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Santana - 1978 Inner Secrets
'Inner Secrets' enabled Santana to make a dent into commercial radio in a serious way, with some seriously commercial and radio-friendly tunes - the band embracing some funky overtones and gorgeous ballads without compromising their percussion heavy backline.

Scandal - 1978 Really Worth Waiting For
As you can probably already figure out, this Scandal has nothing to do with the Patty Smyth lead group of the early 80's, but I am clueless as to who they actually were?

Scandal (Australia) - 1978 Scandal
Formed in Adelaide in 1976, Scandal sounded very British and very much like Queen. Not an entirely original sound and to be fair there are other influences at play here including 10cc and Supertramp, but primarily me thinks this is an album crafted after too much boozy wee hours listening to 'A Night At The Opera'.

Scorpions, The - 1978 Tokyo Tapes
I'm of the opinion and I know many agree, this is one of the greatest hard rock live albums of all time..

Sea Level - 1978 On The Edge
This interesting and seemingly forgotten band recorded five mostly excellent albums of sub-jazz fusion and funk between 1977 and 1980. 'On The Edge' is their most melodic and accessible work in my estimation. West Coast fans in particular will be delighted with this.

Sea Stone - 1978 Mirrored Dreams
Big buck private pressing from this UK Christian band who are playing in a bluesy mid-tempo style, early Wishbone Ash is an immediate comparison hovering around the debut and 'Pilgrimage' to be exact.

Seals And Crofts - 1978 Takin' It Easy
One of the most successful pop duo's of the 1970's, Seals & Crofts epitomized the mellow post-hippie mood of the era.1978's 'Takin' It Easy' is usually dismissed by fans as a sell-out and its clear the duo were well aware of the changing musical climate, offering up an album closer to AOR and gasp(!) it even included a disco song.

Seger, Bob (And The Silver Bullet Band) - 1978 Stranger In Town
'Stranger In Town' like The Eagles 'Hotel California' and the Fleetwood Mac blockbuster 'Rumours' was a right album at the right time and helped define rock music in the '70s.

Shakin' Street - 1978 Vampire Rock
Shakin' Street are of course that French band who emerged out of nowhere during the late 70's. Just how they got their start remains a mystery.

Silver Laughter - 1978 Sailing On Fantasies
Looking for the perfect summertime record? 'Sailing on Fantasies' is my glowing choice and stands with Games 1977 Carpenters-esque classic 'Stargazer' as one of the decades great indie minor masterpieces.

Smak - 1978 The Black Lady
Smak were a Serbian progressive rock band plying their trade in what was formerly known as Yugoslavia. Signed to Bellophon in Germany and Fantasy in the States, Smak's sound draws favorable comparisons to 'Down To Earth' period Nektar, Lucifer's Friend and Deep Purple although nothing is particularly outstanding.

Small Faces, The - 1978 78 In The Shade
Despite Marriott in fine voice and giving it a go for old times sake, '78 In The Shade' was the wrong album at the wrong time and never had a chance to entice a record buying public already wooed by punk and disco.

Smokie - 1978 The Montreux Album
For those unfamiliar with the sounds of Smokie, think Pilot, Blue, Jigsaw and Sherbet with a smattering of Sweet.

Snail - 1978 Snail
Santa Cruz, California's favourite sons, Snail released two records during their lifetime which seems to have extended into the 21st century with the occasional reunion show.

Sniff n The Tears - 1978 Fickle Heart
Another one of those late seventies 'near schmaltzy' UK pop/rock bands were Sniff 'n' The Tears. They sort of snuck around the charts and popular radio stations with their brand of harmless, though edgy pop rock.

Snips - 1978 Video King
Snips is the band of British singer Steve Parsons, previously with the bands Sharks and Baker Gurvitz Army. This is a mish-mash of late 70's pop and new wave.

Sorcery - 1978 Stunt Rock
Purists of late 70's heavy metal will surely be familiar with this excursion into the fantasy realms of the genre. Sorcery were an influential Los Angeles act who recorded this album as the soundtrack for the 1978 film of the same name.

Stanley, Paul - 1978 Paul Stanley
All released on the same day (Sept 18th, 1978), all four members of Kiss released solo albums. This is Paul Stanley's..

Starbuck - 1978 Searching For A Thrill
I remain unconvinced Starbuck were anything more than a second rate bar or lounge band with a record contract. In hindsight 'Searching For A Thrill' while worthy of investigation, barely comes close to the numerous AOR classics released the same year.

Starcastle - 1978 Real To Reel
This is the fourth and final album from Illinois' Starcastle, during their formative era. 'Real To Reel' as a piece of collective music is probably best described as being caught betwixt and between.

Starchild - 1978 Children Of The Stars
This Canadian band were part of the same era as contemporaries such as Moxy, Goddo and Triumph, but without the same level of success.

Starz - 1978 Attention Shoppers!
To this day I still play all the Starz albums at least four to five times a year, but something I've never understood is why the group's third album 'Attention Shoppers!' has received so much criticism. The time was right for Starz to go a little more commercial and capitalize on their hard work. Was that so bad?

Starz - 1978 Coliseum Rock
For their fourth vinyl, Starz decided to add a little power back to the AOR theme and the result was 'Coliseum Rock'.

Stern-Combo Meissen - 1978 Weisse's Gold
Stern-Combo Meissen are a by-product of the early 70's East German prog scene, heavily influenced by ELP..

Steven T - 1978 West Coast Confidential
West Coast Confidential' has a lot in common with the late Jeff Conaway's sole album and Arlyn Gale's little heard jewel 'Back To The Midwest Night' but other than two or three tracks, this baby's nothing to write home about.

Stiletto (Australia) - 1978 License To Rage
Described as 'Glam Rock', these Aussies fail to hit the mark all round on this one off effort featuring the characteristics of stripped-bare new wave.

Stonebolt - 1978 Stonebolt
This is an excellent debut and one of my favourites from 1978. Signed to the Casablanca subsidiary - Parachute, Stonebolt had plenty of promotion behind them and the aforementioned single 'I Will Still Love You' became a major hit for the band.

Straker, Peter - 1978 Changeling
Plenty of Freddie Mercury and Queen connections back to singer/actor Peter Straker. Queen fans should investigate this immediately.

Streetheart - 1978 Meanwhile Back In Paris
The pre-cursor to the band Loverboy, but still a strong melodic rock entity in their own right was Streetheart.

Striker - 1978 Striker
Striker were a one-off hard rock/pop band out of Seattle. It's typical 70's flavored rock and less of the pop inclined style that has been applied to them by other yesteryear scribes.

Styx - 1978 Pieces Of Eight
If Styx were going to crack the big time then their next album (following 'The Grand Illusion') would have to be the one. And as a body of work, 'Pieces Of Eight' delivers in spades.

Sunrise (Germany) - 1978 Call On Me
Germany's Sunrise are highly recommended and while the debut is the easier of their two releases to locate, with several non-album B-sides this is a band in immediate need of a thorough retrospective.

Sweet - 1978 Level Headed
Following 1977's 'Off The Record', change was in the air for Sweet and 'Level Headed' was indeed a radical departure from their wham-bam glam rock past.

Tarney Spencer Band - 1978 Three's A Crowd
'Three's A Crowd' with it's die-cut cover made to look like a cafeteria menu offers up a tasty mix of Buckingham-Nicks Fleetwood Mac and 10cc circa 'Bloody Tourists' with hints of post-progressive Ambrosia.

Teaze - 1978 On The Loose
Canadians Teaze released their second LP 'On The Loose', and confirm to one and all what a fantastic band they were back in the day.

Teaze - 1978 Tour Of Japan
In my opinion one of Canada's premier melodic rock bands of the seventies. Still up there as one of the better live albums of the genre.

Thin Lizzy - 1978 Live And Dangerous
No two ways about it, 'Live And Dangerous' is a one of a kind live album, and no doubt it sits pretty in the collection of many of the regulars here.

Thomas, Ian - 1978 Still Here
This album is quite atmospheric in places, and when they crank it up a bit, they sound similar to the UK band Pilot in their more AOR-ish moments.

Tilt - 1978 Music
Tilt's sound is definitely period seventies hard rock, and bands such as Fortress, Doc Holliday, and on their quieter moments Trillion (without the pomp tendencies) all spring to mind.

Toto - 1978 Toto
No AOR collectors album collection would be complete without this album.. Enough said..

Traveler - 1978 Lost In The Late Late Show
Traveler played a sunny country rock similar to early Orleans, Silver, 100% Whole Wheat and Buckacre, and while nothing here would have shaken the foundations of rock music industry at the time, there's some really nice tunes scattered throughout.

Travers, Pat (Band) - 1978 Heat In The Street
From 1978 onward, things got a whole lot more interesting for Canadian guitarist Pat Travers. Having left his home-base of London, Travers moved to the USA and re-commenced his career out of Florida. He would bring onboard the pairing of Pat Thrall and Tommy Aldridge, who would become mainstays over the next three years.

Trigger - 1978 Trigger
Trigger were a New Jersey based rock band who bring to mind (ironically enough) two of Casablanca's other recording artists of the era: namely Angel and Kiss.

Triumvirat - 1978 A La Carte
Heavily patterned off the Emerson Lake & Palmer model to the point of near plagiarism, Cologne, Germany's Triumvirat's early albums are lauded with praise from progressive rock fans near and far. However, 1978's 'A La Carte' is a must own for fans of Supertramp and late 70's classic rock.

Trooper - 1978 Thick As Thieves
Trooper can claim with pride to be one of the most successful bands in Canada and didn't need the Yanks to fill their pockets. 'Thick as Thieves' Trooper's fourth album is arguably the band at the peak of their powers.

U.K - 1978 U.K
A supergroup of epic proportions. As it appears on paper at least..

UFO - 1978 Obsession
This would be the last of the 70's Schenker era studio albums for UFO, closing a door on a chapter which would reopen 15 years later,

Uriah Heep - 1978 Fallen Angel
While 'Fallen Angel' saw no chart action either, the band started to shift towards the AOR style they would perfect in the early 80's..

Van Halen - 1978 Van Halen
As time would show, this album has since joined the top echelon of debut efforts within the hard rock industry, selling millions and being rated right up there as one of the defining moments of the genre. That, I am sure, is not even up for question..

Wagner, Richard - 1978 Richard Wagner
Here's a forgotten classic that blew past most of us at the time. Richard Wagner is in fact well known to most of us as Dick Wagner, of Ursa Major and Alice Cooper fame. The biggest surprise considering Wagner's loud 'n heavy past, is that the music is not exactly the heads down riff-fest one might expect but a classic pop record that's consistent and likeable.
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