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De Burgh, Chris - 1979 Crusader
'Crusader' is a superb record and perfect for a bit of escapism on a gray Sunday afternoon.

Deliverance - 1979 Tightrope
Deliverance were a Christian oriented band primarily made up by three of the Janz brothers: Danny, Ken and Paul. Their music veers more toward a west coast/pop rock hybrid, with a massive infusion of Bee Gees like vocal work.

Derringer, Rick - 1979 Guitars And Women
A much overlooked LP from 1979 comes from early 70's legend Rick Derringer. 'Guitars And Women' to my ears, has a slightly different feel than past Derringer albums, due to the heavy influence of Todd Rundgren and members of his band Utopia.

Desmond Child and Rouge - 1979 Desmond Child and Rouge
Disco wasn't all bad. Did I say that? Yeah, I did - and if you dig deep there were a handful of albums that stood out from the usual dreck associated with the movement. The Desmond Child and Rouge debut with all its nods to disco flash and the trends of the day has stood the test of time as a solid pop album.

Diesel (Holland) - 1979 Watts In A Tank
Diesel took it's style from the late seventies American radio scene, the band gearing up for commercial success Stateside.

Dixon House Band - 1979 Fighting Alone
There's more than a few passing shots at symphonic rock here. Late seventies effort which sees an interesting amalgam of Queen, Styx and Stingray.

Dogwood - 1979 Ordinary Man
With Brown Bannister the man behind Amy Grant's mid-80's crossover success front and center in the production chair; Dogwood strike-up a pleasant countrified melodic pop resembling America, David Gates, Seals & Crofts and Dann Rogers.

Doucette - 1979 The Douce Is Loose
He was a bit of a Canadian guitar hero back in the 70's, releasing three solo LP's between 1977 and 1981. This is his second, the 1979 effort 'The Douce Is One The Loose'.

Dukes, The - 1979 The Dukes
Not to be confused with the 1982 Bugatti & Musker west coast classic 'The Dukes', this album featured a 'who's who' of classic rock of the day.

Dunson, Van - 1979 Van Dunson
Here's a rare LP from 1979 that will appeal to those GDM readers who are into symphonic pop.

Durocs - 1979 Durocs
Durocs was a top notch pop album from two San Francisco song writers Scott Mathews and Ron Nagle. At the prompting of legendary producer Jack Nietzsche, they recorded just one album with little if any support from Capitol..

Eagles, The - 1979 The Long Run
Along with 'Hotel California', 'The Long Run' confirmed The Eagles as one of the 70's biggest acts.

Egan, Walter - 1979 Hi Fi
Fleetwood Mac insider that is best known for a one hit wonder called 'Magnet & Steel', one of the biggest songs of 1978, but that isn't quite fair is it? Walter Egan released some good, at times average Southern California pop prior to his fifteen minutes of fame..

Einstein - 1979 First Principles
Never on CD, LP copies of 'First Principles' are easy enough to find although I hope one day it's available to a larger audience in digital especially considering the players involved, not to mention the albums undeniable quality. Killer stuff.

Electric Light Orchestra - 1979 Discovery
While nowhere in the league of 'Eldorado' or 'A New World Record'; 'Discovery' holds up nicely as one of ELO's more accessible albums

Electric Sun - 1979 Earthquake
Former Scorpions axe hero Uli Jon Roth would release a clutch of fantastic progressive fused guitar tracks on this his solo effort beyond his former band. 'Earthquake is a polished and star bright jewel from start to finish.

England Dan & John Ford Coley - 1979 Dr Heckle And Mr Jive
Dan and Coley changed tack slightly for this ingeniously titled album, adopting a heavier AOR sound which meant utilising the likes of Lukather, Porcaro, Ritenour, Boddicker, Philliganes, Sklar, Richie Zito.. an all star lineup perfect for what was meant to be achieved.

Ephraim - 1979 Ephraim
There are some duds to be found in-between the goodies but overall this is a very good album that lives up to its collectible reputation.

Epitaph - 1979 Return To Reality
Germany's Epitaph left a progressive blues rock background behind them in the early/mid 70's, and reformed in 1979 embracing hard rock on 'Return To Reality'.

Euclid Beach Band - 1979 Euclid Beach Band
One of those late 70's major label obscurities that sort of came and went without much notice, Cleveland, Ohio's Euclid Beach Band are definitely worth your attention. The result is a beautiful pop record and Eric Carmen's influence cannot be overstated.

Face Dancer - 1979 This World
A fantastic album, and one which seventies pomp fans constantly refer back to in the archive category.

Faith Band - 1979 Face To Face
Here's an Indiana band with a connection to AOR/pomp favourites Roadmaster. But more interestingly, Faith Band in their earlier days were caught up in the hubaloo and verbal warfare going on between self-styled rock promoter Terry Knight and monolithic rag Rolling Stone.

Faith Band - 1979 Vital Signs
By this stage of their career, the Faith Band had shifted from their funk and R&B tinged rock, to something harder and rock based. They didn't quite get the recipe right, but they gave it a crack nonetheless.

Faragher Brothers - 1979 Open Your Eyes
Like their first two albums the Faragher Brothers sound is very much in the Average White Band/Puzzle school of blue-eyed soul.

Faragher Brothers - 1979 The Faraghers
By the time the Faraghers arrived at this album (their last), I think they knew the writing was on the wall, and possibly threw in some style changes to see what would stick. Sure, there's still a hint of their radio rock/soul and R&B in there, but here we see them trying to tough it out..

Fist (Canada) - 1979 Round One
As this was the era when the hit single was a marketing pre-requisite, Fist ignored all advice and released something true to themselves. In fact, the music veers more toward a prog/pomp path, a style that was lost as Fist's career progressed.

Flash And The Pan - 1979 Flash And The Pan
Created by former Easybeats Harry Vanda and George Young (older brother to AC/DC's Malcolm and Angus) as a studio only project; Flash And The Pan became an international sensation with 'Hey, St. Peter' and a debut selling way beyond expectations. This was a high school favourite because they sounded so much like prime-time 10CC.

Flyer (USA) - 1979 Send A Little Love My Way
Flyer have their roots solidly founded in the 60's and 70's pop sound with the occasional breakout into melodic rock, but not enough to get the excito-meter worried.

Flyte - 1979 Dawn Dancer
From 1979, 'Dawn Dancer' is a fine epitaph as one of the period's lesser-known, but highly enjoyable releases..

FM (Canada) - 1979 Surveillance
Canadian band FM, purveyors of cosmic laced progressive rock, standing equally alongside British counterparts UK, Hawkwind, Yes, and touched with a dose of Kansas as well..

Fogelberg, Dan - 1979 Phoenix
I found 'Phoenix' to be an album full of cracking tunes, touches of AOR, shades of westcoast by one immensely talented musician..

Foghat - 1979 Boogie Motel
Boogie Motel' arrived between the death of disco and the coming new wave and sounded like a lot like The Eagles. Well, that was my first impression, but was definitely a big change for Foghat with a calculated move towards pop and even more noticeably Southern rock.

Foreigner - 1979 Head Games
'Head Games' would prove to be Foreigner's heaviest album, and is arguably, their heaviest record ever.

Freewheelin' - 1979 Freewheelin'
Certainly a nugget from 1979, but it's not in the same class as New England or other bonafide gems from that same year.

Gallagher, Rory - 1979 Top Priority
During my high school years, I owned a few Rory Gallagher LP's. These have long since disappeared from the collection, though 'Top Priority' is one that has lingered in my memory banks for decades.

Gamma - 1979 Gamma 1
The melodic rock project of Ronnie Montrose, with a few modern influences and a powerhouse vocalist in Scotsman Davey Pattison.

Ganafoul - 1979 Side 3
Ganafoul's reputation as premier Fench rockers was well earned, 'Side 3' owing much to Status Quo as has been mentioned in the past but also an engaging mixture of many classic rock acts.

Gerritsen & Van Dijk - 1979 Gerritsen & Van Dijk
Here we have a one-off album from members of Alquin and Golden Earring, two of Holland's most popular bands of the day.

Gilder, Nick - 1979 Frequency
Nick Gilder was a busy boy in 1979. His out-of-nowhere 1978 Top 40 single 'Hot Child In The City' was on of that year's surprise hits. His follow-up 'Frequency' was one of the years most highly anticipated releases.

Godz, The - 1979 Nothing Is Sacred
I would have to say that 'Nothing Is Sacred' would rate as one of the worst follow-up records in all of hard rock.

Granati Brothers - 1979 G Force
The Granati Brothers born and bred in America's rust belt, comparisons to Michael Stanley Band and Donnie Iris are inevitable. I have to wonder why with the obvious push this album received from the record company and high profile tours to back it up, the Granati Brothers never broke out in big way aside from their western Pennsylvania fan base since this is a damn fine record.

Grand Hotel - 1979 Do Not Disturb
Judging by their sound, this is the sort of band that our learned colleague Eric Abrahamsen should be reviewing, such is Grand Hotel's penchant for musical alignment to bands such as Runner, Voyager, 10cc, City Boy et al.

Green, Peter - 1979 In The Skies
Founding Fleetwood Mac member Peter Green put out a string of records in the 80's, though not nearly as good as 'In The Skies' but acceptable nonetheless.

Grill, Rob - 1979 Uprooted
Unlike so many vocalists who paid their dues during AM radio's golden age, The Grass Roots' Rob Grill came a little late to the solo album thing and I wonder if anyone really cared? So how does this album hold up three decades after the fact? Quite well actually and a little 'heavier' than the catchy folk/pop of Grill's former band.

Gulliver - 1979 Ridin' The Wind
In parts, they dabble in symphonic and light pomp styles frequented by the likes of Face Dancer and MPG. On the other hand, they pick up their acoustic guitars and warble away in true America like fashion.

Hagar, Sammy - 1979 Street Machine
At this stage of his career, Sammy Hagar hadn't hit paydirt yet, this would occur a few years later. 'Street Machine' was his fifth solo LP up to this point, and contains a couple of useful songs, but isn't (IMO) a standout performer as his 1977 'Red' album was, for instance.

Hall And Oates - 1979 X-Static
One of the more experimental Hall and Oates albums from a period where they were still refining the melodic direction they would undertake in the forthcoming decade.

Hammer - 1979 Hammer
With an album cover more suitable for a band like UFO, than the pop music found herein, Hammer's only album has been described as everything from hard rock, to progressive and jazz rock by people that obviously had never heard the record.

Harlequin (Canada) - 1979 Victim Of A Song
There's a few of us here who are fans of those bands who emanated from the Canadian Prairies during the 70's. Probably the most notable of these was Streetheart, but not far behind them were Winnipeg originators Harlequin..

Haworth, Bryn - 1979 Keep The Ball Rolling
Playing on albums for the likes of Chris De Burgh and Cliff Richard paid the bills while Bryn Haworth quietly forged ahead on a solo career releasing a handful of pleasant, but not always successful records blending his love of folk music with pop, blues and progressive styles similar in many ways to the work of Ian Matthews and Alan Hull.
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