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Coney Hatch - 1983 Outa Hand
Coney Hatch's debut album from 1982 was one of the brightest sparks during that year, and their follow-up 'Outa Hand' was given priority treatment by the Mercury/Anthem group, by bringing in noted producer Max Norman.

Cooper, Alice - 1983 Dada
'DaDa', in my opinion, is Alice Cooper's best album since 'Goes To Hell'. The album successfully captures the new wave energies of 'Flush The Fashion' and couples it with some unmistakably Alice Cooper tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

Coulson, Dick (And Letter O) - 1983 Dick Coulson And Letter O
Detroit power pop with connections to Marshall Crenshaw. This EP has references to early Bryan Adams and Off Broadway but the album as a whole is average at best.

Crossfire (Belgium) - 1983 See You In Hell
Hardly original, but still a whole of fun when listening to it nearly thirty years later.

Cua, Rick - 1983 No Mystery
Cua established his potential with the debut album, and he delivered on it with this effort. Ten strong songs, with at least three that I consider to be killer tracks for that age.

Cussick, Ian - 1983 Danger In The Air
Cussick delivers AOR in the vein of The Outfield, similar in terms of commercialism and mid 80's hooks. A lovely album that has yet to see the light of day on CD. Strange that, considering RCA are part of the BMG family in Germany.

Dangerface - 1983 Dangerface [ep]
Dangerface were a Los Angeles based band who operated between 1982 and 1983, and two members came from the band Snow.

Davis, Lawrence - 1983 Davis
A still-sealed copy of 'Davis' hovers around the $150-$200 range at both eBay and Music Stack, but is it worth the silly money vendors are boldly charging? If you're into privately released pop ala Coast, Games, McElroy Brothers and Spice or the classic 1976 C.B. Victoria album then yes, Lawrence is your man.

Def Leppard - 1983 Pyromania
Leppard have never come close to equalling this musically and for once that's not a bad thing.

Demon - 1983 The Plague
This album is something that has far more in common with Pink Floyd and Marillion than any heavy metal band.

Diamond Head - 1983 Canterbury
Another much loved band from the NWOBHM movement, though their actual sound was far less metal than their categorisation warranted.

Dio - 1983 Holy Diver
Without doubt, 'Holy Diver' is one of the best LP's to emerge from 1983, damn poor of us not to feature it earlier!

Doc Holliday - 1983 Modern Medicine
What were these southern rockers thinking when they released this album? Did ZZ Top influence a raft of spin-offs with their brand of synthesized southern rock/boogie? It appears so.

Duke Jupiter - 1983 You Make It Look Easy
Though 1983's 'You Make It Look Easy' wasn't that far up the pike from their better known records 'White Knuckle Ride' and 'The Line Of Your Fire', it still seems to be a record that ducked under the helmet when reviewing or even discussing 1983 releases.

Ellis Island (USA) - 1983 Ellis Island [EP]
Over the years there has been many great EP's that gave a tantalizing glimpse of future greatness only for the group to disappear without trace. You can now add Ellis Island to the list..

Eloy - 1983 Performance
For hardcore progressive fans, albums like 'Performance' and the follow-up 'Metromania' may have reeked of sellout to the MTV crowd, but I disagree, since this was still very much a prog band and a good one at that. This CD and 'Metromania' are both highly recommended and easy to obtain.

Emmett, Peter - 1983 The Peter Emmett Story
This is a really good little slice of AOR from our favourite timeframe and deserves a reacquaintance from all of you.

Enid, The - 1983 Something Wicked This Way Comes
This British progressive rock group has had its share of ups and downs in its long history. During the 80's they went out on their own, creating a boutique imprint Enid Records with 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' its first release.

Europe (Holland) - 1983 Europe
No relation to the Swedish 'The Final Countdown' Europe; this one album wonder was an off-shoot of the much-loved Dutch symphonic band Kayak.

Fagin, Joe - 1983 Why Don't We Spend The Night
When this album surfaced in 1983 it was hot on the heels of his chart success and the album is mostly a compilation of singles Fagin recorded in the early 80's. Regardless, it's a perfect demonstration of Fagin's gritty, Joe Cocker styled vocals..

Faltskog, Agnetha - 1983 Wrap Your Arms Around Me
ABBA broke up in 1982 following their excellent 'The Visitors' album and Agnetha Faltskog picked up where she left off, releasing a trio of solo albums of which 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me' is her best.

Fastway - 1983 Fastway
Formed in 1982, this was originally the union of 'Fast' Eddie Clarke (Motorhead) and Pete 'Way' (UFO), hence the name.

Felder, Don - 1983 Airborne
Felder waited for two years to record 'Airborne' in the hope that The Eagles might resolved their differences, but when this failed to materialise he reluctantly engineered his own project at the insistence of manager Irving Azoff, and primarily because Felder missed recording.

Firefall - 1983 Mirror Of The World
At the end of their rope Firefall moved with the times, easily capturing the AOR spirit of 1983 with a vintage performance. Whether it was real Firefall or not was debatable, but the results were thoroughly acceptable.

FSB - 1983 Ten Year After
'Ten Year After' turned FSB from established stars in Bulgaria to megastars, with a growing reputation both behind the iron curtain and in Western Europe. From here they would not look back, scoring further AOR success as the 80's progressed.

Geordie - 1983 No Sweat
'No Sweat' isn't Geordie's best, but for the circumstances and time it was released it is an admirable attempt at contemporary hard rock.

Grand Alliance - 1983 Grand Alliance
Featuring alumni from Nektar and Climax Blues Band, Grand Alliance were a shortlived trio managed by Miles Copeland..

Grand Funk Railroad - 1983 What's Funk
Given it was 1983 there was only one logical direction the album could take of course - AOR. The band always had an impeccable sense of melody in the 70's so this wasn't too much of a surprise I'd say, but the results were excellent. What a shame then this album was forgotten, it's a veritable feast of melodic rock.

Grand Prix - 1983 Samurai
If you love superlative Brit pomp rock in the vein of Magnum and early FM then look no further than this majestic slice of AOR.

Grey Star - 1983 Telephone Sex
'Telephone Sex' is a very different Grey Star album to the debut. Grey Star abandon their southern hard rock roots in favor of a synthesized pop rock that just does not suit Ruby's vocals. Those who dug Toronto's 'Girls Night Out' might find something to like here as Holly Wood and Starr share some vocal similarities.

Gus And The New Breed - 1983 On The Verge
Plucked from the depths of a dusty life on a second hand record shelf comes a hard rock album that deserved a better fate than what it obviously got, a huge sum of nothing!

Hart, Corey - 1983 First Offense
Hart was amazingly only 21 years of age when he broke through with the worldwide hit 'Sunglasses At Night' in 1984. His success was no overnight sensation however.

Headpins - 1983 Line Of Fire
A wonderfully melodic project out of Vancouver, merging the talents of singing vixen Darby Mills with a couple of the chaps out of the band Chilliwack.

Heart - 1983 Passionworks
'Passionworks' most obvious 'transition' is it's significant shift in sound-moving away from the organic style of rock represented in Heart's earlier works into synth driven AOR territory( Nancy's acoustic guitar is noticeably absent) that would be perfected on the 1985 comeback 'Heart' album.

Helix - 1983 No Rest For The Wicked
'No Rest For The Wicked' was Helix's major label debut for Capitol, and the band do not disappoint with their brand of party-anthem rockers!

Henderson, Finis - 1983 Finis
He's better known as a musical impressionist, but back in 1983, this bloke released a pretty special west coast/soul LP for Motown, and all these years later, we still remember..

Holden, Mark - 1983 Mark Holden
If there was ever an album tailor made for this website then it's this offering from Australian musician and actor Mark Holden.

Holland, Amy - 1983 On Your Every Word
If you enjoy artists from the likes of Airplay, Toto, David Roberts and the whole West Coast genre, then this album from Amy Holland is for you.

Hollies, The - 1983 What Goes Around
'What Goes Around' has an AOR sheen which may of turned off some Hollies purists, but will delight many here at GDM.

House, James - 1983 James House
As a one-off exercise in the west-coast domain, this is a must-listen. If I were you, I'd try picking this up on vinyl, because it won't be released on CD anytime soon.

Huey Lewis And The News - 1983 Sports
Huey Lewis And The News seemed to be pigeonholed into a pop market corner, appealing to the average streamlined American consumer, but inevitably this must rank as one of the most successful AOR recordings in history, even though two decades plus later many are still not aware of it!

HYTS - 1983 HYTS
HYTS were a San Francisco band that were unfortunate not to have had greater success back in the early to mid 80's. Think a more commercial version of Doc Holliday from around this period, and you'll get my gist.

I-Ten - 1983 Taking A Cold Look
This legendary release has all the hallmarks of a classic, with fabulous songs, breathtaking melody, and brilliant production by what was at the time the industry's best.. Keith Olsen.

Invisible Men - 1983 Invisible Men
Making up for synth overload and bloated production is a brace of good songs and I hear Camel, Asia and Alan Parsons Project in the Invisible Men sound. In other words, while the direction is pop oriented there are still plenty of progressive rock moves to make everyone happy.

Iris, Donnie - 1983 Fortune 410
According to our trusty editor this is a highly sought album for AOR fanatics because it has never seen the light of day on CD. I have owned it for several years and on first impression struck me as more of a new wave recording.

Iron Maiden - 1983 Piece Of Mind
Could this possibly be Maiden's finest moment?

Jade - 1983 Teasing Eyes
Despite the metalized imagery on the back cover (black leathers, metal studded belts etc), Canadian metallers Jade have more in common with fellow Canucks Reckless plus the 1982-1984 period of Lee Aaron.

Jaugernaut - 1983 Take Em There
Jaugernaut released two albums during their recording career. The self-titled debut in 1980 and the follow up 'Take'em there' in 1983 both private releases on the Valentine label. The first album I understand was pomp with progressive influences; whereas the second album goes for a more direct AOR, radio friendly approach.

Jobson, Eddie - 1983 Zinc/The Green Album
Recorded with a loosely knit group of musicians calling themselves Zinc, the record is a sci-fi concept album about a society that overtake human kind and everything turns green. OK yeah. Perhaps not the most plausible of tales but thankfully the music holds up. Fans of Saga, Strange Advance and the Planet P Project will find much to enjoy here.
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