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38 Special - 1983 Tour De Force
'Tour De Force' was a success by any measure. Double platinum and two top twenty hits, this is an example of where the right team won - a great AOR release that got the results it deserved.

Able Kane - 1983 Stealin' The Show
Here's a Philadelphia based band that were doing the rounds back in the early 80's. Not they sound remotely like anything associated with that famous 'Philly Sound', instead they take their cue from obscure pomp bands from the same era.

AC/DC - 1983 Flick Of The Switch
On 'Flick of the Switch,' AC/DC produces the album themselves, ditching 'Mutt' Lange, who worked on the band's prior three records. What AC/DC may of lacked in production skills was made up in terms of kick ass rock-with a sound and energy as subtle as a wolverine hopped up on crystal meth!

Accept - 1983 Balls To The Wall
Looking back to 1983, a year of outstanding hard rock/metal releases, 'Balls To The Wall' was a serious contender for the 'Album of the Year' award. And it has aged remarkably well.

Adams, Bryan - 1983 Cuts Like A Knife
'Cuts Like A Knife' was his third album and released in 1983. This album seemed to finally push him forward. Here, he delivers his vocals by bouncing the tone more than he has ever done before or since.

Airkraft - 1983 Lets Take Off
At this early stage of their career, Airkraft's sound combined the likes of REO Speedwagon and Adrenalin - earthy melodic rock with multiple harmonies and integrated use of guitars and keyboards.

Alcatrazz - 1983 No Parole From Rock N Roll
Anyone remember Graham Bonnet? Yes say all MSG or Rainbow fans, albeit with a bit of disdain or enthusiasm depending on your tastes. After the 'grand exit' from MSG before the Reading Festival in 1982, Bonnet disappeared to a self induced exile to California. Well, he re-emerged, fronting a new lineup that's a virtual supergroup in it's own right, despite their indifferent backgrounds.

Aldo Nova - 1983 Subject
It's quite the classic in truth, maybe Nova's best work. Taken at face value its spotless AOR.

Allen, Deborah - 1983 Cheat The Night [mini album]
After recent stints listening to Judy Street and Juice Newton, I was alerted to another country/crossover artist in the form of Deborah Allen. She moved between musical dimensions in the 80's, appealing to country and pop radio audiences alike.

America - 1983 Your Move
This 1983 release includes a wealth of input from British producer/arranger/performer and co-writer Russ Ballard. Who can really blame Beckley and Bunnell for giving the former Argent star another try, after his production 'You Can Do Magic' provided them with a huge hit a year before.

Anderson, Ian - 1983 Walk Into Light
Modern concepts and design, and a world away from the Jethro Tull universe. Ian Anderson steps away to explore a myriad of musical non Tull ideas.

Ange - 1983 La Gare De Troyes
French rock history is littered with colourful, sometimes bizarre characters. At the forefront of the French prog movement were Ange. They took a more melodic and listenable approach to their 70's prog output, admittedly a touch bizarre at times, yet much of it is considered classic by serious prog aficionados.

Anka, Paul - 1983 Walk A Fine Line
You can tell by the line-up listed above, that CBS Records have spared no expense by getting in the best. Without stooping to levels of schmaltz that would've had this record at the cheesy end of the breadstick, it stacks up OK as a product of 1983.

Arcangel - 1983 Arcangel
I read the review of this album back in 1983 when it first came out. If I recall, the reviewer said.. 'Jeff Cannata sounds like he's been locked in a room with a crateful of Kansas albums!' or something to that effect. In fact he even said it sounded like the 3rd Boston album. Well as time would have it, some twenty plus years after the event, some of the comparisons haven't quite rung true.

Art In America - 1983 Art In America
Musically, Art In America combine elements of Marillion, Rush and Yes, and package it into a commercial blend of progressive rock. When they decide to do the AOR thing (by accident probably), a band like SPYS is a good comparison.

Asia - 1983 Alpha
You don't have to go too far to find an Asia fan on this website. The band released three tremendous studio albums between 1982 and 1985, this one 'Alpha' being the second.

Automatix, The - 1983 Night Rider
Despite this being the only contribution to AOR history from this Detroit five piece, what a great addition to the genre it is..

Avion - 1983 Avion
Melody rich AOR of the finest sort. Keyboard layers, tempered guitar, booming drums and vocal harmonies galore. You'd go a long way to finding anything this good south of the 33rd parallel circa 1983!

Axe - 1983 Nemesis
'Nemesis' sound continued the likeable combination of vague boogie mixed with wholesome AOR.

Backseat Sally - 1983 Backseat Sally
This 1983 LP is long overdue some attention here at GDM. From Rochester NY, this band were signed to a big label (Atlantic), and really, this should have been reissued eons ago, so we're only too glad to give it some long overdue love.

Barclay James Harvest - 1983 Ring Of Changes
Barclay James Harvest ventured into AOR territory during the early 80's. 'Ring Of Changes' was one of those efforts, a far cry from their early 70's prog days.

Benson, George - 1983 In Your Eyes
Always on the cusp of the West Coast scene during the late 70's and early 80's was legendary jazz guitarist George Benson. Most of his 1970's releases plus this 1983 effort are remarkably laid back and beautifully handled soft rock from a true master.

Big Ric - 1983 Big Ric
Quirky, hi-tech and still influenced by the new wave - which let's face it, in 1983 was starting to get tedious - is Big Ric's forte. Outfits like Oxo, Men Without Hats all get a look in.

Big Street - 1983 Big Street (5 track Mini LP)
Big Street came and went before you knew it. From Philadelphia, this obscure 5-track Mini LP was a closet classic for 1983.

Bijelo Dugme - 1983 Uspavanka Za Radmilu M
In the last two years it's become clear to me that classic AOR is not the sole preserve of North America, leading me to embark on a global treasure hunt which yielded bands I now consider essential in my collection. The old Yugoslavia yields another unmissable band from the East Bloc: Bijelo Dugme.

Biscaya - 1983 Biscaya
Classically infused progressive hard rock was the nature of the game for this Swedish mid 80's combo - Biscaya.

Black Sabbath - 1983 Born Again
Quite a phenomenal effort, and one that most have conceded to over the last twenty years. The scars of Ozzy and Dio were still fresh back then, making this a painful experience for die hards.

Blackfoot - 1983 Siogo
'Siogo' shifted course into broad hard rock range, with slight hints of their previous sound. In the US sales were paltry. Hardcore fans weren't buying the new image and direction.

Blue Oyster Cult - 1983 The Revolution By Night
Well and truly buried are the musical origins of this band from their early 70's period. This is about as smooth as it gets for BOC; through the hey-day of the 80's arena rock era.

Blue Rose - 1983 Blue Rose
Blue Rose might have come across as an Alan Parsons Project clone back in the day, but in reality they fused jazz fusion with sophisticated pop far more effectively than Parson's mob ever did.

Bolton, Michael - 1983 Michael Bolton
The importance of 'Michael Bolton' cannot be understated, if only for myself. I've heard a thousand AOR albums since, but for definitive AOR, this debut plus 1985's 'Everybody's Crazy', are the benchmarks for the genre. Simply my opinion.

Bolton, Ron (Band) - 1983 Ron Bolton Band
The Ron Bolton Group is the sort of band tailor-made for a website like GDM. AOR to the core, underground status, and near legendary in their local ports of call around the greater San Diego area. Reference points have been taken from the likes Steel Breeze, Franke And The Knockouts, Dakota and The Producers.

Boys Brigade - 1983 Boys Brigade
Sneaking into this website by a thread of a thread are Canadian band Boys Brigade. Released at a time when Canadian bands were starting to exert their testosterone to the world, Boys Brigade instead were taking their lead from British bands who were popular at the time. Think Spandau Ballet and their ilk, then you'd have a fair guess as to who Boys Brigade were emulating.

Breaks, The - 1983 The Breaks
The Breaks were the predecessor of the duo Drama, formed around the husband and wife team of Pat and Susanne Jerome Taylor.

Bronz - 1983 Taken By Storm
Back in the heyday of the 80s, some people in the UK music media wrote this band off before they even got started.

Bush, Stan - 1983 Stan Bush
Better late than never perhaps as this is a debut which ranks among the finest on vinyl, as even from this early vantage point, Stan Bush was an immediate AOR force.

Butcher, Jon (Axis) - 1983 Jon Butcher Axis
Butcher's first LP 'Jon Butcher Axis' was an inspired release by Polydor Records in 1983, even if the rest of the world outside of the North Eastern Seaboard of the US hadn't heard of it.

Caldwell, Bobby - 1983 August Moon
This 1983 effort wasn't released in the U.S. until the 70's, an unfortunate affair, as this is the most convincing of Caldwell's vintage AOR era recordings, with a far heavier sound more which still retains West Coast accessibility.

Call, Alex - 1983 Alex Call
Alex Call is best known as the co-songwriter for Tommy Tutone's 1981 hit '867-5309 Jenny'. He was also a member of San Francisco notables Clover. Here though is his 1983 solo/debut LP.

Camp, Steve - 1983 Fire And Ice
'Fire And Ice' despite its wordiness stands as one of the best AOR albums ever released for the Christian market.

Capaldi, Jim - 1983 Fierce Heart
After a raft of UK only releases, 'Fierce Heart' got a wider audience, and most pundits back in the day thought it was a pretty reasonable album for its time.

Carrera - 1983 Carrera
Very much a west coast sounding album this one, right there alongside the likes of Michael McDonald and Robbie Dupree, and when they rock up a bit, they move into a lighter pulse driven AOR style a la John O'Banion, Farrenheit and Preview.

Chameleon - 1983 Balance
Those expecting a repeat performance of the bombastic AOR showcased on 'Techno-color' will be disappointed (as indeed I was initially). 'Balance' is more diverse than Chameleon's previous offerings, covering am eclectic mix of musical styles encompassing along the way New Wave, AOR and keyboard dominated pop influences.

Charlie - 1983 Charlie
The music on 'Charlie' was even smoother than that on 'Good Morning America' and 'Here Comes Trouble'. The band even found themselves on MTV courtesy of the moderately hit single 'It's Inevitable'.

Cheap Trick - 1983 Next Position Please
With 'Next Position Please' the songwriting is stronger and generally more melodic and appealing, but the awful production from Todd Rundgren proved ruinous.

China Crisis - 1983 Working With Fire And Steel: Possible Pop Songs Volume Two
>In the 80's if there was ever a band that could be consistently relied on for picture-perfect pop, it was Liverpool's China Crisis.

Cinema Face - 1983 Cinema Face
This Canadian band are held at the same level of reverence as pomp contemporaries Zon, and though the histories and names are different, the musical delivery is similar.

Citizen Kane - 1983 Hot Blooded Rocker
There's an interesting and unfortunate tale to be told with this Orange County band: Citizen Kan.e

Cobra - 1983 First Strike
A near supergroup this one, when you subsequently see the names involved with this one-off project.

Collins, Allen (Band) - 1983 Here There And Back
The Allen Collins Band hints at what he was capable of and could have gone on to achieve. This is for the pure Southern rock fan, most of whom I'm already sure are in possession of this excellent recording.
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