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38 Special - 1982 Special Forces
'Special Forces' was a triumph for the band, reportedly going double platinum in the States. Southern AOR is pretty much defined within this album, setting the stage for 'Tour De Force' and 'Strength In Numbers' which would both see a decline in southern influence and an almost total focus on AOR.

4 Out Of 5 Doctors - 1982 2nd Opinion
With this their second album, 4 Out Of 5 Doctors sound moved closer to typical AOR of the day and is a remarkable improvement over their debut.

707 - 1982 Megaforce
Having formed in the late 70's and recorded two superb AOR albums already, 707 were created in the heart of Los Angeles, despite their origins in Michigan.

805 - 1982 Stand In Line
'Stand in Line' is a high quality album from start to finish and almost immediately noticeable is the slight fusion feel ala Group 87 and Ambrosia throughout the ten tracks, although this is definitely a pop album. Think Saga, Lodgic and Genesis' early 80's work.

Accept - 1982 Restless And Wild
Until Udo departed in 1986 it's fair to say Accept never recorded a poor album. 'Balls To The Wall' may have been their highest profile release, but 'Restless And Wild' was undoubtedly their best.

Aerosmith - 1982 Rock In A Hard Place
'Rock In A Hard Place' met with minimal success, as without Joe Perry many thought the band should call it a day. The reality was that Aerosmith recorded their best album since 1976's 'Rocks', a firm album of bruising hard rock they haven't approached since.

Aldo Nova - 1982 Aldo Nova
No AOR album collection would be complete without this one in it, a superlative album for sure.

Alecstar - 1982 Alecstar
Primarily they are a guitar oriented band, but use keyboards more as an embellishment. Musically, they have a sound akin to the likes of Fortnox and Stranger, both Epic Records signings from the same era coincidentally.

Alessi - 1982 Long Time Friends
Originally titled 'Roughing It', 'Long Time Friends' may be the best produced Christopher Cross album - but the innocence and naivety of the twins previous platters is gone. For fans of West Coast/AOR this may not be a bad thing.

Alkatrazz - 1982 Radio 5
'Radio 5'- one of the better early 80's British AOR albums, from Alkatrazz.

Alliance - 1982 Alliance
This album is just one of countless one-offs in the world of early 1980s melodic hard rock and AOR. Alliance recorded their only album for Handshake Records, a label which had many other worthwhile artists - Berlin Airlift and Van Stephenson to name but two.

Ambrosia - 1982 Road Island
Ambrosia took a bold step on their final album however, pursuing a lumbering hard rock sound totally opposed to the gentle strains of the previous two albums.

America - 1982 View From The Ground
For this effort, the band tried a new approach, embracing a radio-friendly tack, which as it turns out, proved to be their saving grace.

Americade - 1982 American Metal
Clearly, 'American Metal' was an unmitigated disaster, enough of a disaster to bury this lot six feet under.

Anderson, James - 1982 Strangest Feeling
Bought to you by the same people that delivered albums by Paul Davis and Whiteface, comes solo artist James Anderson.

Anderson, Jon - 1982 Animation
Turning back the clock to the magical year of 1982, the impetus for Jon's third solo effort 'Animation' was the birth of his daughter and a new found freedom away from the progressive juggernaut that was Yes.

Anvil - 1982 Metal On Metal
Part II from Canadian metallers Anvil. Gonzo metal from north of the border.

April Wine - 1982 Power Play
After taking considerable time off after the 'Nature Of The Beast' tour, the band reconvened for 'Power Play'. The album sold nearly as well as '..Beast' but the album is nowhere near as fiery as their previous work, suggesting the band had found some sort of corporate convenience in their mid-life crisis.

Arrows - 1982 Misunderstood [ep]
Canada's Arrows started life off with this EP, which sounds nothing like their more popular 1984 and 1985 efforts 'Stand Back' and 'The Lines Are Open'.

Asia - 1982 Asia
It wouldn't be a superfluous statement to suggest 'Asia' is the most successful AOR album of all time, having sold over ten million copies and logging nine weeks at the number one position in the heady summer of 1982.

August Redmoon - 1982 Fools Are Never Alone (Mini LP)
If you were a regular of Sounds magazine during 1981 and 1982, then this Anaheim Orange County band may have been on your radar.

Avalon (USA) - 1982 Everyman A King [EP]
I'm not sure what Capitol's reasons were for releasing this four track EP from the Los Angeles based Avalon, but in hindsight I'm glad they did, as it really is a pearler.

Axe - 1982 Offering
It was at this point that American rockers Axe decided to try a few new things. Firstly, a harder-edged direction, a slight contrast from their two MCA recordings from 19729 and 1980. And secondly, a new label to help them through this transition. Though the music is still melodic rock primed for 80's AOR format radio, there's a bit more sting in the tail. 'Less pomp and more guitar' as an old review of 'Offering' mentioned back in 1982.

B'zz, The - 1982 Get Up
Something of a Chicago supergroup, The B'zz, shook off their biker roots as The Boyzz, to become this lot. The band became more AOR-fied, losing much of the boogie/biker sound from four years previous.

Bad Company - 1982 Rough Diamonds
This is often the overlooked orphan in the original six Bad Company albums. I'm certainly not claiming it's an outright AOR album, nor is it a classic. However, there is more than enough evidence of a shift toward AOR so that 1986's 'Fame And Fortune' was not such a sudden one eighty degree turn.

Bade, Lisa - 1982 Suspicion
Lisa Bade was Australia's short-term answer to the Pat Benatar phenomenon, though it had the appearance of an all star L.A session turnout!

Baio, Scott - 1982 Scott Baio
One of those 'child stars' that just won't grow up and go away, Scott Baio was compelled to release an albums worth of music back in 1982. The final result was not bad. In fact, Baio's debut is a charming little pop record. This album received some pretty good press at the time, surprising many who expected the worst..

Balance - 1982 In For The Count
After the modest success of 1981's self titled debut, Balance released the superior follow up just a year later. The original three members, Castro, Kulick and Katsaros added drummer Chuck Burgi and ex Speedway Boulevard bassist Dennis Feldman as full time band mates. Scanning this line up twenty years later, it's a dream team of AOR talent that made an album every bit as good as expected.

Baron Rojo - 1982 Volumen Brutal
A terrific album indeed. 'Volumen Brutal' is a NWOBHM classic conceived in Spain and sung in Spanish. The album sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, received rave reviews including one from Kerrang!

Beech, Jay - 1982 The Death Of A Stickman
Here's an album that's been floating around record bins in my area for as long as I can remember but now thanks to the Internet 'The Death Of The Stickman' is receiving long overdue attention from west coast fans far and wide.

Benatar, Pat - 1982 Get Nervous
After the multi-platinum success of her prior two albums, this one would have to be considered somewhat of a disappointment in the sales department by reaching only single-platinum sales levels. But to me, she really nailed it in the AOR department with this album.

Bentwood Rocker - 1982 Take Me To Heaven
Bentwood Rocker were an ultra early 80's type AOR outfit and yet another Canadian bred band that should've made the grade but never did.

Berlin Airlift - 1982 Berlin Airlift
All in all, 'Berlin Airlift' is not an easy album to describe: It showcases a musical concept with a highly individual sound, incorporating elements of pomp rock, hard rock, new wave and pop.

Blackfoot - 1982 Highway Song - Live
This is a bit of a rowdy live set from Jacksonville's loudest, and given they were well on their way, 1982 was a good year for them to release a live album.

Boy - 1982 Next Door
Early 80's power pop new wave outfit of Freedy Moore, the surname that spawned the celebrity status of his former wife Demi..

Boys Band (The) - 1982 The Boys Band
As a period piece from 1982 it's hard to beat, the kind of album which made that era easily the greatest in AOR history from my vantage point.

Brard, Patty - 1982 You're In The Pocket
Dutch/Indonesian artist Patty Brard was a common sight on TV in Holland throughout the 80's. Primarily known as a pop and disco diva, she did go against the grain on her 1982 LP 'You're In The Pocket'.

Bruzer - 1982 Round 1
Musically, Bruzer was typical radio rock from the era, though the lead vocals from Paul Frank is an interesting listen, from the Frankie Miller, Steve Marriott school of vocalists I would suggest.

Buck Dharma (Roeser) - 1982 Flat Out
Unusual and diverse, you won't be getting straight down the middle rock n roll from this guy, who of course is one of the principal members of Blue Oyster Cult.

Butler, Marty - 1982 Marty Butler
'Marty Butler', is a little gem for those of you into West Coast/AOR. If you're into Greg Guidry, Dan Seals, Jesse Colin Young.. that sort of thing.

Buxx - 1982 Knickers Down [Mini LP]
Musically these guys remind me of Georgia band Fortnox, and Bay Area one-off wonders Redvette. Essentially Buxx have a basic hard riffing sound with a smattering of keyboards to round things out.

Cain, Tane - 1982 Tane Cain
Tane's music is not far removed from Pat Benatar or Laura Brannigan, though this album has more 'beef' behind it than most.

Camel - 1982 The Single Factor
Camel, despite numerous line-up changes are an Oasis from the at times, Desert of prog rock. Unfortunately, not all progressive fans feel this way, often blasting the group's later albums, in particular 'The Single Factor' for 'selling out'. I couldn't disagree more and have always treasured progressive bands with an eye on the commercial brass ring.

Carlton, Larry - 1982 Sleepwalk
In the current-day, there is a lot to Larry's back-catalogue, and you'd be doing well to explore most of it; but the stuff between 1978 and 1983 are definite keepers.

Carnes, Kim - 1982 Voyeur
'Voyeur' was Kim Carnes at her most experimental, and for those looking for 'Bette Davis Eyes', think again..

Chain Reaction - 1982 X-Rated Dream
At the best of times Chain Reaction come off sounding like a commercial sounding version of fellow Canadians Helix, or a poor mans New England, with their brand of good time party rock.

Chameleon - 1982 Techno-Color
'Techno-color' was their second outing and followed hot on the heels of their self-titled debut released in 1981, which showed great potential. However 'Techno-color' earned them promotion into AOR's premier league not least because it exhibited an altogether heavier, more bombastic attitude, though still retaining the slightly quirky approach of their debut.

Charlie - 1982 Here Comes Trouble
This is the Charlie album which set the 'cat among the pigeons' so to speak. Though released in 1982, it was a token gesture by UK label Polydor, who really should be hauled through the coals upon this release of this 3 'years too late' LP.

Charlie Midnight - 1982 Innocent Bystander
Good gritty AOR/rock in the vein of Michael Stanley Band and the Iron City Houserockers.

Cheap Trick - 1982 One On One
I'd stop well short of proclaiming this as the bands best, but I think it ranks well with the best of their work to be honest. It's far more inspired than the letdown that was 'Next Position Please', an album with none of the energy infused by the band here.
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