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Hagar, Sammy - 1981 Standing Hampton
By 1981, Sammy Hagar was at a major career crossroads. He had released five solo albums, but he was still searching for that big break to launch him to the next level of stardom. Dissatisfied with Capitol Records, he signed a deal with fledgling Geffen Records. This was the catalyst he needed.

Hammill, Peter - 1981 Sitting Targets
As an elder statesman of Progressive rock, Peter Hammill the lead voice of Van Der Graaf Generator shows no sign of slowing down. Released in the summer of 1981 at the height of the new wave, 'Sitting Targets' is one of Hammill's more accessible works. Art pop as it should be although your enjoyment will be determined by how much you can tolerate Peter's voice which can either irritate or intrigue.

Hawks - 1981 Hawks
These guys were definitely plugged into what makes pop music so much fun to listen to. Each song is filled with luscious hooks and is melodic to the core.

Heavy Metal Army - 1981 1
For a supergroup finding any worthwhile information on this one off act is surprisingly thin, but surely their moniker ranks as one of the all time greats, just the words alone are cause for appreciation.

Holding Pattern - 1981 Holding Pattern
Formed in Connecticut, Holding Pattern developed a very English progressive sound while playing out live with Kansas, Dixie Dregs and other like-minded major label bands. This record provides everything a prog fan desires, sweeping classical keys and impressive time changes with virtuoso musicianship but nothing here really moves me enough to think of Holding Pattern as one of America's great progressive bands.

House, Dixon - 1981 Masked Madness
Most of us will agree the Dixon House Band's 1979 album 'Fighting Alone' is a certified AOR classic, but I wonder how many have heard Mr. House's solo follow-up released two years later?

Icehouse - 1981 Icehouse
In the United States, Icehouse received substantial airplay for the self titled debut and although this was the same album as the 'Flowers' release a year earlier, it was remixed for American record buyers including different cover art.

INXS - 1981 Underneath The Colours
This is one of the earlier efforts from Aussie icons INXS, and as such 'Underneath The Colours' is a mixed bag; a dated period piece for hardcore devotees only.

Iris, Donnie (And The Cruisers) - 1981 King Cool
Donnie Iris And The Cruisers certainly had the knack of being able to write songs and give them with enough polish to provide glistening melodic tunes. There are just so many sweet harmonies to be found on this album..

Iron Maiden - 1981 Killers
To this day there's still a legion of fans who claim 'Killers' to be Maiden's definitive heavy metal statement. It certainly was a different band than the later Dickinson years, with more destructive intent and not quite as polished.

Jarreau, Al - 1981 Breakin' Away
This record takes me way back into time. 'Breakin' Away' won the best vocal performance award at the 1982 Grammys, and was also nominated for album of the year. Not hard to see why.

Jefferson Starship - 1981 Modern Times
'Modern Times' certainly has some magical moments onboard. Much of it is comparable to the previous album 'Freedom At Point Zero', so that can only mean good things right?

Jet - 1981 Empty Handed
Jet were a shortlived melodic rock band put together by the husband and wife team of Barbara Barrow and Michael Smith. Based out of Chicago, this outfit have a similar background to another local area entity from that same timeframe.. Tantrum.

Jett, Joan (And The Blackhearts) - 1981 I Love Rock N Roll
It's one of the most common catch-cries of rock music isn't it? And ex Runaways member Joan Jett made it her own during the latter part of 1981 then heading into early 1982 where this album and the single went high into the Billboard charts.

Jody Street - 1981 Jody Street
Sadly forgotten and buried in the wastelands of time is this one off effort from UK funk rockers Jody Street, who were formed by the phenomenal guitar talent of John Mizarolli.

Johnny And The Distractions - 1981 Let It Rock
Here's one from 1981, that melds all sorts of different influences. Read on to find out more on this extensive review from Chris.

Jon And Vangelis - 1981 The Friends of Mr Cairo
Strangely, this album was released twice in the same year and weeks apart no less. The first featured a stylish white and black sleeve and a different track listing while the second included an extra track with the art work shown above and it's this version that's the better of the two. While 'Short Stories' production was muted and dim, this album sounds much brighter, happier even..

Journey - 1981 Captured
.. though overshadowed by their many studio LP's, as a live recording, it stands head and shoulders alongside the great live albums of the 70's and early 80's. Rediscover this classic 70 minutes of high energy arena rock n roll!

Journey - 1981 Escape
'Escape'.. where does one start when reviewing an album like this on a site like this?

Judas Priest - 1981 Point Of Entry
'Point Of Entry' is not the immediate HM follow-up that everyone was expecting. Instead, the album had been deemed to be too experimental in some quarters, too slick and polished in others.

Killer (Switzerland) - 1981 Ladykiller
Hot on the heels of fellow Swiss exports Krokus were Killer, notorious for either one of two things: the once controversial album cover featuring a dead woman, or, topping all else for being the premier AC/DC copyists of their day.

Kings, The - 1981 Amazon Beach
Circumstances conspired to make this album a disaster long before release date.. Read on..

Kiss - 1981 The Elder
In 1981 Kiss took the step of producing, well what shall we call it, a concept album? A movie soundtrack to a film that was never was? I wonder even if they got as far as commissioning a screenplay before the next fashion took hold. Whatever it was..

Kix - 1981 Kix
If you were a teenager growing up in the greater Maryland area during the late 70's, chances are you would have run into Kix. Or more probably, The Shooze or The Generators, as they were known back then.

Klaatu - 1981 Magentalane
Canadian trio Klaatu are revered with a worldwide cult following. What makes this Beatles loving outfit so different?

Krokus - 1981 Hardware
This album shows the leaps and bounds Krokus had made since Storace joined. The awkward early albums were a good starting point, but here the band had identified a certain sound and were truly on their way to perfecting it.

Lake - 1981 Hot Day
All in all a somewhat uneven album, but I would argue that the standout tracks are REAL standouts! Figure out the rest of the equation yourself!

Lake, Greg - 1981 Greg Lake
Bassist Greg Lake took it upon himself to extricate himself from the progressive handcuffs binding him, and open up a bit more with an array of musical styles on his debut solo album for Chrysalis, released in October 1981. There's a bit of everything on this album actually.

Lawton, John - 1981 Heartbeat
Reissued on CD with a totally inappropriate romantic new-agey looking cover; 'Heartbeat' is a shining star in John Lawton's extensive catalog - a must have really.

Leyden Zar - 1981 Leyden Zar
Leyden Zar were a Quebec based band and were formed as early as 1976. On the back cover they look like a cross between new-wavers and remnants of seventies styled rockers a la Starz, Gambler etc.

Life - 1981 Life
Pinpointing the Life sound think Lazy Racer and more importantly Fleetwood Mac, where George Terry plays Buckingham to Kitty Woodson's Nicks.

Light - 1981 Keys
A nice little album and while not a full blown prog rock extravaganza, 'Keys' holds it's own as one of the better Ameriprog albums and will have appeal for the more AOR minded out there as well.

Little River Band (LRB) - 1981 Time Exposure
'Time Exposure' is a very good LP with loads of good songs onboard.

London, David - 1981 David London
Haha.. on this record he is known as David London, but to all of the GLORY-DAZE readers, we know him as Fergie Frederiksen, the well known singer who has sung with a multitude of melodic rock acts. Does 'David London' stand the test of time? No it doesn't, but it's an interesting aside into Fergie's discography, and one that has only surfaced relatively recently, thanks to the Internet.

Loverboy - 1981 Get Lucky
The expression 'all killer, no filler' more than applies to 'Get Lucky' which incredibly boasted no less than four charting singles.

Lucifers Friend - 1981 Mean Machine
For fans of later Lucifers Friend, 'Mean Machine' is easily the pick of the bunch. 'Mean Machine' was a heavily influenced Heep piece of class that with repeated listenings takes on and matches Heep's 'Abominog'.

Lynch, Susan - 1981 Big Reward
She was touted as being the next Pat Benatar during the late 1981 early 1982 period. Susan Lynch sure looked great, and though the comparison wasn't quite on the money, Lynch's one and only album 'Big Reward' still has a load of redeeming qualities, making it a collectible from a GLORYDAZE perspective at least.

Madcats - 1981 Streetgame
Out of the highly industrious Toronto scene of the mid 70's came the band Madcats. So what of the Madcats music? All the typical Canadian reference points from this same era are here, including a few celebrated outfits from south of the border - including Styx and Roadmaster.

Mardones, Benny - 1981 Too Much To Lose
In terms of quality, 'Too Much To Lose' showcases Mardones' voice to perfection. Emotive mostly, wide-ranging and diverse, with the ability to change course on a dime.

Marianus - 1981 Visions From Out Of The Blue
One of the more unusual records in my collection, I still don't know what to make of it all. Visions From Out Of The Blue' is definitely one for those who like their rock adventurous and odd.

Marino, Frank (and Mahogany Rush) - 1981 The Power Of Rock and Roll
Wasn't 1981 a great year for hard rock? I thought so. Many excellent LP's found their way into my collection, but it would be many years later that Frank Marino's 'The Power Of Rock N Roll' would find its way to my vinyl pile.

Maxus - 1981 Maxus
A get together of session greats forms the basis of this one-off effort called Maxus.

Mayday - 1981 Mayday
Due to a brief, gleaming bio in the International Encyclopedia Of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal, this instantly became a personal must-have.. 'Mayday' is worth the hype and an easy classic..

McElroy, Taffy - 1981 The Heartbreak Kid
West Memphis native Taffy McElroy turns out a pure breed of Californian pop on this her only album.

Message - 1981 Lessons
This was the band of the late Dean Fasano, which featured pre Bon Jovi membership before their 1984 'Breakout'!

Midnight Flyer - 1981 Midnight Flyer
Midnight Flyer was a short-lived band that came together during the early 80's. The focal point of this quintet was Scottish singer Maggie Bell, who came to prominence as part of the band Stone The Crows.

Molly Hatchet - 1981 Take No Prisoners
Much like 'Beatin' The Odds', 'Take No Prisoners' is not the strongest album in Hatchet's discography, but has a few choice moments to reflect back on.

Moody Blues, The - 1981 Long Distance Voyager
A remarkable and stellar album, 'Long Distance Voyager' continues to delight and surprise all these years later..

Moon, Eve - 1981 Eve Moon
Eve Moon's image as a brooding female rocker wasn't quite up to the intensity of someone like Joan Jett for example, but the music to be found on this 1981 debut, shows the reasons why Capitol Records offered her a deal.

More - 1981 Warhead
I've always liked this UK band even though they were quite late to enter the NWOBM ranks during 1980/1981.For me, 'Warhead' is when the band were at their creative best. Even Rock Candy Records thought so too, and reissued the album in 2011.
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