tie-in's and rock 'n' roll had become an acceptable way to boost an artist's bottom line, came this little album by Belgian violinist Raymond Vincent. As the story goes, this record was given away in stores with the purchase of 'Izarra' - a strong liqueur from the Basque region of Spain..

War - 1972 The World Is A Ghetto
`The World Is A Ghetto' was the band's third album as War and their most successful, shooting straight to number one on the US charts and according to Billboard was 1973's best-selling album. Buoyed by the top ten hit `Cisco Kid', it's the type of song the band excelled at.

White Witch - 1972 White Witch
Somewhat of an underground legend are this Florida act who gained a certain amount of publicity in the early 70's with their vague glam image similar to the British acts of the time. This is not an overwhelmingly heavy affair, but the quality is even throughout.

Wishbone Ash - 1972 Argus
Few Wishbone Ash fans will argue that 'Argus' stands as the band's masterwork and is a perfect blend of rock and progressive styles, beautiful harmonies and shimmering hooks.
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