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Jaugernaut - 1980 Jaugernaut
Jaugernaut's particular brand of commercial pomp sits comfortably alongside such lofty peers as Styx (circa 'The Grand Illusion' era), and Trillion.

Jenson Interceptor - 1980 Jenson Interceptor
Cool name, but with a name that sort of resembles a fast car, you'd be disappointed the music gets left behind in the exhaust fumes!

Jethro Tull - 1980 A
Long derided by fans as being an 'A-bomination', that is a little bit unfair on Ian Anderson who migrated Jethro Tull from a folky/prog rock outfit to a pure art-rock band with this album 'A'.

Joel, Billy - 1980 Glass Houses
While hardly an AOR magnate, Billy Joel did in fact have some inspired melodic rock moments in his long career, and this is without question his heaviest album in a hard rock setting but also a melodic one also.

Journey - 1980 Departure
Still salivating over the two prior Perry albums, 'Departure' came as a huge (excuse the pun) 'departure' because of the raw/live sound it conveyed.

Journey - 1980 Dream After Dream
An unusual release in Journey's discography is the rare 1980 Japanese soundtrack 'Dream After Dream'.

Judas Priest - 1980 British Steel
1980 was a boon year for heavy metal, commencing the 80's decade with an incredible array of albums. However, it was Judas Priest that landed the big fish with 'British Steel', which would anchor the metal movement from this year onward, to what it is now.

Kansas - 1980 Audio Visions
'Audio Visions' represented the beginning of the end for Kansas mark one and creative differences and (as already documented elsewhere on this site) led to Walsh departing and forming Streets.

Kennedy, Ray - 1980 Ray Kennedy
By 1980, former KB alumni Ray Kennedy had embraced the AOR/West Coast ethic, rounding up the cream of the crop to aid him on this magnificent album, one held in high esteem and deservedly so.

Keystone - 1980 Keystone [ep]
Keystone.. a pomp based outfit steeped in the grandest tradition of 70's pomp, but with only a four track EP to show for it, and one that goes for silly money on EvilBay..

Kiss - 1980 Unmasked
'Unmasked', along with 'Asylum', is perhaps Kiss' most forgotten album.

Knoblock, Fred - 1980 Why Not Me
This album is worth its weight in whatever you choose to describe it with. Somehow it was Knoblock's only album of the time and despite having several more country oriented singles he opted to go the songwriter route in Nashville. This belongs alongside the other 1980 AOR greats and rightfully takes its place here on the hallowed pages of Glory Daze.

Korgis, The - 1980 Dumb Waiters
Having made their presence felt on the British charts during the prior 1979 year, The Korgis would go on to bigger success with the release of this their second LP 'Dumb Waiters'.

Kortchmar, Danny - 1980 Innuendo
Kortchmar has only two solo albums to his name, 1973's 'Kooch' and this excellent album, his last solo effort to date. It saw Kortchmar attempting a heavier style of rock, which in his own words was an attempt to distance himself from the soft rock scene he had become identified with.

Krokus - 1980 Metal Rendezvous
From Switzerland, these guys changed horses like some guys change their cars. Krokus started life out as a prog based outfit during the mid-seventies, then diverting to a metal sound, with more than a headshake to the heroes of the time AC/DC.

Laine, Denny - 1980 Japanese Tears
Founding member of The Moody Blues and the only musician in Wings to survive their entire catalog and Paul McCartney, Denny Laine is often forgotten for his contribution to rock music which is really too bad considering his background.

Lancee - 1980 Models
Apparently dubbed 'the Dutch Peter Frampton' by Holland's music press, Lancee are a good example of how the Dutch at one time excelled at the AOR meets prog sound.

Larsen Feiten Band - 1980 Larsen Feiten Band
Given the magnitude of this West Coast classic I'm surprised it hasn't made an appearance at Glory Daze yet, but if Nielsen-Pearson is your cup of tea, then this is nirvana.

Laurie And The Sighs - 1980 Laurie And The Sighs
More appropriately, Laurie Beechman and her band The Sighs. Released in 1980, Laurie had generated a bit of interest among the Atlantic Records executives, who were more than impressed with her vocal skills and looking for a counterfoil to Chrysalis Records big signing Pat Benatar.

Lazy Racer - 1980 Formula II
This is part two and the final instalment of hybrid British/American band Lazy Racer.

Le Roux - 1980 Up
Radical change in direction from Louisana's finest, Le Roux, with this their third album. The previous two albums were reasonably non-descript efforts, showcasing their traditional bayou based sound. On 'Up' they moved into full-on AOR territory with some fantastic rockin' songs.

Lifer - 1980 Lifer
In the great tradition of Rathskeller and Roadmaster, Indiana band Lifer, makes an appearance on these hallowed pages twenty eight years after releasing this very rare one-off self titled album. What other musical secrets does the Hoosier state have to offer up I wonder?

Limelight - 1980 Limelight
Often compared to Rush, Limelight focused on the mid-70's sound of British heavies Stray and Budgie.

Lion (UK) - 1980 Running All Night
Despite the British connections, don't be fooled into thinking this is pomp in the vein of Trickster or Grand Prix. It's far from it. If I heard similarities to 80's era Pablo Cruise or Ambrosia, then no doubt the discerning listeners among you will too. Overall? A bit of a disappointment really.

Livgren, Kerry - 1980 Seeds Of Change
I can't recommend 'Seeds Of Change' highly enough. Real 'CCM' long before that carry-all banner was coined; it didn't get much better than this.

Lorry - 1980 Be Careful, Too
German rock completists will want this and naturally hardcore Lake fans should locate a copy for shits and giggles, but for the rest of us 'Be Careful, Too' is far from essential.

Love Chapter Band - 1980 City Of Refuge
Despite its inconsistencies 'City of Refuge' is worth hearing and still easy to find. Like so much from the early Christian scene, the Tunesmith catalog is ripe for reissue. This record would make a fine start for any reissue label up to the challenge.

Loverboy - 1980 Loverboy
Once the US got hold of this the results were equally as impressive, going double platinum eventually..

Macgregor, Mary - 1980 Mary Macgregor
Does anyone remember a woman called Mary MacGregor? Her single 'Torn Between Two Lovers' was huge. Mary released a couple of albums including this fourth and final effort from 1980.

Magic - 1980 Second Start
An album that at times hugely entertaining, fulfilling, but at times thoroughly frustrating..

Magic Cat - 1980 Only Make Believe
This is a very basic US hard rock album when all is said and done, but there are a few pomp moments on offer worth discussing. Worth a listen but not quite good enough to warrant more.

Mardones, Benny - 1980 Never Run Never Hide
Goodness. Is this the AOR Dream Team or what? Winding back the clock to 1980 and we get the working-class hero of the era.. Benny Mardones stepping out with his first big time album.

Marino, Frank (and Mahogany Rush) - 1980 Whats Next
Excellent studio set from Canadian guitar ace Frank Marino. Probably his best effort.

Meisner, Randy - 1980 One More Song
Randy Meisner is best remembered from his time with The Eagles. Lets not forget, he recorded three good solo albums, 'One More Song' the most successful of the lot.

Merlin (Argentina) - 1980 Merlin
Now judging by the sleeve, you'd think skinny-tie power pop and after all this was put out in late 1980 but that's not the case. The moniker is a giveaway, but this isn't a straight-laced prog album either. There is a definite AOR/pomp stream running amid the 10 tracks as well as smoking guitar with a fluid use of synth..

Mi-Sex - 1980 Space Race
This is the sophomore LP from Kiwi/Aussie rock band Mi-Sex. Is this a case of second album too soon? Definitely not. Personally, I think its' an improvement. Certainly, the album is a product of its time, and has a degree of charm, but I always felt they should have trusted their instincts and gone down a harder route.

Michaels, Hilly - 1980 Calling All Girls
Critically acclaimed, but selling poorly at the time, this record is now widely considered a power pop/new wave classic. 'The Cars on speed' is how many describe this album and that's not far from the truth.

Mirijanian, Craig - 1980 A Perfect Fit
From my observation, I'd say half of this album is decent, the other half had an identity crisis; with some of the songs not quite knowing what they wanted to be.

Molly Hatchet - 1980 Beatin' The Odds
Not a perfect set, but one that ranks with anything Hatchet ever produced. Hatchet had perfected their sound, and contrary to common views, was musically similar to the first two albums.

Monroe - 1980 Monroe
This is a marvelous piece of hard rock and yes, at times cliched but it does the job and then some. Drawing from a pool of influences ranging from The Babys, UFO and Bad Company while sounding not too dissimilar to American band Hero..

Montan, Chris - 1980 Any Minute Now
This album veers towards the extremely lighter side of AOR and anyone expecting to hear any melodic guitar work will be disappointed. A mixed bag but still one worth seeking out for those who it may have slipped by. It's a pure statement from an era when albums like this were common place, but doesn't hit the heights you might expect.

Motorhead - 1980 Ace Of Spades
Over the years, many artists have cited this album as a significant influence. The hybrid proto-punk and heavy metal impacting on many across several sub-genre's of hard rock. Certainly this is an essential part of the Motorhead discography.

MSG (Michael Schenker Group) - 1980 The Michael Schenker Group
Schenker's pick of former Fraser Nash (who?) vocalist Gary Barden has to be the most lucid decision the spikey-haired wunderkind ever made and augmented by Don Airey on keys, Mo Foster on four string and journeyman drummer Simon Phillips; the results are ambitious and truly spectacular.

Nantucket - 1980 Long Way To The Top
'Long Way To The Top' is Nantucket's third album, having released their debut and 'Your Face Or Mine' the prior two years.

Nazareth - 1980 Malice In Wonderland
Nazareth's 1980 'Malice In Wonderland' saw the band move into commercial territory, and ranks as one of their most underrated albums in their back catalogue. The album has been reissued in the last few years, with a bunch of additional tracks bolted on for good measure.

Nervus Rex - 1980 Nervus Rex
Nervus Rex came out of the late 70's New York scene. Beyond The Ramones, Blondie, Patti Smith and Talking Heads, I can tell you that there were other New York groups of interest including a large power pop contingent which is where Nervus Rex and their only album fit nicely.

Neuron - 1980 For What We Are
these boys were in something of a time warp having more in common with Argent, Santana, Sugarloaf and of course Wooden Nickel era Styx, particularly in the vocal department. The musicianship is at a high level as to be expected and I detect a Latin influence on a few songs.

New England - 1980 Explorer Suite
Following up their classic debut must have been daunting, but this is a very strong second effort, regarded by some scribes as their finest moment.

Nielsen Pearson - 1980 Nielsen Pearson
Given the inclusion of 1983's legendary 'Blind Luck' and the 1978 debut here, it seems amiss to leave out Nielsen-Pearson's 1980 follow up, which is believe it or not almost on par with 'Blind Luck' itself.

Night - 1980 Long Distance
There's a connection somewhere between New Zealand, South Africa, and good ol Blighty with this band. NZ'er Thompson previously sang with South African Manfred Mann and his Earth Band, Stevie Lange is a South African by birth (at one stage married to producer Robert 'Mutt' Lange, her maiden name is Van Kerken), Billy Kristian is a NZ'er as well, while McIntosh is English.
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