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Cher - 1982 I Paralyze
The early 80's era of singer/actress Cher is one that deserves rediscovery. She also was a member of Black Rose alongside Les Dudek, and it's no surprise that this album is very close in style to that 1980 effort.

Chilliwack - 1982 Opus X
Come 1982 and 'Opus X' is released, and in my books, it's the best they've done. Full of crunching rockers, great production and lots of frilly touches with the keyboards shining through.

Cintron - 1982 Cintron (4 track)
Cintron were a power trio from Long Island NY that played their way around local gigs during the late 70's and early 80's. Their one-off four track EP found it's way into the International Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal, hence my interest in it when said publication referred to them as Van Halen contenders..

Clocks - 1982 Clocks
From Wichita Kansas, come the band Clocks, who released this one-off pop rock effort from 1982.

Cockney Rejects, The - 1982 The Wild Ones
These East End lads attained a large following for their punk ethic but in the early 80's the band changed tack radically and turned their focus towards a hard rock/metal style. To say it worked would be an understatement as this album blows away many a premier rock act in 1982, particularly the ones it emulates, making this a stunningly successful transformation.

Cold Chisel - 1982 Circus Animals
Along with the likes of AC/DC and Rose Tattoo, few bands embodied the blue collar Australian rock ethic of Cold Chisel in the late 70's and early 80's..

Collins, Phil - 1982 Hello I Must Be Going!
While purists still disregard Collins talent and blame him for Genesis' transformation, insisting he plays the same type of music as a solo artist. This is his arguably his best and his most organic, live studio album IMO.

Conductor - 1982 Conductor
For lovers of pure AOR, this album is manna from heaven. The songs, arrangements, vocals and instrumentation are spot on. I'm reminded of Scandal, Delta, The Breaks and a host female fronted rock at its very best.

Coney Hatch - 1982 Coney Hatch
Isn't it a ghastly cover? It's fortunate the same cannot be said about the music, which is superb hard edged commercial radio rock, prime time 1982.

Cooper And Ross - 1982 Bottom Line
While the hopelessly dated cover photo might be a turn-off, cynics will be surprised to find 'Bottom Line' a decent soulful west coast one-off.

Cooper, Alice - 1982 Zipper Catches Skin
Of all the obscure albums in his catalogue, 'Zipper Catches Skin' might be Alice Cooper's most forgotten effort of all.

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Criss, Peter - 1982 Let Me Rock You
This album is a marked improvement over Criss' poor 1978 self titled effort and 1980's dull 'Out Of Control', showing more urgency in hard rock and AOR areas.

Cua, Rick - 1982 Koo 'Ah
'Koo-ah' is the most representative of Cua's southern rock roots, although it's far from a kick ass, triple guitar extravaganza.

Day, Arlan - 1982 I Surrender
Here's a stint of UK AOR (made in the USA) with references to Christopher Cross and Robbie Patton.

De Luxe - 1982 American Roulette
Not much known about this lot from Switzerland, but a damn fine AOR/pomp outfit they are - that's for sure!

Demon - 1982 The Unexpected Guest
Demon definitely progressed beyond their NWOBHM origins as their career extended into the 80's. For this album though, Demon hadn't quite made the musical u-turn, but there are definite hints that a change was on the cards.

Diesel (Holland) - 1982 Unleaded
Turmoil and seriously crummy material doomed 'Unleaded' from the get-go with a sound a million miles from the AOR/pop rock of their chrome-plated debut 'Watts In A Tank'.

Dire Straits - 1982 Love Over Gold
Nothing prepared me for a progressive rock album from a band born of the same booze soaked British pub rock scene that gave birth to Ace, Dr. Feelgood and Elvis Costello. You read right, progressive rock. 'Love Over Gold' is both jazzy and arty, alternating between light and shade atmospherics and a precursor to Mark Knopfler's prolific soundtrack work, beginning with 1983's charming cult film 'Local Hero'.

Dolby, Thomas - 1982 The Golden Age Of Wireless
This record was an instant smash buoyed by the geeky, but brilliant single 'She Blinded Me With Science'. What attracted me most (and still does) was Dolby's knack for writing catchy earworm hooks while stretching and shaping it into something bold and innovative and there's no shortage of top notch progressive pop found on this album.

Dollar - 1982 The Dollar Album
Whether or not Dollar is fit to grace the pages of Glorydaze is a moot point, and sure to generate some opinions either way. All I ask is give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised... or then again maybe not.

Dreamer (USA) - 1982 Dreamer [EP]
Small time band from California who came and went but left a 1982 imprint in the way of a 4 track EP. A racy affair played in the vein of a high tempo Loverboy.

Duke Jupiter - 1982 Duke Jupiter 1
After releasing three fairly laid back Southern influenced LP's between 1978 and 1980, Duke Jupiter were ready for a change of direction with DJ1.

Earforce - 1982 Hot Line
Earforce is an extremely catchy and damn entertaining listen, the band are definitely worthy of your ear time and a few loose bucks if you can find the LP anywhere. Someone should just go out and release the thing on CD, and put us all out of misery.

Eloy - 1982 Time To Turn
The Eloy journey continued into 1982, the band having to find a set of songs to reach the dizzy heights of 1981's 'Planets'. 'Time To Turn' would be that album, and though the music isn't as outrageously good as its predecessor, there are still moments to delve into.

Fagen, Donald - 1982 The Nightfly
Of course we know Donald Fagen as the voice behind 70's legends Steely Dan. However, it would take until 1982 before the release of his debut solo LP: 'The Nightfly'

Fairchild - 1982 Shadowland
This time around Fairchild adopted a bright and breezy FM radio rock approach with pop sensibilities, with much more memorable songs as a result.

Fargo - 1982 F
Hannover based rockers Fargo were in operation during the 70's and early 80's, releasing four albums, the last of which was 1982's 'F' LP..

Ferguson, Jay - 1982 White Noise
'White Noise' would end up being Ferguson's last solo venture to date, but this was a fine way to bow out. Ferguson had embraced the AOR dream and delivered a set very much in the tradition that Rick Springfield.

Firefall - 1982 Break Of Dawn
By this stage of their history, Colorado band Firefall were on the cusp of being a completely different band; certainly beyond recognition at the time of their inception.

Fireworks - 1982 Sightseing At Night
Group leader and vocalist Marty McCall, never resting on his laurels signed with MCA and as 'Marty McCall and Fireworks' released a nice west coast album called 'Up!' in 1981, which brings us to this, the final Fireworks album and what many consider their best although I am not so sure...

Flame Dream - 1982 Supervision
Swiss band Flame Dream have released a swag of albums, none of which have made it to CD. Fans of crossover prog should investigate..

Fortnox - 1982 Fortnox
A no-frills power trio from the southern state of Georgia. For comparisons sake, the best bet is a smoother version of The Rods (circa 1981/82) combined with the early rampant style of Helix.

Franke And The Knockouts - 1982 Below The Belt
Following the top forty success of the 1981 debut 'Franke And The Knockouts' and the top ten single 'Sweetheart', Franke and his Knockouts were under pressure to repeat the formula. With a heavy touring schedule most of 'Below The Belt' was written on the road, the bands record label giving the band 'three minutes to write songs' according to Franke Previte.

Frey, Glenn - 1982 No Fun Aloud
Despite the patchy nature of the album it went gold and established Frey as a solo artist for the rest of the decade, as witnessed by his well-worn hits 'The Heat Is On' and 'You Belong To The City'. Like him or not there's no denying Frey's songwriting prowess during his heyday and this is worth listening to regardless of the varied content.

Gamma - 1982 Gamma 3
An abundance of keyboards and synthesizers are employed by Ronnie Montrose for this third and highly entertaining Gamma LP.

Garnett Ford - 1982 Post Card
Originally released in Canada in 1982, Garnett Ford's 'Postcard' saw reissue on Germany's Long Island Records.

Geddes Axe - 1982 Sharpen Your Wits (7" Single)
Geddes Axe released three EP's (two of which were demos) during their time. 'Sharpen Your Wits' was the middle effort, only a two-tracker, but it's a corker, somewhere between early Iron Maiden and Def Leppard.

Genocide - 1982 Too Long
It's hard just what to make of this early 80's outfit from Utah. Genocide, a name that conjures up thoughts of early 80's metal, be it early US metal or a style based off the prevailing NWOBHM metal scene. But if you take a closer look, you'll find a whole backline of keyboards filling out Genocide's sound.

Gillan - 1982 Magic
I seem to remember less positive views at the time, and personally speaking this album originally never hit home to me either, although time has been good to this recording and still stands up well today.

Glass Moon - 1982 Growing In The Dark
The band originate from Raleigh North Carolina, the home of fellow rockers Nantucket, and not too far away from the stomping ground of that other AOR mainstay Sugarcreek. Apparently they started life off as a progressive rock band, but by the time the eighties knocked on the door and a deal was signed, they miraculously became a AOR/pop band!

Glory Bells Band - 1982 Dressed In Black
This is as basic and traditional as metal could get for the era and despite being feted as a lost classic one listen indicates this isn't quite true, although it rates with previously reviewed third division Euro metal like Oz, Witchcross and Battleaxe for undoubted enthusiasm and energy.

Goanna - 1982 Spirit Of Place
Here's a group that was a big success in their native Australia at a time when music from 'down under' was becoming all the rage in America as well as Europe, thanks in part for better or worse to MTV and Men at Work.

Grand Prix - 1982 There For None To See
This album is the AOR lovers dream, with pompish keyboards overflowing next to choruses that bear repeating again and again..

Grass Roots, The - 1982 Powers Of The Night
First of all, this is not The Grass Roots I remember. Here we have straight ahead AOR in typical early 80's style similar to American Noise, Shelter, Alliance, Le Roux and, well... you get the picture.

Groucutt, Kelly - 1982 Kelly
There are shades of the Electric Light Orchestra all over this 1982 solo album by its former bass player Kelly Groucutt.

Guidry, Greg - 1982 Over The Line
What we have on offer are a tremendous selection of softer, mellower AOR songs, ideal for radio.

Hackett, Steve - 1982 Highly Strung
Without a doubt my favorite progressive rock guitarist and an album that seems to split Steve Hackett fans between those who revile its AOR tendencies and those who consider it one of his best works.

Hagar, Sammy - 1982 3 Lock Box
Hagar had perfected the art of mixing metal, hard rock and AOR but the AOR aspect was more pronounced on 'Three Lock Box..

Hall And Oates - 1982 H20
By 1982 Hall & Oates were among the biggest selling artists in the USA, rivaling the likes of Michael Jackson for pop supremacy. 1980's 'Voices' and 81's 'Private Eyes' had put them over the top, the endless supply of hooks and melodies leading to a truckload of top ten singles.

Hancock, Herbie - 1982 Lite Me Up
Of all Hancock's work this is perhaps the most commercial, with none of the sprawling instrumentals that usually dominated his work. Instead the emphasis was purely on regular radio style material of the time, which as you'd expect Hancock pulls off with ease. With surnames involved like Graydon, Lukather, Champlin, Foster, Page and Boddicker there's no conceivable way this album could ever go wrong.
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