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Lovecraft - 1975 We Love You, Whoever You Are
Imagine Rufus backed by Santana or early Journey and you should have a good picture of the Lovecraft sound.

Mama's Pride - 1975 Mama's Pride
Mamas Pride originate from St Louis, and though these Missouri boys have got the southern rock/boogie thing down hat, they do so with a emphasis on melody, including multi-part harmonies, soaring keyboard parts not unlike Morningstar and The Doobie Brothers that gives them a commercial leaning in their songs.

Montrose - 1975 Warner Bros Presents..
Here is the third installment from this popular San Francisco band from the 1970's.

Mott - 1975 Drive On
I'm thinking CBS would have been pleasantly surprised by the two Mott albums, though history will say otherwise, as both 'Drive On' and 'Shouting And Pointing' didn't do very well at the box-office. Don't let that put you off, as both Mott albums are pretty good truth be told.

Moxy - 1975 Moxy
They are an instituion in Canada. An even bigger one in Texas, believe it or not! It all started here..

Murasaki - 1975 Murasaki
In my opinion, Murasaki's debut album, far from being a rip-off is a 70's true homage to Deep Purple's Mark I, II & III greatness..

Nasty Pop - 1975 Nasty Pop
I have precious little information on these Liverpool art college students outside of the two albums they recorded. In my opinion, Nasty Pop had more in common with pub rockers Ace, American rust belt progressives Crack The Sky and the early Randy Newman albums. Overall a pleasant art rock album without pretensions..

Nazareth - 1975 Hair Of The Dog
Take a big dip into this album to discover a veritable selection of delights. Hard rockers who've never given this band the time of day should investigate this album, and discover a band who mixed up the likes of AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple without really trying that hard.

Nugent, Ted - 1975 Ted Nugent
One cannot look too far into the year 1975 without at least acknowledging the first Ted Nugent solo album. The album contains some of Ted's signature classics.

Pavlovs Dog - 1975 Pampered Menial
Of course the most immediate aspect of this debut album is the voice of David Surkamp. Anyone familiar with the band and the album will know how Surkamp has been compared to early Rush and Geddy Lee. His vocal is off the scale on some tracks, but of more interest to me, is how the band flow between folk, symphonic, progressive lite, and art rock all within the confines of one album.

Peraino, Victor (Kingdom Come) - 1975 No Mans Land
Victor Peraino was the American keyboard player for Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come, a band often overlooked in the pantheon of UK progressives. With a loose science fiction concept, Periano dominates 'No Man's Land' with an arsenal of keyboards and electronic wizardry.. dripping with Mellotron.

Pink Floyd - 1975 Wish You Were Here
Along with 'Dark Side Of The Moon', it set the scene nearly 40 years ago, and combined with this 1975 platter, saw the band heading up to the dizzy heights of success.

Polnareff, Michel - 1975 Michel Polnareff
Polnareff's first English language album should have made him a star in North America and as many times as I've listened to this album, I can't figure out why it never happened. Wonderfully orchestrated throughout, this is a tasty bon bon of a record.

Queen - 1975 A Night At The Opera
Back in 1975 this album was astonishing and is still today, the sheer scope and diversity literally takes your breath away. Quite, quite brilliant.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - 1975 Solid Silver
After years of line-up changes, break-ups, drug busts and assorted tomfoolery, the original Quicksilver came together for one last hurrah with 'Solid Silver'.

Rabbitt - 1975 Boys Will Be Boys
Arguably the most popular band in 1970's South Africa, Rabbitt had all the ingredients for world domination that political realities would never allow. 'Boys Will Be Boys!' Rabbitt's first long player really is a phenomenal record and a heady mixture of pop and progressive styles heavier than 10cc, yet not as candy coated as Pilot or Sherbet.

Skyband - 1975 Skyband
I really can't recommend this album to anyone other than die hard Peter Beckett fans. Skyband were a curio at best and from an AOR history perspective only of minor importance and will probably be only remembered for its cover as time marches on.

Slumberlandband - 1975 Slumberlandband
One of the more unusual Dutch progressive records I've come across and I still don't know what to make of it!

Souther Hillman Furay Band - 1975 Trouble In Paradise
As a country rock supergroup, the Souther Hillman Furay Band looked damn good on paper. Too much talent and not enough give and take, and an underwhelming pair of albums sums up the band's story.

Speedy Keen - 1975 Y' Know What I Mean
Never heard of them eh? Well, Speedy Keen was not really a band but the stage name of one John Keen former lead vocalist of Thunderclap Newman.

Spheeris, Jimmie - 1975 The Dragon Is Dancing
This beautiful album was produced by Henry Lewy best known for his work with Crosby Stills & Nash as well as Joni Mitchell and if a musical cocktail of Al Stewart, Michael Franks, Cat Stevens, Shawn Phillips and Jackson Browne sets your synapses alight then this set is for you.

Spirit - 1975 Son Of Spirit
While 'Son Of Spirit' is not on par with their early classics, it's a mildly psychy album that still sounds like no one else but Spirit with the band's characteristic blending of pop progressive and jazz styles still intact.

Split Enz - 1975 Mental Notes
There was nothing quite like Split Enz. Not in New Zealand, not in the vast sun baked expanses of Australia and no where on Earth for that matter.

Status Quo - 1975 On The Level
By 1975, Quo had already released a swag of LP's, 'On The Level' would be their eighth. As a set of songs, this is as boogie oriented for a British band as it gets.

Strange Days - 1975 9 Parts To The Wind
Not essential, but if you like the quirkier side of British prog, '29 Parts To The Wind' is an album to keep an eye out for.

Strawbs, The - 1975 Nomadness
Folk rock bards turned progressive rock powerhouse The Strawbs sold a boatload of records in America, even more than they did in their native UK. 'Nomadness' was the group's ninth and final album for the label and in an attempt to reach out to a larger segment of record buyers, The Strawbs tuned down the prog with shorter songs and a more accessible style.

Strongbow - 1975 Strongbow
Despite their one-off effort, this band were considered to be a musicians band, and their music would find appeal to those into Styx, Kansas and Emperor.

Styx - 1975 Equinox
On 'Equinox', Styx first began their transition from progressive/pomp rock to an altogether more commercial (and thus palatable) brand of pomp. It was a precursor of things to come and one which paved the way for their enduring commercial success.

Tubes, The - 1975 The Tubes
The Tubes were a bizarro mixture of street theater, European art rock and glam unlike anything I had heard before and I was sucked in, like a moth to a flame.

Tufano & Giammarese Band - 1975 Tufano & Giammarese Band
In between the breakup and eventual reunion of The Buckinghams during the 70's and early 80's, we had the Tufano & Giammarese Band.

UFO - 1975 Force It
This is the 1975 album from the great British rockers, described by many as one of their best

Vance Or Towers - 1975 Vance Or Towers
Never heard of these guys? Not surprising since the album didn't sell much at the time, although if you are a horror film buff you might remember Vance Or Towers as the prom band in the movie 'Carrie'.

Zazu - 1975 Zazu
This one of the most powerful yet equally subtle prog albums of the era that I've heard, and though the bridge between commerciality and frenzied epic prog is large, it somehow makes sense.

Zuider Zee - 1975 Zuider Zee
Zuider Zee formed in 1969 and primarily was a vehicle for singer songwriter Richard Orange - an artist we covered here a while back and his superb 'Big Orange Sun' CD. Orange is not only a dead-ringer for Paul McCartney vocally, but knew the Wings catalog like the back of his hand, but wait, there are also references to 10cc and Badfinger.
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