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Tormentor - 1984 Goddess Of Love
Tormentor's moniker sounds like another dodgy mid 80's act, complete with band members who sound like they belong on a bad Belgian football side, but it belies a U.F.O inspired set rich in melody and interplay.

Toto - 1984 Isolation
Many of the GLORY-DAZE readership will have no hesitation putting this album right up there as the best thing they've ever done.

Travers, Pat - 1984 Hot Shot
Although it was only 1984, this would be Pat Travers' last studio album of the decade, his various problems and disillusion with the record industry leading to an impasse recording wise.

Travolta, Joey - 1984 Hold On
Very much in the same vein as Frank Stallone comes Joey Travolta, who rode the coattails of his more famous brother John's success, but with his own brand of unique talent.

Triumph - 1984 Thunder Seven
'Thunder Seven' ranks in my top 5 Triumph albums of all time, and though not as successful as their other albums up until then, sonically this had a great production, all thanks to Eddie Kramer no doubt. If you've ignored this album in the past, get re-acquainted with it once more.

Twisted Sister - 1984 Stay Hungry
When we review the 1984 year, 'Stay Hungry' was one of the biggest metal albums out there, but it's also one we've conveniently forgotten about.

Urgent - 1984 Cast The First Stone
What does the melting pot deliver us? Believe it or not we are moving in a territory occupied by the likes of prime time Loverboy and early Honeymoon Suite.

Urgent (Canada) - 1984 Timing
Not to be confused with the American band of the same name. This lot emanate from Canada, and released this one-off album in 1984. The band came together during late 1982, Kim Hunt having left the band Zon, to hook up with Wayne Siberry and Doug Baynham (ex Bayb).

Valli, Franke (And The Four Seasons) - 1985 Streetfighter
Sometimes when you come across an album like this you almost have to ask yourself if it's real, such is the improbability. Then again seemingly everyone tried their hand at AOR during the 80's, so the Four Seasons were no exception.

Van Halen - 1984 1984
'1984' returned Van Halen back to the top of the heap, with hit singles released at will and ending up selling ten million copies and counting. It ranks as one of the 80's most enduring classic albums and indicated the band was only just beginning.

Vannelli, Gino - 1984 Black Cars
A quiver of LP's from his 1974 debut through to his 1981 LP 'Nightwalker' (most of them released by A&M Records), saw Gino move from his progressive pop/rock origins into the world of hi-tech percussive AOR by the time 1984's 'Black Cars' arrived on the doorstep.

Various Artists - 1984 US Metal IV
Gotta say, I liked this compilation far better than the 'US Metal III', but as it turned out, this was the last of the series. The US Metal series had finally run its course, what a relief!

Vyper - 1984 Prepared To Strike
I vividly recall purchasing this album back in 1984, on the strength of the cover, and band member image. How flaky was I then? Haha.. The good news is of course.. Vyper now have this album released in the digital domain courtesy of Retrospect Records once again.

W.A.S.P - 1984 W.A.S.P
W.A.S.P.'s debut very much epitomises the state of heavy metal in the US in the early to mid 80's, extremely traditional with large helpings of theatrics and the inclusion of material that could be construed as mildy commercial, yet always heavy.

Wagner, Jack - 1984 All I Need
The first time I heard this I had my suspicions admittedly but I'm of the opinion this is truly essential for the AOR fanatic.

Waybill, Fee - 1984 Read My Lips
Fee takes his music one step beyond the melodic playground of The Tubes, and adds a dash of West Coast flavoring to the mix. For long time Tubes fans this would seem like the ultimate departure for the 'wacky one' - perhaps even 'sellout'. However, AOR and West Coast fans can rub their hands with glee.

Waysted - 1984 Waysted (ep)
Here's the UFO offshoot band called Waysted. They were all throughout the press during the early 80's, and their connection (at the hip it would appear) to UFO was an obvious one.

White Sister - 1984 White Sister
To this day, this band and this album still fascinate the hell out of me. What did Sounds Magazine say about this band back in 1984? .. 'a band that looks like Angel and sounds like Journey ..majestic keyboards and heavy guitar .. dynamic melodic metal but with some sinew and muscle'.

White Wolf - 1984 Standing Alone
From the province of Alberta Canada come the five-piece White Wolf. Probably more heavy rock/metal than most, but supremely melodic nonetheless.

Whitesnake - 1984 Slide It In
This album gave Whitesnake their big break in the U.S., and a successful tour helped elevate their stature to where their self-titled 1987 album made them megastars.

Who, The - 1984 Who's Last
To say this is terrible is an understatement, in fact it's mind boggling this is The Who live such is the shambles on display.

Williams, Wendy O - 1984 W.O.W
Following three albums with The Plasmatics and a ton of controversy along the way, the abrasive Williams recorded her debut solo album, along with producer and all round mastermind behind the project, Gene Simmons, going under the assumed name 'Reginald Van Helsing'.

Witch Cross - 1984 Fit For Fight
I recall seeing this album previewed on many an ancient Music For Nations cassette inlay and often wondered if it would ever cross my path! This is more obscure than I imagined it to be, and the cover artwork of a giant bat attacking a warrior and his wenches is classic 80's!

Witchkiller - 1984 Day Of The Saxons [EP]
I must be missing something here. Witchkiller release a lone five track EP in 1984 and somehow are regarded as according to one website 'classic Canadian heavy metal legends'. Not so fast there!

Wrathchild - 1984 Stakk Attakk
Back in the early 80's, nobody did Glam quite the way that British outfit Wrathchild did!

Xavion - 1984 Burnin' Hot
If the 'Artist Formerly Known As Prince' (Prince Nelson to you and I) was ever to explore his 'Purple Rain' style again, and display his chops, then his first reference call would be this lot.. Xavion. A hard rock band with Black Americans in the personnel.

Y & T - 1984 In Rock We Trust
Y&T entered this album as one of metals most respected acts. Previous albums such as 'Earthshaker', 'Black Tiger' and 'Mean Streak' had seen their fortunes rise dramatically, and many observers felt their moment was just around the corner.

Zappacosta - 1984 Zappacosta
Although released under the 'Zappacosta' moniker it could be argued that unofficially this is the third album by Canadian band Surrender whose debut is reviewed elsewhere on this site.

Zaragon - 1984 No Return
Danish band Zaragon specialise in a brand of prog that is highly infectious, with traces of Genesis, Yes, Eloy, Camel, and if we dwelve into the neo-prog scene, we could dish out a name like IQ too.

Zebra - 1984 No Tellin' Lies
If you are a fan of power trio Zebra, then it will come as no surprise that the general consensus about their second album 'No Tellin' Lies' is not good.

Zee - 1984 Identity
Harvest was quick to promote this as a Richard Wright album, with some copies featuring his name and Pink Floyd above the Zee logo, but this album is not as horrific as it's been made out to be.

Zmed, Adrian - 1984 Adrian Zmed
Another of the many 80's actors and actresses that decided to front up to a microphone, Adrian Zmed released this one-off mini LP back in 1984.
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