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Patriarch - 1983 First Hand [ep]
Here's a prog/pomp band from Kansas who sound uncannily like their homestate contemporaries Kansas. Must be more than an interstate love affair!

Perry, Joe (Project) - 1983 Once A Rocker Always A Rocker
It would be a huge disservice to this vastly undermined third and final album from Perry and company if it were to be overlooked.

Planet P Project - 1983 Planet P
Tony Carey became two recording entities: his own solo material under his own name (signed to MCA Records), plus the Planet P Project, recorded for a different label (Geffen). As Tony had so much music on his plate, this was an ideal way to express himself through two separate mediums.

Plant, Robert - 1983 Principle Of Moments
The Principle Of Moments' does not sound like a typical early 80s album. It never suffers from overproduction or the overuse of gadgetry which plagued so many albums of the era and in a crowded field it's easily one of the finest releases of 1983.

Pocketful - 1983 Pocketful (EP)
The four tracks on offer are all pretty good, definitive early 80's melodic rock, which spans pomp/AOR to guitar oriented hard rock.

President, The - 1983 By Appointment Of..
With The President however, the sound is very laid back, and moves into the same territory occupied by the likes of I-Ten, early Toto and to a lesser degree Airborne.

Preview - 1983 Preview
Another fantastic period AOR band which is considered to be another ambassador of the G-DAZE website.

Price, Lisa - 1983 Priceless
Though she may look like Lee Aaron on the back cover, it's musically a mix of many female contemporaries.. Aaron being one, Patty Smyth and Scandal, Marilyn Martin and Martee Lebow being some others.. but really, take your pick among the leading ladies of the day. They'll be there or thereabouts..

Prism - 1983 Beat Street
From the start it's worth pointing out that this was Henry Small's second album with Prism, and there's quite a few lineup changes since the last album from 1981 'Small Change'.

Private, Gary - 1983 Secret Love [mini lp]
'Secret Love' is fairly typical pop that was done far better by people like Corey Hart, Oxo and Matthew Wilder.

Prototype - 1983 Prototype
For those of you who have read the erstwhile mag AOR Classics, the guys there gave it a 10 out of 10. I wouldn't go that far, as that would imply by coincidence that all ten tracks on here are superb. Unfortunately they are not.

Pyle, Artimus (Band) - 1983 Nightcaller
Southern rock meets AOR. The A.P.B were pretty good contenders in this dual category. Pity they only lasted two albums!

Queensrÿche - 1983 Queensrÿche [EP]
The band are now considered has-beens in the current day and age, but there was a time where Queensrÿche commanded much respect and kudos, especially with their 1983 debut EP..

Quiet Riot - 1983 Metal Health
Where were you in 1983? What do you remember from that year? Let's not forget L.A metallers Quiet Riot, who reinvented themselves and became megastars during that year if only briefly. With their third album 'Metal Health', the band struck favour from everywhere.

Rage (UK) - 1983 Run For The Night
This is third and final instalment from UK melodic rockers Rage.

Rainbow - 1983 Bent Out Of Shape
The final proper Rainbow album, as I'm not too sure anyone counts 1995's forgotten 'Stranger In Us All', and one which saw the band at the height of their melodic powers in a last ditch effort to crack the elusive US market.

Rampage (USA) - 1983 Rampage
Rampage deliver a high-octane brand of melodic hard rock, with loads of guitar and keyboard interplay. The quality however is at the lower end of the scale.

Ratt - 1983 Ratt [EP]
At the very forefront of the NWLAHM in the early eighties were Ratt. Their brand of commercial metal was a standout at the time, with a good image, strong guitar players, and a 'battened down' rhythm section.

Red - 1983 In Motion
With sleeve art evocative of Duran Duran's 'Rio' album; 'In Motion' is totally a product of its time, a flashy new romantic pop with tinges of the Duranies as well as Visage, MTV period OMD and Spandau Ballet.

Red Rider - 1983 Neruda
An often overlooked LP from 1983 is Canadian band Red Rider and their 'Neruda' album.

Reddy, Helen - 1983 Imagination
An undiscovered classic for sure, the album died upon release and Reddy didn't record a new album until 1990. With a veritable feast of highlights. Rarely have I been as pleasantly surprised by any album as I was by this.


Renegade (USA) - 1983 Rock N Roll Crazy
From the mean streets of East L.A.; Renegade were unique in the history of hard rock as they were the first all American-born Hispanic band to break big commercially although initially it wasn't an easy road.

Riot - 1983 Born In America
Riot could always be counted on for intense melody, crisply defined songs and great hooks. For those who enjoy some urgency and tend toward the harder end of AOR, 'Born In America' comes highly recommended listening.

Ritenour, Lee - 1983 On The Line
Ritenour specialises in very melodic, lilting songs that drift on the ether, he can also turn a tune into a bright funky workout, as he does on this total instrumental album.

Roxan - 1983 Roxan
The Roxan album is a damn fine slice of AOR, nothing compared to David Garriocks earlier material. They do sound decidedly British in places, but the album is chock full of keyboards and mid-eighties pomp a la Charlie, German AOR/pomp band Lake, MPG and Thrills. In fact, some of you who have heard Slade's eighties melodic rock efforts might find some value here too, considering the distinctiveness of Garriock's 'pommie' vocals.

Saga - 1983 Heads Or Tales
Completely overlooked in our GD wrap-up of Saga's discography is their 1983 record 'Heads Or Tales'. The band, hoping to cash in and go one better than their previous studio album 'Worlds Apart' look to the same recipe with producer Rupert Hine at the dials.

Savage - 1983 Loose N Lethal
From the early eighties NWOBHM movement, come British metallers Savage, who left us with a heavy reminder of their abilities with this raw but extremely palatable slab of guitar fuelled metal. From the same camp as Raven and Chateaux, these guys power up with two guitarists leading the way, making for some OTT riffing at times.

Saxon - 1983 Power And The Glory
Saxon were only five albums into their recording career, but to many they peaked with 'Power And The Glory'.

Seals, Dan - 1983 Rebel Heart
Dan Seals first two solo efforts after splitting with partner John Ford Coley were two very good West Coast platters with a little Country twang thrown in for good measure, but commercially not successful. As the result, his 3rd solo album 'Rebel Heart' moved more into Country pastures, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Secrets - 1983 Everyone's A Spy
Secrets' one and only album 'Everyone's A Spy' is typical of the genre during the early 80's. This is quite a hamfisted affair, in much the same mould as Air Raid, 707, Thrills and Trillion's first LP.

Semaja - 1983 No Burning Out
Having recently reviewed German prog band Eden and their debut album 'Erwartung', we thought it time to take a look at one of the band's offshoots - Semaja.

Sembello, Michael - 1983 Bossa Nova Hotel
Using a heavily synthesised sound Sembello recorded an album very much in the vein of then contemporary artists such as Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross and Michael McDonald, AOR of the easiest sort.

Sharp Edges - 1983 Slice Of Life
Sharp Edges were a Canadian outfit playing a (sharp) style of pop rock. Released on the Aquarius label (a la April Wine, Teaze, Walter Rossi etc), these guys deliver a sound not unlike what we heard with the American version of Urgent some years later.

Shelter - 1983 First Stop
Shelter dabble in AOR/pomp in the same vein as Balance, Foreigner, Le Roux and also take on a West Coast sheen as well.

Shipley, Ellen - 1983 Call Of The Wild
There's no doubting this is a slicker production than the previous two albums. With typical 80's production values, 'Call Of The Wild' features the usual musical suspects such as synths and electronic percussion, so if you like that sort of stuff then you've found a home with this record.

Shooting Star - 1983 Burning
I would have no hesitation in saying that 'III Wishes' was a major disappointment. Therefore I was dreading to hear what the Shooting Star/Kevin Elson combination would throw up a second time around. Thankfully, my faith has been restored.

Shor Patrol - 1983 Loverboy [ep]
This is power-pop meets AOR, and as this originates from 1983, well you can be sure that all the influences of the day converge here on this four-track offering.

Shorrock, Glenn - 1983 Villian Of The Peace
There are a number of comparisons between 'Villain Of The Peace' and the 'Foreign Affairs' album by Sharon O'Neill released in the same year, in that virtually the same set of musicians appear, from Mike Boddicker through to Marcy Levy. It's soft-ish AOR with more than a subtle leaning towards that West Coast/LA sound. I suppose that can't be helped with the lineup onboard.

Silver Condor - 1983 Trouble At Home
Be forewarned, it is not strictly an AOR album as the lineup would indicate, but good bluesy melodic rock.

Silverwing - 1983 Alive And Kicking
I remember these guys getting loads of ink in Kerrang! and Sounds back in the day, Silverwing always there or thereabouts in the NWOBHM consciousness.

Simmons, Patrick - 1983 Arcade
This type of album is the reason most of us come to this site and nothing embodies it more than 'Arcade'.

Smith, Rex - 1983 Camouflage
In the world of show business and entertainment, a select few have covered all the bases in terms of variety. Perhaps the most varied of the lot is Rex Smith..

Sound Barrier - 1983 Total Control
Diving in on the NWLAHM (new wave of Los Angeles heavy metal) as it was called back in 1982 came a black act called Sound Barrier. Image wise they conjured up thoughts of a metallized Isley Brothers. Thank god they don't!

Springfield, Rick - 1983 Living In Oz
Springfield never made a poor album in the 80's, they are all deserving of a note, but 'Living In Oz' is the quintessential AOR choice of his career.

SPYS - 1983 Behind Enemy Lines
Spys, are one of the best AOR bands to come out of New York (include Balance and Aviator). To me, they are the epitome of glory days AOR, and are a true ambassador of this website.

Stampede - 1983 Hurricane Town
Stampede had a relatively short stay on the UK melodic rock circuit, being in operation between late 1981 and finishing up in 1984.

Stanley, Michael (Band) - 1983 You Can't Fight Fashion
This is a case of a band sounding better with each subsequent release, and it seems kinda ironic that their best studio effort meets at the crossroads of that dreaded entity called EMI America.

Steal The Dark - 1983 Steal The Dark (Mini LP)
This West Virginia based quartet released a 6 track mini LP in 1983, and it's a little gem, with traces of early Little River Band, Dakota, and B>J Thomas.

Steel Breeze - 1983 Heart On The Line
Steel Breeze, from Sacremento, blew onto the scene in 1982, and scraped into the US Top 40 singles with their minor hit 'You Don't Want Me Anymore'. However, a year on and they changed tack a little, The result is a pleasant AOR workout, though rather cliched in places. Fortunately it is not as poppy as their debut, and follows a more pompy path.

Stewart, Rod - 1983 Body Wishes
While not essential listening, if one dare delve into any one of Rod's 80's era - you could do worse than 'Body Wishes'.
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