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Key - 1978 Fit Me In
Key's only album is a beautifully crafted work of Beatles influenced pop psychedelia that has to heard to be believed.

King Of Hearts (France) - 1978 Close But No Guitar
'Close, But No Guitar' is a beautiful slice of late 70s AOR blended with Westcoast, Hard Rock and even country/southern/folk rock leanings..

Kingfish - 1978 Trident
For Kingfish, things started looking up with their third release: 'Trident', taking on a decidedly radio friendly sound.

Knighton, Reggie (Band) - 1978 Reggie Knighton Band
RKB is truly an engaging listen. Described by many as an album that sits very high in their all time favourites list.

Lambert, Dave - 1978 Framed
Dave Lambert was (and is) a member of The Strawbs. 'Framed' was his first solo outing back in 1978. Bands like 10cc, Manfred Mann's Earth Band and Spooky Tooth are obvious influences.

Liar - 1978 Set The World On Fire
Round two of the Liar story sees them release an underrated but quite beautiful album for 1978. Kept in the context of that timeframe, 'Set The World On Fire' sits quite comfortably among your Styx and Peter Frampton albums!

Little River Band (LRB) - 1978 Sleepercatcher
'Sleeper Catcher' in my opinion was LRB's strongest release since their 1975 debut. It was also their first to go platinum album.

Loudspeakers - 1978 Loudspeakers
The Loudpseakers were a British band, considered to be commercial and pop/rock oriented. Released in 1978 on the Ebony label, this is a pretty hard LP to track down now..

Lucifers Friend - 1978 Good Time Warrior
For the late 70's period, the band moved into a commercial environment, mixing radio rock, AOR and pop - perhaps similar to what Uriah Heep were trying to achieve. Radio was an interesting beast back in the era, with bands changing tack to sail upon the winds of the AM/FM frequency.

Lynx - 1978 Sneak Attack
Keyboard player Tony Caputo was persuaded by their label to get a new line up together for a second Lynx album, and it's a good thing he did, otherwise we would've been deprived of some towering late 70's pomp AOR.

Magnum - 1978 Kingdom Of Madness
'Kingdom of Madness', as an album, may be 'of its time', but it's still a good album in my view. A more than creditable debut from a band which would go on to forge themselves a long and successful career.

Max Webster - 1978 Mutiny Up My Sleeve
We're now three albums into the career of Max Webster. If you enjoyed the first two albums of quirky hard rock with a style compass pointing in all directions, then 'Mutiny..' might prove to be the catalyst for change.

Medusa - 1978 Medusa
Where Medusa excel are in the heavier tracks, and though the material may vary from one end of the spectrum to the other, this is certainly worth investigating for the handful of tracks that stand out a mile.

Molly Hatchet - 1978 Molly Hatchet
The Molly Hatchet debut, released in late 1978 was, in my opinion, a game-changer for the whole southern rock music industry. It saw the combination of traditional southern rock, boogie, blues and 70's classic rock all rolled into one.

Money, Eddie - 1978 Life For The Taking
'Life For The Taking' is Eddie Money's second album and arguably his best..

Morningstar - 1978 Morningstar
For the most part a powerful blend of Midwestern pomp and late 70's AOR. Closest relatives would be Boston, Roadmaster and possibly Styx with much more power.

Mose Jones - 1978 Blackbird
Signed to RCA, the resulting 'Blackbird' was the kind of record pasty-faced critics loved to hate; a Doobieish, Pablo Cruising blend of good time rock with a mild undercurrent of late in the game southernisms and never pretending to be anything else.

Moxy - 1978 Under The Lights
Overall 'Under the Lights' is decent listen although there are a couple negatives. But ignoring the first three classic albums 'Under the Lights' really isn't that bad. I think this is prime time '70s hard rock in line with Starz, Rex and Legs Diamond..

Nantucket - 1978 Nantucket
Now then, this is the 1978 debut that yielded a hit single and almost earned gold album status. A very promising start, and they were keeping top class company on stage as well - opening for Boston, Cheap Trick and Foreigner during this period.

Network - 1978 Nightwork
A New York band with a history before and after their incarnation. Prior - The Illusion, after - Aviator.

Newton-John, Olivia - 1978 Totally Hot
Just as Australia's girl-next-door Olivia Newton-John shed her wholesome image at the end of the movie 'Grease', Her 'Totally Hot' album represented a shift in sound and continuation of the 'Hot' Olivia which would later set the tone for her to get 'Physical'.

Nielsen Pearson Band - 1978 Nielsen Pearson Band
My final impression is this is a very good album, but that is due to the second side being far stronger. While many would have you spend high values to obtain the follow ups, don't forget to put some money away for a rainy day, because if you come across this one, then I would recommend a purchase..

Nite City - 1978 Golden Days Diamond Nights
Nite City are a reasonable listen, but you have to be a disciple of the 70's to truly appreciate what these guys were about.

Nugent, Ted - 1978 Double Live Gonzo
These days I'm not really a Nugent fan, but there's no doubting his material during the late 70's an early 80's was pretty good, including this double live effort from 1978.

Olsson, Nigel - 1978 Nigel Olsson
'Nigel Olsson' was produced by none other than the late Paul Davis. That's right, and as pop albums go there's much to like here and although at times it veers a little too close to MOR, it's a worthy addition to the collection.

Osanna - 1978 Suddance
Buy, listen and enjoy one of the better late in the game 'golden age' Italian prog albums.

Ouray - 1978 Chrome On The Range
When it comes to Southern rock, the genre's indie releases are oft times more interesting than their major label peers with Blackhorse and Cooder Browne as prime examples and Ouray's 'Chrome on the Range' right up there with the best of 'em.

Outlaws, The - 1978 Playin' To Win
So what of 'Playin' To Win'? It was released during their heyday. This 9 set offering moved away from the Outlaws country base toward something more purely southern rock.

Owen, Doug - 1978 Evenings East
Criminally never on CD and I am shocked the Japanese haven't tackled it yet. 'Evenings East' is a wonder from beginning to end, a beautiful work that still deserves a wider audience all these years later.

Pablo Cruise - 1978 Worlds Away
This band were one of the few from California that epitomised the laid back West Coast type sound. Along with the Doobie Brothers (the Michael McDonald era), Ambrosia and Toto, this market segment was the domain of Pablo Cruise, who secured a reasonable level of success with their brand of soft rock.

Pages - 1978 Pages (#1)
A favourite among sunny west coast aficionados; Pages never made a splash commercially although they certainly had oodles of talent to do so.

Parsons, Alan (Project) - 1978 Pyramid
There are times when an escape from the current-day rubbish that passes for music in 2009 is warranted. An escape for me is a timeshift back to 1978 to listen to this fabulous album from the posse that call themselves the Alan Parsons Project.

Partner - 1978 A Man-Size Job Requires A Man- Size Meal
Partner's iInfluences range from Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers to Chicago with ever so slight art rock tendencies ala German's Randy Pie and Lake, but it's definitely laid-back California pop rock that wins out in the end.

Player - 1978 Danger Zone
'Danger Zone', Player's sophomore effort slipped into the 1978 stream of consciousness as easy as a Leon Spinks left hook! There was a point of difference though. The debut was quite a west coast, summery and happy sort of album. 'Danger Zone' however, goes in deep, the rockier and some would say near 'progressive' elements of the band came home to roost on this one.

Player - 1978 Player
One of AOR's quintessential acts, Player's debut seems to have flown under the radar over the duration of time, the album overshadowed by 'Baby Come Back's number one success that masked an accomplished effort.

Prism - 1978 See Forever Eyes
Though the debut had some good moments, 'See Forever Eyes' - their sophomore effort had much better tracks. It is a mix of rabble-rouser rockers plus some purpose-built pomp that fans of Roadmaster and Styx would be interested in.

Promises - 1978 Promises
Remember Leslie Knauer from Precious Metal? Well here she is in an earlier group sandwiched between her two slightly androgynous brothers Benny and Jed. Promises of course, were famous for that huge 1978 hit 'Baby It's You'..

Queen - 1978 Jazz
This was a platter that initially didn't go over well. Reviews were mixed, a few were downright ugly and while I was totally immersed in Queen in 1978, even I found the album rough going on initial plays. However, 34 years later 'Jazz' is one of my most frequently played albums from their now heralded catalog.

Racing Cars - 1978 Bring On The Night
The album title just smacks off AOR doesn't it? Apart from their huge melodramatic hit 'They Shoot Horses, Don't They?', I didn't know a lot else about this mostly 70's Welsh outfit. But AOR unfortunately, it definitely isn't.

Rafferty, Gerry - 1978 City To City
This would be the album which kickstarted Gerry Rafferty's solo career, and songs such as 'Baker Street' and 'Right Down The Line' are staples of classic rock radio, even to this day. It was probably one of the sleeper albums of 1978.


Rainbow - 1978 Long Live Rock N Roll
I believe this is the band's finest album. Yes, 'Rising' had it's moments and is a classic, but on 'Long Live Rock N Roll', Rainbow put it all on the table as if in a last ditch attempt to get some type of commercial credibility.

Rainbow, Chris - 1978 Looking Over My Shoulder
His real name is Christopher Harley from Glasgow, Scotland, but in order to avoid confusion with Steve Harley (and Cockney Rebel) he changed his name to Chris Rainbow. Why Rainbow is anyone's guess, but after listening to some of his music it absolutely fits.

Raisin' Kane - 1978 It's About Time
If you're into Southern bands like The Outlaws, then these guys are worth a listen. Listening to this is like taking a trip down memory lane.

Ramjam - 1978 Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram
After scoring a major hit with 'Black Betty' in 1977, Ram Jam returned in 1978 with another punchy set of hard rock tunes.

REO Speedwagon - 1978 You Can Tune A Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish
REO are a classic example of the 70's Midwestern work ethic and deserved every bit of success they received.

Richard, Cliff - 1978 Green Light
Richard, noticeably was moving into the pop rock/AOR scene releasing a string of excellent albums well into the early 80's. 'Green Light' in my opinion is his best from this period.

Roadmaster - 1978 Sweet Music
Remember the quote out of the first edition of the Heavy Metal Encyclopedia, referring to Roadmaster as 'America's premier pomp band.' It went on to say 'the harmonies will make you sweat with delight..' And so it was, written in no uncertain terms that this was a band that became much sought after within the pomp rock/AOR genre.

Rose Tattoo - 1978 Rose Tattoo
Take nothing away from this album and the impact it made and continues to even now. Both 1981's 'Assault And Battery' and 1982's 'Scarred For Life' had their moments, but the jarring intensity of the riffs and ferocity was much more diluted than the aural massacre of thise debut.

Rush - 1978 Hemispheres
'Hemispheres' maybe short in terms of tracks on the album (technically only four), but back in 1978 when this released, it was all the rage.

Saga - 1978 Saga
Long considered a fan fave here at G-DAZE, we wind the clock back to their origins to discover the secret that has endeared this band for so long.
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