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22-01-2018 21:32
Wonderful recent interview with Gary Numan.

21-01-2018 21:04
Lucky and now skint, judging by the winning bid!!

21-01-2018 20:47
Some lucky Jeff Lynne fan got a real rarity!

21-01-2018 09:43
Yep in Argent, especially as Rod Argent and Jim we’re cousins.

21-01-2018 07:43
Didn't Rodford also play in Argent and Charlie too?

20-01-2018 22:04
Jim Rodford, bass player, The Kinks, Phoenix (I think?), but I remember him with The Zombies, saw live a while back. RIP

17-01-2018 21:50
In response to Cyrille Regis, BBC 2 repeat the Adrian Chiles documentary, Whites v Blacks, How Football Changed A Nation, unbelievable true story, worth watching

17-01-2018 18:44
Review of the rather splendid `Hornal` album is in the works too.

17-01-2018 01:57
Dave and Jeff's best of 2017 wrap-up's just around the corner too.. computer work

17-01-2018 01:56
There is a three-part article coming up for E.L.O (Eldorado, A New World Record and Out Of The Blue). Look out for it soon.

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Abba - 1975 ABBA
Up to this point, ABBA were seen as a Eurovision has-beens but here the band's multi-layered vocals and progressive approach to pop song writing brought the music to a new and exciting level.

Aerosmith - 1975 Toys In The Attic
We talk about 1975 and we talk about Aerosmith's arrival in the big leagues. Their status as arena rockers was more or less confirmed by this stage, and it become the Boston based outfit's first genuine record with two top 40 hits in the bag.

Alquin - 1975 Nobody Can Wait Forever

Last FM
Alquin were a moderately successful Dutch band that never really seemed to click off their native soil. 'Nobody Can Wait Forever' is their third album, and it did a reasonable amount of business. This was clearly an attempt to break the band in a big way.

Ambrosia - 1975 Ambrosia
Ambrosia were working the same territory musically as Kansas and Styx in 1975 and although I am hard pressed to call Ambrosia a pomp band, there are some moments on this record, and the follow-up that will make fans of the sound stand up and take notice.

Angel - 1975 Angel
This debut and the subsequent album 'Helluva Band' were to be the last of Angel's pomp pretensions before they moved in a more radio friendly direction. Needless to say both albums should be considered essential purchases for anyone wanting to discover the pomp rock genre.

Area - 1975 Crac!
One of the most challenging and innovative rock genres of all time has to be 70's Italian Progressive Rock scene. One album that sticks out is this 1975 effort from Area, one of the more significant bands of the time.

Argent - 1975 Counterpoints
Why someone of Argent's caliber put his name to this aural mess is a mystery and who gave him the jazz fusion bug?

Bad Company - 1975 Straight Shooter
Recorded during the latter part of 1974, 'Straight Shooter' was eventually released in April 1975 to an enthusiastic response.

Bee Gees, The - 1975 Main Course
All in all a remarkable album from three men that while often misunderstood, never failed to deliver high quality pop, no matter what style they chose to dabble in. I give 'Main Course' my highest recommendation.

Bishop, Elvin - 1975 Struttin' My Stuff
For an album that contained a bonafide hit single in the mid 70's, the commercial and poptastic 'Fooled Around And Fell In Love', this album is a complete turnaround in style. If only the rest of the album lived up to the quality of that one song, then we might have had a album worth listening to. Avoid.

Blue Swede - 1975 Out Of The Blue
One of most memorable burn-in-your-brain singles of the 1970's was Blue Swede's cover of the 1969 B.J Thomas moldy oldie 'Hooked On A Feeling' but the ooga-chaka ooga-chaka's came from somewhere else believe it or not.

Bowie, David - 1975 Young Americans
The album reviewed here is Bowie's 29th album and saw him relocate to America, ditching the Ziggy Stardust/Glam persona and immersing himself in soul music, in particular the Philly sound and recording an album of 'plastic soul', a term coined by Bowie himself, but creating an album full of funky riffs, outstanding vocal arrangements and above all a set of beautiful songs. 'Young Americans' went a long way to seal Bowie's position as a superstar in the US, a few years after he had exploded on the UK scene during the Glam Rock period.

Boxer - 1975 Below The Belt
The British press certainly were impressed when Mike Patto announced the formation of Boxer and with personnel resumes as thick as a bible, how could they fail?

Brownsmith - 1975 Brownsmith
Pacific Northwest MOR band featuring Don Brown and Garrett Smith.

Byron, David - 1975 Take No Prisoners
An album that although dated, improves with each listen, although it goes without saying it will be of interest to Heep fans more than anyone else, but fans of mid seventies hard rock would have the time of their life with this.

Cain - 1975 A Pound Of Flesh
Musically, the band conjured up mixed of images of Grand Funk, Deep Purple, and vocally Queen and Styx. An amazing amalgam, and for those privy to seeing these guys live.. well all I can say is lucky you!

Caravan - 1975 Cunning Stunts
This record is still seen by many prog fans as the beginning of the end, but for this reviewer it's the start of Caravan's more interesting period and albums like 1977's 'Better By Far', 'Back To Front' from 1982 and 1995's excellent comeback 'The Battle Of Hastings' are never too far from my CD player.

Carmen, Eric - 1975 Eric Carmen
In the thirty years I have owned this album, it never grows old. It's a timeless piece of music from a bygone era that I still play often with my Raspberries collection.

Chango - 1975 Chango
Nothing remotely associated with AOR here, instead some of the best latin hard rock likely ever recorded, a breathtaking showcase of instrumental power with obvious Santana overtones only with far more clout..

Chicago - 1975 Chicago VIII
'VIII' was the first Chicago album I ever heard from start to finish and in their vast catalog, it's one of a handful of the band's output I reach for when I need a fix.

Chilliwack - 1975 Rockerbox
'Rockerbox' is Chilliwack's first solid rock album, their previous influences are thankfully cast aside in favor of straight ahead dynamic rock 'n' roll Canadian style.

City Boy - 1975 City Boy
I suppose it would be difficult to imagine these guys would turn out to be one of the best British AOR bands in the history of rock, but that's exactly what happened..

Classics IV - 1975 The Very Best Of The Classics IV
Formed as a cover band by J.R. Cobb and Buddy Buie in Jacksonville, Florida in 1965; much of the original Classics IV and studio line-up who appeared on their biggest singles including Cobb would go on to form The Atlanta Rhythm Section.

Deep Purple - 1975 Come Taste The Band
One of rocks greatest shames is that this would be Deep Purple Mk 4's only studio recording, as the potential was there for greater things..

Dompierre, Francois - 1975 Dompierre
This 1975 three-sided jewel 'Dompierre' is one of the finest French Canadian progressive albums I've had the pleasure to hear.

Eric Quincy Tate - 1975 EQT
Sorry, no one named Eric Quincy Tate in this band coming from the heart of Southern rock - Macon, Georgia. Recorded half in the studio and live at 'Chattahoocee River Ramblin Raft Race' in Atlanta, this was the bands third album. Like the first Marshall Tucker Band album, 'EQT' brings the atmosphere and passion of Southern Americana to the listener, instead of force feeding faux metal riffs and Pick-up Truck lyrics.

Fleetwood Mac - 1975 Fleetwood Mac
Often referred to as 'The White Album'; this self-titled wonder of a record sold over four and half million copies and turned out three top twenty singles.

Focus - 1975 Mother Focus
Up to this point Classical rock was Focus' bread and butter but what we have on 'Mother Focus' was less Bach and more light jazz, treading dangerously close to disco but it wasn't entirely a bad thing.

Foghat - 1975 Fool For The City
Plenty of blues and boogie to be found on this mainstream release from British outfit Foghat.

Fox (UK) - 1975 Fox
Interesting British band with an intriguing female vocalist named Noosha Fox. Definitely out of the ordinary, but not for 1975 I suppose. Glam bands that could actually play as opposed to just looking pretty..

Fraser, Andy - 1975 In Your Eyes
Andy Fraser was the former bassist with rock legends Free. In 1975, Fraser went solo recording two albums in the same year. Radio friendly rock is what 'In Your Eyes' is all about. This is the kind of stuff we heard on American FM radio just before Boston's monumental debut and 'Frampton Comes Alive' hit the shelves and it's a sound I miss.

Gabriel Bondage - 1975 Angel Dust
Certainly not the best Ameriprog album you'll come across, but not the worst either with a gorgeous and suitably cosmic album cover that makes this record quite collectable.

Glyder - 1975 Glyder
Glyder is a forgotten blip in the history of British pop that is getting more difficult to find, but worth every cent and effort to get your hands on.

Gold, Andrew - 1975 Andrew Gold
This is an album that I have played often over the years, and it still sounds fresh and creative.

Golden Earring - 1975 To The Hilt
Special mention for the Hipgnosis cover art which captures the mood of this record perfectly; dark and edgy. With the addition of maestro Robert Jan Stips formerly of Dutch greats Supersister on keyboards, the Golden Earring sound takes a decidedly progressive sound, but this isn't Yes or Genesis clone time.

Greenslade - 1975 Time And Tide
One of the great British progressives that is often overlooked in light of the usual heavies; ELP, Yes and Genesis. This isn't exactly my favorite album from the band and I'm not so hot on it for a variety of reasons starting with the move towards a progressive pop sound. This record lacks the songs to put it in the pantheon of great prog pop.

Gross, Henry - 1975 Plug Me Into Something
To this day, Herny Gross is widely tagged with the 'one hit wonder' stigma thanks to his hit 'Shannon', yet prior to his 15 minutes of fame, magazines like 'Rolling Stone' were pushing Gross as an upcoming guitarist with a bright future as his albums were always far more rock than light pop. Consquently, this 1975 release is one of my favorite Henry Gross albums and is typical of his fun rock 'n roll style.

Hawkwind - 1975 Warrior On The Edge Of Time
My first Hawkwind album in my collection. It's symphonic/psychedelic space rock with a nod to the weird, strange, quirky and a dose of poetry and spoken word.

Head, Murray - 1975 Say It Ain't So
Here we have an album by actor of film, stage and musical, plus of course singer and song writer, Murray Head.

Hollies, The - 1975 Another Night
'Another Night' is an album that most music fans passed on in 1975 which is a shame. I suppose The Hollies were seen as old and out of fashion but the truth is, they were trying new things and were in lock step with changing radio formats and the coming AOR movement.

Iron Butterfly - 1975 Scorching Beauty
Iron Butterlfy signed to MCA releasing two albums, the best of which is 'Scorching Beauty'. Now when I said 'the best', I chose the lesser of two evils. This album is something of a disaster in my opinion..

Jet (UK) - 1975 Jet
CBS had high hopes for the band and a UK tour with Hunter-Ronson should have put Jet on the runway to success but it was not to be.

Jigsaw - 1975 Sky High
.. a delightful set of songs that are completely infectious and sweet enough to make your teeth hurt!

Jinx - 1975 Jinx [NEW]
All I can say about Jinx, is they are aptly named. No record label should've touched this band, it's terrible terrible stuff.

John, Elton - 1975 Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy
When I started going through his back catalog recently, it was a toss up between reviewing 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' and this, his 1975 autobiographical album which found John and writing partner Bernie Taupin at the top of their game.

Journey - 1975 Journey
In my opinion Journey never made a heavier album. The double guitar attack of Schon and George Tickner is something to behold and with Rolie's grinding organ and keyboard work, 'Journey' is nothing short of a progressive rock monster.

Kansas - 1975 Song For America
Spending the better part of 1974 on the road supporting a debut album that was largely ignored, 'Song For America' wasn't exactly a commercial blockbuster either, but it was arguably their most 'progressive'.

Kestrel - 1975 Kestrel
In a genre that loves complexity I've always liked my prog short and sweet with plenty of melody and here's an album made to order for those with a similar palate.

Kiss - 1975 Alive!
'Alive!' paved the way for live releases like 'Frampton Comes Alive!', 'Foghat Live', 'Double Live Gonzo!', 'Live At Budokan' and many more. It's a landmark for live albums and Kiss' most indisputable musical legacy.

Kiss - 1975 Dressed To Kill
With all but two songs under three minutes this is a short, concise rock and roll masterpiece from the band.
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