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Sutherland Brothers - 1977 Down To Earth
Hot on the heels of an American tour supporting the likes of Blue Oyster Cult, Styx, The Kinks and Starcastle, the Sutherland Brothers delivered, in my opinion one of the best albums of 1977 with 'Down To Earth'.

Sweet, The - 1977 Off The Record
'Off The Record' in light of the hard rock milestones 'Desolation Boulevard' and 'Give Us A Wink' often gets pushed aside and forgotten. In my opinion, this would be the last classic Sweet album before the band embraced all things progressive rock and is definitely one to seek out as one of the better British hard rock albums of the 70's.

Target - 1977 Captured
Before his ascent into AOR megastardom with Survivior, Jimi Jamison cut his teeth with Memphis based rock band Target, a basic rough and ready set of US rockers far removed from the slick approach Jamison would later favour.

Tate, Richard - 1977 Richard Tate
Richard Tate hailed from Quebec and played a funk/pop crossover back in the mid 70's. He has a prog past, and emulated the likes of Gino Vanelli, Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd as well..

Teaze - 1977 Teaze
I know there are a few of you who are fans of Canadian rockers Teaze. We wrote our article on 'Tour Of Japan' many years ago, so it seems appropriate that we revisit this popular band who were only in existence for six (short) years.

Thin Lizzy - 1977 Bad Reputation
This album still holds a special place in Lizzy's back catalogue, despite the troubling circumstances it was recorded in.

Thor - 1977 Keep The Dogs Away
Taking a leaf out of the Gene $immon$ book of marketing, Thor has also become a small-time merchandising machine, in among a parade of albums released since the late 70's.

Topaz (USA) - 1977 Topaz
Topaz on paper should have gone places - right? Well, no. The music biz is a fickle bitch and despite major label backing Topaz sold next to nothing for CBS and listening to the record should leave no doubt why it bombed.

Topper - 1977 At Last
'At Last' is very much a product of its time. This was released in 1977 after all and the expected mixture of hard rock and progressive styles is very much in keeping with what was happening back in the day.

Torrance, Richard - 1977 Bareback
On this album at least, Richard Torrance delivers lightweight, at times bland California rock tapping into the same blue-jeaned vein as Sanford Townsend Band, Dalton & Dubarri and funky Little Feat.

Travers, Pat (Band) - 1977 Makin' Magic
One of the great early LP's from blues/rocck guitar legend Pat Travers.

Travers, Pat (Band) - 1977 Puttin' It Straight
After the release of 'Makin' Magic', Pat Travers was inspired to release another album during 1977: 'Puttin' It Straight'.

Treasure - 1977 Treasure
Treasure's one and only album contains some of the finest late seventies pomp/radio rock you're ever likely to hear.

Trickster - 1977 Find The Lady
Trickster's albums can be found online if you look carefully, and really should be given greater appreciation as they are super LP's from the late 70's.

Trooper - 1977 Knock 'Em Dead Kid
Trooper would release more albums of note between 1978 and 1982, all worth catching up with. They did take time out during the 80's, and reappeared in 1989 and 1991 with two albums. A decent band with some good material worth checking out.

Trouble (USA) - 1977 Trouble
There've been a few bands who have taken the moniker 'Trouble' over the years. This 5-piece from Los Angeles who are a mix of American and British personnel were probably the first.

Trower, Robin - 1977 In City Dreams
'In City Dreams' marked the end of his dark progged-out blues albums into lighter fare but like the awesome psychedelic sleeve art, this is a dynamite album and the guitarist is in fine form.

UFO - 1977 Lights Out
'Lights Out' might be considered the crown-jewel of their studio catalogue, but it would be a brave man to put it ahead of 'Strangers In The Night', their defining moment for mine..

Upset, The - 1977 Sunshine
Easy going pop before punk and disco mucked it up and while Guinness and other tax shelter label's shuffled some horrendous product to the unsuspecting masses, The Upset's 'Sunshine' is one of the better releases to come my way.

Uriah Heep - 1977 Innocent Victim
'Innocent Victim' was Heep's eleventh album, and second to feature vocalist John Lawton..

Utopia - 1977 Ra
Combining a heady mix of hard rock and prog, is the first of Todd Rundgren's two 1977 releases.. 'Ra'.

Valentine - 1977 Valentine
I can't help but picture these guys going down a storm at south Jersey Holiday Inn's with the leisure suit crowd. In other words, this is very middle of the road musically with lots of falsetto vocals, orchestration, brass and disco beats running a similar line with The Four Seasons 70's stuff without the material.

Wildfire (USA) - 1977 Flamethrower
Accessible, harmless and a lot of fun, the Wildfire sound is warm and carefree conjuring up images of teenage love and an innocence we've lost in the digital age.

Wilson, Dennis - 1977 Pacific Ocean Blue
This was the only official solo album released by Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson, in fact the first solo album by any of the band members during the late 70's.

Wishbone Ash - 1977 Front Page News
Front Page News' was the last of their American albums and follows the misguided soft rock pastiche of their previous LP 'New England'. With its not-so-great Hipgnosis front cover and band photos looking very Pablo Cruise; Wishbone Ash at this point were the epitome of 'Yacht Rock' with nary a trace of what they once were.

Yes - 1977 Going For The One
A hallmark album in the prog movement, 'Going For The One' is easily one of Yes' best albums, and ranks right up there as one of the first true neo-prog albums.

Zoldar & Clark - 1977 Zoldar & Clark
Zoldar & Clark. Who is ths mysterious duo? Sounds like an episode of Superman. Maybe a cartoon comic? No such luck I'm afraid. Z&C are in fact the Connecticut prog band Jasper Wrath, with connections to Jeff Cannata.
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