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Crane, Stephen - 1984 Kicks
This is a highly under-rated major label AOR release which includes a stellar cast and was produced by Toto's Steve Lukather, together with Jai Winding.

Cruella De Ville - 1984 Cruella De Ville
Cruella de Ville were a highly original, hugely entertaining, but ultimately short lived band working out of Northern Ireland. For a description of what Cruella de Ville sounded like, Eric (my fellow scribe here on GD) has summed them up quite perfectly as 'Brilliant pop melding Queen and Kate Bush with Irish folk and a punk attitude' ....yes really!!...and who am I to disagree.

Cupples, Peter - 1984 Half The Effort Twice The Effect
Many were unprepared for the excellence of 'Half The Effort, Twice The Effect' which was released on the major label Mercury/Polygram. Listening to this, I am reminded of David Roberts superb 'All Dressed Up' two years prior, plus a dash of the late John O'Banion.

Dads, The - 1984 The Dads
What I hear is a cool power pop band with similarities to Candy, Elvis Brothers, Romantics and The Plimsouls and I really can't complain.

Dakota - 1984 Runaway
When we talk about West Coast style rock, a few names spring to mind. For me, Dakota are right up there, and this their second album from 1984 'Runaway' is a legend of that West Coast genre.

Dalbello - 1984 WhoManFourSays
'Whomanfoursays' is not an album based solely on the AOR template but is typical of its time with heavy use of synth and 80's production techniques while the music is jagged, at times abrasive, filled with dark layers of mood, shade and really comparable to no one.

Dandy, Jim - 1984 Ready As Hell
Black Oak Arkansas's Jim Dandy goes solo.. Looking like Thor and sounding like Queensryche.. Among other things.. Strange but true..

De Young, Dennis - 1984 Desert Moon
If you're a die-hard Styx fan, or looking for something completely off the wall, then this one's for you.

Deep Purple - 1984 Perfect Strangers
After an aborted reunion a couple of years earlier, Deep Purple Mk 2 (1969-73) finally completed the deed in 1984 when what was considered their greatest lineup announced plans for a new album and tour.

Dianno - 1984 Dianno
After his sacking from Iron Maiden in 1981, Paul Dianno finally regrouped in 1984 with his new band, the impressively titled 'Dianno'.

Dokken - 1984 Tooth And Nail
One of my favorite albums from 1984 is this sophomore set from Los Angeles rockers Dokken. Impressing me no end with their debut Breakin The Chains (the original Carerre release I must say, not the rebadged Elektra version), the band have shedded their skins and matured into a class act for this album.

Dragon - 1984 Body And The Beat
This album marked a rebirth for New Zealand's legendary rockers, after imploding in the late 70's. Dragon reformed, allegedly to pay off debts they had incurred in the 70's. The reunion was an amazing success. Dragon embraced a melodic rock approach in keeping with the times, yet still retaining the sound that propelled them to stardom all those years ago.

Duke Jupiter - 1984 White Knuckle Ride
It really is a pity that Duke Jupiter's recording career stopped after 1985, just when they'd released their two finest albums.

Electric Eels - 1984 Electric Eels
If Montrose began the North American hard rock and metal revolution with their amazingly advanced debut in 1973 then the forgotten Electric Eels weren't far behind. This is an unbelievable statement from 1974 that is so far ahead of its time in the whole heavy metal stakes.. that this could easily be 1984. Actually.. it is ...

Eloy - 1984 Metromania
AOR is certainly a genre full of surprises. Just when you think you've turned over every stone and there's nothing left to discover from the classic era, a band like Eloy can humble you in a hurry.

Eloy - 1984 Metromania
Here's a second review of Eloy's 'Metromania', the first written by Lee a few years back. My take is pretty similar..

Europe - 1984 Wings Of Tomorrow
'Wings of Tomorrow' is an accomplished set of bruising melodic metal. It displays such potential in the metal area, that it's almost painful to imagine what Europe could have done with it if they had continued in a heavier vein. They could have gone on to achieve credibilty like Iron Maiden, heavy yet always with a melodic edge.

Everest - 1984 Everest
Crikey, how rare is this album? Canadian pompsters Everest, who appeared in 1984 on a big label, a great producer behind them, and a sound somewhere between Saga, Zon, and Genesis. A pompsters dream when you put it like this.

Exciter - 1984 Violence And Force
You could hurl every exaggerated description at this album and most of them would apply. Sitting somewhere between thrash and NWOBHM, Exciter's sound was as heavy as the Metallica's of the world, if not as refined.

Export - 1984 Contraband
Liverpool may be better known as being the origins of 60's music icons The Beatles, but for melodic rockers and AORsters, it's the low key affair that was the band Export which is of more interest to GD readers.

Face To Face - 1984 Face To Face
Face To Face were a very stylish female fronted band, with hints of commercial pop and AOR, somewhere in the vicinity of Toronto and Patty Smyth And Scandal.

Fast Forward - 1984 Living In Fiction
The music from Fast Forward is a glorious amalgam of many bands/artists from the late great eighties.. probably too many to name here..

Fates Warning - 1984 Night On Bröcken
Here's a look at some very early material from American prog metallers Fates Warning.

Fingerprint - 1984 On File
'On File' is a five track EP, and sounds damn good. Comparisons are numerous (I'm thinking maybe Comfort Band or Bootcamp, but it's very pompy and obviously AOR to the core.

Follazay - 1984 One In A Million
Just who were Keith and Adrienne Follazay? Brother, Sister? Husband and Wife perhaps? Wish I knew, but how 'bout the cover art? Eegads! Looking all gauzy, romantic and very 80's, 'One In A Million' blew by most record buyers at the time and I'm sure the cover and image had something to do with it.

Force - 1984 Set Me Free (From This Pain Inside My Head)
Here's an English band that flew under the radar back in 1984 that should've gone onto bigger things. Force played a pompous form of traditional heavy metal, in the vein of Demon, Grand Prix, Saracen and early Magnum.

Foreigner - 1984 Agent Provocateur
There are three avenues which Foreigner explore on this album. Soft keyboard dominated songs, mid paced songs with restrained power and lots of melody, and the grunty rockers with vocal and guitar excess.

Franke And The Knockouts - 1984 Makin' The Point
There's something a bit special about these New Jersey legends, and it goes deeper than Franke Previte's golden voice. They show a genuine grasp of melodic hooks and quality AOR songs, regardless of tempo.

Fraser, Andy - 1984 Fine Fine Line
A nice all round album this one - by ex Free bassist Andy Fraser. Here he combines with some AOR heavyweights to produce an album brimming with excellence, along the same lines as Russ Ballard's albums of about the same vintage.

Frazier, Rob - 1984 Cut It Away
Another of the CCM/AOR brigade from the 80's is former Petra member Rob Frazier.

Front, The - 1984 The Front
This album seems to be most notable for being the first CCM album released on CD, but the music is on another level and it's a shame nothing else was heard from The Front, a one-off masterpiece which is a worthy addition to any collection.

Funk, Terry - 1984 Great Texan
On the surface this may appear to be one of the most offbeat inclusions ever presented at Glory Daze. After all an album by legendary Texan wrestler Terry Funk would probably be met with cynicism and no doubt laughter by many..

Furlong, Michael - 1984 Use It Or Lose It
Here Furlong takes the guise of the ultimate 80's AOR hero in comprehensive style, with an album held in high regard some three decades later by purists.

Gilmour, David - 1984 About Face
1984 brought two Pink Floyd solo albums; Roger Waters' first effort 'The Pros and Con's of Hitch Hiking' and the second David Gilmour release 'About Face'. Looking at 'About Face' with Gilmour pre-dating George Michael in a short haircut, stubble and leather jacket, it's certainly a product of its time but does it hold up musically? An unequivocal yes, with a couple caveats.

Giuffria - 1984 Giuffria
The album was one of the best AOR albums of 1984 and remains a favorite of the genre mainly because of Giuffria's keyboard dexterity and amazing melodic content.

Great White - 1984 Great White
After selling twenty thousand copies of their 1982 EP Out Of The Night, the band were picked up by EMI America, their full LP debut appearing in early 1984.

Grim Reaper - 1984 See You In Hell
In the US 'See You In Hell' reached a staggering no 73 on Billboard and sold an astounding 250,000 copies. Even today this is amazing, considering Reaper were far inferior to Iron Maiden who were enjoying their greatest American success at the time.

Gruska, Jay - 1984 Which One Of Us Is Me
Gruska became better known as the lead singer of West Coast supergroup Maxus, who released their one and only album in 1981. Ten years after his 1974 debut, Jay returned with another West Coast effort called 'Which One Of Us Is Me'. The line up listed above is incredible. Everyone turns up to play.

Hagar, Sammy - 1984 VOA
This is not a lengthy album, with eight songs and coming in under 37 minutes. Some might call that short, but I prefer to call this a lean and muscular album.

Hanoi Rocks - 1984 Two Steps From The Move
Myth, unfilled potential, hell raisers, darlings of the press and heartbreak. Hanoi Rocks could have been one of the reasons why Samuel Johnson in 1755 put together one of the earliest dictionaries, knowing the need to try to describe these vagabonds years later.

Harlequin (Canada) - 1984 Harlequin
The overall sound shifted to a more hi-tech AOR direction, coupled with a more watery guitar sound prevalent through most of the album. However, as someone once wrote about Cheap Trick's widely misunderstood album 'The Doctor', Harlequin still 'rock through the technology'!

Hartman, Dan - 1984 I Can Dream About You
The late Dan Hartman's 'I Can Dream About You' was released in 1984. Hartman, some of you may remember had a huge hit in the late 70's with a disco hit called 'Instant Replay'. While that was kinda throwaway, much of the material from this album is not, though it might sound dated to some!

Helix - 1984 Walkin' The Razors Edge
After an industrious 1983 which saw Canadians Helix debut for their major label Capitol, the band returned refreshed and ready to rumble for the second album 'Walkin' The Razors Edge'.

Helstar - 1984 Burning Star
Listening to this many years later, I think 'Burning Star' hasn't aged that well to be honest. Yes, it's categorized as old school metal, but I think fans of the band would agree that their best work was yet to come, with 'Remnants Of War' and 'Nosferatu' considered to be far superior to this debut.

Henley, Don - 1984 Building The Perfect Beast
'Building The Perfect Beast' became Henley's second solo LP, and featured another 80's staple tune in 'Boys Of Summer'. The material here is very commercial and radio friendly.

Hill, Dan - 1984 Love In The Shadows
This album really flew under the radar and if it wasn't for the Internet I probably would never have heard it or been aware of its true AOR worth.

Honeydrippers, The - 1984 The Honeydrippers - Vol 1
The Honeydrippers came into being during 1981. Lep Zeppelin had more or less run it's course, though the 'Coda' album was just around the corner, along with Robert Plant's solo career. It's been said that Plant wanted to do something more aligned with the R&B genre, and I guess The Honeydrippers was the vehicle for that.

Honeymoon Suite - 1984 Honeymoon Suite
I bought this album more or less the day it was released locally, and not knowing anything about them, I was soon smitten with their brand of AOR. It does have some new wave traces, due in part to Johnny Dee's vocals, but mainly the racy guitars of Grehan and luscious keyboard textures from Coburn land this smack in the middle of AOR Central.

HSAS - 1984 Through The Fire
This one off supergroup project was masterminded by Schon and Hagar who had wanted to collaborate for some period of time. To assist them they enlisted fellow Bay area brethren Kenny Aaronson and Michael Shrieve.

Hunter, John - 1984 Famous At Night
John Hunter is best remembered from his time with The Hounds. For his debut solo album 'Famous At Night', the music is nothing like his previous outfit, instead John trades up to a very commercial hybrid of 80's pop and new wave/new romantic leanings.
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