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Miller, Steve (Band) - 1977 Book Of Dreams
'Book Of Dreams' is one of those 70's blockbuster albums like The Eagles 'Hotel California' and Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' that was difficult to escape if you were within earshot of a radio back in the day.

Money, Eddie - 1977 Eddie Money
Released in 1977, It's hard to call 'Eddie Money' a pure AOR release as the genre was still trying to find a definitive identity. It is however a strong debut filled with great pieces of straight ahead rock and roll.

Nektar - 1977 Magic Is A Child
With 'Magic Is A Child', Nektar moved away from their prog rock origins in search of hard rock and dare we say, AOR pursuits. Naturally this left Nektar fans scratching their collective heads and dismissing this as crap, though those on hard rock boundaries would say otherwise..

Network - 1977 Network
This was a New York band comprised of personnel who were already seasoned veterans (The Illusion, Wiggy Bits) prior to the recording of this album.

Nite City - 1977 Nite City
Nite City's debut is one of the better mid-70's rock albums you will hear and unfortunately is one of the lesser known.

No Dice - 1977 No Dice (UK version)

Indeed, this one great hard rock record very much in the style of The Babys underappreciated debut, Mott The Hoople and related one-off British Lions as well as The Faces and The Rolling Stones 'Black And Blue' album.

Nova - 1977 Wings Of Love
With crystal clear production from Narada Michael Walden (Jeff Beck), Nova move effortlessly between celestial progressive pop and funky slap bass fusion with an emphasis on melody.

Oklahoma - 1977 Oklahoma
Oklahoma had an ear for a good tune grounded in pop and the album walks a line between southern and country rock without falling too far in either style. Draw any comparisons to Buckacre, Cowboy or Stillwater and you'd be right on the money.

Oscar - 1977 Cobblestone Heroes
Owning all three Oscar records I can say with confidence 'Cobblestone Heroes' is their best effort and will have appeal for those into other British bands of the period such as Charlie, Arbre, Krazy Kat and Hudson-Ford.

Osmonds, The - 1977 Brainstorm
The Osmonds had definitely outgrown their bubblegum sound with albums like the glam rave-up 'Crazy Horses' and the progressive pop concept 'The Plan', but with punk and disco all the rage in '77, 'Brainstorm' seems a bit behind the times, but charmingly so - at least on some tracks.

Pablo Cruise - 1977 A Place In The Sun
This is a case of gap-filling. But you know what, this is probably the first Pablo Cruise album we should've reviewed! It is after all where the band's career took off..

Paice Ashton Lord - 1977 Malice In Wonderland
Often lauded as one of the key prog rock groups of the 70's, this is for many the definitive Gentle Giant album and one that looked set to break the band massively in the US yet bizarrely failed to be released in a country that seemed to appreciate the bands significant musical charms more than stodgy England, where the band hailed from.

Parsons, Alan (Project) - 1977 I Robot
Perhaps considered to be his darkest album, when one looks at the theme, lyrics, and musical bombast used throughout. The theme (in a nutshell), sees the rise of the robot, and demise of man, where man has created the robot in his image.

Pearl - 1977 Pearl
Going back a bit further to the wondrous year of 1977, Leslie Pearl and her sister Debbie released one album as Pearl and while it never moved mountains commercially, it remains a fun listen for pop fans of the era.

Pepper - 1977 Pepper
Pepper were three fifths of the post Rascals - pre Fotomaker Gene Cornish/Dino Dinelli band Bulldog. Pepper did present some good material on their only platter from the Bob Seger System and Ian Lloyd influenced gruff, but yet always tuneful forays into good time rock.

Pezband - 1977 Pezband
I love this album, a classic case of easy-on-the-ear 70's midwest power-pop with an abundance of melody and radio friendly moments.

Pierce Arrow - 1977 Pierce Arrow
Country rock tailor made for AOR radio play lists, Pierce Arrow delivers some great songs on their debut and from the opening 'You Got To Believe' it's clear these guys were on to something quite special. The Eagles meets The Doobie Brothers is a good comparison..

Piper - 1977 Can't Wait
If you compare the real contenders in 1977, Piper were just in behind, their songs were good but not great. To really get the best out of this album, you really have to sit down with it and give it some time. It's gritty styled power-pop combined with some radio friendly jingle-jangle.

Poker Flatts - 1977 Poker Flatts
In the occasional Country rock mindset I can hear what the fuss is all about, unfortunately those with a liking for Firefall and the later Pure Prairie League albums might gripe a little as this has more of a down-home Country flavor than Rock or AOR but it's not without a few worthy moments.

Prism - 1977 Prism
Where would Canadian melodic rock be without the name Prism mentioned throughout its hallowed history? We've already touched upon this band's history through several album reviews, but we really need to restore order and pride by going right back to the source: their 1977 debut album.

Procol Harum - 1977 Something Magic
'Something Magic' has long been derided by fans and even some band members as Procol Harum's 'worst album'. I never quite felt that way since I don't think Harum ever put out a 'bad' album and while it's certainly not in the same glorious league as the monumental 'Shine On Brightly', it's a keeper..

Queen - 1977 News Of The World
1977 was a year of change for many. The musical world was changing and Queen had to change with it. 'News Of The World' was their answer.

Ram Jam - 1977 Ram Jam
One of the iconic songs of the late 70's.. Without a doubt was 'Black Betty', from one-hit wonders Ram Jam.

Randy Pie - 1977 Fast Forward
Like Jethro Tull and Max Webster before them, there is no one named Randy in this band - confounding record store owners around the world who agonized if the albums should be stocked under 'R' or 'P'.

REO Speedwagon - 1977 You Get What You Play For (Live)
'You Get What You Play For' primarily consists of material from the first two albums, 'R.E.O.', better known as the 'cow' album, and more noticeably just two tracks from 'Ridin' The Storm Out'.

Rex - 1977 Where Do We Go From Here?
For long-time Rex fans, it's those 1976 and 1977 albums which really deliver the goods. But we all know that, don't we? Both need to be compulsory additions to your CD collection.

Riot - 1977 Rock City
For the period it was released in, 'Rock City' can be seen as a sophisticated set of hard rock, with shades of metal and boogie.

Rockicks - 1977 Inside
Rockicks deliver a steamy and at time swampy variation of 70's biker rock, not unlike Black Oak Arkansas, Creedand The Boyzz.

Rogue - 1977 Let It Go
For an English band, they sound more like they had been sipping margaritas in Malibu and twirling little pink umbrellas with Glenn Frey. Very lightweight Southern California country sludge is the best way to describe 'Let It Go'.

Rose - 1977 A Taste Of Neptune
When the story of Canadian pomp rock is revisited, surely mention must be made of the band Rose. By the time this album was released, the band had migrated to a progressive rock style, Rose had moved into the same territory as bands like Prism, Trooper, Crowcuss and Avalon, though their material was more earthy.

Rose - 1977 Judgement Day
'Judgement Day' is just a charming little relic and should have a place in every serious pomp lover's collection.

Rough Diamond - 1977 Rough Diamond
David Byron was one of the best vocalists of his time and with a little more polish and given the opportunity to record a second album, Rough Diamond might have developed into something more than just a minor one-off.

Runaways, The - 1977 Queens Of Noise
The Runaways - all young girls who looked and acted exactly like the type mama warned you about! This band was about hard rock in the tradition of KISS and Aerosmith - with a touch of bubblegum and glam. They are certainly worth a listen once again.

Rush - 1977 A Farewell To Kings
With 'A Farewell To Kings', we see another evolution, in the writing of carefully crafted pieces with layers and dynamics. For me, this was my first real exposure to the band, and upon hearing their earlier works ('2112' included), this is where it all starts for me.

Santana - 1977 Festival
Here's a record that seems to split Santana fans with one half feeling 'Festival' along with the previous album 'Amigos' was the beginning of the band's downward slide into commercial pop while others, myself included think it's one of their better releases.

Scaggs, Boz - 1977 Down Two Then Left
'Down Two Then Left' is my favorite from the former Steve Miller Band guitarist; my 'go to' album for glittery el-Lay pop - '77 style..

Sherbet - 1977 Photoplay
Whoa! I almost let the year go by without a Sherbet review! Yes, its time to take another look at this remarkable Australian band that still does not have a web site presence.

Small Wonder - 1977 Growin'
This is the second and last Small Wonder album prior to vocalist Henry Small joining Burton Cummings touring band and eventually the ever popular Prism.

Solution - 1977 Fully Interlocking
I have said it before and I'll say it again, the Dutch created some of the best progressive rock of the 'golden age' hands down. The list is long, with Solution's early albums ranking as some of the best the country has delivered..

Sommer, Bert - 1977 Bert Sommer
Self-titled and produced by bubblegum wonder boy Ron Dante, this record has not found any favor among rose-colored Sommer fans that never left the '60s, but it's their loss.

Stallion (USA) - 1977 Hey Everybody
Stallion give us typical '70s good time rock in a variety of styles from boogie and pomp to inoffensive Eagles countrified rock that you know you heard before from bands like Dalton & Dubarri, Starbuck, No Slack, Silver and half a dozen other also-rans from the same era.

Starcastle - 1977 Citadel
'Citadel', a perfect foil and slight change in direction for Starcastle, this time taking a more commercial approach. Not a complete sell-out, but enough to convert their style of prog into radio oriented songs.

Starcastle - 1977 Fountain Of Light
One thing that hadn't been discarded was the Yes influence. Even so, 'Fountains Of Light' contained more than the appreciative nod toward the likes of Messrs Anderson, Wakeman, Howe et al..

Starwood - 1977 Starwood
Colorado's Starwood followed in the steps of some great country rock acts with a penchant for harmony vocals, but never quite achieved the same results.

Starz - 1977 Violation
Long regarded as one of the biggest influences on North American hard rock are Starz, who recorded four albums in the late seventies, the second of which was 'Violation'.

Steely Dan - 1977 Aja
Snobby discographers will put Steely Dan toward the top of the pile in terms of music history, though I doubt Donald Fagen and Walter Becker could be bothered, instead focusing on turning out some great music for the (then) FM airwaves. 1977's 'Aja' is a case in point.

Styx - 1977 The Grand Illusion
'The Grand Illusion' could be considered Styx's commercial breakthrough album.

Sunrise - 1977 Sunrise
One can hear bits and pieces of Treasure, Styx, Pablo Cruise, Driver, Hush and a host of early AOR sounds that to this listener is a delight to the ears.

Surprise - 1977 Assault On Merryland
Assault On Merryland' is a concept album based on the eternal conflict of good versus evil and the band pull it off without getting too heavy-handed.

Sutherland Brothers - 1977 Down To Earth
Hot on the heels of an American tour supporting the likes of Blue Oyster Cult, Styx, The Kinks and Starcastle, the Sutherland Brothers delivered, in my opinion one of the best albums of 1977 with 'Down To Earth'.
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