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Craig Fuller and Eric Kaz - 1978 Craig Fuller and Eric Kaz
This is not, out and out Westcoast, really touching more on the Country way of life, although due to the great song writing and the arrangements it has enough quality for most rock people to find something they will like.

Crane - 1978 Crane
Crane's one-off album for Capitol back in 1978 is a tale littered with Record Company hi-jinx, an oft-heard subject for many recording artists back in the day.

Creed - 1978 Creed
Lets not get this mob confused with that other popular outfit by the same name from the late 70's. This Creed go way back into time, and originate from Memphis Tennessee.

Cryers, The - 1978 The Cryers
Late 70's power pop was always a hit 'n miss proposition but The Cryers nailed the bulls eye with their debut and it's not a wonder this record is so highly prized by aficionados of guitar driven pop.

DaShiell, Russell - 1978 Elevator
Russell DaShiell's story begins with Crowfoot; a San Francisco based band that put out two mild-mannered west coast pop albums in the very early '70s. Released in 1978, DaShiell shed his flower power past and delivered a halfway decent rock album similar to other guitar player one-shots from Ray Gomez and Stu Daye.

De Garmo And Key - 1978 This Time Thru
Although DeGarmo & Key became wildly popular in the 1980's, including some hard-fought success on MTV; the duo's first two albums are where it's at for this scribe.

Dictators, The - 1978 Bloodbrothers
This for me is by far their most consistent and heaviest album, the pure face of American hard rock in the 70's. It's one of the best albums of the decade, a masterpiece which hasn't aged one bit in almost 40 years.

Dixie Dregs - 1978 What If
The Georgia based band on their 1977 debut 'Free Fall' offered a unique mixture of jazz, country and bluegrass which had never been heard before. Combined with outstanding musicianship and a live reputation second to none and you have a tangy recipe for something great which their second album 'What If' certainly attests to.

Dodgers, The - 1978 Love On The Rebound
Another band that factors into the history of Badfinger, The Dodgers released just one album, but not without some controversy.

Dragon - 1978 O Zambezi
'O Zambezi' was the third release of four, during Dragon's second phase of their career, spanning the years 1975 to 19729.

Eclipse (Canada) - 1978 Night And Day
Originally released in Canada a year earlier with a black and white cover and alternate track listing, Casablanca picked up 'Night And Day', changed the art work to a horrendous disco-glam-alien image and one of the cheapest looking sleeves I have ever seen, and changed to a totally different and not entirely successful sound.

Eden (Germany) - 1978 Erwartung
'Ewartung' (Expectation) is one of the most beautiful progressive rock albums I've had the pleasure to hear. Lazy comparisons to Kansas have often been made simply due to the use of violin, but the sound is far more European and classical in nature.

Exile - 1978 Mixed Emotions
Originally from the bluegrass territory of Kentucky, Exile (or The Exiles as they were known then) have been in operation for over 40 years - believe it or not! Of course, many will remember the band for their huge hit off this album called 'Kiss You All Over', but despite a reputation for being a one-hit wonder, the band had a career before and after this breakthrough record.

Eyes (USA) - 1978 We're In It Together
Formed from the ashes of prog rock outfit Jasper Wrath, this record will appeal to fans of Brother Bait, The Biz, and their ilk.

Fabulous Poodles, The - 1978 Mirror Stars
One of the best new wave releases of 1978, 'Mirror Stars' is a compilation of the first two Fabulous Poodles albums released in the UK..

Fairchild - 1978 Fairchild
Fairchild, like Chameleon, originated from Minnesota, and their debut has been hailed as something of a pomp rock classic amongst certain members of the AOR fraternity.

Firefall - 1978 Elan
This is Firefall's third album, which ultimately went platinum for the band, but it wasn't without its fair share of issues and problems.

Flying Squad - 1978 Flying Squad
For a debut this is remarkable quality and it helped having a seasoned pro like Francis Rossi to assist, capturing the essence of what makes true boogie so addictive.

Fogelberg Weisberg - 1978 Twin Sons Of Different Mothers
On paper this collaboration looks like a disaster in the making. Fogelberg a folkie turned rocker mixing it up with jazz flautist Tim Weisberg was not exactly the kind of thing anyone expected. But in 1978 outside the progressive scene, this was new territory. Guess what? It works.

Foghat - 1978 Stone Blue
Hard working rock band Foghat had up until this point, been an industrious lot, with numerous album releases since their inception in 1972.

Foreigner - 1978 Double Vision
How many times have we seen instances where the 'second album syndrome' has kicked in, and delivered a swift blow to aspiring hopes and ambitions? Not in the case of Foreigner. Despite the bland record cover, this album capitalised on the efforts of that great debut album the year before.

Fotomaker - 1978 Fotomaker
Fotomaker had all the ingredients necessary to make a good pop record and more, but despite heavy air play on FM radio, the band's singles never charted significantly, and without a hit single, well you know the rest...

Fotomaker - 1978 Vis-A-Vis
All ten tracks on the album were as solid as they can be and Fotomaker were poised for great things, yet the public at large were apathetic..

Gallagher, Rory - 1978 Photo Finish
The other week, we wrote our very first article on the late Irish guitarist Rory Gallagher. Here's our second sortie.


Genesis - 1978 .. And Then There Were Three
Probably the most undervalued album in their catalogue, and one that deserves a reappraisal.

Gentle Giant - 1978 Giant For A Day!
'Giant For A Day!' with its gimmicky cover and stronger, straighter rock songs was their first LP I had ever wrapped my ears around and I'm still nostalgic for the set, firmly believing it's the best of their later output.

Gibb, Andy - 1978 Shadow Dancing
With his sophomore album 'Shadow Dancing', Andy Gibb's career had become a pop music supernova spiraling to the top, while his personal life was slowly starting to implode..

Glad - 1978 Glad
Glad started out as a Christian progressive rock band and some of that influence can be heard here amidst superb west coast influenced pop. Steely Dan is a good point of reference, but it's Ambrosia and their first three albums that Glad seem to have an unspoken kinship.

Godz, The - 1978 The Godz
Straight out of the biker/gonzo heavy rock brigade are this mob from Columbus Ohio called The Godz. Their music is excellent despite the biker image.

Granmax - 1978 Kiss Heaven Goodbye
A landmark metal album which will leave you shocked if you've never heard it. Obviously the 70's was packed with legendary hard rock bands who set the stage, but for heavy metal of the true sort, this is definitive late 70's material.

Groundstar - 1978 Forced Landing
Probably the most mysterious band in all of AOR-dom. What do we know about these guys and gals? Not a lot, apart from the fact they were from Fresno, CA, and played a most compelling brand of pomp rock.

Harlequin Mass - 1978 Harlequin Mass
Harlequin Mass is a pleasant, if somewhat average album. Vocalist Nancy Kaye has a sweet voice comparable to Karen Carpenter while both late period Renaissance and Genesis are links to Harlequin Mass instrumentally but nowhere as complex.

Hatcher, George - 1978 Rich Girl
In much the same way that Canadian blues guitarist Pat Travers did his OE and apprenticeship in Britain during the 70's, so too did blues/southern rock singer George Hatcher. The southern rock inspired sound continues pretty much onward for Hatcher, and for fans of the Confederate South, and perhaps a dash of Crawler for good measure, well.. you'll get some change outta this one.

Heart - 1978 Magazine
Cobbled together, 'Magazine' is by no means Heart's strongest effort although it's not bad either. Full disclosure, aside from a few clips on You Tube I've never owned or heard the original version..

Heaters, The - 1978 The Heaters
With three girls up front, The Heaters were aiming at the late 70's power pop with a hint of Suzie Quatro and The Runaways, but they failed to hit the wow-o-meter.

Hellfield - 1978 Hellfield
A good band, and for those of you into the likes of Bluebeard, Angel, Lynx and Zon, then Hellfield are well worth checking out.

Hero - 1978 Boys Will Be Boys
Despite what you read about the band in certain publications - being described as bland radio rock, this is far from the truth. 'Boys Will Be Boys' is an undiscovered classic in the 70's pop rock genre. This album has a heap of keyboards, great guitarwork (from an acknowledged guitar great in Citron), fun rockin' tunes, and a happy go lucky sort of vibe.

Hoehn, Tommy - 1978 Losing You To Sleep
'Losing You To Sleep' is without a doubt his best album that apparently got lost in the shuffle at London Records and went out of print all too soon.

Hott Roxx - 1978 Rock N Roll's Gone Hollywood
Heavily cemented in the mild and unassuming British 70's pop/rock era, you won't get much change unless you enjoy outings by Shabby Tiger, Blackfoot Sue and bands of that persuasion.

Hounds - 1978 Unleashed
With a name like the Hounds, you'd be thinking this lot were as rabid musically as the name would suggest. Well that's not entirely true. From Chicago, these boys certainly know how to rock, but it is with a bit of panache that they do so.

Hush (USA) - 1978 Hush
When it comes to pomp rock, the Hush debut is one of my favourite albums. For those who like their progressive rock on the more commercial side - the Hush debut is a clear winner.

Jefferson Starship - 1978 Earth
The original cover of 'Earth' featured movie poster lettering in silver foil inspired by the film 'Star Wars' which looked impressive, but for many fans who longed for the days of the groups earlier albums 'Red Octopus' and 'Dragonfly', this record was considered weak and in many ways a complete sellout.

Jiva - 1978 Still Life
Originally signed to George Harrison's Dark Horse label, Jiva was an American band living the rock and roll dream, and mingling with the high-end musicians of the day and touring with both Donovan and Fleetwood Mac.

John, Elton - 1978 A Single Man
In the mid 70's, Elton formed Rocket Records with collaborator Bernie Taupin and noted producer Gus Dudgeon. One of the first albums for the new label was 1978's 'A Single Man'.

Joseph, Marcus - 1978 Things I Meant To Say
This LP would be the epitome of soft rock. To call the songs on this album 'inoffensive' would be an understatement, but strange as it may seem, albums like this always seem to tickle my fancy

Journey - 1978 Infinity
This is the album which turned the band Journey from a semi-progressive rock band, into a fully fledged commercial success, with a change of recipe and ingredients to make it all happen.

Judas Priest - 1978 Killing Machine
'Killing Machine' was released at the tailend of 1978 (Nov), and was a quick-fire follow-up to the 'Stained Class' effort released in February that year.

Judas Priest - 1978 Stained Class
Judas Priest's coming of age truly began with 'Stained Class' despite three timeless previous releases.

Kansas - 1978 Two For The Show (Live)
Kudos then to Kansas, who released the late 1978 two-LP set 'Two For The Show' with next to no tweaking and after-dubs in the studio.

Kerr, Richard - 1978 Welcome To The Club
'Welcome To The Club' is a wonderful album drawing big parallels to Montreal's Gino Vannelli not only vocally, but musically with plenty of well placed orchestration and Kerr's dramatic but tasteful piano embellishments, yet the record is not as MOR as you would imagine.
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