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Seals, Dan - 1982 Harbinger
'Harbinger' followed in the same fashion as his 1980 west coast flavoured album 'Stones'. 'Harbinger' is an even more accomplished AOR serving from the late Dan Seals. Of course he would switch to country following this offering, but this is a truly lost gem, another memorable release from the great year of 1982.

Sedaka, Dara - 1982 I'm Your Girl Friend
She's part of pop royalty, and though this album is nearly thirty five years old, it still packs a punch.

Shanghai - 1982 Shanghai
Shanghai were formed from the ashes of New York band Spider.

Sherbs, The - 1982 Shaping Up
'Shaping Up' is the lesser known of the three Sherbs albums, a seven-tracker released in 1982. The band was of course the next extension of the great Australian pop outfit Sherbet, who by this stage had migrated to early 80's pop/rock with much aplomb.

Sheriff - 1982 Sheriff
Listening to this album time and again still sends shivers of AOR delight down my spine. It's hard to believe this piece of Canadian perfection came out in 1982, it still sounds fresh now as it did back all those years ago.

Shiva (UK) - 1982 Firedance
British three-piece Shiva might have been tagged as Rush clones, and they lined up as one of a series of progressive-minded UK power trios from the NWOBHM era, although they weren't strictly in that zone. For the most part its mid '70s hard rock meets Yes.

Shooting Star - 1982 III Wishes
So it was with trepidation that I decided to review their third album. Having only heard 'III Wishes' recently for the first time, and being a huge fan of the band, I was so disappointed with this that it surely ranks as one of the premier letdowns in melodic rock/AOR history.

Shyanne - 1982 Shyanne
Another Seattle based pop/rock band with origins going way back into the time (around the time when man first walked on the moon!) were the outfit Shyanne.

Simple Minds - 1982 New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
'New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)' was and is Simple Minds crowning glory; a neo prog tour-de-force right down to the shimmering byzantine influenced sleeve art.

Smith, Leslie - 1982 Heartache
At first listen, this is a mixture of smooth R&B a la Al Jarreau with West Coast leanings. No doubt this is sure to interest some punters here.

Sneaker - 1982 Loose In The World
Their musical styles dabbles in the likes of Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Venice and Ambrosia. A lovely amalgam of west coast and AOR. For the hardened AORster, 'Loose In This World' may even be more appealing due to the appearance of a few rockers.

Snowmen - 1982 Snowmen
The Snowmen were a shortlived blip on the 80's hard rock landscape, though I'm sure if there any LP copies available on Ebay, they might be worth a small fortune. One other thing: kudos to the guy who designed the front cover. It's very striking, in a wintery sort of way.

Solution - 1982 Runaway
Producer Jim Capaldi's influence can be felt throughout 'Runaway'; providing lyrics on seven of the eight tunes and on occasion giving Solution a sound not too dissimilar from his early 80s solo albums.

Spider (UK) - 1982 Rock N Roll Gypsies
If making a career out of recreating Status Quo's greatest riffs was Spider's ambition then they certainly came close!

Spoons - 1982 Arias And Symphonies
Owing much of their sound and image to the new romantics, but more importantly Ultravox a band they were often compared to at the time, Spoons sound more British than Canadian.

Springfield, Rick - 1982 Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet
The music is AOR of the finest sort with the pop sensibilities that led to countless chart hits, but with some staggering interplay that probably went over most peoples heads. To this day this comes as his most recommended work, if only by myself!

SPYS - 1982 SPYS
Many of the songs were written by the trio of Blanco, DiGaudio and Gagliardi, the first three members to combine for SPYS. However, it wasn't until two years later that the album was eventually released. The result, a true AOR masterpiece, appreciated and acknowledged as such by fans of the genre.

Squier, Billy - 1982 Emotions In Motion
How difficult would it be for Billy to follow up his massive selling 'Don't Say No' album from '81? Well for his sake, it's just as well he got Bobby Chouinard to tone down the drumwork on this one, but all in all, there are some goodies to be had on this platter.

Stanley, Michael (Band) - 1982 MSB
One of the four classic era albums from the Michael Stanely Band during the early to mid 80's.

Stealer - 1982 Stealer
Stealer were one of the many major label tax write-off AOR albums that wonderfully cluttered record bins in the early '80s..

Steel Breeze - 1982 Steel Breeze
'You Don't Want Me Anymore' put Steel Breeze on the musical map from which they fell off all too quickly. One of this reviewers favorite songs of 1982; I'm sure many had high hopes for these Sacramento, California cats who seemed to be primed at the pump for the big time.

Steelback - 1982 Five Star Lady (Mini Album)
Steelback finally ended up on vinyl in 1982, five years after their start. 'Five Star Lady' was the result, a 5 track affair, notable for singer Glen Duley's vocal similarity to a lower register Geddy Lee.

Stevens, Jon - 1982 Jon Stevens
One of New Zealand's finest rock exports has to be Jon Stevens. Unknown to many AORsters, Steven's released an excellent solo album in 1982, recorded and produced in Los Angeles amidst the greats of the L.A studio/session scene.

Straley, Teresa - 1982 Never Enough
It's been roughly two decades since 'Never Enough' last made its way to the turntable and it didn't take long for the memories of this mediocre platter to come flooding back. It's not that Straley is unequipped as a vocalist, to the contrary. Her pipes are amazing here and as exhibited in Harlow but the material unlike the attractive cover photo, is less than desirable.

Strange Advance - 1982 Worlds Away
This trio plied a more electronic mixture, influenced by the likes of early Saga, FM (Canadian version), and Australia's own Icehouse.

Stranger - 1982 Stranger
These boys played a style that had radio friendly attributes mixed with a guitar oriented approach.

Street, Jack (Band) - 1982 Jack Street Band
A much underrated and under loved opus is this one from AOR hero Jack Street. Put together and managed by the same guys that looked after the band Player and Peter Beckett, namely Tuneworks Records and their main guy Dennis Lambert.

Streetheart - 1982 Streetheart
This was a very successful fifth album for these Canadian AOR legends, and deservedly so.

Sugarcreek - 1982 Fortune
I think it would be easy to say that 1980's AOR couldn't be better represented than this 1982 effort called 'Fortune' from North Carolina's Sugarcreek.

Sulton, Kasim - 1982 Kasim
He's better known as one of the key side-men for Todd Rundgren and the band Utopia. But Kasim Sulton also had a solo career, which kicked off in 1982 with this LP.

Supertramp - 1982 Famous Last Words
With musical tensions growing between Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, 'Famous Last Words' would become a self-fulfilling prophecy..

Survivor - 1982 Eye Of The Tiger
We all remember the riff.. right? One of the most identifiable intros to music, that has been used a thousand times over on TV and film. That's right, we're talking Survivor's 'Eye Of The Tiger'. Not so much the album, but the tune.

Sweet Comfort Band - 1982 Cutting Edge
GDAZE has a couple of reviews of this Christian band. Not the normal cup of tea we sip on around here, but their three albums between 1981 and 1984 deserve a special mention in particular. We've reviewed two, here is the missing piece of the jigsaw. 1982's superb 'Cutting Edge'.

Takasaki, Akira - 1982 Tusk Of Jaguar
Despite utilising his Loudness bandmates for his debut solo venture, this is far from being a Loudness album with Takasaki's name splashed on the cover, as the unique direction Takasaki adopted was removed from the band's traditional heavy metal values of the early 80's, serving up some instrumental genius instead.

Takit - 1982 Takit (EP)
This would be Takit's only release. It doesn't set the house on fire for mine, but is an interesting tidbit on the 1982 timeline just the same.

Talas - 1982 Sink Your Teeth Into That
Billy Sheehan might not be a regular name trotted out here at GD, but we right things slightly with his band Talas..

Taylor, B.E (Group) - 1982 Innermission
'Innermission', Billy's first record, also featured the Wild Cherry duo of Iris and Mark Avsec in the production chair. Stylistically, Billy offers us a lighter radio rock/AOR style similar to early Stan Bush and in parts Rick Springfield.

Thorpe, Billy - 1982 East Of Edens Gate
'East Of Edens Gate' was the last of four attempts to crack America. 'Children Of The Sun', 21st Century Man' and 'Stimulation' (between 19729 and 1981) all went before it with varying results.

Toronto - 1982 Get It On Credit
After the disappointing 'Head On', Toronto put their account firmly back in the black with Get It On Credit'.

Toto - 1982 Toto IV
One of the genre's perfect albums, and one that fully deserved al the accolades it was awarded.

Tower - 1982 Titan
As I've stated elsewhere on these pages, the Dutch contribution to progressive pop is enormous and Tower stands as one of the genres very best.

Travers, Pat (Band) - 1982 Black Pearl
This is the kind of all out hard rock Travers made his name with and even though this album isn't a total exercise in this fashion, it's still a classic Pat Travers album.

Trees - 1982 Sleep Convention
This really is a charming little record and a must own for quirky synth pop fans. At times I am reminded of that other pop egghead Thomas Dolby, but Conover's voice is a little more palatable and the music is never over the top despite his use of just about every instrument available at the time sans a kitchen sink!

Twelfth Night - 1982 Fact And Fiction
This CD is an essential item for all Twelfth Night fans. Even though the demos are little more than a curiosity, you'll want to hear them anyway and the inclusion of the 7' single tracks are a more than welcome bonus.

Twisted Sister - 1982 Under The Blade
'Under The Blade' is an angry debut, punishing heavy metal on the level with Manowar's debut that same year. Anyone who thought the make up was girlish might want to check the boys out on the back cover decked out in street denim. Very intimidating!

Twydell, Iva - 1982 Duel
In 1982, Twydell with former band mate Nick Battle released 'Duel' featuring none other than original Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips. This is a quirky, synthesizer driven record much like After The Fire's later work or Flock Of Seagulls and early Tears For Fears.

Tygers Of Pan Tang - 1982 The Cage
The Cage' moved the Tygers into commercial territory for the first time, and put them in front of British audiences thanks to carefully placed print adverts and singles releases into the market.

Tzuke, Judie - 1982 Shoot The Moon
Described as the archetypal English Rose, Judie Tzuke had by this stage of her career, decided to 'rock out' a little more. 'Shoot The Moon' was Judie's debut album for the Chrysalis label, after having spent years under the direction of Rocket Records.

U.S.K. - 1982 U.S.K.
Interesting outfit from Spokane, Washington that found a good deal of success touring the wilds of Western Canada and in turn scored a one-off album deal with the obscure Alberta based House Of Lords Records.

UFO - 1982 Mechanix
Hindered by a host of mediocre tracks, the brief flashes of UFO's reckless abandon give 'Mechanix' enough credibility to warrant a listen.
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