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Helix - 1979 Breaking Loose
This is only an eight-tracker, but there's enough here to get enthused about. Being their debut, this one has a load of charm, but things would get bigger and better for these purveyors of mapleleaf mayhem.

Hellfield - 1979 Night Music
Overall, 'Night Music' is a fun-sounding record, if a little lacking in the 'balls' department'.

Herman, Keith - 1979 The Next Song Is..
Keith Herman was clearly a talented bloke and while 'The Next Song is..' won't bowl you over as an AOR classic it has enough moxie to hold its place in any serious collection.

Highway - 1979 Highway 1
At the prompting of friend and fan Andy Gibb, Sherbet signed with RSO Records, one of the most successful pop labels of the late 70's but not without a cost. Seems the label in their infinite wisdom couldn't wrap their arms around the name Sherbet and the unbelievably generic 'Highway' was chosen as the groups moniker.

Hillage, Steve - 1979 Live Herald
I think the pinnacle of Steve Hillage's discography was his live 1979 set 'Live Herald' which showcased many of his best songs up to that point on a two-sided LP. The songs were recorded across several dates between 1977 and 1978, and featured several different live line-ups.

Hoelderlin - 1979 New Faces
'New Faces' is a veritable feast for fans of progressive pop with shades of Alan Parsons Project, Genesis (of course), Keats and the Tarney-Spencer Band and what's not to like about that?

Hotel - 1979 Hotel
From where I'm standing Hotel is a band along with Ambrosia and Player that perhaps typifies where AOR was at in the late seventies. I threw the pen at their follow up the excellent sophomore release 'Half Moon Silver' a few years ago and was unfairly dismissive of their debut - time to rectify this injustice methinks..

Hounds - 1979 Puttin' On The Dog
Most people familiar with the Hounds' material would prefer the energy of the first LP 'Unleashed'. But melodic rockers and AORsters I'm guessing would prefer this second offering.

Imps, The (Frank Soda) - 1979 In The Tube
Probably one of the wackiest outfits from the late 70's. Why is it that Canadian bands always come to mind when we think of crazy and strange? Anyway, the highly charged and totally outrageous Frank Soda was the man behind The Imps, and for anyone into OTT guitar soloing, this guy is the buzz!

Iron City Houserockers - 1979 Love's So Tough
Here's the first of our series of Iron City Houserockers articles. Their 1979 debut 'Love's So Tough'.

Jefferson Starship - 1979 Freedom At Point Zero
Yes 'Freedom At Point Zero' was a landmark album for the band, and moved them out of that semi folky ballad territory occupied by Heart and Fleetwood Mac, and up alongside rockers such as REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Foreigner.

John, Robert - 1979 Robert John
Despite its overwhelming lack of originality, I really dig this album and consider it to be forgotten pop classic worthy of re-evaluation. Very much deserving of a proper CD reissue, there are a couple cheap Robert John comps available but none of them do this album justice.

Journey - 1979 Evolution
I feel 'Evolution' is a much forgotten part of the band's discography, and deserves kudos alongside their other much more popular albums.

Judas Priest - 1979 Unleashed In The East
Along with U.F.O's magnificent 'Strangers In The Night' live album from 1979, you can also add this wee beauty from Britain's premier metallers Judas Priest, as being one of the best live metal albums ever released.

Kansas - 1979 Monolith
Reviewing this album many years later, isn't it ironic and prophetic when you look at the album cover and relate it to life in the 21st century. We are so near to destroying this planet, and to see native Red Indians wearing astronaut like helmets throughout the cover-art is too close to the truth for my liking.

Kid Brother - 1979 Kid Brother
With a musical repertoire that was just too odd for the masses, it's easy to speculate MCA had a tough time pushing this record and while far from essential, Kid Brother remains an interesting and fun artifact.

Kirwan, Danny - 1979 Hello There Big Boy!
In the dramatic soap opera that was and still is Fleetwood Mac one of the saddest chapter's of the group's incredible legacy is that of guitarist Danny Kirwan.

Kiss - 1979 Dynasty
To be honest the album as a whole is uneven stylistically, even with a few classics on board. It just proved Kiss were unraveling, having hit their peak and slowly descending.

Knack, The - 1979 Get The Knack
'Get The Knack' became the best selling album of 1979, while 'My Sharona' was the best selling single. And while the record critics were unconvinced, Capitol Records made a bucket-load from this album.

Korgis, The - 1979 The Korgis
The Korgis were a British 70's outfit formed from the ashes of Stackridge and famous for their 1980 mega-hit 'Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime'. This is their debut LP.

Lake - 1979 Paradise Island
Beyond the 1970's, Lake went on to release several more fine albums and retain their popularity in Germany, but for my money the first four records are where it's at, in particular their third - 'Paradise Island'.

Lambrettas, The - 1979 Beat Boys In The Jet Age
British band The Lambrettas appeared during the late 70's, and 'mod'elled themselves on The Jam, The Who and The Kinks..

Lazy Racer - 1979 Lazy Racer
Very much in the Southern California 70's sound and conjuring up memories of Starland Vocal Band's 'Late Night Radio' album and Fleetwood Mac's 'Bare Trees' period.

Led Zeppelin - 1979 In Through The Out Door
As undoubtedly the biggest hard rock act of the 70's, it cannot be denied that 'In Through The Out Door' was the worst album of Zeppelin's career and showed the general disarray the band was in during the period.

Legs Diamond - 1979 Firepower
Despite the ignorance of label, media and the general public, 'Firepower'still had a few great moments to prevent it from being a total whitewash.

Liner - 1979 Liner
Liner do sound more American than British with a heavy pop and west coast sound similar to Alessi and fellow Brit's Jigsaw.

Louisiana's Le Roux - 1979 Keep The Fire Burnin'
Before 'Up' and 'So Fired Up', we had the sonic jumbo of Louisiana's Le Roux.

Lynx - 1979 We Are The People
By far the best and most consistent of their three albums mixing pop, pomp and even well-placed artiness with nary a trace of heavy-handed hard rock to be heard anywhere.

Machiavel - 1979 Urban Games
Trying to catch a proverbial shooting star to hitsville; Machiavel on 'Urban Games' sounded less like Genesis and more like Supertramp with a dash of Queen and 10cc..

Magnet - 1979 Worldwide Attraction
A while back we reviewed the sole album from Natural Gas (1976, Private Stock) and here we have the follow-up record with a name change and three new members. Unfortunately the writing quality on 'Worldwide Attraction' isn't as strong as it's predecessor, but there are some gems to be found here.

Mancini, Nan (and JDB) - 1979 It's A Mans World
JDB stands for Johnny's Dance Band, a Philadelphia based group who released two albums. The problem with this third record is the typical bar band material. Now according to what I've read, the group's management meddled in the material on the first couple records. I'm not sure if that was the case here, but if they didn't, they should have..

Marsden, Bernie - 1979 And About Time Too
This album has more in common to the melodies being propelled from across the Atlantic during the 70's rather than from at the time, a strike torn Britain. What I didn't expect was a finely crafted album of westcoast and AOR tunes. Obviously Bernie Marsden had a yearning for those soft harmonies before he entered the cold wastes of the highly acclaimed Alaska.

Marshall Tucker Band - 1979 Running Like The Wind
Country rock, southern rock, or even jazz rock- however you want to label The Marshall Tucker Band's music there's no denying their originality and musicianship.

Max Demian Band - 1979 Take It To The Max/1980 The Call Of The Wild
The first recipient of our Two-fer pairing is South Miami new wave/pop rock outfit: the Max Demian Band. Of course, like their similarly named Canadian counterparts Max Webster, there's no such bloke in the band called Max Demian at all!

Mi-Sex - 1979 Graffiti Crimes
This was a band of my teenage years. A Kiwi band initially, before they jumped over the Tasman Sea and made it big in Sydney. This album was pock-marked with several memorable songs. At least for me they were, as the band were pretty much east, west, north, south and central to many Kiwi and Aussie teenagers back in 1979/1980.

Michaels, Gordon - 1979 Stargazer
I have no clue where Gordon Michaels came from or where he went after recording this fine album..

Mighty High - 1979 Mighty High
Mighty High dabble in southern flavored AOR like the first Crimson Tide, Morningstar and Nantucket. While Mighty High falls short of those big boys quality wise, it's not a bad record.

Missouri - 1979 Welcome Two Missouri
Because of the southern influence during the production of 'Welcome Two Missouri', it is easy to hear the Macon 'sound' infiltrate these tracks. We're not exactly talking a carbon-copy of Macon's finest sons the Allman Brothers here, but more like a raucous cross of early Johnny Van Zant Band and Atlanta Rhythm Section.

Mistress - 1979 Mistress
A bit of a troubled history behind this San Francisco based band originally featuring ex- Idle Race, Savoy Brown and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Dave Walker who is un-credited on this, the sole Mistress album. Confused?

Molly Hatchet - 1979 Flirtin' With Disaster
'Flirtin' With Disaster' is the second studio album by Jacksonville favourites Molly Hatchet, and by my reckoning, it's the creme del la creme of their discography.

Molly Oliver - 1979 Molly Oliver
Molly Oliver's sound can be compared to other Canadian groups of the time like Madcats, or Chilliwack circa the 'Dreams, Dreams, Dreams' album with some slight hints at pomp.

Moondancer - 1979 Moondancer
Just one album from this Japanese band who have had very little written about their brief lifespan. Pre-dating fellow countrymen Novela, the sound of both bands is similar. Throw in a lot of Queen, douse it with 'Sarabande' period Jon Lord, mid 70's Uriah Heep and a dollop of Renaissance and the end result is one of the better rock albums to come out of Japan.

Moore, Tim - 1979 High Contrast
Thinking Elton John and Leo Sayer's pre-disco pop will bring the music of Tim Moore into focus.

Morningstar - 1979 Venus
This album 'Venus' is the second effort from mid-west pomp rockers Morningstar.

Motorhead - 1979 Bomber
'Bomber' was still early Motorhead, their third album, which saw the band still finding their feet musically, and perfecting the trademark Motorhead sound along the way, which exists right up until now.

Mychael - 1979 Neon Dreams
This record should hit most Glory Daze reader's right between the eyes like a laser beam. Like many deals, RCA had little interest in the record and abandoned Free Flight as a tax write-off giving 'Neon Dreams' little chance of success. A shame and because I have rarely seen or heard this album mentioned in the AOR community, it's time to give 'Neon Dreams' some long overdue praise.

Nantucket - 1979 Your Face Or Mine
This is a damned fine album, it's far better in my opinion than 1980's 'Long Way To The Top'.

Neuschwanstein - 1979 Battlement
Despite the German-centric moniker, this group thankfully chose English to express their music on a richly symphonic, flute heavy album that demands repeated plays.

New England - 1979 New England
An excellent AOR band from Boston, who came out of nowhere during 1979, to release a widely distributed album on the MCA subsidiary Infinity.

Nightrider - 1979 Nightrider
With an English lead vocalist and connections to Soft Machine as well as former Trust manager Bobby Bruno pulling the business strings, French band Nightrider and their progressive hard rock had loads of potential but were too late in the game to have much of an impact.
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