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Dalbello, Lisa - 1981 Drastic Measures
There's no denying the quality of Lisa Dalbello's vocals though it has to be said that some of her later albums such a 'Whomanfoursays' and 'Whore' are very much an acquired taste. However for those looking for an introduction to Dalbello or an excellent example of female fronted AOR, then they should use this album as a starting point.

Dark Horse - 1981 Dark Horse
Releasing a one off independent LP back in 1981, the band are into a late 70's style of pomp rock. Think bands such as Bluebeard, The Biz and early Axe.

Dark Star - 1981 Dark Star
Much like the recently reviewed Chevy album 'The Taker', English band Dark Star are also nearly identically cast from the same metallic forge of the NWOBHM era.

Darkstar (Canada) - 1981 Darkstar
Canadian trio Darkstar operate in a similar vein to bands such as Zebra, Alpha or maybe Topaz.

Davis, Paul - 1981 Cool Night
With this effort, Paul reaches out for a dash of commercialism, and decides to energize his approach somewhat. And the results work astoundingly well. The members of the Atlanta based band Whiteface provide most of the musical backing to this album.

Daybreak - 1981 And Comes A Time
Central Pennsylvania Christian rock outfit with several releases to their credit, the vibe is AOR rock with progressive tendencies ala Styx and not a lot of evangelical posturing which makes for a very unobtrusive listen

Deep River Band - 1981 Rocks
Back in 1981 how many second or third tier bands like this existed across the USA? Thousands probably, surely.. and we're still discovering these rarities decades later. Here's one from the suburbs of Chicago. The Deep River Band who ply a little bit of Styx and Morningstar in their musical delivery.

Def Leppard - 1981 High N Dry
'High N Dry' was a fairly successful follow up to the heavy but crude NWOBHM inspired debut.

Demon - 1981 Night Of The Demon
The general misconception of Demon's debut is that it is a piece of 'demonic metal', due to the bands name, album title and cover, which features a mangled cross. Aside from the title track which lyrically could be judged slightly occultish, there is little here to place the album in that zone. Instead it is a superlative set of traditional British hard rock, with anthems pumped out left and right.

Diamond Head - 1981 Diamond Lights [ep]
No two ways about it, Diamond Head were one of the most influential bands of the NWOBM, outside of the triumvirate of Def Leppard, Iron Maiden and Saxon. Not quite spread between the same sandwich, Diamond Head had a lighter sound, an excellent (and different sounding) singer in Sean Harris, plus some interesting songwriting and guitars from Brian Tatler.

Dillman Band - 1981 Lovin' The Night Away
Bringing a little bit of country rock to the 'North Star State', Minnesota's answer to The Eagles have gone down in music history as a 'one hit wonder' with the Top 40 single and title track from their second album 'Lovin' The Night Away'. It has to be said that while Dillman Band's roots were in country rock, there's enough period AOR going on here to satisfy even the most jaded of Glory Daze readers.

Dirt Band (The) - 1981 Jealousy
I never bought into the band's early folksy style, but in the late '70s they made a welcome one eighty turn into the world of pop rock, starting out with 'American Dream', moving into 'Make A Little Magic', and culminating in 1981's 'Jealousy'.

Doc Holliday - 1981 Doc Holliday Rides Again
If you loved the debut album, then 'Doc Holliday Rides Again' might disappoint, it's an OK album, though it probably needed to have more excitement and energy.

Dokken - 1981 Breakin' The Chains
One of the original and successful LA metal bands from the start of the eighties!

Dore, Charlie - 1981 Listen!
Anyone who remembers the hit single from 1979 called 'Pilot Of The Airwaves' will know that is was penned by female English folk rock singer Charlie Dore. Here she is in 1981 hooking up wth the band Toto!

Doucette - 1981 Coming Up Roses
Here we have the third Jerry Doucette LP from his three album run between 1977 and 1981.

Dupree, Robbie - 1981 Street Corner Heroes
With 1980 being a watershed year for Dupree, a year completed by hit singles and Grammy nominations, his follow-up proved that his debut was no fluke.

Duran Duran - 1981 Duran Duran
Years ago, admitting that I liked Duran Duran would probably be as depressing as the closing sequence of TV's series 'The Incredible Hulk', with that sombre music, but now I'm pleased that it has been a welcome discovery and it is a quality album, if you have any prejudices put them aside and discover a quality recording.

Earth And Fire - 1981 Andromeda Girl
Earth And Fire's seventh album 'Andromeda Girl'; a spin dizzy mixture of pop and disco styles hot on the heels of 1979's 'Reality Fills Fantasy' LP.

Earth Wind And Fire - 1981 Raise
This is GDM's first intrusion itno the world of Earth Wind And Fire..

Easton, Sheena - 1981 You Could Have Been With Me
Between 1980 and 1981, Sheena Easton was indeed the Queen of Scots with three major hit singles in both the UK and US. Easton brings out the best in each cut making this record a well rounded listen overall and certainly worth owning.

Egan, Joe - 1981 Map
We've got many early 70's fans here. Some might not recognise the name Joe Egan, but for those that do, you'll recall that he was one significant half of the Scottish folk/rock band Stealers Wheel.

Electric Light Orchestra - 1981 Time
ELO's last several albums had smashed the charts, none more so than 1979's 'Discovery'. Jeff Lynne decided to embark on a futuristic time travel concept album for their next release, fusing the trademark 'Beatles gone AOR' sound with lyrics from 100 years into the future. The results were as startling as they were successful.

Eloy - 1981 Planets
Eloy released 'Colours' at the beginning of the 80's decade, followed by this, 'Time To Turn' (1982) and 'Metromania' (1984). All of them are worth obtaining, and represents a time in Eloy's career where their crossover into musical territory befitting this website, should be well and truly investigated.

English, Jon - 1981 Inroads
I was stunned by this albums quality, having no clue to its existence beforehand. I think many others might be taken aback at the quality also. I can honestly recommend this as an AOR fanatics dream come true.

Entwistle, John - 1981 Too Late The Hero
This is easily Entwistle's best solo album and probably a better album overall than The Who's baffling 'Face Dances' album released only months earlier that year.

Eurythmics, The - 1981 In The Garden
This is the debut album by The Eurythmics. For those only familiar with the group at the peak of their success, 'In The Garden' might come as a pleasant surprise.

Exile - 1981 Heart And Soul
Before Exile left their mark on AOR and departed to country, they left behind a great AOR tinged LP 'Heart And Soul'.

Fair Warning (USA) - 1981 Fair Warning
Formerly a show band before this one-off LP, the chaps in Fair Warning returned to where they came thanks to some label hi-jinks courtesy of MCA.

Fisher, Matthew - 1981 Strange Days
Focusing less on grandiose orchestral arrangements and more on synthesizers and new technologies was the hip direction taken by many artists in 1981, yet 'Strange Days' is still very much a radio friendly album from the former Procol Harum keyboardist.

Fist (Canada) - 1981 Thunder In Rock
An interesting outfit from Canada going under two monikers .. Myofist in Europe and UK, and Fist in North America.

Foghat - 1981 Girls To Chat, Boys To Bounce
What went wrong with this lot? After the boogie meltdown of the 70's Foghat inexplicably changed direction after 'Stone Blue' and cornered themselves into a pop direction, losing all traces of their previous identity.

Force 10 - 1981 Force 10
Force 10 then, is as wacky for humor as The Tubes and J Geils Band were, though not exactly duplicating their musical style, this time around they're following a band like Air Raid instead.

Ford, Dwayne - 1981 Needless Freaking
This album has a big following among west-coast fans more than likely because of the Toto connection and David Foster playing keyboards, but 'Needless Freaking' rocks a little bit harder than most albums from that genre and is worth checking out no matter what your musical preference.

Foreigner - 1981 4
No mention of Foreigner's '4' album in the context of the AOR genre is tantamount to sacrilege. And so it happens that GLORY-DAZE finally gets its act together and reviews this landmark album within the genre.

Fortress - 1981 Hands In The Till
Another period AOR classic from 1981, with hints of southern fried rock and good old arena rock thrown in to boot.

Frampton, Peter - 1981 Breaking All The Rules
'Breaking All The Rules' is my favorite Frampton studio release. As bitter as this period would have been for him, Peter managed to provide a strong album that indeed rocks with hooks, variety, great singing and inspired guitar playing.

Franke And The Knockouts - 1981 Franke And The Knockouts
Another legendary band from New Jersey. Perhaps playing a style which best represents the entire musical genre known as AOR.

Fusician - 1981 Half Off [EP]
If I was to put money on it, the band that compares most favourably to Fusician would be a rockier version of Quarterflash, who also appeared on the US Charts the same year as this was released.

Garfunkel, Art - 1981 Scissors Cut
'Scissors Cut' has been reissued a few times on CD, and though it didn't set the charts on fire (in fact, WikiPedia described it as a low-point of his career), it's still a set of songs worth listening to, though a late night listening session with a cup of tea might be in order.

Gaskin - 1981 End Of The World
In keeping with my theme on 1981 releases, I now add in British trio Gaskin, led by the erstwhile founder and namesake Paul Gaskin.

Geils J, Band - 1981 Freeze Frame
1981 was a great year for AOR. While the likes of Journey, Foreigner and REO Speedwagon are tipping the charts upside down, there was one other outfit who did remarkably well that year and took everybody by surprise. And they were Boston based blues rockers the J Geils Band..

Genesis - 1981 Abacab
Not your typical Genesis album, and for long time prog fans, this was the album to formulate an escape plan from a band hell bent on selling out to commercialism.. i.e pop, R&B and soul.

Get Wet - 1981 Get Wet
With much trepidation, several spins on the trusty turntable and further research on the web, it turns out Get Wet had a lot to offer fans of power pop and an interesting, albeit brief history to boot.

Gillan - 1981 Future Shock
It was with some amazement that while researching this album I learned it reached no 2 in the U.K. album charts. Amazing perhaps given how increasingly forgotten Gillan's excellence as a solo artist was, whereas in 1981 he was a British hard rock institution competing with the NWOBHM acts he helped influence.

Girl - 1981 Wasted Youth
As a package, 'Wasted Youth' probably doesn't compete with 'Sheer Greed' but I think it has its merits, even though the band would probably disagree.

Goodman, Tim - 1981 Footsteps
A quality album that probably has Westcoast tipping the balance as representative as the major genre on offer here, but Tim Goodman, though better known in country rock and bluegrass circles, certainly went for the rock jugular back in 1981 with this album.

Grace - 1981 Live
Had Grace stuck it out and not packed-up after this live album I imagine neo-prog heads holding the band in the same hushed reverence as the holy trinity of Marillion, Pallas and IQ.

Graf - 1981 Graf
Graf.. is a band that gravitated to a very classy style of hard west coast, in the vein of Toto, Sneaker, Pablo Cruise and others of that era/style.

Green, Jack - 1981 Reverse Logic
Maybe it's just me, but here's an artist I don't feel has received the attention his music deserves from the AOR/melodic rock community. Green's music fit perfectly in the new wave scene of the early 80's. Think The Cars, The Police and Phil Seymour and you'll be right on the money.
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