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Ace - 1977 No Strings
One of my guilty listening pleasures is Pub rock, British no nonsense rock 'n' roll of the early to mid 70's and the precursor to punk rock. But as far as worldwide notoriety, it's Ace and their massive hit single 'How Long' that put Pub rock on the map. Try as they might, Ace never had another major hit following 'How Long' on either side of the ocean and like a kiss of death were perceived as a one hit wonder. As a result 'No Strings' would be the final Ace album.

Aerosmith - 1977 Draw The Line
If I had to choose one Aerosmith album to take on a deserted Island, 'Draw The Line' would be it.. there is some excellent material found on 'Draw The Line' including the title track with Joe Perry's sleazy slide guitar work.

Air Supply - 1977 Love And Other Bruises
'Love And Other Bruises', their first album scored with a hit single (the title track) in their native Australia which was followed by a tour down under with Rod Stewart. There are plenty of early signs of the soft rock genius to come..

Alessi - 1977 All For A Reason
In this day and age of media blitz, mass marketing and commercial overkill, identical twins Billy and Bobby Alessi would have been mega stars and bigger than sliced bread had they appeared on the scene some twenty years later.

Alexis - 1977 Alexis
I think this band only sneak onto this website due to the fact that Ron Nevison produced them, and the fact that the cover art is pretty cool. Mostly, we get a concoction of soft rock which will appeal to fans of early Air Supply, Alessi, or even Chicago.

Alfalpha - 1977 Alfalpha
Indeed, this is a very laid-back album in the style of America and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Not a problem since I'm a fan of both but unlike their folk-pop peers, Alfalpha didn't have a well of great songs at their disposal.

Alpha Centauri - 1977 Alpha Centauri
Here's a band best remembered by that one line quote from the International Encyclopedia Of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal. The worlds best undiscovered pomp band. And since then, Alpha Centauri has appeared on everyone's wants list as the ultimate album to obtain. Was the hype worth it?

American Tears - 1977 Powerhouse
'Powerhouse' was the final and most satisfying of American Tears trio of albums principally because it was a prototype of the late, great, sorely lamented Touch.

Angel - 1977 On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Perhaps with the right production this album would have been different? The sound is lifeless and muddy, but it's the songs that matter and in the end they just don't cut it.

Avalon (Canada) - 1977 Voice Of Life
Considering this came out in 1977, the quality of this album is staggering by todays standard. What we get here is a rich mixture of fellow Canadians Zon, Queen, and US pomp rockers Starcastle and Styx, with the keyboard effects literally off the scale.

Babyface - 1977 Babyface
..unless you are an Axe completist or a glutton for aural punishment, I suggest creating some distance between your money, ears and this record.

Bad Boy - 1977 The Band That Made Milwaukee Famous
Bad Boy's debut 'The Band That Milwaukee Made Famous' was the resulting output. Given a strong media run, the album is typical of many mid 70's acts at the time, the guitar oriented sound straddling the fence between pop rock (bordering on power pop in places) and a more gritty style.

Batt, Mike - 1977 Schizophonia
For fans of the Alan Parsons Project, Intergalactic Touring Band, Moody Blues and Jeff Wayne's monumental 'War Of The Worlds' album, 'Schizoponia is essential listening.

Be Bop Deluxe - 1977 Live In The Air Age
'Live! In The Air Age' is a wonderful document of just how electric these guys were in a live setting.

Billion Dollar Babies - 1977 Battle Axe
Three members of the Alice Cooper Group say bye-bye to mister nice guy and attempt to go it alone with a half baked hard rock album. This record sold less than zero, BDB headed out on the road topping the bill with UFO and Charlie as support lasted just a week with a handful of dates before the band split never to be heard from again.

Blue Oyster Cult - 1977 Spectres
A great album, full of interesting tunes, and written at a time when this band were creatively at their zenith.

Bobbidazzler - 1977 Bobbidazzler
70's L.A pop rock, and if Eric's mention of Head East and Supertramp doesn't get you going, then Gulliver, Alexis and Trillion surely will!

Bow Wow - 1977 Signal Fire
A classic case of east meets west in the world of melodic hard rock. One of the earliest and arguably best Japanese rock exports out of the seventies.

Brothers Johnson - 1977 Right On Time
'Right On Time' was the duo's second LP, and features a veritable 'Who's who' of the L.A session scene.

Brownsville Station - 1977 Brownsville Station
Other than 70's Midwest faves REO Speedwagon and Cheap Trick, I can't think of a harder working band than Detroit's Brownsville Station. They will be remembered as a 'One Hit Wonder' and not the hard rocking, fun lovin' and crowd pleasing combo they were over the course of seven albums and hundreds of concert dates.

Buster - 1977 Buster Live!
Despite their teeny bopper image, Buster played pure power pop in the American tradition of The Raspberries, Pezband, Rubinoos, The Knack and Shoes with a smattering of The Beatles and The Who.

Cain, Jonathan (Band) - 1977 Windy City Breakdown
No need for introduction as Jonathan Cain's contribution to melodic rock has been enormous as a member of The Babys, Journey and Bad English, but here's his auspicious debut which drew hardly any attention in 1977.

Captain Beyond - 1977 Dawn Explosion
The bands debut is considered a prog rock masterpiece by most as is the follow-up, 1973's 'Sufficiently Breathless'. In 1976 the band reformed, owing their label one more studio album. The result didn't live up to expectations, although it would be unfair to slam this recording, it's a competent late 70's rock outing by all means.

Carpenters, The - 1977 Passage
Fresh and original the album certainly was. Middle of the road sure, but not since genius Burt Bacharach's heyday had anyone heard the genre toyed with in such an experimental style and succeeded.

Charlie - 1977 No Second Chance
1977 was a pretty decent year for hard rock. Whether it be British or American based, there was usually an act/artist that delivered the goods from either side of the pond. However, I don't think the band Charlie could be counted in that list just yet.

Cheap Trick - 1977 Cheap Trick
It's Cheap Trick's self titled debut, the 'granddaddy' of all American power pop records, that set the stage for a stellar career.

China (UK) - 1977 China
No, nothing to do with the other two groups calling themselves China that most melodic rock fans are probably more familiar with. Confused? Ok, let's clarify. Three quarters of these guys were Elton John's back-up band at some time or another reunited for a one-off that Captain Fantastic out the goodness of his heart signed to his own Rocket Records.

Christian, Chris - 1977 Chance
Like Michael Omartian, Christian is credited for coming up with the blueprint for the '80s CCM scene, pulling the dusty brown boot straps of the hippie influenced 'Jesus Rock' movement into the colorful world of slick production and pop rock hooks..

Circus (South Africa) - 1977 In The Arena
Here's a South African band who were a big fish in their local backyard between 1975 and 1978, but unfortunately weren't able to break out internationally.

Clover - 1977 Unavailable
Clover presented some of the best Country rock with AOR tendencies you are likely to find and both of their final albums should fit nicely in any serious collection.

Cordell, Phil - 1977 Born Again
One of my 'Desert Island Albums', every home should have one.

Cowboy - 1977 Cowboy
Originally working under the laid-back moniker Easy; Florida's Cowboy where one of Capricorn's least successful outfits mainly due to ever changing line-ups and an obvious identity crisis. This 1977 self-titled last hurrah was their most commercially viable release but few paid attention which is a gol-darn shame.

Crawler - 1977 Crawler
This UK outfit Crawler were formed from the ashes of Backstreet Crawler, the band originally put together with ex Free guitarist Paul Kossoff.

Crosby Stills And Nash - 1977 CSN
I still treasure 'CSN' as one of the best American pop albums of the 1970's.

Cummings, Burton - 1977 My Own Way To Rock
Apparently this is a popular album among Burton fans and while I love the man's voice and his work with The Guess Who, I find this record a major disappointment.

Daniel Amos - 1977 Shotgun Angel
This would have to be one of the most adventurous albums from the 1977 year. I found these guys as an entry in my well read (and well worn) copy of the International Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal. Just what they were doing there remains a mystery.

Dee, Kiki - 1977 Kiki Dee
For this album, Kiki Dee teamed up with Elton John and long time cohort Clive Franks both sharing production chores. With a little help from her friends Kiki offered up a stellar album and quite possibly her best.

Dees, Stephen - 1977 Hip Shot
It's Novo Combo that most GD readers will remember Dees, heading up two excellent albums 'Novo Combo' and 'Animation Generation'. Lesser known is Dee's solo album from 1977 which didn't exactly set the world on fire..

Derringer - 1977 Sweet Evil
'Sweet Evil' was the Derringe Band's second LP, nestled in-between the 1976 debut and 1978's 'If I Weren't So Romantic, I'd Shoot You'.

Detective - 1977 Detective
There can be no more colorful personality in all of hard rock than British singer and actor Michael Des Barres. Here we see him with his second major rock band outing.. Detective.

Doobie Bros - 1977 Livin' On The Faultline
As successful as their 1978 album 'Minute By Minute was, it should not take away the efforts of Michael McDonald's contribution to the two earlier albums he appears on, including this one.. 1977's 'Livin' On The Fault Line'.

Doucette, Jerry - 1977 Mama Let Him Play
This is the successful debut of Canadian guitarist Jerry Doucette, which is a sleek slice of 70's radio rock. The album went platinum in Canada, aided by the title track naturally, which isn't the sound of the album overall, the harder rock sounds competing with precise soft rock for airtime.

Driver - 1977 No Accidents
This version of Driver came from Canada, and their one-off album 'No Accidents' has been a favorite among many collectors for years.

Emerson Lake And Palmer - 1977 Works Part 1
After 1974's double live opus 'Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends', it was assumed the trio had called it quits. Not so of course. They took a three year hiatus, and returned with 'Works Volume 1', which was one of the biggest events of 1977 for progressive fans.

Emperor - 1977 Emperor
From Long Beach, Southern California, these guys are musically in the same house as fellow 70's pompsters Starcastle, Bluebeard and Morningstar.. But they have a feel-good factor to them as well. The music is bubbly bright, not weighed down by too many progressive overtones, and the musicianship is outstanding.

Faith Band - 1977 Excuse Me, I Just Cut A Record..
'Excuse Me, I Just Cut A Record..' was the Faith Band's second album, following their 1973 debut 'Faith'. The funk, R&B sound is accentuated here, and does continue on from where their debut left off.

Falconer, Roderick - 1977 Victory In Rock City
American Rod Taylor aka Roderick Falconer put out a handful of albums between 1973 and 1984 before calling it quits in the music business. Never heard of him? You're not alone although these days he does have a small cult following among glam rock fans, this reviewer included.

Flame (USA) - 1977 Queen Of The Neighbourhood
'Queen Of the Neighborhood' rocks pretty hard and Raymond's voice is a cross between Karen Lawrence and Janis Joplin. Yeah, she definitely had the pipes, but most of this record is pretty standard stuff..

Flashman - 1977 Flashman
Two parts progressive rock mixed with one part glam, Flashman's musical concoction was unique although there are points of reference including Queen, Elton John, early Leo Sayer and getting ultra obscure - Dutch glam band The Ball.

Foreigner - 1977 Foreigner
This album was the beginning of a dynasty. That being the assured success of the supegroup Foreigner.
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