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Storm - 1979 Storm
Fairly bizarre band, interesting, quirky, and definitely coming from left field.

Streetheart - 1979 Under Heaven Over Hell
There are some cool songs here, not as dynamic as what was heard on MBIP but still.. I like them a lot.

Stumblebunny - 1979 While You Were Out
Thanks to the Robots For Ronnie blogspot I came to be familiar with this one-off American band Stumblebunny. A deep listen to their 1979 album 'While You Were Out' uncovers some magical moments worth a mention here at G-DAZE.

Styx - 1979 Cornerstone
The album offered up some unusual flavours which might have worked well for fans of British pop and Beatles like mania, but the hard rockers among us might have wondered where the Styx sting had disappeared to, especially following on from the hard as nails 'Pieces Of Eight' album.

Sundholm, Roy - 1979 The Chinese Method
This is classic stuff and one of the best power pop albums I have heard. It didn't get much better than this and each song here is a classic in the best tradition of Phil Seymour, Greg Kihn Band and Tommy Tutone.

Supertramp - 1979 Breakfast In America
As far as rock staples go however, 'Breakfast In America' is a masterpiece, the likes of which will never be seen again.

Surrender - 1979 Surrender
This album has been best described as a classic in the genre. However, I would have to lay some doubt on that, as the songs themselves do not live up to the hype and reputation this album has been accorded over the years.

Survivor - 1979 Survivor
A get together of local area Chicago musicians who came from bands such as Ides Of March/Jim Peterik Band, Jamestown Massacre/Mariah and Chase. The beginning of a successful run for one of AOR's best loved bands.

Survivor (#2) - 1979 All Your Pretty Moves
These guys hailed from the Louisiana city of Shreveport, and were similarly named to the other well-known AOR identity from Chicago featuring Messrs Peterik, Sullivan and Bickler. What is not similar is the music. These guys playing a heavy brand of bluesy hard rock soaked in alcohol and sweat, fringing psychadelic overtones with seventies biker rock.

Susan - 1979 Falling In Love
So, what do we get with Susan? Well it's a heavy brand of seventies power pop with no real comparisons to anyone in particular.

Sweet, The - 1979 Cut Above The Rest
'Cut Above The Rest' is an extension of the bands previous masterwork 'Level Headed'. While nothing close to the hard rock sledgehammer of 'Desolation Boulevard' or 'Give Us A Wink', in this period of Sweet's history the band were experimenting and why not?

Tai Phong - 1979 Last Flight
Tai Phong recorded their final album, the appropriately titled 'Last Flight' and called it a day, but they remain a cult favourite among prog rock fans. That is to say, their first two albums are favored while 'Last Flight' gets short shrift for being 'too commercial' and is therefore perfect Glory Daze material if you ask me!

Tantrum - 1979 Rather Be Rockin'
It's pretty rare to see a melodic rock band with three female lead vocalists at the front. Chicago's Tantrum were a case in point.

Tears - 1979 Tears
Tears put out one album of pure melodic pop during 1979. Yes, you could say the music has early inflections of The Rolling Stones, but really it's a late seventies pop effort, with slight rock overtones veering into REO Speedwagon territory.

Teaze - 1979 One Night Stands
Canadian band Teaze remain a favourite among GLORY DAZE readers. Special treat then, that their fourth album 'One Night Stands' gets the reissue treatment from Rock Candy Records very shortly..

Thin Lizzy - 1979 Black Rose: A Rock Legend
1979 was a period of consolidation for Irish rockers Thin Lizzy. Following on from the seminal live classic 'Live And Dangerous' the previous year, the band again set their sights on the US market, with this album 'Black Rose - A Rock Legend', encompassing historical references to legendary tales of battle.

Thomas, Ian - 1979 Glider
This is an album I've been wanting to get my hands on ages, having owned 'Still Here' for years.. this was like a missing piece!

Tibet - 1979 Tibet
This is a fairly obscure German progressive rock release from the late 70's and one which took three years to record. Tibet became the archetypal German prog rock unit, dispensing their own brand of unique organ driven epics, with the expected addition of space rock and fusion elements.

Tideline - 1979 The Crowded Room
Groups like the Brussels based Tideline struggled under the weight of incredible odds for their craft. But the group persevered, releasing 1000 copies of their self-funded debut 'The Crowded Room'.

TKO - 1979 Let It Roll
Produced by Heart's producer Mike Flicker, 'Let It Roll' sounds like prime-time GDM material to me.

Toby Beau - 1979 More Than A Love Song
Naming themselves after a fishing boat, south Texas band Toby Beau were one of the bright new acts of 1978 buoyed by an excellent single in 'My Angel Baby' which was a top twenty hit and deservedly so. This is album number two, with a nod to the likes of Pablo Cruise and Kenny Loggins..

Tosti, Blaise - 1979 American Lovers
Here's an unusual record I spent chasing during the 2016 Christmas period. It's a west coast flavoured record from a guy I didn't know too much about at the time. His name is Blaise Tosti. Read on..

Toto - 1979 Hydra
This album has been described as their most 'progressive'. In comparison to the rest of their discography I suppose this is a true statement. But if 'progressive' is meant to be a dig at the British art rock movement from a few years previous, then I feel it's quite wide of the mark.

Travers, Pat (Band) - 1979 Go For What You Know: Live
Playing live was seen as one of Travers strengths, which saw the live set 'Go For What You Know' released in 1979, and duly become his best selling album.

Trickster - 1979 Back To Zero
I never thought British AOR of the late 70's could ever match what was happening in the US, but Trickster are an exception to that rule, such is the sophistication of 'Back To Zero'.

Trillion - 1979 Trillion
If you like multi-part harmonies like Queen and Yes then this band will appeal to you.

Triumph - 1979 Just A Game
'Just A Game' would go down as one of the least interesting albums of the Triumph back catalogue..

Trooper - 1979 Hot Shots: Best Of
I guess every middle aged Canadian will have a Trooper album somewhere in their record collection. There is a 70% chance that it will be this one 'Hot Shots', considering it is a compilation of their material up to this point in time (1979).

True Myth - 1979 True Myth
Music wise, True Myth are quite a technical sounding band, time changes galore, and an approach that fuses prog luminaries Yes and U.K and no doubt many others if I sit down and think about it a bit more. The musical chops displayed by this band is remarkable at times.

Tubes, The - 1979 Remote Control
'Remote Control' was the start of The Tubes gradual descent into AOR territory, but was perhaps their heaviest album also.

Two Guns - 1979 Balls Out
While this is a typical Southern album in regards to sound and approach, Two Guns did have a fairly unique style all their own. Skynyrd is the easiest comparison, and on the whole this is more relaxed than 'balls out' as opposed to the often raging Molly Hatchet.

UFO - 1979 Strangers In The Night: Live
Even twenty years or so after it's release, this album is still considered to be one of the definitive live heavy rock experiences ever made.

Van Halen - 1979 Van Halen II
Considering all the recent hype about the reunited Van Halen during 2007 (minus Mike Anthony), and also that we have a bunch of reviews already, VHII seems to be the missing joker in the pack.

Various Artists - 1979 The Warriors (Soundtrack)
This will always be one of my favourite movies and soundtracks, bringing back a host of memories associated with the movie and the times and places I've seen it. It should appeal to a wide cross section of melodic rock lovers, with one foot in every avenue of the late 70's various genres that were ruling the airwaves.

Voudouris, Roger - 1979 Radio Dream
The recipe had definitely changed for this album, veering toward a pure west-coast sound, populated by the likes of Boz Scaggs and that ilk. The all-star line-up also gave 'Radio Dream' a classy look about it.

Voyager - 1979 Halfway Hotel
'Halfway Hotel' (the album) strikes me as somewhat uneven, but it is also well performed, arranged and produced, and it does grow with each listen.

Waroff, Paul -1979 California Son
What we have here is very Southern California circa 1979 singer/songwriter AOR in the style of Kenny Loggins, Neil Larson and Jerry Doucette.

Welch, Bob - 1979 Three Hearts
'Three Hearts' is not as strong as its predecessor 'French Kiss', but it's a nice album worth a spin or two every once in a while.

Wet Willie - 1979 Which One's Willie
Wet Willie were one of many Southern acts to emerge in the early seventies, although unlike their contemporaries, the Atlanta Rhythm Section, Marshall Tucker Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd to name a few, they never made the commercial dent of their peers, remaining a cult act, still in existence to this day.

White Honey - 1979 Some Kinda Woman
Here's a Dutch band that had a great presence during the late 70's. Similar in energy to a band like Shakin' Street, coupled with a live sound that encapsulated a power pop, neder rock and near punk style.

Whiteface - 1979 Whiteface
I suppose forming as a house band for a chic Atlanta club isn't the best way to score a deal, but low and behold that's exactly what happened with Whiteface.

Whitesnake - 1979 Love Hunter
Given the battering Whitesnake have taken here as of late it's worth remembering what a fine band they once were, especially in their formative years in the late 70's.

Wilson Brothers - 1979 Another Night
This album goes back a way, and has its roots in laid back radio rock, very similar to Pages, Couchois, Sneaker and David Pack's Ambrosia.

Wizard - 1979 Wizard
Wizard were a Rush inspired three-piece from Los Angeles. Now, depending on your musical taste, these guys will either be acquired or not.

Wolff, David - 1979 Aura
This record lumbers between AOR, pop and progressive styles which is usually the kind of stuff I live and breathe and yet it's all a bit too wacky and over the top even for my rarified tastes.

Zakatek, Lenny - 1979 Lenny Zakatek
Best known for his work with the Alan Parsons Project, Lenny Zakatek became one of the voices behind many of their biggest hits. Lenny also released a handful of solo albums, including his self titled debut from 1979.

Ziggurat - 1979 Ziggurat
Just what prompted a bunch of boys from Georgia USA to name themselves after a middle eastern pyramid is unknown, but it kinda suits their commercial art rock/prog sound, unusual considering Georgia is the heartland of southern rock, blues and dixie.

Zon - 1979 Back Down To Earth
This one is a case of the second album blues, sort of 'honeymoon is over' period for the band. Sure, there are some overblown pompous moments here, but not as much as 'Astral Projector'. Most of the songs are straight ahead period hard rock. By and large it's less of the pomp and circumstance this time around.

Zwol, Walter - 1979 Effective Immediately
Former Brutus alumni Walter Zwol released two solo albums during the late 70's. This is the second album 'Effective Immediately'..
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