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Oak - 1979 Oak
Fans of Styx, Airborne, Alexis and the first Tycoon album will go ga-ga over this gem as every track here is a winner.

Off Broadway - 1979 On
Keeping it in context, the band do what they do well, and don't tend to step outside their limited musical boundaries. Fans of mid-west faves Pezband should already know of Off Broadway due to their related histories.

Oxendale & Shephard - 1979 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' was not the glam rock extravaganza as many expected, rather paralleling the first couple of Babys albums and more obscure stuff like Magnet, Driver and Susan as well as the harder end of the power pop spectrum.

Pablo Cruise - 1979 Part Of The Game
This is one of the the most consistent albums many are likely to hear, and an above average foray into late 70's AOR, containing 'I Want You Tonight' a marginal hit.

Park, Jan (Band) - 1979 Jan Park Band
Iowa based outfit with a one off album from 1979 on CBS.

Paul, Henry (Band) - 1979 Grey Ghost
Finally getting a write-up is the debut Henry Paul Band LP 'Grey Ghost'. This was recorded in 1979, a year and a few months after Henry Paul left his lucrative gig with southern rock legends The Outlaws.

Petty, Tom (And The Heartbreakers) - 1979 Damn The Torpedoes
Quite simply, for its time, 'Damn The Torpedoes!' was an album waiting to happen. As much as we heard The Eagles with 'Hotel California', Steely Dan's 'Aja', Supertramp's 'Breakfast In America', Fleetwood Mac and 'Rumours', and Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', these were all seminal late 70's albums - no two ways about it, but 'Damn The Torpedoes!' deserves to be right in amongst the action!

Phase - 1979 Midnight Madness
Here's a kick-ass fusion album that flew under the radar of most astute collectors of the genre for years. The playing is outstanding and rapid-fire from the get go..

Philips MacLeod - 1979 Le Partie du Cocktail
I have a soft spot this record, bad album art and all. Why? Because these guys sound so much like 10cc circa 'Look Hear?' and '10 out of 10', my alibi for enjoying this LP as much as I do is sealed.

Phoenix - 1979 In Full View
For fans of early Charlie and Alan Parsons Project comes this Argent offshoot called Phoenix, featuring the venerable John Verity.

Pipedream - 1979 Pipedream
An impressive line-up indeed although musically as good as it is, it really doesn't sound like something produced in 1979. If I didn't know better on first listen I would have placed this record around 1975 with its heavy style steeped in blues and jazz rock signatures.

Point Blank - 1979 Airplay
It's truly unfathomable how these guys never leapt into the same category as the stale likes of .38 Special, Molly Hatchet, ZZ Top etc. This is the band at their best and as great as their pair of AOR albums were in the early 80's, I'd have to choose this over either of those if asked.

Pooh - 1979 Viva
With roots traced all the way back to the early 12960's as The Jaguars; Pooh are one of the longest running and successful bands in Italian music history. There's no time like the present to discover Pooh's music as most of their catalog is in print on CD. Start with 'Viva' and prepare to be impressed.

Potliquor - 1979 Potliquor
From the same geographie as GDAZE faves Le Roux, Potliquor are an outfit that have two distinct careers - similar in fact to Le Roux's very own jekyll and hyde career. Potliquor's history goes right back to the beginning of the 70's decade.

Prism - 1979 Armageddon
It's widely considered to be Prism's best album. Third studio LP 'Armageddon' follows two solid efforts (both reviewed here), and it would eventually sell double platinum in Canada (200,000 units), though it would be on the back of outside songwriting help and a strained internal working relationship between the band's two principals: John Hall and Lindsay Mitchell.

Private Eye (Canada) - 1979 Private Eye
A one off recording that seems to have been forgotten over the passing of time. The founders of the band were the Leggat brothers, of whom Hughie had a successful stint with Canadian rock outfit A Foot In Coldwater for almost the duration of the seventies.

Pure Prairie League - 1979 Can't Hold Back
With a few exceptions I'm not a big country rock guy and when it comes down to Vince Gill's solo career or his marriage to former CCM babe Amy Grant, I couldn't give two hoots but this album earns my highest recommendation.

Rabin, Trevor - 1979 Face To Face
Whilst this album is obviously less of a band affair than 'Wolf' there's plenty of rousing material to keep the excitement levels high, if you are prepared to forgive the shortcomings in the lyric department.

Rainbow - 1979 Down To Earth
With this excellent lineup Rainbow began their foray into more accessible hard rock, ditching the fantasy lyrics and epic metal style that characterised the Dio years.

Reds, The - 1979 The Reds
Releasing a stunner of a debut in 1979, Philadelphia's The Reds were a bright spot in a new wave scene that was just starting to pick up speed, although their day in the major league sun was deceptively short.

REO Speedwagon - 1979 Nine Lives
After the release of their Live album 'You Get What You Play For' in 1977, and their more recent studio album 'You Can Tune A Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish' (phew), the REO boys upped the ante big time for this classic of AOR 'Nine Lives'.

Revolver - 1979 A Piece Of The Action my opinion this is almost identical to Steeplechase's lone 1981 release, keyboard dominated hard rock with a heavy edge..

Riot - 1979 Narita
'Narita' is a pretty heavy album for its time, and is a welcome and very much overdue addition to the GDM archives.

Roadmaster - 1979 Hey World
'Hey World' was a continuation from 'Sweet Music'. Whereas that album had two distinct sides of music (some not so good, the other very good), 'Hey World' has carried on using the better elements.

Rock Rose - 1979 Rock Rose
One of many bands to get lost in the shuffle in the late 70's US melodic rock scene were Rock Rose, who produced one fairly obscure album, which despite its relative excellence failed to make any waves.

Rollers, The - 1979 Elevator
Radio stations and record buyers were probably too wrapped up in the band's earlier image but for those of us who know better, The Rollers three albums including 'Elevator' are worthy additions for any serious AOR/power pop collection.

Rose (France) - 1979 Worlds Apart
It wasn't that many moons ago we reviewed the 1983 debut from Franco-American trio Blue Rose. However, if we reel back the years to 1979 we find an earlier and larger version of the band; again using the surname of violinist and group leader David Rose and again playing in a very similar style.

Roxy Music - 1979 Manifesto
With just three original members, 'Manifesto' was not a return to the Roxy sound of old. pinning out of New York's Gay clubs, Disco was now in the mainstream and at its peak of popularity and both styles now informed the new Roxy Music.

Runner - 1979 Runner
Runner were a great under-estimated melodic rock act from the UK who released just this one album. They were from that same era and locale which launched similar bands such as Crawler, Charlie, City Boy, and Sniff n The Tears.

Sabu - 1979 Sabu (#1)
No stranger to these hollowed pages but when doing some research for this review it was a big surprise to find Paul Sabu's cult status in the classic disco community.

Saga - 1979 Images At Twilight
Here is Saga's seond LP from 1979.. 'Images At Twilight'..

Samson - 1979 Survivors
This isn't bad by any means but it's hardly an example of NWOBHM. As these songs had been written much earlier they have a typical mid to late 70's UK hard rock stance, much more traditional blues based hard rock riffing instead of anything galloping.

Santana - 1979 Marathon
I think it's pretty obvious that if you are a fan of the band, then all their releases from 1978 through to about 1982 are all worth obtaining. Particularly as this period of time is deemed to be their most commercial, and probably their most appealing.

Saxon - 1979 Saxon
It was obvious their NWOBHM sound of their second and third releases was something of an anomaly or a blip on the radar for their debut is something altogether different, offering up a typical 70's hard rock sound produced by Argent's John Verity. Think Trapeze, Nazareth and Judas Priest's 'Rocka Rolla' and you have the early Saxon vibe..

Scorpions, The - 1979 Lovedrive
However, for what it's worth, The Scorpions deliver one of their finest records of their vast discography. Consider also it was a record delivered under duress.

Screams - 1979 Screams
There are few good tracks here, and though Screams may probably do it for a few GDM readers, the old adage applies.. 'your mileage may vary'.

Secret Service - 1979 Oh Susie!
Despite the cold and day long darkness, the hearty inhabitants of Scandinavia below the tree line have rocked with the best of Europe and Sweden in particular has produced some of the sweetest pop music known to man; namely the untouchable ABBA but also Roxette, The Cardigans and the subject of this review Secret Service.

Shooting Star - 1979 Shooting Star
My first exposure to this legend of AOR goes right back to my school years. 1980 was when this album first appeared, though it was recorded in 1979.

Sidran, Ben - 1979 The Cat In The Hat
Sidran released his first solo album in 1970 developing a reputation as one of the best jazzbo's in the biz, but none of his records will have more appeal to Glory Daze readers with a penchant for west coast than 'The Cat In The Hat'.

Simms Brothers Band - 1979 Simms Brothers Band
According to those in the know, the Simms Brothers debut was a far more slickly produced affair than the good time rock and rhythm and blues band they developed their reputation on. With Mike Stone calling the shots, I think the end result was one of the best AOR albums of 1979.

Smith, Rex - 1979 Sooner Or Later
'Sooner Or Later' is the made for TV movie of the same starring Rex Smith. Released in the summer 1979, it contains the hit single 'You Take My Breath Away'.. the album now available on CD.

Snail - 1979 Flow
Snail deliver FM radio fodder for the times, with a hint of The Doobie Brothers, Couchois and Orleans all tossed into a jumbo cooking pot.

Snakeye - 1979 Shape Up Or Ship Out
Snakeye evoke comparison with early Streetheart, albeit with a more straight forward 'no frills', and less 'new wave' approach.

Souther, JD - 1979 You're Only Lonely
In 1979, JD Souther released a solo album 'You're Only Lonely'. Seeing what was happening elsewhere with the success of The Eagles, Poco, Firefall, Neil Young and former flame Linda Ronstadt, it seemed only logical for him to dip his toes into the mainstream.

St Nicklaus, Dick - 1979 Magic
A Japan only release at the time, 'Magic' has since a reissue on the recent AOR City 100 series, thanks to Sony Japan.

St Paradise - 1979 St Paradise
Here's some straight ahead hard rock, with a nice production courtesy of Mike Flicker. The potential for this outfit considering their historical backgrounds was promising.

Stanley, Michael (Band) - 1979 Greatest Hints
..that would all change with 1979's 'Greatest Hints' where the group would turn down the road to pure AOR with winning results.

States, The - 1979 The States
Apparently The States were a local legend of sorts in their native Norfolk region of Virginia. At the time they drew some infamous praise from The Rolling Stone Record Guide, who described the band as 'tedious uninspired radio fodder'. I'm not sure they truly deserve that reputation, as it's still listenable even all these years later.

Stepp, Richard - 1979 Holiday In Hollywood
Perfect music for a light and mellow mood, Richard Stepp was something of a dark horse on the Infinity label. I recall very little promotion for this record from the label who were probably too wrapped up in New England, Spyro Gyra and aggravating financial issues to pay much notice.

Stingray - 1979 Stingray
Next to Trevor Rabin, Stingray are without doubt South Africa's shining light on the melodic rock stage, and even some twenty or so years later, they are still mentioned and remembered by many fans and collectors alike.
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