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Nightwing - 1980 Something In The Air
Often mistakenly associated with the NWOBHM movement, Nightwing, like fellow countrymen Magnum musically had more in common with US pompsters Kansas and Styx, than Iron Maiden or Saxon.

Nugent, Ted - 1980 Scream Dream
At one time I recall having a number of Nugent albums in my collection. Some have survived the test the time (like the 1975 debut), some others havent.. 'Scream Dream' wound be one of those.

Oak - 1980 Set The Night On Fire
For most lovers of 70's classic rock, you should get a kick out of a few of these tracks, though I would suggest that this album is not as good as the debut Oak album.

Oakley - 1980 Oakley
We've featured a few bands from the Canadian hotspot of Nova Scotia. One that has been a mainstay in that part of the world is the band Oakley.

Off Broadway - 1980 Quick Turns
Their brand of music is melodic heavy pop, with a lead singer who has listened to one to many Elvis Costello records I think.

Oldfield, Mike - 1980 QE2
The times were indeed changing, punk be damned and with 'QE2', Mike Oldfield attempted a further bridging of the gap between pop and prog rock.

One Truth - 1980 Playing For Keeps
Three quarters excellent, one quarter forgettable; what we have is a near early Christian AOR classic that deserves wider recognition.

Opus (Austria) - 1980 Daydreams
Austria's Opus are best remembered for their massive 1985 sing-a-long hit 'Live Is Life'. Some listeners will be surprised to find Opus were very much a full blown progressive rock band in their early days, their debut album 'Daydreams' took that early heavy rock sound and filtered it through a symphonic mesh of quality melodic prog.

Orphann - 1980 Don't Say No
Kansas City residents with long memories may remember this band doing the rounds during the mid-late 70's.

Osbourne, Ozzy - 1980 Blizzard Of Ozz
With Ozzy's pre-occupation with the occult and other weird and wacky subject matter carrying over from his Sabbath days, 'Blizzard Of Ozz' and the Prince Of Darkness was announced to the world during September 1980 upon this release.

Outlaws, The - 1980 Ghost Riders
Floridian southern rockers The Outlaws are notable for their absence on GD. We'll look to correct that over the coming while. In the meantime, we go down to about the three-quarter mark of their discography, stopping off in the year 1980 to look at their seventh album: 'Ghost Riders'.

Ozark Mountain Daredevils - 1980 Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Signing to CBS and augmented by a posse of studio musicians, this self-titled album received very little attention at the time but possibly over-rides everything else in their catalog.

Ozz - 1980 No Prisoners
This is superb hard rock that deserves its place at the beginning of the eighties..

Palmer, Robert - 1980 Clues
Never an easy artist to categorize, with the exception of his mid-80's MTV success, Robert Palmer was always something of a cult artist on the fringes of soul, rock and pop styles. Paying close attention to the new wave electronic scene spearheaded by The Human League and Gary Numan, 'Clues' was a benchmark for the creative pop music yet to come from Palmer.

Parton, Dolly - 1980 Dolly, Dolly, Dolly
Given the fact that almost every mainstream artist in the 80's attempted AOR at some point of their career, it shouldn't come as any surprise that country legend Dolly Parton got on board too, her most viable attempt coming as early as 1980.

Paul, Henry (Band) - 1980 Feel The Heat
A good band to investigate if you like southern fried hard rock mixed with a smattering of AOR.

Paul, Ray (and RPM) - 1980 Go Time
'Go Time' was the band's only long player but it stands out as one of the best and coolest Indie power pop albums of the 1980's.

Perry, Joe (Project) - 1980 Let The Music Do The Talking
Unrelenting and uncontained, this is a rock classic. With his debut solo album in 1980, Perry was quite the opposite, recording an album that justified his departure from Aerosmith.

Phillips MacLeod - 1980 Phillips MacLeod
Parts of this was like rediscovering a work of art, pulling back the cellophane to be heard yet again, while it's not a master, it does leave a very fine impression.

Photoglo, Jim - 1980 Photoglo
For what it's worth, the album is appealing for its melodic intent, despite the mellowness of it all. Admittedly, the album has a few gentle moments. I found these to be too lame for my tastes, preferring instead the moments when the tempo is slightly upbeat, which is not often unfortunately.

Player - 1980 Room With A View
Player is a group that gets it's fair share of praise here at Glory-Daze and rightfully so-with top notch AOR platters that still sound as vibrant and fresh as they did when released in the late 70's, early 80's. 'Room With A View' was a combination of soft, romantic melodies of the debut and heavier rock tunes from their previous release 'Danger Zone'.

Point Blank - 1980 The Hard Way
Point Blank appear to have been forgotten in the annals of boogie history, but their output rivals ZZ Top or Blackfoot any day of the week.

Porter, Pepper (Band) - 1980 Invasion
It's hard to see how 'Invasion' claimed such a big reputation. So many times those among us who have secured a much sought after album after years of futility have been letdown because of what others have written years ago.

Prism - 1980 Young And Restless
After three excellent pomp oriented albums during the 70's, Canadian band Prism changed styles for the fourth 'Young And Restless'. Moving with the trends, this album hinted at the fashionable new wave sound brimming the airwaves, but it came at a cost.

Private Lightning - 1980 Private Lightning
An interesting band from the greater Boston area, who materialised with one album during 1980. Very difficult to pigeon-hole this band, and with a violin player in the ranks, this made it all the more confusing.

Proof, The - 1980 It's Safe
In 1980 the world didn't need another power pop band in an already crowded field bursting at the seams, or so we thought. As it turns out, skinny tie rock had a couple good years left with many excellent releases to choose from including The Proof, who like so many other good bands released one record, only to see it buried by the label and an indifferent public.

Pumps, The - 1980 Gotta Move
Fans of 70's Canadian rock should be well aware of these guys. Pumps were the forerunner to mid 80's outfit Orphan, and were probably the second biggest outfit to come out of Winnipeg following after local legends Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Pure Prairie League - 1980 Firin' Up
'Firin Up' divided fans of the bands earlier work and those who favoured the new melodic style, but the album was a fantastic effort regardless.

Quartz - 1980 Stand Up And Fight
After a live album Quartz secured a deal with MCA, riding the NOWBHM wave. 'Stand Up And Fight' has been heavily glorified in the past, but it's more hype than actual quality. I just cannot find the enthusiasm to recommend this as a metal classic like others have. That's because it isn't.

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Queen - 1980 The Game
'The Game' showcased a new Queen. A more stripped down sound and bass-driven funky grooves, a far cry from their epic bombast period of the 70's.

R.C.R - 1980 Scandal
Overall, a fairly smooth but lightweight piece of music which probably lacks the oomph to interest many of you hard rockers out there.

Rea, Chris - 1980 Tennis
Rea has a great rock voice in the style of Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Night) and Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits in a smokey blues style.

Reckless - 1980 Reckless
Why this band didn't do better at the time still remains a mystery to me. There are some absolute pearlers on this their first album, produced by the very talented Paul Gross.

Red Rider - 1980 Don't Fight It
Although they had been a fixture on the Toronto club circuit since 1976, Red Rider burst on the national scene seemingly out of nowhere. 'Don't Fight It' went gold in Canada and in fact, I remember quite a bit a buzz south of the border as 'White Hot' fired up FM radio albeit all too briefly.

REO Speedwagon - 1980 Hi Infidelity
Released the week before Christmas in 1980, 'Hi Infidelity' would become the biggest selling album of 1981, and propelled this Illinois outfit into the big-time.

Roadmaster - 1980 Fortress
For this record they shed some of the involved pomp tendencies of previous albums, and concentrated on the kind of crisp and melodic AOR that would provide the soundtrack for the eighties.

Ronin - 1980 Ronin
This band was a get together of session guitarist Waddy (Robert) Wachtel and members of Linda Ronstadt's backing band, going under the name Ronin.

Ronstadt, Linda - 1980 Mad Love
Linda took a giant leap into the wonderful world of power pop with 'Mad Love' with excellent results.

Rozetta - 1980 Where's My Hero
New York based singer Rozetta Stone will forever be linked to the history of Kiss. Yet despite all the big name firepower behind the record, 'Where's My Hero' never charted and disappeared into cut-out bin heaven almost the moment it was released.

Rubicon - 1980 America Dreams
Life before Night Ranger started with this San Francisco outfit called Rubicon. No flashy guitars here, just plain old funk 'n rhythm and rock!

Rush - 1980 Permanent Waves
By the time 1980 came around, Rush had slimmed down their sound: modern, clean, crisp, made for radio songs and less of the fantasy styled lyrics we saw previously. In a nutshell, 'Permanent Waves' was one of the great success stories of 1980.

Russia - 1980 Russia
Very much an 'off the wall' outfit are these patriotically challenged musicians from the USA.

Rutherford, Mike - 1980 Smallcreep's Day
Widely recognized as one of the best of the Genesis related solo albums, 'Smallcreep's Day' is a concept album about a factory worker who sets out to discover why his life is so mundane and the musical line-up is impressive..

Saad, Sue (And The Next) - 1980 Sue Saad And The Next
Formed from the ashes of the band called Calliope, the band crossed genre's with their one and only release. New wave, power pop and rock audiences all found something to like with Sue and her Saad bunch.

Sabu - 1980 Sabu
To most fans of the AOR/melodic hard rock genre, the name Paul Sabu surely requires no introduction.

Sad Cafe - 1980 Sad Cafe
The success of their previous album 'Facades' provided them with a big hit single. However, there is too much funkiness and not enough rock in my opinion, sounding more like a soulful Wet Willie than the British rock band of previous records.

Saga - 1980 Silent Knight
The end result is a wonderful album, very much ahead of its time and sounding as good today as it did back in 1980.

Sailor - 1980 Dressed For Drowning
Recorded in Colorado at the infamous Caribou Ranch Studio, Sailor was revitalized offering a fresh music that bares no resemblance to the Sailor sound of old whatsoever. 'Dressed For Drowning' has never been on CD which is surprising. Until some enterprising label picks up on it, make the effort by seeking out the vinyl or even a download. You won't be sorry.

Samson - 1980 Head On
Musically the sound was more metal, a departure from the sometimes experimental hard rock of the debut.

Sapphire - 1980 Crystal Clear
For a Christian rock album this early in the game it's a classy release and the first couple tracks instantly bring to mind RCR, Desmond Child & Rouge and Teri Desario.
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