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Aerosmith - 1976 Rocks
This is Aerosmith's finest hour. Along with 'Toys In The Attic' this was the pinnacle of Aerosmith.

Albatross - 1976 Albatross
We trace an American progressive rock band from Rockford Illinois called Albatross. The town, better known as the home of eternal pop rockers Cheap Trick, would have been none the wiser about this five man band, who were doing their damndest to emulate British outfits Yes and Emerson Lake And Palmer.

Alkatraz - 1976 Doing A Moonlight
Formed from the ashes of Man and Quicksand, Alcatraz were a Welsh ensemble with a veritable hint of Californian west coast in the mix.

Ambrosia - 1976 Somewhere I've Never Travelled
It's been described as one of the best symphonic rock albums of the 70's. I wouldn't go quite that far, but it's not too far off the mark.

Angel - 1976 Helluva Band
The debut Angel album still rates highly with many of us, less talked about is the follow up 'Helluva Band'. produced by Derek Lawrence, who also worked on the debut Legs Diamond album around the same time, this is arguably Angel's most progressive album..

Automatic Man - 1976 Automatic Man
An interesting mid-seventies outfit who had talent to boot, but too diverse to ultimate decide which direction to go. Automatic Man had the ability to mix fusion with funk and a crossover sound to make it changeable.

Bad Axe - 1976 Bad Axe
If you were around the hard rock scene of Los Angeles during the mid-late 70's, then you may have run across this lot - called Bad Axe, put together by the duo of Dana Strum and Dave Carruth.

Beckies, The - 1976 The Beckies
Anyone remember The Chessman Square? Probably not and neither do I, but they were by all accounts a popular 60's-early 70's Kansas City, Missouri band that featured one Gary Hodgden, who would later find fame as one Gary West, of the band Shooting Star.

Black Sabbath - 1976 Technical Ecstacy
'Technical Ecstacy' marked a turning point for Sabbath as they continued to move away from the heavy doom of the 1970-75 years and turned to a more traditional form of hard rock.

Blackfoot - 1976 Flyin' High
This power house band of roughnecks left us some of the finest Southern rock under the sun and while 'Flyin High' flew under almost everyone's radar in 1976; it's one of their better efforts.

Boston - 1976 Boston
Well, I would hazard a guess and say that the defining moment for the AOR movement and thereafter, lay at the feet of this 1976 recording by the then unknown local area band from Massachusetts; the aptly named Boston.

Breakfast - 1976 It's Time For Breakfast
Produced by Krautrock icon Conny Plank, the record's ten tracks were written exclusively by guitarist Horst Schreiber and bassist Eberhard Voelz with a very American feel similar to contemporaries Karthago. The Breakfast sound is often funky, at times laid-back with lovely west coast harmonies and a country rock flavor.

Brother Bait - 1976 Alive
The Brother Bait debut contained an abundance of pompous moments which were marshalled by Ron Bloom's truly electrifying guitar work - a pomp rock fans delight in fact. So when I managed to secure the purchase of 'Alive' the burgeoning question for me was 'could they maintain the momentum of the debut album?'

Brother Bait - 1976 Brother Bait
'Who is the world's best undiscovered pomp band?' was a question I'd pontificated on many a long dark winter evening. I managed to solve this personal conundrum a couple of years ago when I acquired Brother Bait's debut.

Budgie - 1976 If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules
The 70's saw Budgie experiment with many styles, and to their credit record label A&M gave them a long leash, with a heap of albums released during this period, although 'Brittania..' is not as immediate as some of their other albums.

Bux - 1976 We Come To Play
Taking a trip back in time to the seventies we uncover a local area band out of Boston called Bux, featuring future Angel alumni..

Charlie - 1976 Fantasy Girls
The trademark Charlie sound found here would continue right throughout their recording career, despite the numerous line-up changes over the years.

Colosseum II - 1976 Strange New Flesh
In a world dominated by Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull and ELP, Colosseum were a groundbreaking band that often gets short changed in progressive rock history. Colosseum's mixture of rock, blues and jazz styles were not only groundbreaking in their originality, but powerful and at times devastatingly beautiful.

Dancer - 1976 Dancer
Musically this is very much a light-as-air pop album that's actually quite good in spots. While Dancer won't shake the foundations of your house, it's a nice little record and worth picking up cheaply.

Diamond REO - 1976 Dirty Diamonds
The true spirit of unabashed 70's hard rock was captured by many a great band during the decade, but how many people ever stopped to consider this particular slab of vinyl in the high stakes game of 70's rarities?

Essex, David - 1976 Out On The Street
Actor, singer and all around nice guy; David Essex reached his commercial zenith prior to 'Out On The Street', his fourth studio album.

Fantacy Hill - 1976 Fantacy Hill
There is very little on this obscure 70's band on the Internet. OK, correction, there is NOTHING on this band on the Internet.. lol!

Fireballet - 1976 Two Too
It's hard to conceive that Fireballet approved of the album cover featuring themselves prancing around as ballerinas, but once exposed to this bombastic, marvelously over the top piece of 70's pomp/prog it's actually fitting.

Flight - 1976 Incredible Journey
Imagine if Emerson Lake & Palmer had gone the fusion route and you will have a pretty good idea what Flight sound like.

Folsom, Robert Lester - 1976 Music And Dreams
With well-received reissues and re-kindled interest Folsom has begun performing again, even making his way to New York to appreciative crowds. Let's hope we hear more from this late blooming pop genius in the future.

Frampton, Peter - 1976 Comes Alive
It's been touted as the most successful live album of the 70's, and I doubt there would be few in disagreement.

Garfield - 1976 Strange Streets
Imagine Supertramp and Pavlov's Dog in an intimate smoke-filled club and you have a good idea of what Garfield sound like.

Gasolin' - 1976 Efter Endunu Ed Dag
From Denmark, we walk back in time with a band who are still recognised as one of the most successful rock bands the country ever produced.

Genesis - 1976 A Trick Of The Tail
Over time this has emerged as one of the bands most popular albums and with good reason. There isn't a track easily skipped and the new identity of the band was clearly one they were happy with at the time.

Giants - 1976 Thanks For The Music
'Thanks For The Music' is essentially drab middle '70s radio rock with Southern touches and like a pocket of swamp gas - painful to digest.

Grand Funk Railroad - 1976 Good Singin' Good Playin'
On paper, combining the avant garde muso Frank Zappa with the ever patriotic and at times ham-fisted Grand Funk might appear like a train wreck from hell, but it's nothing short of genius.

Greene, Mike - 1976 Midnight Mirage
As an example of Southern fusion, 'Midnight Mirage' is a good as it gets. Often you'll find Mike Greene in the Jazz sections of your local shop, or described as such by some internet sellers, but this is only partially true. This is heat-fried fusion with elements of world music and pop thrown on the fire.

Group With No Name, The - 1976 Moon Over Brooklyn
It's hard for me to listen to this album and not draw comparisons to the future sound of Desmond Child & Rouge, although the group's roots whether they knew it or not can be found in Brotherhood Of Man and Guys 'N' Dolls - early to mid '70s male/female pop ensembles that were very popular at the time.

Hamilton, Joe Frank And Dennison - 1976 Love And Conversation
Superb pop from the trio formerly known as Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds.

Hammersmith - 1976 It's For You
The first Hammersmith album released 1975 was an extension of Painter - retooled and renamed. Striking while the iron was hot 'It's For You' was released a year later and featured a new guitarist and drummer but the songs remained the same-solid no fuss, no muss maple leaf rock 'n' roll.

Heart - 1976 Dreamboat Annie
Two very attractive sisters into heavy rock and folk music form a band in Seattle, move to Canada and become 'Superstars'. Well it wasn't that easy of course, but that's essentially what happened with Heart..

Holmes, Rupert - 1976 Singles
For his third album, Rupert Holmes was looking for hit single and so was his label - hence the tongue-in-cheek title. Personally, I think Holmes first four albums are genius, which includes this one.

Hummingbird - 1976 We Can't Go On Meeting Like This
Hummingbird on this, the band's second album was essentially the Jeff Beck Group without Beck. Heavy on the jazz, blues and funk influences Hummingbird eclipsed most groups of the era not only due to the quality of the players, but the progressive rock vibe found in most of their work.

Jackson Hawke - 1976 Forever (1976), Jackson Hawke (1977)
Canadian band Jackson Hawke were in existence between 1976 and 1978. The band released two albums during their time. 70's pop/rock is their game, with The Doobie Bros and early Little River Band used as reference points.

Jan Akkerman And Kaz Lux - 1976 Eli
This is not an easy album to recommend even to Focus fans. Hard to know what the motives were behind such a project although I think Akkerman's penchant for experimentation might have got the best of him here.

Journey - 1976 Look Into The Future
With an album cover that reminds one of the old TV comedy show 'Get Smart', perhaps 'Look Into The Future' was more about the past rather than crystal ball gazing into the next 3-5 years. Certainly I don't think that Schon, Rolie and co had any concept of what looking into the future would entail on their respective timelines looking ahead.

Judas Priest - 1976 Sad Wings Of Destiny
Easily one of the crown jewels of Priest's long career. There's a faction out there who would probably claim this to be their greatest album and they wouldn't be far off to be honest..

Kansas - 1976 Leftoverture
Stepping up to the plate was their fourth LP 'Leftoverture', an album that would move Kansas into the big league. Though 'Leftoverture' would enable Kansas to navigate their music through radio, the album is still for the most part - very progressive and symphonic.

KGB - 1976 Motion
Co-produced by former Dust guitarist and KISS producer Richie Wise, you'd expect a bigger noise from players of this caliber but that's not the story here. In fact, this is some of the most boring, poorly mixed funked-up rock I think I've encountered.

Kiss - 1976 Destroyer
When sitting down to write this review, my absolute lack of enthusiasm for 'Destroyer' almost hindered even getting this far. Widely controversial among Kiss fans to this day, the circumstances surrounding the album have been discussed and analyzed to the point of overkill. 'Destroyer' is an important album regardless, and belongs here with their other masses of reviewed albums..

Kiss - 1976 Rock And Roll Over
The album was the tonic Kiss fans were hoping for and the album went platinum quickly, leading into 1977 nicely where they would achieve their biggest success.

Krokus - 1976 Krokus
The Krokus heard here is far removed from their eventual direction in the 80's, with more progressive shades apparent, very typical of the period, with more than a passing nod to the likes of Yes or even Manfred Mann at their most explosive.

La Seine - 1976 Like The River
Very much a product of it's time, 'Like The River' tip toes through influences ranging from Orleans to Doobie Brothers boogie rock. For those of you old enough to remember, Jo Jo Gunne and the long forgotten Stankey Brown Group are good reference points as well.

Led Zeppelin - 1976 Presence
'Presence' has held up as a solid offering by Zeppelin and stands alongside their more famed albums, even if its profile is somewhat lacking to this day.

Limousine (Holland) - 1976 Limousine
The Limousine LP is a quirky affair with all the pre-requisite 70's pop attributes. We get lots of stabbing piano work and light and fluffy passages. Good comparisons could be early Lake, or perhaps Shabby Tiger.
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