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100% Whole Wheat - 1978 Ice, Fire And Desire
Very nice 70's AOR/country rock crossover from this band which released two albums in their brief history.

1994 - 1978 1994
Their sound was a fantastic mix of hard edged rock with Heart and fellow L.A rockers Storm being the main influences.

AC/DC - 1978 Powerage
AC/DC never played better and never had as much fun either, and you can hear it thirty years later.

Aerial - 1978 In The Middle Of The Night
'In The Middle of the Night' for a debut isn't bad, but it's really a mixed bag, covering too many styles and lacking direction.

Aerosmith - 1978 Live Bootleg
The American public were still on Aerosmith's side during 1978 and into 19729, the album reaching #13 in the Billboard charts. Is it a classic live album in the conventional sense? Probably not. There are far too many imperfections for it to be considered as such.

After The Fire - 1978 Signs Of Change
As I see it After The Fire in their early days were an accomplished progressive rock band and hard to fathom why ATF would do a complete one-eighty and go the new wave pop route but no doubt a big label contract and money played a role as did their belief a Christian rock band in a secular world might make a difference.

Airwaves - 1978 New Day
'New Day' is a delightful record really, sort of like 10cc- lite and Klaatu without the progressive tendencies. Flyer, Lavender Hill Mob's outstanding debut and even some of George Harrison's more whimsical pieces could also be a reference point if you need any more convincing.

Ambrosia - 1978 Life Beyond LA
All of Ambrosia's five studio albums offer something unique and different. With this one however, the band decided to set sail for the mainstream by producing 'Life Beyond L.A' themselves alongside Freddie Piro, and dispensing with the services of Alan Parsons, who engineered the debut and produced the second 'Somewhere I've Never Travelled'. In essence, this was the album that transform Ambrosia from bit-players to superstars.

Angel - 1978 White Hot
'White Hot' didn't do that great on the charts in 1978, and would go largely unrecognised which was a bit unfair really, as this album contained some useful songs.

Arc - 1978 Arc
This is one kick ass little power pop record. Think early Cheap Trick, 'Attention Shoppers' era Starz and forgotten L.A. hopefuls Virgin in all their glory with a healthy dose of British glam rock for good measure.

Armand, Renee - 1978 In Time
This is a very soft west coast LP more along the lines of early Olivia Newton-John, Melissa Manchester and Carol Bayer Sager. Not the kind of record you pull out when you want to seriously rock, but one that would go over very well with your girlfriend or wife.

Asia (USA) - 1978 Asia
Before the guys from Yes formed the million selling band from the UK called Asia, there was already an American band of the same name in operation.. This version hails all the way from the unlikely breeding ground of Rapid City South Dakota.

Aviator (UK) - 1978 Aviator
Sorry mates, nothing to do with the 80's Aviator! What we have here is a minor 'super group' of sorts long before that term was coined. UK's Aviator was short-lived but their first album has a lot to recommend it. Those of our readers who appreciate early Charlie, A Band Called O, Jess Roden Band and Jim Capaldi's solo albums will find much to like in Aviator's sound and their pop rock and jazz direction circa 1978.

Axis - 1978 It's A Circus World
Whether the band wanted to become another Cactus or Cream in the fuzz-bound power trio stakes remains an unanswered question: perhaps best answered by the trio themselves perhaps. Whatever the case, the album has been given much kudos by fans and critics since 1978.

Baby Grand - 1978 Ancient Future
'Ancient Medicine' is one of those albums that still give me the old warm and fuzzies every time I hear it. The second and better of two studio records released by this Philadelphia based band that despite positive press, never really took off.

Babylon - 1978 Babylon
They don't make LP's quite like this anymore. If you enjoyed Ameriprog bands such as Ethos, Happy The Man, Starcastle, the aforementioned Hot Flash, Fire Ballet and Zazu, then you probably need to investigate this 1978 rarity, or CD reissue.

Babys, The - 1978 Head First
'Head First' is without a doubt one of, it not the best album in the bands catalog.

Bachman Turner Overdrive - 1978 Street Action
Really, 'Street Action' doesn't sound much different than any other BTO album. The same plodding blues based rock that made 'em famous can be found here.

Bandit - 1978 Partners In Crime
Despite the hackneyed album cover, this is seventies melodic radio rock from this British based four piece.

Bastard - 1978 Tearing Nights
Long forgotten and perhaps virtually unknown to most in 2006 are Bastard, a late 70's German rock act who recorded three albums and promptly disappeared..

Bay City Rollers - 1978 Strangers In The Wind
Not one of BCR"s most endearing moments. 'Strangers In The Wind' took its share of critical pounding as 'MOR dreck', eventually finding its way into cut-out bins for years to come.

Be Bop Deluxe - 1978 Drastic Plastic
'Drastic Plastic' is one of my favourite Be Bop Deluxe albums. It's an important work as well as foreshadowing Bill Nelson's prolific experimental solo career.

Beaugarde - 1978 Solo Mortale
I came across Beaugarde several years ago in a brief blurb in Jerry Lucky's excellent 'Progressive Rock Files' book, a must have for any prog fan by the way - where he compares this lot to Supertramp and ELO, but I also hear traces of Queen and Kayak's 'Phantom Of The Night' album.

Beaverteeth - 1978 Dam It
Beaverteeth is much lighter Southern Rock than most, but don't let that deter you, as its extremely melodic in terms of AOR values while sticking to its ideals down in the swamp. And that's really what most of us here are looking for.

Bethnal - 1978 Crash Landing
Bethnal had changed musical styles on this their second album, moving sideways from their straight-ahead origins to a more melodic direction. My immediate comparison would be to the American band Private Lightning, playing a slightly unorthodox style of rock with the violin as a lead instrument.

Bighorn - 1978 Bighorn
The album stands alone as an interesting combination of pomp rock a la early Kansas and Starcastle, and harder guitar based heavy rock.

Blend, The - 1978 The Blend
The Blend were a 70's outfit who may have been somewhat misplaced musically. A Southern Rock outfit all the way up in the New England wilds of Maine!

Bliss Band - 1978 Dinner With Raoul
Somewhat of a minor AOR legend, journeyman Paul Bliss has made a career of producing some excellent melodic rock amongst his numerous gigs. 'Dinner With Raoul' is considered by some to be a West Coast classic, although whoever wrote the band's bio in the International Encyclopedia Of Hard Rock And Metal might care to disagree.

Blue Oyster Cult - 1978 Some Enchanted Evening (Live)
Probably not a compulsory addition to your collection, but if you wish to hear a band captured live during their heyday, then 'Some Enchanted Evening' is as good a representation of BOC from their classic rock era from 1976-1978.

Bluebeard - 1978 Bluebeard
Angel fans listen up.. This outfit Bluebeard should tickle your fancy big time. If you miss the Frank Dimino warbling or even the OTT keyboard work a la Gregg Giuffria then you need to be investigating this lot because this is so Angel sounding that they could be accused of being a tribute band!

Boston - 1978 Don't Look Back
Epic Records keen to capitalise on the huge success, wanted a follow-up in a shorter duration of time, something that did not sit comfortably with Tom Scholz. And as we saw with later releases, the two-year wait for 'Don't Look Back' was a mere blip on the time-line by comparison.

Boyzz, The - 1978 Too Wild To Tame
Originating from Illinois, these boyzz started life out in 1977 as a leather clad biker outfit. They intially ground out a living blasting southern flavored rock, following in the tire-tracks of seventies icons Black Oak Arkansas and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Buckacre - 1978 Buckacre
Buckacre shake off their boots and the dusty Pure Prairie League and Poco countrified past, morphing into a MOR Southern rock band. There's not a whole lot of power here and they are more keyboard heavy than your average run-of-the-mill bluejeaned boogie merchants.

Burns, Lisa - 1978 Lisa Burns
'Discovered' by Ramones producer Craig Leon, Lisa Burns came out of the mythical late 70's New York club scene.Clearly influenced by female singers and girl groups of the early 60's, this is music that sounds out of its time.

Byron, David - 1978 Baby Faced Killer
Wow, what a mixed bag, but you know what? I really enjoyed this, and despite its flaws, 'Baby Faced Killer' has that 70's pop thing down hat!

Cafe Jacques - 1978 International
I picked this LP up the other day, not knowing much about them, but I'm glad I did. This is a lovely Scottish outfit from back in the 70's who have an interesting sound worth listening to.

Canned Rock - 1978 Kinetic Energy
The material is a mixture of 'Levelheaded' and 'Cut above the Rest' era Sweet with a smattering of prog rock and Queen minus the talent. Really, some of this album is quite hard to listen to.

Cano - 1978 Eclipse
Stylistically, early Cano followed a folk music path, sung entirely in French while gradually developing a progressive rock sound.

Carlton, Larry - 1978 Larry Carlton
It's one of my favourite jazz-rock/fusion albums, from a guy who happened to live in my record collection for years. He is of course the great Larry Carlton.

Cars, The - 1978 The Cars
G-DAZE would be only half a site if no mention was ever made of this great band The Cars. Who could forget the storming debut of this Boston band back in 1978.

Cassidy, Shaun - 1978 Under Wraps
Left to his own devices Shaun Cassidy could have turned out a power pop classic but the powers that be were pulling him in a dozen different directions and 'Under Wraps' suffers for this.

Centaurus - 1978 Centaurus
Centaurus were a Los Angeles based quartet playing in a progressive near heavy pomp style, with definite Led Zeppelin and Touch influences.

Champion (UK) - 1978 Champion
Champion offer up a blues rock sound not far removed Bad Company or Paul Kossoff's Backstreet Crawler and really not that different than Rough Diamond.

Charlie - 1978 Lines
Charlie's third album 'Lines' was something of a breakthrough in the American market with the minor hit 'She Loves To Be In Love'. Despite their hard work, the previous album 'No Second Chance' failed to chart in a big way. 'Lines' changed all that and thirty years later the album still holds up as one of Charlie's best.

Chicago - 1978 Hot Streets
'Hot Streets' was the first studio album since the untimely and accidental death of Terry Kath..

Chorale - 1978 Chorale
I don't think many are aware of this record or how good it is. Let's start here and spread the word on what is one of progressive pop's all-time classics.

Clarke, Allan - 1978 I Wasn't Born Yesterday
Despite being a full-fledged member of The Hollies, Allan Clarke continued to release solo albums of which 'I Wasn't Born Yesterday' is widely considered one of his best.

Claw - 1978 Diggin' In
The 1970's was the true era of the 'power trio', and Illinois rockers Claw were one of many to follow this trend.

Constellation - 1978 Constellation
With a name like this coming from an act in the mid/late 70's, you could be forgiven for thinking this was some half baked disco outfit. Not so. They were a Tennessee power trio playing a brand of proto-metal.

Crack The Sky - 1978 Safety In Numbers
West Virginia's best rock export - Crack The Sky, finally gets a mention here at G-DAZE.
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