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Jordan, Marc - 1983 A Hole In The Wall
The album fits easily into the West Coast category, an AOR classic of major proportions, recorded in the right period with the right musicians needed to put the final stamp on the albums timeless appeal.

Journey - 1983 Frontiers
There are an abundance of perfect AOR albums but few as well known as 'Frontiers'. It's AOR taken to heights few could match and even into the 21st century probably never will.

Kansas - 1983 Drastic Measures
An unusual album by their own high standards, and one that has been commented on by many as their most 'un-Kansas' album ever. By this stage of their career, they were literally caught in a crossfire of their own making.

Karthago - 1983 Requiem
Hungarian band Karthago are worth getting familiar with. There's some interesting stuff among their vast discography, but start with this one.

Killer Dwarfs - 1983 Killer Dwarfs
The debut Killer Dwarfs LP would set this Canadian band up over the next decade and beyond, but this is where it started.

Kilowatt - 1983 Currents
No doubting, 'Currents' is my pick of the two Kilowatt albums, and it really is a hidden gem in the vast Canadian trove of melodic rock treasures.

King, Carole - 1983 Speeding Time
This woman wrote some serious hits but is she worthy of inclusion here at Glory Daze? Let's take a look.

Kiss - 1983 Lick It Up
A landmark album of sorts for the masked wonders of rock n roll! It's the album which saw the band unmasked for the first time. By this stage of their career, it was time for Kiss to launch something new to keep their 80's era fresh, otherwise they were in danger of being lost in new territory such as MTV.

Kix - 1983 Cool Kids
'Cool Kids' would go down in history as being only a 'fair' album by comparison to the rest of their output: the whole thing coming off like a 'pop-rock' sounding album, rather than the raucous AC/DC styled gallivanting they were better known for.

Koslen, Jonah (And The Heroes) - 1983 Aces
Just quite how we missed reviewing this LP earlier on within this site remains a big mystery. It really is one of the most revered albums of 1983 from one of Cleveland's finest.

Krokus - 1983 Headhunter
'Headhunter' marked the end of Krokus' boogie era, which had lasted for four albums since 1978, and saw them take their one real shot at traditional heavy metal. It was a good shot. 'Headhunter' was the best metal album of 1983.

Lake, Greg - 1983 Manoeuvres
Opting for a mostly AOR sound, both the 'Greg Lake' and 'Manoeuvres' LP's were a big departure from his prog rock days with ELP, but on this album in particular, it's AOR all the way, and though Lake might look back on this era and wince uncomfortably, I think Derek Oliver has made the right call in getting this reissued for Rock Candy.

Le Mans - 1983 On The Streets
In ways Le Mans are similar to Racer X, but less technical, and more rabid.

Le Roux - 1983 So Fired Up
This would have to be one of the all time great AOR albums ever. A gradual climb to greatness built up over years of struggle, and a gradual change from their early New Orleans R&B days to full on melodic hard rock. You will find this in virtually every AOR collectors top 10 albums. No question.

Leo, Josh - 1983 Rockin' On 6th
These days, he's well known in the Nashville A&R scene, but back in the 70's and 80's, he was singing for his supper like many others.

License - 1983 Inga Granser
Here's a generally unheralded AOR classic, a spectacular piece of West Coast flavored melodic rock with links to other Swedish acts Fingerprints and West Of Sunset.

Link - 1983 Temptation
'Temptation' is regarded by some, as one of the greatest 'undiscovered' AOR releases of all time an opinion which I endorse having listened to (and endured in some cases!) many private label AOR releases over the years.

Little River Band (LRB) - 1983 The Net
So what of 'The Net'? It's a buoyant mix of songs, which is mostly upbeat, and holds true to LRB's intent to keep things bouncing along.

Loverboy - 1983 Keep It Up
Many consider 'Get Lucky' to be the best album of Loverboy's career, which isn't surprising considering the hits it contained. Much stronger overall was 1983's 'Keep It Up' which saw the band continuing to utilize the winning formula of Bruce Fairbairn and Paul Dean

Magnum - 1983 The Eleventh Hour
'The Eleventh Hour' was (in hindsight) not the strongest album from their back-catalog, and one can't help feel the band were jaded by their Jet experience, and only too glad to leave Don Arden and his troupe behind.

Magnum (USA) - 1983 Hot Nights [EP]
Here's a band that have close ties to fellow regional luminaries Dakota. This is a perfect little example of pomp/AOR played in the era/style from 1983 and it sounds pretty good to these ears.

Mancini, Chris - 1983 No Strings
When you've got a pedigree like this guy, you'd be asking yourself, why isn't he following in the footsteps of his famous dad? Tis a pity then this album sat around on the shop-floor, as it was (for the day) an excellent slice west coast oriented AOR.

Manilla Road - 1983 Crystal Logic
Manilla Road's third album 'Crystal Logic' seems to be the starting point where the band finally came into its own and is considered to be their finest moment.

Manowar - 1983 Into Glory Ride
I've always had a soft spot for Manowar, with all their albums until 1996 being mostly excellent. This just lacks the vitality necessary to be great.

Martin Eric (Band) - 1983 Sucker For A Pretty Face
Another album which has assumed minor legend status in AOR history is this, the only product from the Eric Martin Band, that served as a springboard for the future Mr Big vocalist.

Max Havoc - 1983 Max Havoc
Actually, when you hear this album, the band compare quite favourably to the likes of Tesla, early Great White and an Americanized version of Black Sabbath, (not surprising). Certainly this is not as 'all-out heavy metal' as the album cover might convey.

McMahon, Gerard - 1983 No Looking Back
On this solo album, if you like your AOR slightly west of Van Stephenson and John O'Banion, north of Balance or The Producers then you're in luck. Our Gerard delivers the goods.

Mercyful Fate - 1983 Melissa
'Melissa' was metal of the most traditional variety, putting the band on the same European platform as Iron Maiden, who seemed somewhat tame opposed to this.

Messina, Jim - 1983 One More Mile
There's a lot to like with this album for regular GDM readers. Yes, the style and production is very typical of the 1983 era, with intrusions of synth, sax and punchy arrangements. A great line-up, plus a sound not far removed from Jesse Colin Young's superb 'The Perfect Stranger', but with a bit more west-coast thrown in for good measure.

Metallica - 1983 Kill Em All
Well what hasn't been written about the early years and history of perhaps the most influential thrash/metal band of the 80's. Wikipedia and Google have probably assembled everything you need to know about Metallica, but we'll add our version too, starting where it all began.. 'Kill Em All'..

Milsap, Ronnie - 1983 Keyed Up
Milsap's sound shifted toward string-laden pop and rock during the late 1970s which resulted in success on the pop charts beginning in the early 1980s.'Keyed Up' may be the high water mark for crossover consistency and appeal.

Molly Hatchet - 1983 No Guts No Glory
It's hard to believe how Hatchet went from this to pure AOR in the space of a year. While 'The Deed Is Done' is a great example of a Southern band turning melodic, I'd rather hear more of the grit displayed on 'No Guts..' That's the true Molly Hatchet, even if they weren't quite the accomplished AOR purveyors.

Money, Eddie - 1983 Where's The Party
The crazy thing is it has always been passed off as a failure or retread of 'No Control'. I disagree, even if it sounds a lot like his 1981 hit in some spots it includes material any melodic rock/AOR fan will love.

Moore, Gary - 1983 Victims Of The Future
There are eight tracks onboard, and no filler in sight. We get a mix of singalong anthems with a couple of drawn out tunes that reflect a social conscience. Still, Gary's 80's albums 'Corridors Of Power', 'Run For Cover' and 'Wild Frontier' (along with this one of course) should all be in your collections. Shame if they aren't!

Morse Code - 1983 Code Breaker
Morse Code, the Canadian band from Quebec, may have only released this one album in an AOR style, but these guys have been around for ages, playing progressive rock in another life years before.

Motley Crue - 1983 Shout At The Devil
In the past I've often seen this heavy metal classic referred to derisively as 'pop metal', most notably in a fifteenth anniversary issue of Guitar World back in 1995. To this day I have no idea where they and others are coming from.

Motorhead - 1983 Another Perfect Day
This is the most consistent album of the bands career. Many point to 'Ace Of Spades', but that doesn't touch the class displayed here. In fact I'd go as far to say this is the definitive Motorhead album and one which would turn out to be Brian Robertson's only effort with the legendary rockers.

Nantucket - 1983 No Direction Home
Over the years we've written about this North Carolina band, but we don't seem to have covered this LP. Now we do.

Nazareth - 1983 Sound Elixir
General reaction was quite critical at the time, some expressing the opinion that the traditional Nazareth sound had been too toned down this time. Don't be fooled. 'Sound Elixir' is one of AOR's hidden gems.

Nielsen Pearson - 1983 Blind Luck
Their previous two albums (1978's 'Nielsen Pearson Band' and the self titled 1980 release) were solid, well crafted affairs, but it's their third and final album 'Blind Luck', which most AOR fans are familiar with and which is rightly lauded as a classic of the West Coast genre.

Night Ranger - 1983 Midnight Madness
'Midnight Madness' is the follow up to a classic debut that was roundly panned, when in many ways it was better than its predecessor. To many observers the music didn't match up to 'Dawn Patrol', 'not as heavy' many thought, but realistically it was more direct.

Nine Ways To Win - 1983 Nine Ways To Win
Nine Ways To Win is the band of former British art rockers Random Hold member David Ferguson. What we have is a synth pop/new wave album with little if any originality.

Northbound - 1983 Northbound
'Northbound' covers all the familiar AOR avenues frequently heard at the time, with the Christian emphasis not as readily obvious as many other bands. The music here is of the highest caliber, especially for a debut.

O'Neill, Sharon - 1983 Foreign Affairs
'Foreign Affairs' from 1983 was produced in LA by John Boylan (ie: Boston), and features a veritable lineup of who's who in the LA session scene.

Orphan - 1983 Lonely At Night
Coming at you nearly 25 years after the event, are the long lost and much maligned Canadian band Orphan.

Osborne, Jeffrey - 1983 Stay With Me Tonight
With George Benson and Lionel Richie having featured here at Glory Daze both in the past and recently, it's only fair that Jeffrey Osborne gets a shot too.

Osbourne, Ozzy - 1983 Bark At The Moon
For me personally, this is one of his better albums, capturing him at a very creative period in his career.

Oz (Finland) - 1983 Fire In The Brain
While Finland's Oz might have appeared rather primitive and crude on the surface, they were actually an extremely heavy, basic metal outfit that made some progress during the early part of the decade.

Pablo Cruise - 1983 Out Of Our Hands
In a way, Pablo Cruise move in the same vein as Le Roux did towards the latter part of their career. They drop their predominant West Coast theme in favor of more radio-oriented/AOR material with 'Out Of Our Hands'..

Pantera - 1983 Metal Magic
One of the all-time great debuts for my money and one that sometimes is unfairly overlooked because of the style of music the band was perceived to be playing back then.
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