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Cold Chisel - 1980 East
If you were a part of the Aussie rock music culture during the late 70's and early 80's, then you'd be hard-pressed not to have missed these boys from Adelaide.

Couchois - 1980 Nasty Hardware
These boys were something special, and this follow up saw the emphasis placed squarely on commercial melodies that veer from Player to The Eagles in the blink of an eye, with not a wasted track.

Cougar, John - 1980 Nothin' Matters and What If It Did
While John 'Cougar' Mellencamp isn't a name that springs directly to mind when thinking of AOR, it's fair to say he had a couple of shining moments associated with melodic rock in the early 80's, including this one: 'Nothin' Matters and What If It Did'.

Critical Mass - 1980 It's What's Inside That Counts
From 1980, Critical Mass were a Miami based punk meets power pop outfit who had their heart set on pre-punk Britain and their feet trodden on shattered pop candy glass!

Crossrode - 1980 Crossrode
Crossrode are a band from the late 70's early 80's southern rock scene, with a style not dissimilar to genre faves Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Cruiser - 1980 Rollin With The Times
The conservative amongst you should give this album a wide berth as it's unlikely to be your particular cup of Earl Grey. However those of you with a taste for the eccentric will find it refreshingly different..

Dakota - 1980 Dakota
The debut album from the much loved (well from GLORY DAZE's perspective anyway).. Dakota.

Daltrey, Roger - 1980 McVicar: Original Soundtrack
Roger Daltrey's finest hour as an actor was backed up by this impressive soundtrack full of melodic rock gems that served as the backdrop for Daltrey's gritty portrayal of famed English criminal John McVicar.

Davies, Dave - 1980 AFL1-3603
The man who gave us the monumental power chords of 'You Really Got Me', and defined the sound of British rock legends The Kinks for three decades, guitarist Dave Davies released his first solo album 'AFL1-3603' in 1980, the title taken from the LP's catalog number.

Davis, Paul - 1980 Paul Davis
Davis was making inroads into a genre that he wasn't entirely at home with, but at least, he was earning a living. By 1980, Paul had released a new album, simply a self titled affair, which was more 'middle-of-the-road', bordering on West Coast.

Def Leppard - 1980 On Through The Night
This is the least remembered Leppard album by fans and band alike. It was one of countless classic metal and hard rock albums that hit shelves in 1980, a breakthrough year for British metal.

DeSario, Teri - 1980 Caught
If there had been any justice in the world Teri De Sario would have endured the same success as Pat Benatar et al and not ended up as just another casualty in the AOR wasteland.

DFK Band - 1980 Dudek Finnigan Krueger Band
As a one-off this is unbeatable and it begs the thought of what might have transpired in later years.

Dire Straits - 1980 Making Movies
There were some good tracks on both the debut and 'Communique', but 1980's 'Making Movies' lifted the band into the stratosphere.

Doc Holliday - 1980 Doc Holliday
One of the South's best rock bands, following on in the great tradition of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Allman Brothers.

Dufay, Rick - 1980 Tender Loving Abuse
Long out of print and never released on CD, this is former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay's 1980 debut.

Dupree, Robbie - 1980 Robbie Dupree
A staple in the West Coast scene is singer/songwriter Robbie Dupree (real surname Dupuis), an artist who's history goes way back into time.

Elephant - 1980 On My Feet Again
Traversing the wonderful world of late 70s European AOR brings us back to Germany and Elephant; a band who released four albums in a productive five year period.

Face Dancer - 1980 About Face
Admittedly, the material on the album isn't among the favorite of the band-members. It's not to say that it was a write-off, but when the environment isn't the best, you can't be expected to deliver in kind.

Fandango - 1980 Cadillac
This album is great hard edged radio rock, though not AOR in the purest sense. Their sound has more to do with bands from the mid seventies like fellow New Yorkers Blue Oyster Cult, combining funky elements in that quaint style associated with bands from that era.

FCC - 1980 Do You Believe In Magic
West Coast does not exist in much purer form than 'Do You Believe In Magic'. If you can locate a copy of this then there is plenty of melodic joy to be derived from it.

Firefall - 1980 Clouds Across The Sun
The period 1976-1979 was a good and productive time for Colorado based Firefall. The band, a logical extension of such acts like The Eagles and America, turned out a number of well-performed albums.

Fly By Night - 1980 Zoo Road
With a handle like this, one could be forgiven for thinking this lot were a Rush cover band. Not quite. They are caught somewhere between Canadians Cinema Face and Lynx, and their one-off album 'Zoo Road' has been considered a closet classic by cult AORsters and pomp fans for years.

Francour, Chuck - 1980 Under The Boulevard Lights
Under The Boulevard Lights' upon deeper inspection doesn't hold the initial promise of the title track, the lack of keyboards, Francour's gritty vocal and the overall boogie/rock n roll angle didn't quite do it for me.

G-Force (Gary Moore) - 1980 G-Force
At the end of the Thin Lizzy 'Black Rose' album and tour in 1979, Irish guitarist Gary Moore holed up in Los Angeles, and at the time decided to head out on his own musical career venture. First stop was to set up the band G-Force..

Gambler - 1980 Love And Other Crimes
Gambler.. another long lost band from the dusty files of seventies AOR/hard rock. Originating from the Chicago area, and operating in the same zone as local area bands such as Trillion, Jet and Off Broadway.

Gamma - 1980 Gamma 2
Dont'cha just love the cover? The sharkfin in the backyard cutting through the garden hose zeroing in on the sunbathing lady.. Classic stuff. As is the band and the music.

Gentle Giant - 1980 Civilian
Here's another prog rock/AOR crossover album. This time from Gentle Giant, their last hurrah: 1980's 'Civilian'.

Gillan - 1980 Glory Road
With such a varied solo career it's hard to zero in on Ian Gillan's finest moment outside of Deep Purple. Trying to pick the definitiveeffort of the band is almost futile, but 'Glory Road' has always stood out to me as Gillan's best work.

Girl - 1980 Sheer Greed
Any mention of the term NWOBHM would not be complete without reference to the London based band: Girl.

Golde, Franne - 1980 Restless
Without doubt, this is much better than her first two albums; it's a pity it didn't take off.

Gomez, Ray - 1980 Volume
A much heralded album from a guitarist not well-known in the mainstream, but who has reaped acclaim on a level similar to Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton in his field.

Goudreau, Barry - 1980 Barry Goudreau
At the time, the thought of a solo album was a good move for Goudreau to make. Unfortunately, the quality of the songs didn't quite hit the mark. Unlike four years later when Orion The Hunter was released.

Grand Prix - 1980 Grand Prix
Though this album appeared in 1980 throughout the UK, the music was most definitely in the mould of North American arena rock, with loads of keyboard and guitar interplay and an emphasis on harmonies, and far removed from the raw, indie based material appearing out of the NWOBHM movement.

Hagar, Sammy - 1980 Danger Zone
Probably not the pick of the bunch from Sammy's solo career, but it showed he was on an upward slide during his run into the 80's decade.

Hall, Daryl - 1980 Sacred Songs
'Sacred Songs' was the experimental solo album from Hall & Oates member Daryl Hall, featuring King Crimson mainman Robert Fripp..

Hansen, Randy - 1980 Randy Hansen
Over the years Randy has acquired himself a reputation as a Jimi Hendrix clone, and in some ways this is quite justified. However, in saying that, his debut album released nearly two decades ago is one full of strong songs that are appealing enough to AOR'sters and melodic rock fans.

Harlequin (Canada) - 1980 Love Crimes
Bit of a lightweight album from our Canadian friends Harlequin, with just enough rough edges and musical colour to make this an interesting proposition nonetheless for melodic rock fans.

Heart - 1980 Bebe Le Strange
Somewhere in between the classic early years and the big self-titled 'comeback' album from 1985, Heart were overlooked by many. A great shame, as during those 'wilderness' years, the band released some fine albums. The best of the bunch is undoubtedly 'Bebe Le Strange'.

Hegel - 1980 Hegel
Rob Hegel's solo album fell by the wayside for whatever reason. We think its time to take a second look at this forgotten gem.

Heroes - 1980 Border Raiders
Hailing from the United Kingdom, Heroes was the brainchild of one Chris Bradford who wrote all ten songs on this forgotten classic.

Highwind - 1980 Highwind
I first heard about this band via a review in Sounds magazine way back in 1982. The review compared the Kentucky based Highwind favourably to Le Roux circa their 'Up' period.

Hollander - 1980 Side Kicks
Occasionally on my travels I will come across a little gem of an album that thoroughly deserves a moment in the sun here at GLORY-DAZE. Dutch band Hollander is one of those little gems, and we have to wind the clock right back to 1979 to discover what made this band tick, and to grieve as to why they didn't hang around longer.

Holmes, Rupert - 1980 Adventure
In 1979 Holmes hit the top with the classic 'Escape (The Pina Colada Song)', an all time AM soft rock classic. Following up with 'Adventure' in 1980, the AOR aspect had worked its way comprehensively into Holmes sound, resulting in a quite superb outing.

Hotel - 1980 Half Moon Silver
'Half Moon Silver' is a vast improvement over its debut predecessor. Yes indeed, you can definitely place a reservation in your record collection under 'AOR' for this particular gem!

Huey Lewis And The News - 1980 Huey Lewis And The News
The album went unrecognised and is barely mentioned to this day. It's an angry debut half the time, the bands sound becoming smoother over the course of the next three years.

In Transit - 1980 In Transit
In Transit's style isn't that bad, in a similar territory to Airborne, Fandango and Fortress on their rockier moments, and meeting Firefall and Atlanta Rhythm Section on a stretch of road somewhere between Denver and Atlanta on their more subdued moments.

Iron City Houserockers - 1980 Have A Good Time But..Get Out Alive
Here's the second LP from Pittsburgh's Iron City Houserockers which comes under the GDM microscope.

Ironhorse (Canada) - 1980 Everything Is Grey
'Everything Is Grey' was a masterstroke as it sounds more like a band effort although the question most Bachman fans ask 'where's the guitar?'

Jackson Highway - 1980 Jackson Highway
What I like about this album is its mixture of Southern rock and AOR tendencies. Jackson Highway never, ever goes off on a triple guitar jam for no reason. The songs are memorable and melodic and while the subject matter is typical Southern rock fare.
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