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Harlequin (Canada) - 1982 One False Move
The material, it must be said, is quite hard-edged and rocky. Certainly more so than the straight-ahead radio rock we heard on 'Love Crimes'.

Hartman, Lisa - 1982 Letterock
My goodness, do you think the record company was trying to sell Lisa Hartman or sex? As if we already don't know the answer to that!

Headpins - 1982 Turn It Loud
'Turn It Loud' was Headpins debut LP from 1982, and was a fiery full of energy 8-tracker.

Heavy Load - 1982 Death Or Glory
Heavy Metal traditionalists who are not familiar with Heavy Load would probably be awe struck on the first glance of the album cover, a glorious drawing of a muscle-bound Viking about to cut down a menacing polar bear in some icy wasteland, truly authentic metal spirit!

Hellcats, The - 1982 Hellcats 1 [ep]
It was 1982, and American pop rockers Starz had been off the scene for four years. However, not all was done and dusted in the Starz camp, with Ranno and Smith coming up for air with a new combination: The Hellcats formed in 1980. Even if their debut was just a five-track EP, that was enough for long-time Starz fans in the meantime.

Hobin, Todd - 1982 Keepin' The Dream Alive
Hobin's place in AOR history is sealed regardless and for those who have yet to be exposed to this album, well you really can't go wrong should you seek it out.

Huey Lewis And The News - 1982 Picture This
Before the ultra success of 1983's 'Sports' album, Huey Lewis And The News warmed up in fine fashion with an album possibly as deserving of such sales, 'Picture This'. It would be wrong to classify The News as strictly AOR, but they make a strong case here.

Hughes Thrall - 1982 Hughes Thrall
An unusual pairing, and coming from different backgrounds leading up to this point, but the teaming up of singer/bassist Glenn Hughes and ace axeman Pat Thrall certainly presents some interesting options musically.

Hunt, The - 1982 The Thrill Of The Kill
By the time this album was released, the band lineup resembled nothing of the original membership, and the band was relegated to a small corner of Canadian rock history. A shame really as this album smokes!

Imperials, The - 1982 Stand By The Power
Russ Taff was once a leading light of The Imperials. When he left in 1981, the band recruited Paul Smith and wouldn't you know it the result was surely one of the best CCM albums of the early 80's.

Iris, Donnie (And The Cruisers) - 1982 The High And The Mighty
'The High And The Mighty' continued to develop the bands off kilter AOR style, no matter how melodic there was always an unpredictable tangent or two.

Iron Maiden - 1982 Number Of The Beast
'Number Of The Beast' is forever destined to be one of the most famous metal recordings of all time.

Irrwisch - 1982 Living In A Fools Paradise
Switzerland has provided a couple of intriguing bands over the years. One which has flown under most people's radar is one of the oldest surviving bands of all - Irrwisch.

Jans, Tom - 1982 Champion
Here's a name that deserves to be better known among the AOR and West Coast communities. His name is Tom Jans.

Jefferson Starship - 1982 Winds Of Change
It was a good exercise going back listening to this. I'll reconfirm by saying it's not their strongest album, but it was likeable in places, though I'm sure the band members couldn't convince me to like it anymore than that.

Jesse Brady - 1982 Jesse Brady
You can compare this lot with Thrills, SPYS, Toto and Styx. All wonderful comparisons yes, showcasing what a great year 1982 was for AOR.

Jethro Tull - 1982 Broadsword And The Beast
This album contains some top class AOR songs and top class rock songs. It's one of most complete albums in my record collection..

John, Elton - 1982 Jump Up!
If Bernie Taupin really did say this was disposable and one of their worst albums, then he must have an extremely high bar of excellence. I don't hear a bad song in the bunch and I'm glad I decided to give this album a chance, because it's high on quotients of AOR, as would be the rest of Elton's remaining 80's albums.

Judas Priest - 1982 Screaming For Vengeance
1982 was the year that Judas Priest become one of the top dogs on the heavy metal stage, and would influence a generation of metallers to come..

Judas Priest - 1982 Screaming For Vengeance (review #2)
While Priest had broken through with 1980's 'British Steel', it was this album which arguably put them into the metal stratosphere, where they have remained ever since (give or take the 'Ripper' Owens years).

Kansas - 1982 Vinyl Confessions
For my money 'Vinyl Confessions' was their best album, the band re-energised by Elefante and showing plenty of purpose in their instrumental sections. The fact that they could utilise radio friendly melodies and still be unflinchingly hard rock inspired makes this a veritable feast.

Katt, Billy - 1982 Secret Smiles
Sometimes when I think I've heard everything and there are no surprises from the early 80's AOR scene left to be unearthed, something like this album presents itself..

Keane - 1982 Today Tomorrow And Tonight
If I told you that the band were affectionately/patronisingly (delete according to taste) labelled 'Little Toto' by Japanese fans, then it shouldn't take long for even the most intellectually-challenged amongst you to work out who their most obvious reference point is musically(!)

Kent, David - 1982 David Kent
From the so called golden age of AOR, an artist signed to a big label, obscure release, with music pretty much played in the safety zone of AOR. Unfortunately there is a very good reason why David Kent's album is obscure for a big-ticket label like Epic, and that is.. well you guess.

Kilowatt - 1982 Kilowatt
Quite a nice mixture of tunes on offer, though very dated obviously, but don't let that stop you from listening to this.

Kiss - 1982 Creatures Of The Night
This is quite possibly the only perfect Kiss album, with each track as good as the next.

Krokus - 1982 One Vice At A Time
'One Vice At A Time' seems to be totally unloved in the review department, with just about every significant album of theirs covered except this one.. Until now that is.

Le Roux - 1982 Last Safe Place
In your journey through AOR, Le Roux are one of the essential stops along the way, specifically the three 80's albums.

Ledin, Tomas - 1982 The Human Touch
Often Scandinavian AOR can be slightly off-putting by the obvious attempts to sound American in the vocals, which doesn't hinder Tomas Ledin here. It helps the album sound like your classic U.S. AOR album of the early 80's and clearly Ledin was trying to break the market with this.

Lee, Larry - Marooned (1982)
The voice behind the Ozark Mountain Daredevils gets to shine on his 1982 solo album.

Level - 1982 Level
An undiscovered album which will have all the train-spotters searching through the history-books looking for more on this outfit. Comparisons draw favour with MPG, SPYS, Balance and their quite brash drum sound equates well to a band like Face Dancer for instance.

Levy, Marcy - 1982 Marcella
The album is predominantly lightweight and the quality of the material does waver in places although it is beautifully produced and played throughout. Its appeal is firmly squared at lovers of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Sandy Stewart et al, plus anyone else who has a preference for melodic rock with a highly polished sheen.

Limousine (USA) - 1982 Limousine
Limousine appeared on the horizon back in 1982. From Las Vegas, Nevada, the band are a definite entry on the AOR boardwalk. Their brand of music appealing to fans of Zon and Styx one would suggest.

Lindisfarne - 1982 Sleepless Nights
'Sleepless Nights' is quite poppy, similar to the direction that The Strawbs would take on 1988's 'Don't Say Goodbye' and the much missed Racing Cars.

Lion (USA) - 1982 Lion
Not to be confused with all the bands called Lion out there (including the UK version, and the LA version featuring Kal Swann), this lot of man-eaters come from the unlikely hotbed of AOR called Spokane Washington. Fans of Styx, Ziggurat, Hobbit and perhaps Limousine might be interested in tracking this rarity down.

Loggins, Kenny - 1982 High Adventure
Pretty cool lightweight AOR from eighties icon Kenny Loggins.

Luba - 1982 Luba (EP)
Luba Kowalchyk was kicking it around the Quebec music scene long before anyone had heard the over-the-top balladry of Celine Dion and the seemingly endless string of female Quebecois vocalists who attempted to follow in her gold-plated footsteps in the years since.

Lyrix - 1982 Songs From The Earth
Here's a record that's been labeled one of the greatest Christian rock albums of all-time. Not sure I agree but I'm certain most record buyers who trotted down to their local Bible bookstore to secure a copy were blissfully unaware that this was essentially a compilation of an earlier British AOR album from the Mark Williamson Band.

Magnum - 1982 Chase The Dragon
Interestingly, 'Chase The Dragon' was actually recorded in 1980, but it took two years for their record label Jet to release it. The other interesting fact about this album was the use of Kansas producer Jeff Glixman to produce the record. It was also the first album to showcase the art work of Rodney Matthews. So, it seems that there were a lot of firsts with this album.

Manilow, Barry - 1982 Here Comes The Night
We've heard Peter Allen, Paul Anka, Dionne Warwick incorporate an AOR sheen to their somewhat milk toast AC delivery. But what about can ole white eyes himself?

Manowar - 1982 Battle Hymns
'Death to False Metal! This was the clarion call from American metal gods Manowar back in 1982..

Marino, Frank - 1982 Juggernaut
'Juggernaut' is an interesting affair due to the style changes Frank exhibits here. This is no longer wah-wah crazy antics from years gone by. No, this is carefully crafted melodic rock, with a focus on songs, cool arrangements and selective solos with the trigger pulled at the appropriate time.

Marmalade - 1982 Heartbreaker
A very rare release from UK 70's popsters The Marmalade, who underwent an identity change to AOR for 1982's 'Heartbreaker'.

Marrs, Steve - 1982 Somebody Somewhere
This is typical early 80's mellow AOR and the kind of record the Japanese still go nuts over and I believe was reissued on CD several years ago in the land of the rising sun. Good luck finding a copy! Your best bet is finding a trusty used LP copy, but is 'Somebody Somewhere' worth tracking down? In a word - yes.

Martyn, John - 1982 Well Kept Secret
John Martyn's early output is critically acclaimed yet he's barely known in the mainstream despite attempts at capturing the AOR market on his 1981 album 'Glorious Fool' and this one: 1982's 'Well Kept Secret'.

Mayday - 1982 Revenge
Both Mayday albums should be part of the AOR Konnesieur's kollektion!

McCartney, Paul - 1982 Tug Of War
A big name cast of players presents itself on Sir Paul's 'Tug Of War' album.

Medley, Bill - 1982 Right Here And Now
There's no way I could recommend this as being a lost gem from 1982, it really isn't. Yes it's AOR for the most part, but lacking consistency to really earn it the 'classic' tag.

Meisner, Randy - 1982 Randy Meisner
Considering what Meisner achieved in a short span with his solo career, it would be fair to say he left his mark and this is a good representation of where Meisner and music was at in 1982.

Messendger - 1982 Messendger
Soundwise, Messendger fuse early Triumph and Wizard with G-Force era Gary Moore.
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