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Aim - 1974 Aim For The Highest
Formed from the ashes of Christopher Cloud comes Michael Overly and has band Aim.

American Tears - 1974 Branded Bad
'Branded Bad' is a fun spin and while it's most definitely not up to the pomp majesty of the Touch album, it's an important piece of the American progressive/AOR connection and worthy of any serious collectors shelf space.

April Wine - 1974 Live
There is plenty of material not found on previous albums making 'Live' a good sampler of what the band were capable of in their pre-80's rock days.

Atlantis Philharmonic - 1974 Atlantis Philharmonic
Formed in 1971, the Atlantis Philharmonic wowed audiences across the Midwest with their apocalyptic Sabbathy ELP-ish sound opening shows for Styx, Wishbone Ash, King Crimson and even The Raspberries.

Ballard, Russ - 1974 Russ Ballard
Formerly with British prog rockers Argent, and by the time their schizophrenic 'Nexus' hit the shelves, Russ Ballard was well on his way to a solo career that has had several highs and a let's be honest - a few lows as well - with this debut falling in the latter category.

Blue Oyster Cult - 1974 Secret Treaties
Released in Spring of 1974, the album is considered by many to be BOC's best..

Budgie - 1974 In For The Kill
Cardiff is the city of origin for Welsh rockers Budgie. More famous for its pubs and their national rugby team, this power trio are a testament to longevity over the years.

Captain Marryat - 1974 Captain Marryat
A few years ago an original copy of this LP sold for a whopping 5000 dollars on eBay. You read it right, a stunning amount of money for an album few heard - from a band almost no one had heard of, but the hunt was on..

Deep Purple - 1974 Burn
'Burn' saw Purple still at the height of their powers, and it never really has gotten the recognition it deserves. It was their last album recorded in positive circumstances during the 70's.

Deep Purple - 1974 Stormbringer
After a massively successful world tour in support of 'Burn', Deep Purple Mk 3 found themselves quickly back in the studio in an attempt to capitalise on their status as one of the biggest hard rock acts of the time. The result? 'Stormbringer'.

Dilcher, Cheryl - 1974 Magic
Musically, Cheryl Dilcher was unlike any other female artist I have come across covering a mixture of pop, prog rock and glam styles with an approach that separated her from the better known 70's rock queens of the day. Vocally comparisons can be made to Grace Slick without the shrill and Mariska Veres from Dutch pop superstars Shocking Blue (remember 'Venus'?).

Donaldson, Bo (And The Heywoods) - 1974 Bo Donaldson And The Heywoods
Sugar sweet and frothy, the music of Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods offers no pretensions. It is what it is, music to make the listener happy and feel good.

Doobie Bros - 1974 What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits
The other week I gushed big time over this band's 1973 album 'The Captain And Me'. A glorious affair really, and when coupled with this album the following year, it makes for compulsory listening and acquisition ..

Eagles, The - 1974 On The Border
As a teenager I enjoyed the first three Eagles albums quite a bit, in particular 1974's 'On the Border' and to this day it's one of only two Eagles discs I own.

Electric Light Orchestra - 1974 Eldorado (A Symphony)
Let's wind back the clock to 1974, and dig into ELO's 'Eldorado', which was apparently, a concept album.


Elf - 1974 Carolina County Ball
Prior to Rainbow, Ronnie James Dio was in this early 70's outfit called Elf..

Fancy - 1974 Wild Thing
Some of this album is very good reminding me of Vinegar Joe and Stone The Crows only with a pop edge.

Fogg - 1974 This Is It..
Musically Fogg is like a low-rent version of Slade but these guys could write good pop while retaining much needed pint-soaked pub rock appeal.

Fumble - 1974 Poetry In Lotion
This is the sophomore LP from British band Fumble, who on this album line up stylistically against Pilot, Maramalade and other Brit pop acts of the 70's.

Griffin, James - 1974 Breakin' Up Is Easy
Fed up with David Gates hogging the spotlight in Bread, guitarist James Griffin left the band in 1972, returning a couple years later with one heck of a solo album.

Growl - 1974 Growl
The Growl sound is very much in the gritty, down and dirty boogie of ZZ Top hobbled together with Humble Pie riff-heavy blues.

Gryphon - 1974 Red Queen To Gryphon Three
These wandering classically trained minstrels started out as a pretty good folk band on their first album 'Gryphon'.

Hall And Oates - 1974 War Babies
Filled to the brim with white boy soul-pop, space-age glam and funky weirdness, their previous and critically acclaimed effort 'Abandoned Luncheonette' was in an alternate universe comparatively and 'War Babies' was sadly disowned by the band and baulked at by record buyers and programmers who just didn't get it.

Hawkwind - 1974 Hall Of The Mountain Grill
I'm not sure what quite draws me into hawkwind's music. Probably nothing actually, because there's nothing on here that stands out for the melodic rocker in me. For purist AORsters, much of Hawkwind's material is a hard ask.

Hot Chocolate - 1974 Cicero Park
The key component to Hot Chocolate's soulful pop was lead vocalist and chief songwriter Erroll Brown who's warm and emotional vocals gave the band an intriguing dimension. Interracial, the band on their first long player 'Cicero Park' was very much a product of its time although certainly not limited to R&B with bubblegum, glam and 60's Britpop heard throughout the albums ten cuts.

Hustler - 1974 High Street
Hustler have been lumped in with a few contemporaries from that same era. Heavy Metal Kids, Status Quo etc, but really, these guys rise above like cream because of their adherence to melody, and pop/rock ideals.

Hydra - 1974 Hydra
This album saw a CD re-release in 1998, and without doubt, if you want to get a handle on how and where bands like Molly Hatchet and The Outlaws drew their melodic/southern inspiration, then look no further than Hydra, who were doing it as far back as the late 60's.

James Gang - 1974 Miami
James Gang boogied down the same road seen and heard before, i.e. typically bland '70s blue jeaned hard rock following the misty blue vapor trail left by the far more successful BTO and Grand Funk Railroad.

Jefferson Starship - 1974 Dragon Fly
From a very long time ago, Jefferson Starship (which in reality was the Jefferson Airplane with new guitarist Craig Chaquico and bassist Pete Sears) - beamed down an astounding debut to the masses in 1974.

Judas Priest - 1974 Rocka Rolla
'Rocka Rolla' is more akin to the blues based denim and greasy hair rock of the day..

Kansas - 1974 Kansas
After years of struggle and playing nearly every two-bit watering hole in the Midwest, the Kansas debut arrived on store shelves in March of 1974 and American progressive rock was never the same.

King Crimson - 1974 Red
'Red' would be the band's final 70's recording after which Fripp would go on to a fertile period of session and solo work, but what a record it is. Dark and dense, at times nearing Heavy Metal or as some have alluded to - Jazz Metal; 'Red' can easily lay claim to the current Math/Post rock scenes.

Kiss - 1974 Hotter Than Hell
Much has been said of this album and for me it's superior to the debut because there's a harder edge evident. he album is full of Kiss standards and lesser known tracks, but somehow remains somewhat obscure when considering Kiss' more classic albums.

Kiss - 1974 Kiss
IMO, US hard rock starts getting its own identity with Kiss. Blues and rock and roll were born in America, hard rock in Great Britain, Kiss took the english influence, 'Americanized' it, and brought it back to their country...

Left End - 1974 Spoiled Rotten
Cleveland would be represented by a number of well known names such as Michael Stanley, Eric Carmen in later years. However, the city was never quite the same after the Left End experiment and experience.

Life - 1974 Life After Death
Those who have put down a briefcase of cash for the original vinyl believing they've found another Uriah Heep without hearing the tunes first, would have been greatly disappointed.

Locomotiv GT - 1974 Locomotiv GT
Formed from the ashes of Hungarian stalwarts Omega and Metro, Locomotiv GT played with an inclination towards hard funky rock and the occasional nod to jazz and prog rock styles.

Manilow, Barry - 1974 II
There was a time when admitting you liked Barry Manilow was certain death for anyone's musical credibility. Manilow's second album is a tour-de-force of singer/songwriter pop 70's style.

Masters Of The Airwaves - 1974 Masters Of The Airwaves
These guys first came to my attention via Kerry Livgren's book 'Seeds of Change'. In that book, Livgren lists just a few of the hundreds of bands Kansas shared a stage with and lo and behold, Masters Of The Airwaves appears. Who? My interest was peaked and the hunt for this mystery band and album was on!

Montrose - 1974 Paper Money
It's hard to argue the merits of the first Montrose album released a year before this one. A virtual HM freight train, it stands tall and proud. I think history will show that 'Paper Money' doesn't quite live up to the expectation or promise of the debut, but it's not a throwaway either.

Newton Howard, James - 1974 James Newton Howard
Released on the Buddah Records subsidiary Kama Sutra, the eponymous debut didn't exactly burn up the charts, however it remains a wonderful example of early Ameriprog and make no mistake; this is a keyboard player's album and fans of Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson will drool over this..

Nutz - 1974 Nutz
Seminal 70's Liverpool pub rockers that somehow latched on to the 'New Wave of British Heavy Metal' movement appearing on the first legendary 'Metal For Muthas' compilation alongside Iron Maiden and Angelwitch which were indeed strange bedfellows, but then again maybe not?

Omartian, Michael - 1974 White Horse
'White Horse' at the time was the coolest Christian rock album to come my way. Groundbreaking musically, it was also the first album of Christian origins to be released on a secular label- ABC/Dunhill who had the foresight to understand that good music is good music, no matter where the artist's heart resides.

Puzzle - 1974 Second Album
The music of Puzzle was far more accessible combining pop and jazz styles with classical tendencies and 'The Second Album' is the better of their two albums. Some comparisons to Illinois bands Chicago and Chase are easy to make with Puzzle's use of horns..

Queen - 1974 Queen II
Released against the backdrop of the 3 day week, power shortages and political unrest in the UK, 'Queen II' was (for this reviewer at least) a shining beacon on an otherwise bleak landscape. I make no apologies for the hyperbole regarding this album. From the Iconic Mick Rock artwork to the OTT production of Roy Thomas Baker this album for me has never been bettered.

Queen - 1974 Sheer Heart Attack
Queen in 1974 were a thrilling, visceral experience and stood head and shoulders above pretty much everyone else. Essential.

Ronson, Mick - 1974 Slaughter on 10th Avenue/Play Don't Worry
These two albums were released in the mid 70's when Ronson's star was still shining so very brightly, and in truth finds an artist somewhat uncomfortable with having the spotlight thrust upon him.

Ross - 1974 The Pit And The Pendulum
Prog/funk British outfit Ross plyed the same territory as Paladin and Rare Earth, though their brand of R&B, funk and prog didn't quite hit the mark for many..

Slade - 1974 Slade In Flame
'Slade In Flame' is widely considered the groups best and I tend to agree. The group had matured considerably since their prior album 'Old New Borrowed And Blue' which itself was a fine effort..

Southern Steel - 1974 Get On Through
Here's a rarity. From 1974, a Miami based band called Southern Steel with links and connections to a whole bunch of other local area bands from that era.