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Miller, Steve (Band) - 1982 Abracadabra / 1983 Live
Here's a pair of albums from recent Hall of Fame inductee Steve Miller.

Mitchell, Kim - 1982 Kim Mitchell [ep]
Inexplicably never released outside Canada; 'Kim Mitchell' stands as his magnum opus and one of the greatest AOR EP's ever released on that long dead much-missed format.

Moore, Gary - 1982 Corridors Of Power
1982 was my first foray into the world of Gary Moore. In my opinion, there isn't a weak track on this platter. Tracks that are out and out rockers, plus a couple of exquisite ballads.

More - 1982 Blood And Thunder
One of the most well known NWOBHM acts and one who could have gone on to greater things had it not been for a slew of lineup changes, ill luck with record companies and bad luck in general.

MSG (Michael Schenker Group) - 1982 Assault Attack
Despite their rapid demise, this version of MSG manufactured what is perhaps the pick of all the MSG albums, in large part to the appearance of Graham Bonnet, who coming off the success of his 1981 solo effort 'Line Up', had of course performed a similar role in Rainbow.

Nash, Nancy - 1982 Letting Go
By 1982 Nancy had embraced AOR, and bought along a tag-team of musicians related to the aforementioned Straight Lines and Agent.

Newton, Juice - 1982 Quiet Lies
For me, this is an oldie but a goodie, and one LP I played constantly back in 1982.

Night Plane - 1982 Night Plane
Night Plane as a body of music is well-versed in that late 60's singer/songwriter vibe, plus it melds the heartfelt Colorado soft rock tradition of Firefall, China (the US version), fellow Handshake labelmates Sneaker and Los Angeles' best kept 'west-coast/AOR secret': being Venice.

Night Ranger - 1982 Dawn Patrol
One of the Bay Areas finest AOR bands .. Period. Blessed with two excellent singers in Blades and Keagy, and arguably the best dual guitar pairing in melodic rock (this side of Thin Lizzy) with Gillis and Watson.

Nitro (#2) - 1982 Lethal
Pennsylvania's Nitro get a brief mention here at GD.

Noel And The Red Wedge - 1982 Peer Pressure
Noel herself was cute in a Daryl Hannah sort of way but I had never heard of her prior to this LP. New wave pop is the order of the day, squarely in the colorful direction Cyndi Lauper would take a year later with 'She's So Unusual'. While 'Peer Pressure' never reached the commercial zenith as that album, it's a fun period piece worth hearing.

Novo Combo - 1982 The Animation Generation
Perhaps smothered by bands of their era, the New York based Novo Combo released two credible AOR albums, this one being their second and best.

Nowherefast - 1982 Nowherefast
Though described as a commercial rock outfit, Nowherefast are by no means a wimp-out band. Nowherefast's melodic intentions fuses the energy and style of bands such as Mayday and early Survivor.

Nugent, Ted - 1982 Nugent
This is classic Nugent and it's his last really identifiable album, despite some good efforts later on.

O Banion, John - 1982 Danger
Fantastic lightweight AOR with a definite hint of West Coast thrown in for good measure, and coming from an era where male solo artists were the 'in thing'.

Omega - 1982 Omega XI
'XI' was another Eastern Bloc success, despite being widely regarded as their weakest album.

Orleans - 1982 One Of A Kind
Orleans began exploring a more AOR friendly style starting with their 19729 'Forever' album, 1980's 'Orleans' and 'One Of A Kind' which features a stunningly beautiful cover art and excellent melodic rock to match.

Page, Jimmy - 1982 Deathwish II (Soundtrack)
I've always thought this was an underrated addition to Page's discography and it showed he was as inventive as ever and had regained some of the form that had gone missing at the end of Zeppelin's tenure.

Parker, Ray (Jnr) - 1982 The Other Woman
This album fits in perfectly with the aforementioned artists Parker Jr. is compared to here (Benson, Richie, Osborne etc), but this is edgier and it shows with the lyrics and music.

Parsons, Alan (Project) - 1982 Eye In The Sky
Up to this point Alan Parsons and company had been consistently releasing high quality albums based on obscure concepts and this was their sixth album in as many years, not to mention their most successful. The success of the title track helped the album go platinum and was easily the peak for the band.

Patton, Robbie - 1982 Orders From Headquarters
Those listeners seeking to supplement a healthy diet of West Coast AOR will find this very satisfying, particularly if they have a penchant for singer-songwriters such as David Roberts, John O'Banion et al.

Paul, Henry (Band) - 1982 Henry Paul
A figure much admired and featured here at Glory Daze is one time perennial AOR figure Henry Paul. It would be amiss to leave this album unmentioned, as it is undoubtedly Paul's most consistent AOR effort of a solo career that began with the Southern sounds of his Outlaws days.

Poco - 1982 Ghost Town
This type of melody might not appeal to every AOR fan, but for those that find favor with the music Firefall were producing in the same period, then this is essential.

Point Blank - 1982 On A Roll
A Texan band with a deep history of southern rock 'n' blues since the late seventies. By the time 1982 rolled around, Point Blank were sounding anything but Texan, with fat keyboards and rollicking melodic rock influences hitting home.

Pyle, Artimus (Band) - 1982 A.P.B
'A.P.B.' (rumoured to stand for 'All Points Bulletin') was a satisfying mixture of southern fare and more commercial AOR, seemingly a must for any Southern band at the time.

Quasar - 1982 Fire In The Sky
Others have stated the fact that Quasar are similar to Saga and in all fairness they aren't wrong. However, anybody looking for guitar based prog rock here will come away empty, it's not a feature at all.

Queen - 1982 Hot Space
For many fans, especially in the U.S. 'Hot Space' was the final straw, believing Queen had truly lost their minds and yet the album shouldn't have come as a big surprise, considering the blueprint was set on their previous album 'The Game'.

Queen City Kids - 1982 Black Box
Here's another Canadian band with its origins sourced from the prairie heartland of Winnipeg. Following in the footsteps of contemporaries Streetheart and Harlequin came the Queen City Kids.

Rainbow - 1982 Straight Between The Eyes
While they were regular top five contenders in Britain since the Dio days, it was the USA that Blackmore was desperate to crack. 81's 'Difficult To Cure' had hit no.50 on the strength of major single 'I Surrender', but it was Turner's classy vocals and a smoother AOR sound which paid dividends.

Rapid Tears - 1982 Honestly
Rapid Tears are one of the heaviest basic metal acts to surely come out of Canada for the time, alongside Anvil.

Raven - 1982 Wiped Out
'Wiped Out' is the sound of metal in all its glory, the way it's supposed to be played. It hasn't dated one bit in 32 years and most likely it never will.

Redvette - 1982 Redvette
Redvette's music is good solid melodic rock with keyboards. Nothing earth-shattering, it is ham-fisted at times, it compares with bands like Angel, Jagwire and when the keyboards fire up (particularly the organ work) then a comparison to a workingman's Legs Diamond is appropriate.

REO Speedwagon - 1982 Good Trouble
Because of the recent re-issue on Rock Candy, I'm playing my vinyl copy, and while my review probably won't be to the standard of the pending Rock Candy review in that monthly magazine it will be at least be a shade more critical when it needs to be. Of course this followed 'Hi Infidelity' and they found themselves in the same inevitable task as fellow countrymen Journey would have 6 months later in trying to match their most celebrated success with a follow up. Journey was doing the same with 'Frontiers', so likewise 'Good Trouble' was going to be on a hiding to nothing.

Richie, Lionel - 1982 Lionel Richie
This is an album which stands alongside the best of the vintage year of 1982, which I'm sure most would admit was one of AOR's finest years. The way Richie embraced this sound was almost natural and 1983's 'Can't Slow Down' was on the same level.

Riggs - 1982 Riggs
This album has all the hallmarks of superb AOR. There are some mighty impressive moments on display here, and they still sound good all these years later.

Ritenour, Lee - 1982 Rit II
Lee Ritenour just barely scrapes into this site by virtue of his reputation, notwithstanding the fact that some of his albums are incredible slices of West Coast pop. However, his 1981-1984 period generated some wonderful moments, and perhaps was a reflection of the times when his genuine talent could be seen for crossover potential into the general pop market.

Roberts, David - 1982 All Dressed Up
Considering 1982 was a watershed year for AOR (IMO perhaps the best!), David Robert's sole effort can stand proudly alongside similar efforts released that year. A veritable classic..

Rods, The - 1982 Wild Dogs
The second Rods album was unfairly panned by Sounds magazine at the time of it's release back in 1982. We take it into our own hands to correct that matter..

Rossi, Vasco - 1982 Vado Al Massimo
Following the recent Umberto Tozzi review one of our readers bought to our attention Vasco Rossi, who it appears usurps even Tozzi in the ranks of Italy's most well-known and famous rock star. However varied this album is, the results are staggeringly effective.

RPM - 1982 RPM
One of the all time classics in AOR history. Revered just by about every trustworthy AOR scribe over the last twenty years and one of the few releases to get a late CD format release.

Rush - 1982 Signals
With this album, Rush move beyond the typical guitar driven power trio and put a heavy focus on synth laden compositions.

Rutherford, Mike - 1982 Acting Very Strange
Mike Rutherford must have been listening to Phil Collins for inspiration, as this second solo album from him is far more commercial, with leanings towards AOR and new wave at odd moments.

Saga - 1982 In Transit (Live)
The first four albums by this group are quite timeless, and for newbies who have never heard the band (shame on you.. but I digress..) then you could no worse than procuring their 1982 live album 'In Transit' which represents cherry-picked tracks from those 4 mentioned albums.

Salem, Freddie And The Wildcats - 1982 Cat Dance
Once again a perfect album that fell through the cracks at a time when classic albums were so common. This deserves recognition as it doesn't contain a poor moment whatsoever, and is an album you'll want to hear again and again.

Santana - 1982 Shango
Moving on to the third installment of our recent Santana coverage, we look at 1982's 'Shango' album.

Santers - 1982 Racing Time
Santers sound is halfway between hard rock and AOR, it's hard to pin the bands real direction down, one moment coming off as contenders to Foreigner the next attacking with the gusto of AC/DC.

Savvy - 1982 Made In Texas
It sure might read Texas on the can, but Savvy sound geographically challenged when it comes to their music. You see, these boys sound like they come out of the Midwest.

Sayer, Leo - 1982 World Radio
I think it is time for everyone to rediscover Leo, and invest a little time and money in his discography. Fans of west coast/AOR, and in particular, those who enjoyed albums from Air Supply like 'The World Is..' and their 1985 self titled release might find something to get excited about.

Scandal - 1982 Scandal (Mini LP)
As it would eventuate, the 1982 'Scandal Mini LP' would generate two reasonably popular tunes, the Mini LP/EP itself would apparently become CBS's largest selling EP from its extensive catalogue, and the band would head out on the road supporting both Hall & Oates and The Kinks in the process.

Scorpions, The - 1982 Blackout
Obviously one of the most well known metal albums of the 1980's, but considering The Scorpion's inability to pen a consistent album since 1984 it might be vaguely tempting to suggest that it's easy to forget what a fine band they once were.
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