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Saxon - 1980 Wheels Of Steel
An absolute classic of British HM from 1980.. Saxon's 'Wheels Of Steel'..

Scaggs, Boz - 1980 Middle Man
Scaggs did the right thing and turned to AOR for 'Silk Degrees', which sold millions and these days is revered as a classic.

Scooters, The - 1980 Young Girls
'Young Girls' is chock full of catchy and fun songs that I find irresistible. This album is a pop lovers dream. I hear a lot of 20/20 and Shoes in the groups sound and refreshingly very little of a Cheap Trick influence, who let's face it, are the benchmark for American power pop.

Scram - 1980 Scram
Scram, recently reissued on CD by Retrospect Records, were on Ohio based band that swim in a sea of melodic southern rock, with a nod to many bands from the late 70's. I'm thinking Head East, Black Oak Arkansas, Nantucket.. that kind of direction.

Shakin' Street - 1980 Shakin' Street
Musically the band have stayed close to their good-time hard rock vibe, which contains lots of energy, a unique French flavor, and in some cases a boogie quotient accentuated by the likes of AC/DC, Krokus and Status Quo, who were all thereabouts on the scene at the time.

Shandi - 1980 Shandi
Indeed, the young and all too short-lived Dreamland label had high hopes for Shandi. I remember lots of promotion for this record with its sensual cover along with the Spider debut, but nothing really came of it and Shandi became the queen of the cut-out bins for a couple years.

Sheriff, Jamie - 1980 No Heroes
Simply put this is an ear-catching pop record that should have been on the top of everyone's play list in the sweltering summer of 1980.

Simms Brothers Band - 1980 Attitude
So, the history books will show only the two LP's released for this Connecticut band, 'Attitude' being the second of these.

Slick, Grace - 1980 Dreams
Interesting stuff and one of the more unusual albums you will come across. How bad you need this in your collection is up to you.

Snow (USA) - 1980 Snow
Snow were a fantastic raw, and hard rockin' band out of L.A during the early eighties. So hot were they, that you had to wonder at the idiocy of the band name, considering the helter-skelter-swelter of the L.A scene at the time.

Snowball (Germany) - 1980 Follow The White Line
This is one of the coolest records from the bygone daze that I've heard in recent times. They are the German band Snowball, with links to bands Passport, Saga and Nektar.

Spanos, Danny - 1980 Danny Spanos
Here's the debut from former Redbone alumni and drummer Danny Spanos..

Speedway Boulevard - 1980 Speedway Boulevard
This is an incredibly different style of melodic rock and for music listeners circa 1980 this must have seemed as foreign as the concept of the Internet.

Split Enz - 1980 True Colors
Years after the fact, Split Enz remains a New Zealand institution in the land of the Long White Cloud. You didn't have to go too far around the Kiwi nation in 1980 to see and hear Split Enz all over the airwaves and TV channels of the day.

Spy - 1980 Spy
One suspects that this album is a result of an experiment. What experiment was that I hear you ask? How close you could come to emulating Kansas' 'Leftoverture' album give or take the odd scratch or two on the vinyl.

Squier, Billy - 1980 Tale Of The Tape
After two albums with Boston based outfit Piper, it was with trepidation and bravery that front-man Billy Squier ventured out on his own. A good move in hindsight, as Squier would be one of the industry darlings between 1981 and 1984, with a couple of mega selling albums to boot.

Stanley, Michael (Band) - 1980 Heartland
This was MSB's first LP for EMI America after being dropped by Arista after 'Greatest Hints'.

Steamer - 1980 Look At Me Now
Steamer's style is very symphonic, with elements of pomp. Think of bands such as Avalon (the Canadian version), Prism, Crowcuss and Air Supply. Unfortunately, the LP has the makings of a split personality, the majority are tepid and soppy ballads offset by the occasional rocker with pomp/symphonic leanings. Wish it was the other way around..

Steely Dan - 1980 Gaucho
Steely Dan's seventh album 'Gaucho'. A complicated backdrop which would take over two years to complete..

Stepaside - 1980 Sit Down And Relapse
I never heard of Stepaside until recently stumbling upon a copy of 'Sit Down And Relapse' on eBay with the tantalizing description 'melodic prog/pop'. Magical words for this reviewer..

Sterling - 1980 City Kids
GDM has covered the two Urgent albums, more recently 'Thinking Out Loud', this might be a good time to re-examine the Kehr brothers first major label attempt - Sterling. There's nothing original about 'City Kids' - a product of its day in so many ways, but it's not a bad record.

Straight Eight - 1980 Shuffle N Cut
From London, UK, these guys toyed with melodic American influences, and while their style dabbled in AOR and was very commercial, they were mainly a strong pop rock band.

Straight Lines - 1980 Straight Lines
This debut admittedly took a while to grow on me unlike the immediacy of the follow up, but after repeated listening this ranks easily with 'Run For Cover', further confirmation of the excellence of this bands AOR potential.

Strand, The - 1980 The Strand
I don't know much about these guys circa 1980, apart from the fact that 'Moon' Calhoun is a fairly well known session singer and is also a cohort of other L.A luminaries Michael Thompson and Jeff Paris.

Streetheart - 1980 Drugstore Dancer
For this fourth album they decided to toughen up the sound by producing the record themselves, feeling they'd gotten a little too lightweight with 'Quicksand Shoes', their last album for Atlantic before jumping ship and moving to Capitol the same year. The results are mixed but not without reward..

Styx - 1980 Paradise Theatre
'Paradise Theatre' successfully managed to bridge the gap for those long term fans of 'Equinox' and earlier, together with those new recruits won over by 'Cornerstone'. Presumably the album's nostalgic tone also struck a chord with a disillusioned American public at large (grown weary of the Carter administration). They purchased 'Paradise Theatre' by the truckload sending it to the pinnacle of the US album charts whereupon Styx became the first group to be awarded four consecutive multi-platinum albums.

Sumner - 1980 Sumner
Add Sumner to the long list of Los Angeles bands that scored a one-off major label deal and faded into AOR oblivion.

Sweet - 1980 Waters Edge
With no tour on either side of the ocean in support of the album 'Waters Edge' dropped like a rock in a sea of great pop records released in 1980.

Teaze - 1980 Body Shots
The last of the studio albums by Canadians Teaze was this 1980 LP 'Body Shots'. As a band traversing numerous styles, their tag as the Canadian version of Starz was kinda on the money. Their first two LP's make for essential Canadian 70's hard rock, but I'm very partial to this band in all forms..

Thin Lizzy - 1980 Chinatown
'Chinatown' did reasonably well on the UK charts, the album making it to #7 while the single 'Killer On The Loose' made it to #10 in the singles charts. A pretty good effort considering..

Thomson, Ali - 1980 Take A Little Rhythm
Ali Thomson is the brother of Supertramp bass player Dougie Thomson who will always be remembered as a one-hit wonder for the title track of his first album 'Take A Little Rhythm'. While making his own way, Ali certainly borrowed liberally from his brother's band as the Supertramp sound is all over this record. I will also throw in Wings 'London Town' album as a point of reference.

Thorpe, Billy - 1980 21st Century Man
One look at the lyrics will tell the tale of this album. Space ships, galactic wars, distant worlds, children of the future, a better tomorrow.. you know the rest. The search for a rock 'n' roll Utopia. This album was definitely geared towards the disappearing progressive rock market five years too late.

Thunder - 1980 Thunder
Even in digital I still think Thunder were fairly average, kind of a cross between The Doobie Brothers, Atlanta Rhythm Section and Jeff Pollard era Le Roux without the material.

Toronto - 1980 Lookin' For Trouble
Canadian based band (obviously!) playing a radio-friendly brand of edgy hard rock.

Touch - 1980 Touch
Long considered an AOR/pomp classic is this effort from New York based outfit Touch.

Trampolin - 1980 In The Dead Of Night
Swiss band Trampolin show traces and influences of the power pop and new wave styles, though they interlace it with a pop rock style in the vein of Golden Earring, Hollander, Diesel and Lake.

Travers, Pat (Band) - 1980 Crash And Burn
I'll go on record and say that it's not one of his consistent releases, but it does contain some interesting moments.. So there was obviously something here which caught my ear..

Trillion - 1980 Clear Approach
If you're looking for an AOR album of sheer class, where pomp rock and west coast tendencies are woven together with style, you've just found it.

Triumph - 1980 Progressions Of Power
Of their earlier albums, 'Progressions Of Power' is probably their most balanced, and despite this album reaching #32 on the charts, it wouldn't be until their next album that things took off for Triumph.

True Confessions - 1980 True Confessions
What we have is essentially poor and purposely quirky songs that pogo like Devo, Toni Basil and '80s Sparks and while I enjoy this sound in small doses, here its two sides too much.

Trust - 1980 Repression
Trust rose from French cult heroes to become perhaps France's most recognised metal/hard rock band in that country's history..

Turf - 1980 Crime Of Passion
Turf wasn't exactly original but what they did, they did very well. I hear everything from Sparks in the quirky rhythms and vocalist Willem Hennke who at times sounds remarkably like a lower registered Russell Mael to Cheap Trick 'Heaven Tonight' era power pop..

UFO - 1980 No Place To Run
Of course 'No Place To Run' follows hard on the very successful double live album 'Strangers In The Night', a massive album and the highlight of the band's career over the course of their discography

Ultravox - 1980 Vienna
An album that was a major influence on Rush and their synth heavy extravaganza 'Signals', Ultravox created a masterwork at the start of the 1980's with 'Vienna' that has yet to be equalled.

Uriah Heep - 1980 Conquest
'Conquest' may lay a justifiable claim to being the most passed over album of their discography, coming at a time when the band was in disarray personnel wise and even worse commercially. Still, it comes highly recommended.

Utopia - 1980 Adventures In Utopia
Often overlooked in favour of the New Wave influenced triumvirate (The Cars, Cheap Trick, The Tubes), Utopia clearly fit the bill of a leading light in that particular sub-genre.

Van Halen - 1980 Women And Children First
Much like 1981's 'Fair Warning', 'Women And Children First' is a piece of classic US hard rock that seems to have been swept under the carpet a bit.

Van Zant, Johnny (Band) - 1980 No More Dirty Deals
Johnny and his band surfaced with in 1980 on Polydor with 'No More Dirty Deals'. The JVZ Band remained intact all through the 80's Polydor and Geffen years, but this is where it started.

Various Artists - 1980 Brute Force (NWOBHM Compilation)
NWOBHM compilation from MCA Records (UK) issued at the tail-end of 1980.

Various Artists - 1980 Xanadu Soundtrack
Featuring the Electric Light Orchestra, Olivia Newton John, Cliff Richard and The Tubes among others, here's a review of the 1980 soundtrack 'Xanadu'.
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