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Limousine (Holland) - 1976 Limousine
The Limousine LP is a quirky affair with all the pre-requisite 70's pop attributes. We get lots of stabbing piano work and light and fluffy passages. Good comparisons could be early Lake, or perhaps Shabby Tiger.

Load, The - 1976 Praise The Load
'Praise The Load' has long been considered one of the best American progressive albums. However, I'm not sure this album deserves that kind of credibility since it's far from the most original album I've heard, fitting square with most of the criticisms concerning progressive rock from America that the music was nothing more than copies of their British counterparts.

Locust - 1976 Playgue
'Playgue' is a curiosity at best. Of course collectors of obscure pomp and 'Ameriprog' will want this in their collections and if you enjoy the 70's sounds of Gypsy, Baby, Hush and Strongbow by all means seek out a copy.

Lofgren, Nils - 1976 Cry Tough
Lofgren's back catalog is not without inconsistencies, but everything through and ending with 1985's 'Flip' is of interest although I suggest Starting with 'Cry Tough' ..

Lone Star - 1976 Lone Star
Here it is kiddies, one of the best British (Wales to be exact) hard rock bands to land on my turntable back in days of old. Lone Star had it all; talent, songs, charisma, you name it, yet they couldn't keep a sold line-up together which probably had something to do with their untimely demise, but damn if they didn't create some kick ass hard rock!

Lulu - 1976 Heaven And Earth And The Stars
The personable Scottish singer has enjoyed extensive popularity as an actress and TV personality in the UK. My interest was peaked recently with the new 2017 Edsel reissue that includes both her 1973 self-titled record and this one: 'Heaven And Earth And The Stars' released in 1976.

Lyall, William - 1976 Solo Casting
William 'Billy' Lyall was the progressive minded keyboardist for pop rockers Pilot, a band I've slobbered over here at GD on several occasions. At the time 'Solo Casting' didn't set the world on fire, but in the years since has earned a cult following among pop lovers with numerous CD reissues, the most recent coming from Japan in the mini-LP sleeve format.

Mahogany Rush - 1976 Mahogany Rush IV
Alongside Rush, Pat Travers Band pre Pat Thrall, Robin Trower, Truth And Janey, Mahogany Rush were one of the pre-eminent power trios of the 70's bar none, and I'll admit to finding and appreciating some of their earlier works, like this one.

Man - 1976 Welsh Connection
Welsh band Man, were influenced by the west coast U.S Psychedelic scene. Through several albums and tours, the band culminated their career with their final 1976 album 'Welsh Connection'.

Mann, Manfred (Earth Band) - 1976 The Roaring Silence
A varied approach overall but essentially a prog rock album at heart and one that shouldn't be overlooked. Thanks to 'Blinded By The Light' this album has become to many, the quintessential Earth band album, the musicianship arguably at its peak.

Marcus - 1976 Marcus
'Marcus' has been described as one of the most obscure, yet incredible hard rock releases of 1976, and yet, only the hardened trainspotters have any idea as to its existence.

Mariah - 1976 Mariah
If you like acts such as Emperor, Starcastle, Doobie Brothers and Legs Diamond, then this beautiful 70's flavored album should move your world.

Max Webster - 1976 Max Webster
Over the years, there have been some bands that have lived on the edge of wackiness throughout their career. Sadly ignored until now, Canada's Max Webster are a classic case in point.

Metro - 1976 Metro
Metro created a masterwork of art rock with this, their first album..

Miles, John - 1976 Rebel
While Miles 'Transition' album understandably attracts more attention from our readership with its traditional 80's melodic rock sound, for my money it's 'Rebel' and his following three albums 'Stranger In The City', 'Zaragon' and 'More Miles Per Hour' that I rank as his very best, each belonging in any serious collection.

Montrose - 1976 Jump On It
Containing just eight tracks, 'Jump On It' contains none of the true-blue bluster of their earlier years. Instead, they seem to be aiming for the commercial hard rock market occupied by the likes Aerosmith and Heart during this mid 70's era, and one can't deny this given Jack Douglas' involvement.

Mott - 1976 Shouting And Pointing
This album is well worth re-appraising and probably is more influential to many groups not just in the UK, but especially the ones in America that would dominate the rock scene in the 80's.

Movies, The - 1976 The Movies
The Movies were out of place in 1976 and just one look at the back cover tells the story with three average looking guys dressed in funny hats. Not very rock n' roll, disco or even close to the safety pin minions starting to influence pop an ocean away, The Movies played music from another time, ten years too late to make their mark.

Natural Gas - 1976 Natural Gas
A veritable 'supergroup' long before the term was popularized; Natural Gas featured Joey Molland from Badfinger, drummer Jerry Shirley of Humble Pie, Mark Clarke, formerly of Uriah Heep and ex- Sutherland Brothers & Quiver keyboardist Peter Wood. An impressive line-up indeed.

Pablo Cruise - 1976 Lifeline
'Lifeline' is perfect music to brighten the dark days of winter.

Paris - 1976 Big Towne 2061
Neither as dark nor dramatic as the remarkable debut; Paris was still vastly different from anything cranked out of the hard rock scene of the day and it's a weird record to be frank.

Paris - 1976 Paris
Here we step into the realms of an album being overrated to the point of overblown. While 'Paris' isn't a bad album by any means it is far from the classic it is purported to be and descriptions of the band as one 'of the most devastating power trios ever' are somewhat laughable.

Pavlovs Dog - 1976 At The Sound Of The Bell
This is a reasonable release, but I think I much preferred 'Pampered Menial' due to the symphonic/progressive rock overlay. You don't hear that so much on this second release, which has a straight-forward sound to my way of listening.

Peterik, Jim - 1976 Don't Fight The Feeling
Dressed in what looks like groovy neon double-knit polyester offset by thick-piled shag carpet devouring his white strides; the bespectacled James Michael Peterik on his solo debut 'Don't Fight The Feeling' looks like a bored extra on the set of a cheap 1970's porn movie..

Piper - 1976 Piper
Piper were based in Boston, Massachusetts and lead by one Billy Squier, and it looked for a short time at least, the group was on the fast track to bigger and better things.

Protheroe, Brian - 1976 I/You
Often compared to early 10cc and rightfully so, there's a little bit of Supertramp, traces of Pilot and other period artists found in the music of Brian Protheroe, but lyrically he stands on his own.

Quantum Jump - 1976 Quantum Jump
All things considered Quantum Jump with its off-kilter mix of funk, soul and jazz styles as well as 10cc-ish art rock created something quite original and way ahead of its time.

Quatro, Michael - 1976 Dancers, Romancers, Dreamers And Schemers
Brother of glam leather babe Suzi Quatro, Michael took a different path from his famous sister, exploring progressive rock and in turn becoming the American answer to Rick Wakeman.

Queen - 1976 A Day At The Races
A landmark recording on nearly every level, 'A Night At The Opera' can now be viewed as a direct descendent of The Beatles 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band', but how to follow-up on such a masterful work? 'A Day At The Races' is the result..

Rainbow - 1976 Rising
I vividly recall as a teenager rummaging through the racks of my local record shop and my eyes immediately being drawn to the stunning (and dare I say it iconic) artwork of Rainbow's 'Rising' LP. To me at least the cover perfectly defined the musical contents - something majestic, mystical and truly powerful.

Rex - 1976 Rex
Rex Smith never attempted anything this heavy again after 1977's follow up 'Where Do We Go from Here' and was soon gracing the cover of every teen magazine possible. It shouldn't detract from the magnificence of 'Rex' however, an essential part of the 70's hard rock legacy.

Rickfors, Mikael - 1976 The Wheel
Very soulful and very Motown; 'The Wheel' was Rickfors second effort and released only in Sweden those unfamiliar with Mikael and his music can be easily be forgiven believing he's American.

Roadmaster - 1976 Roadmaster
'Roadmaster' the album has often been described as the band's weakest link, though longtime fans needn't feel discouraged as there are a surprising number of good songs on offer, which gives us a glimpse into the keyboard laden future.

Rundgren, Todd - 1976 Faithful
It's a covers album mostly, with interpretations of songs by the world's artists some being the most prominent in history. The remainder sees Rundgren covering a multiple of musical trends and aspects and a couple that really seem to be ahead of their time, which is par for the course for Rundgren..

Rush - 1976 2112
'2112' was Rush's first real foray into expansive sci-fi space rock, and it wouldn't be their last either.

Ryan, Paul - 1976 Scorpio Rising
I know a lot of pop aficionados who dislike 'Scorpio Rising' simply because as it's so far removed from Ryan's earlier swinging '60s offerings, but taken on its own I think it's a forgotten and worth hearing classic of orchestral prog.

S.S Fools - 1976 S.S Fools
Toto fans will need no introduction to Bobby Kimball, who is featured here with this shortlived outfit from California.

Scorpions, The - 1976 Virgin Killer
This was their fourth studio album, with the few years of experience and professionalism now starting to show. As a measure of their popularity, this album is held in high regard among their earlier works.

Scrounger - 1976 Snap
Released on the same label that brought you the evergreen classic 'How Long' by Ace, Scrounger's 'Snap' was just one of a handful of noteworthy albums put out by Anchor Records.

Shabby Tiger - 1976 Shabby Tiger
London based Shabby Tiger based its style around the British pop scene and forthcoming disco/pop era. Think of acts such as Jigsaw and Pilot and you have a fair idea as to their sound.

Sherbet - 1976 Howzat
Long before music from 'Down Under' blasted its way into the consciousness of the world record buying public in the 1980's, there was the heaven-sent and candy coated powerhouse called Sherbet..

Slade - 1976 Nobody's Fools
In 1975 after a very fickle general public had decided in a very short period of success that Slade were old hat, see the connection to Quiet Riot with what they endured after their couple of successes, Slade chose to relocate to the States and began to write tunes and basically set up home. While any of the tunes do have a certain Americanism around them, the roots are still distinctly British and well really best as described as..Slade.

Slick Band - 1976 Slick Band
As a guitarist, Earl Slick comes with impressive credentials. Unfortunately, his two mid 70's offerings under the handle 'Slick Band' aren't included..

Smith And D'Abo - 1976 Smith And D'Abo
Who are these two guys and why are they on Glory Daze I hear you ask? They are the pairing of Mike Smith and Mike D'Ado. Fortunately, both of these veterans got together for whatever reason and delivered a one-off classic that didn't get the attention it deserved at the time but is definitely a 'must hear'.

Sparks - 1976 Big Beat
There's no group on the planet quite like Sparks. If you own any of their albums, you know what I mean.. and in my opinion you can't go wrong with any of their stuff, but if a newbie, start with 'Big Beat' or any of the first five LP's. You'll never be sorry.

Spiders From Mars - 1976 Spiders From Mars
Outside of dyed-in-the-wool David Bowie fans, I don't think this record ever got a fair shake back in the day. With its hard to ignore fire engine red cover; Spiders From Mars were Bowie's much-lauded back-up band before he moved to Berlin and found Brian Eno..

Stallion (USA) - 1976 Stallion
Debut record from Denver based 70's rockers Stallion.

Stanley, Michael (Band) - 1976 Ladies Choice
Back to 1976, with an album few would call being one of the best from the Michael Stanley Band..

Starbuck - 1976 Moonlight Feels Right
Atlanta band Starbuck, who released one of the 70's greatest pop singles with 'Moonlight Feels Right'.

Starcastle - 1976 Starcastle
It would be hard not to compare Starcastle to Yes - the musical similarities there for all to pick the eyes out of.
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