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Foreigner - 1977 Foreigner
This album was the beginning of a dynasty. That being the assured success of the supegroup Foreigner.

Fosterchild - 1977 Fosterchild
Fosterchild was the mid 70's collaboration of Vern Wills and Jim Foster. From Calgary, the band released three albums in their lifetime, this is their debut.

Frampton, Peter - 1977 I'm In You
Frampton had become the face of the decade with the unenviable position of recording a follow-up album nearly two years after his last studio effort.

Frank Marino (And Mahogany Rush) - 1977 World Anthem
There's nothing here that truly stands out as being exceptional. From my perspective, the material here was too much of a mixed bag.

Fringe Benefit - 1977 Fringe Benefit
Just how a British band - which sounded as if it had its feet firmly planted in the well-read world of 70's British pop - managed to be signed to the American label Capricorn Records, more famous for a roster of Southern Rock bands, is certainly a mystery.

Furr - 1977 Furr
Kiss rip-offs perhaps? Maybe, but there's more than just a cheesy album jacket and corny music aside. Hard rock meets 70's bubblegum pop. Believe it or not..

Gale Force - 1977 Gale Force
Gale Force was the mid 70's outfit featuring brothers Lennie And Ken Gale..

Games - 1977 Stargazer
Games were from Southern California and one of the biggest bands on the late 70's Los Angeles club circuit.

Geeza - 1977 Streetlife
If you're a devotee of this timeframe in Australian rock then there could be some attraction to Geeza's single recorded entity. In reality it's an amateurish effort from a band who had designs on being a major act, but were exposed in the studio and by the superior bands also gaining traction around them.

Gilder, Nick - 1977 You Know Who You Are
This is the debut from former Sweeney Todd member Nick Gilder.. best remembered for that well-heeled single 'Hot Child In The City'..

Glider - 1977 Glider
A big cut-out bin item for many years, it's a shame more AOR fans don't know about Glider, and although it's not up to the classic status of Bighorn, Trillion, Gulliver and the like, it's a fine album and worth picking up.

Goblin - 1977 Suspiria
'Suspiria' remains Goblin's most well known work and the stark, haunting synth passages combined with imaginative progressive passages makes for one of the most atmospheric albums of the decade. Mixed with some crucial hard rock elements Goblin truly ran the gamut of prog sensibilities here, a captivating listen.

Golden Earring - 1977 Live
Originally, the double-album contains some very long renditions of their classic material. Golden Earring have a selection of live material over the years, but this is the best place to start.

Grateful Dead - 1977 Terrapin Station
The Grateful Dead do prog, much to the horror of their fan-base. That's right; this is the band's onetime stab at Yes, The Moody Blues and Genesis.

Hagar, Sammy - 1977 Sammy Hagar (The Red Album)
It's been a while since we've reviewed any Sammy Hagar and up to this point coverage has been relegated for the most part to his 80's work, so it's time we go further back in the man's history and pull out his second album from it's dusty shelf. This is the LP that fans affectionately call 'The Red Album'.

Hall And Oates - 1977 Beauty On A Back Street
It's a shame this album did so poorly, but perhaps it was the dark tone of the album cover. Whatever the case, this is one of Hall And Oates better albums and of their entire catalog.

Happy The Man - 1977 Happy The Man
I've gone on record on more than one progressive forum/message board - I just don't understand what the fuss is all about with Happy The Man..

Head East - 1977 Gettin' Lucky
My first experience with Head East was their debut album 'Flat As A Pancake', which at the time I thought was aptly named, because it was one of a handful of dud albums in my LP collection. Things are on the improve with their third album 'Gettin' Lucky'. Perhaps this is a band that lives by its album titles?

Heavy Metal Kids - 1977 Kitsch
'Kitsch' is a clever mixture of ferocious hard rock with some early AOR leanings, made legendary by Holton's rabble rousing British vocals.

Hollins Ferry - 1977 Hollins Ferry
Here's a record that's finally receiving some well deserved attention from collectors and as sure as the sun rises is becoming increasingly expensive. Baltimore, Maryland's Hollins Ferry released just one record of Beatles and Badfinger influenced power pop..

Hollywood Stars, The - 1977 The Hollywood Stars
Another project originally created by the legendary Kim Fowley, The Hollywood Stars were supposed to be the West Coast answer to the New York Dolls and for a brief period it seemed the group might have pulled it off..

Horslips - 1977 Aliens
While Jethro Tull influences have always been in play on previous Horslips albums, the sound on 'Aliens' fits quite comfortably with 'Songs From The Wood' and 'Heavy Horses' from the same era and it's an enjoyable listen.

Hot Flash - 1977 First Attack! They'll Never Take Us Alive
This album has its moments, but I wouldn't call it a classic. Nice to have though - file away under 'zany pomp rock'.

Hotgun - 1977 Hotgun
Guinness Records was a subsidiary of the Dellwood label and both were big players in the world of 'Tax Scam' imprints that worked the seedy underbelly of the music business during the 1970's. Hotgun was one of their releases, with next to no info available about it..

Hunter, Ian - 1977 Overnight Angels
Of all the Ian Hunter albums I have heard, this is the most consistent and complete. Care free in his thinking of combining styles and genre's and in the main they work.

Iguana - 1977 The Winds Of Alamar
Interesting group from Maryland that released the majority of this album on their own during 1975 and in Quadraphonic no less! Progressive rock meets West Coast is the best way to describe the music of Iguana. Sound good? It is, and if you are a fan of Firefall, Crosby Stills and Nash or Loggins & Messina circa 'Full Sail' then this is an album for you.

Japan - 1977 Adolescent Sex
Formed in 1974 at the height of glam rock, the press blew Japan off as a day late and a dollar short when their first album - the charmingly controversial titled 'Adolescent Sex' was released. While the group would collapse early in the 80's decade, Japan's influence and style on modern music can still be felt today.

Joel, Billy - 1977 The Stranger
It was one of the biggest selling LP's of the 1977/78 period. Released in September 1977 and produced by Phil Ramone, 'The Stranger' would become Billy's breakthrough release.

Journey - 1977 Next
It's the last Journey album that gets reviewed here at GDM, to complete their full discography.

Judas Priest - 1977 Sin After Sin
Sometimes I feel this album gets lost in the shuffle, mainly because it was a bridge to two different eras of the band. But it's where they were at their most creative, making this a landmark heavy metal album that has rarely been bettered, even by Priest themselves.

Kansas - 1977 Point Of Know Return
'Point Of Know Return' would become a critical album for them. The symphonic connection was still there, but the Epic/Kirshner label now wondered whether the band could turn up the heat a second time. They needn't have worried because for many (myself included), this album is perhaps their signature symphonic piece of work.

Kayak - 1977 Starlight Dancer
Kayak is as good as it gets when it comes to symphonic rock and 'Starlight Dancer' should fit nicely between your Kansas, Styx and Supertramp albums.

King Harry - 1977 Divided We Stand
Signed to the largely progressive rock label Harvest records, King Harry released just one album before disappearing in the dust bin of British rock history. This is very much an album for fans of 10cc, City Boy and early Charlie.

Kiss - 1977 Alive II
Like its predecessor 'Alive!', this record served the purpose of translating the Kiss live experience to vinyl and leaving a huge impression on teenagers across the globe.

Kiss - 1977 Love Gun
'Love Gun' followed close on the heels of the 'Rock And Roll Over' album and the group's first tour of Japan a month before recording commenced.. the end result was rather patchy though..

Klaatu - 1977 Hope
Without doubt this album is an acquired taste, no howling guitars but an album that is multi faceted with hidden depths, and back in '77 this was perfect for my burgeoning musical tastes.

Knighton, Reggie - 1977 Reggie Knighton
A unique talent, Knighton offered a quirky pop sound with humorous and at times bizarre lyrical content.

Kracker - 1977 Hot
With its very erotic front cover art and back band photo complete with porn star mustaches, white silk bow ties and hairy chests, there's no telling just what audience record label Dash Records, or Kracker for that matter were playing at.

Lavender Hill Mob - 1977 Lavender Hill Mob
Lavender Hill Mob hailed from Quebec releasing two self titled albums on United Artists.

LeBlanc & Carr - 1977 Midnight Light
Big Tree Records had the soft rock market corned in the mid-70s with acts like Lobo and the very successful England Dan & John Ford Coley but neither delivered a more consistent and enjoyable album than 'Midnight Light' ..

Legs Diamond - 1977 A Diamond Is A Hard Rock
This review focuses on their second album 'A Diamond Is A Hard Rock', released the same year as their debut (1977), perhaps their best album, containing a great selection of moody intense rock ballads as well as the normal rock anthems.

Legs Diamond - 1977 Legs Diamond
Of the trio of albums they released in the 1970s, the debut epitomised their musical approach which in their own words was 'mean as hell with a touch of class; hard hitting but stylish.

Liberty Bros - 1977 No Time Lasts Forever
I'm pretty certain this rare offbeat psych meets prog rock LP from Texan outfit Liberty Bros will have you scratching your head, once you take a listen to 'No Time Lasts Forever'. A strange and weird listen upon first hearing, some of you may fall in love with its wacky eccentricity by the time the needle is lifted from the turntable at the end of side two.

Lift - 1977 Caverns Of Your Brain
Just four songs but don't let that fool you into believing this just another over-indulgent prog jerk-off. Elements of both Yes and Genesis and other British progressives are present, but it's a fast moving record filled with ideas and a strong melodic line throughout.

Lone Star - 1977 Firing On All Six
This is second effort from Welsh hard rockers Lone Star, who in the space of a few short years created a buzz in both the rock and prog camps.

Mama's Pride - 1977 Uptown Lowdown
Upon first hearing, 'Uptown Lowdown' is a less rockier album than its debut predecessor, but still worthy of a decent listen.

Marmalade - 1977 The Only Light On My Horizon Now
Those of you of a certain age will remember this Scottish band and their string of hit singles in the late 60's. 'The Only Light On My Horizon Now' is a recommended record for followers of the lighter side.

Mason, Dave - 1977 Let It Flow
An original member of Traffic and whose relationship with the band was difficult at best; guitarist Dave Mason quietly carved out a moderately successful solo career in the 1970's especially in the United States culminating with 'Let It Flow'. His seventh studio album.

Max Webster - 1977 High Class In Borrowed Shoes
This is Max Webster's second album, and as you can see from the album cover, the imagery is off the charts. Thankfully the music sits nicely in the middle of what was a fertile period for Canadian melodic rock.

Memo - 1977 Captain Thunder
Combining the artiness of 10cc and 'Major Tom' era David Bowie with the pop smarts of The Korgis; 'Captain Thunder' is a record that at the time never received its proper due and is still relatively unknown.
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