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Prince - 1984 Purple Rain
Purple Rain had such a huge impact on 80s culture and is still one of the most highly respected soundtracks in history. Purple Rain was, and probably always will be, Princes greatest selling album.

Queen - 1984 The Works
Queen returned to their rock roots with 'The Works' and the results to say the least were quite impressive.

Quiet Riot - 1984 Condition Critical
A year further on from 'Metal Health', Quiet Riot returned to release a new record which was an exact duplicate of what went before.

Qwest - 1984 Dream Zone
It seems that being signed to a minor record company is like a death knell for your chances of big success, and folks, Quality /MWC were minor enough to make sure that Qwest didn't stand a fair chance.

Rail - 1984 Rail Mini LP
Sometimes it takes a bit of courage to kick-start the career of an artist/band, and so it proved in 1983, For Seattle's Rail.

Raindancer - 1984 A Little Bit Confused
'A Little Bit Confused' is a purists AOR album with I-Ten, Lake and Toto rearing their heads mostly, but the metallic overtones through the middle of the album will have some people scratching their heads..

Rankin, Billy - 1984 Growin' Up Too Fast
With 'Baby Come Back' being a singles success, Billy Rankin toured the US to some some acclaim, even being removed from the opening slot on .38 Special's tour as he blew them off the stage repeatedly.

Rapid Tears - 1984 Cry For Mercy [EP]
Canadian band from Toronto. These guys were definitely influenced by what was going on around them at the time. I guess Iron Maiden and Judas Priest would've given Rapid Tears ample inspiration.

Ratt - 1984 Out Of The Cellar
Despite the brain-dead press who tried to write this band off as being nothing more than ordinary, the youth of America voted with with their feet and their wallets, converting 'Out Of The Cellar' into a triple platinum seller. The album went as high as No 7 on Billboard..

Reckless - 1984 Heart Of Steel
Steve Madden and his Canadian band Reckless stirred up the AOR world in 1981. By 1984, the glow had faded, he had hooked up with a couple of blokes from HM band Witchkiller to record this much maligned LP 'Heart Of Steel'.. Very much a change in direction.

Red Rider - 1984 Breaking Curfew
'Breaking Curfew' continued the bands AOR and New Wave compromise, their sound an intriguing mixture of the two.

REO Speedwagon - 1984 Wheels Are Turnin'
'Wheels Are Turnin' returned REO to the very top echelons, not surprising given it's consistent quality AOR and never losing touch with their signature sound.

Ritenour, Lee - 1984 Banded Together
'Banded Together' features many of Lee's best friends in the L.A session scene, and they all gather around like a protective flock. I'm not quite as convinced with this material as previous albums. As it turned out, it would be Lee's last album with Elektra, before moving onto Dave Grusin's GRP Records.

Robertson, Baxter - 1984 Vanishing Point Two
His recordings are more contemporary and equate to AOR peers of the eighties era which include Donnie Iris, Men At Work, Martin Briley, Doug And The Slugs and John Hunter (ie: 'Famous At Night').

Rods, The - 1984 Let Them Eat Metal
Following the disaster of their Live album, The Rods regrouped and regained some of their momentum with 'Let Them Eat Metal' which is as concise a document of where U.S. heavy metal stood in 1984. It proved The Rods still had the goods, even if their audience had all but moved on.

RPM - 1984 Phonogenic
Well then. How can RPM top what was an essential AOR album two years previous? The answer? they couldn't - but admittedly not by much!. The music this time around is still melodic and catchy as hell. They've gone hi-tech but have tried to keep to their AOR roots, but the ground is moving all around them.

Runner (USA) - 1984 Runner (EP)
I've always been leery of indie albums which tend to receive high wattage hype for little if any reason other than looking or sounding vaguely AOR, but this is definitely one to seek out. Runner while short on content delivers the goods and won't disappoint.

Rush - 1984 Grace Under Pressure
'Grace Under Pressure' is a lyrical album of pessimism - for my money. There are a handful of negative connatations here: threat of nuclear war, holocaust, death, fear, conflict.

Rush, Neil (Band) - 1984 See You Soon [EP]
Formed in the 80's, the Neil Rush Band were a well-known proposition in the Seattle area. Perhaps what is not well known is the music that this outfit deliver. A heap of 80's era contenders rear their head in the comparison stakes. Take Beau Coup, Jack Street Band, Dakota and The Automatix and throw it all together.

Saint (USA) - 1984 Saint
Blimey. I remember seeing some old reviews of this album, being described as a pomp classic. Well, that certainly raised my eyebrows! The band were compared favourably with pop rock wonders Teaze and Starz, but with keyboards. Now if that doesn't get your chakras spinning then there's no hope for you!

Sassy Jones - 1984 Caught In The Act
Here's one for the books. I think this lot (Sassy Jones) are the first band to be featured here at GLORY-DAZE who originate from New Mexico!

Savatage - 1984 The Dungeons Are Calling
Often overlooked as part of the 80's metal legacy simply because they never quite broke the upper tier of leading acts, Savatage's early work must go down as some of the most barbaric of the decade.

Scandal (Featuring Patty Smyth) - 1984 Warrior
One of my favorite pop rock/AOR albums ever. At the time, the track 'The Warrior' was a staple on radio the world over, and is still one of those archetypal 80's anthems.. something you remember the decade by.

Schwartz, Eddie - 1984 Public Life
One of Canada's more well known songwriters, Eddie Schwartz was on quite the AOR roll in the early 80's, with 'Public Life' perhaps the best of his three solo albums from 1980-84.

Scorpions, The - 1984 Love At First Sting
Looking back on the 1984 calendar, German band The Scorpions had reached the pinnacle of their career with this album 'Love At First Sting'. Many punters were saying 'how could they possibly top 1982's 'Blackout' album? Well they did, but it wasn't without pain.

Shaw, Tommy - 1984 Girls With Guns
Tommy Shaw's first solo outing is a bit of a mixed bag. In my opinion, there's no way it could be called an AOR classic - that accolade would go to 1987's 'Ambition' - but it's good moments definitely out-weigh the bad.

Shire - 1984 Shire (Mini LP)
The members of this band were only teenagers when this 1984 Mini LP was released. From Los Angeles, the quartet were deemed good enough to attract the attention of Don Dokken and German producer Michael Wagener, for this one-off 5 tracker.

Shyster - 1984 Shyster (Mini LP)
Released on the small-time label Focus Records, this effort came out in 1984 and fits in nicely with another AOR outfit from the same era and same state: Beau Coup.

Slade - 1984 Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply
With this album Slade moved into the eighties with some superb AOR mixed in with more traditional raucous hard rock fare, continuing the form they had begun with 1981's 'When I'm Dancing I Ain't Fighting'.

Slick, Grace - 1984 Software
'Software' would be the last of Grace's four solo albums (counting 1973's 'Manhole'), as she ventured all over the musical landscape for at least another decade before retiring. The material is very scratchy here, and not even Ron Nevison and Peter Wolf can save all of it, to be honest, though it's not a total write-off.

Southside Johnny And The Jukes - 1984 In The Heat
Even if Southside Johnny isn't your cup of tea, this is still worth investigating if you're partial to AOR of the ultra-commercial variety that was so prevalent in 1984. You've heard it all before, but it doesn't stop it from being an enjoyable romp.

Spanos, Danny - 1984 Looks Like Trouble
Musically, Danny's voice has been described as a cross between Joe Cerisano (Silver Condor), the late Marc Hunter of Aussie band Dragon and Eddie Money. So from that comparison it would seem that this 'Looks Like Trouble' album would veer on the rough-house side.

Spartan Warrior - 1984 Spartan Warrior
Another in the long line of NWOBHM acts from the early 80's were Spartan Warrior, who like Raven were luminaries of the Tyneside circuit, but unfortunately not nearly as noteworthy or successful.

Splitcrow - 1984 Rock Storm
Here's another album I had high hopes going into, especially after years of reading their bio in the esteemed Hard Rock And Metal Encyclopedia, which promised a British band playing 'phenomenal southern boogie' despite hailing from Northumberland in England.

Springfield, Rick - 1984 Beautiful Feelings
What to make of this one? Springfield recorded the vocals in 1978 for an album that was never completed. In 1984 to cash in on the Springfield craze, music was recorded to fit the vocals. A dodgy cash in? Maybe. But half the songs are outstanding and it's a shame Rick never finished them himself.

Squier, Billy - 1984 Signs Of Life
Containing the same personnel as previous albums, the Billy Squier sound is retained into 1984 with excellent results. A big booming producton thanks to Jim Steinman, 'Signs Of Life' would move more than two million units (double platinum). Of course, the major talking point of this album is 'that' video.

Stallone, Frank - 1984 Frank Stallone
In the tradition of David Roberts and Gino Vanelli, Stallone managed to create a masterpiece of the genre which unfairly seems to have fallen shy of the radar..

Stephenson, Van - 1984 Righteous Anger
As mentioned in my previous review of Van's 1986 follow-up album to this one, 80's AOR wouldn't quite be complete without mentioning his contribution to the scene. Many have mentioned that they prefer the 1986 effort 'Suspicious Heart', and though both his MCA releases feature much of the same key personnel, the songs and overall vibe of both are slightly different.

Stewart, Sandy - 1984 Cat Dancer
This very hard to find album by Texan singer/songwriter Sandy Stewart has many interesting connections to others in the melodic rock genre. Musically, 'Cat Dancer' compares similarly to Shanghai, Spider, Drama, Idle Tears and Device, though not as hi-tech as any of those acts.

Stone Fury - 1984 Burns Like A Star
In 1983, Lenny Wolf moved to Los Angeles, and hooked up with Bruce Gowdy to form Stone Fury.

Strikemaster - 1984 Good N Ready (Live)
New Zealand heavy metal band Strikemaster recorded 'Good 'N Ready' live in the studio. One of the few Kiwi HM bands to record during the 80's.

Sugarcreek - 1984 Rock The Night Away
After the release of their classic 'Fortune' album two years prior, Sugarcreek were still considered the best kept secret in AOR. Even by 1984 they hadn't even raised an eyebrow outside of their home territory of North Carolina, despite the quality of the material.

Survivor - 1984 Vital Signs
Survivor's 'Vital Signs' album set 1984 alight and provided the band with a commercial comeback after the equally stunning 'Caught In The Game' inexplicably stalled in the lower regions of the Billboard charts.

Sweet Comfort Band - 1984 Perfect Timing
It wasn't until the mid eighties that they really started to tweak the interest of melodic rockers, especially this one 'Perfect Timing' which was in effect their last studio effort. On this one they play a bombastic style of AOR..

T.T Quick - 1984 T.T Quick (Mini LP)
A legendary EP which would have been enough to certify the band as all-time greats even without further releases.

Tank - 1984 Honour And Blood
Tank had a preoccupation with war themes, but eased in more commercial numbers at the same time. More importantly the sound remained true blooded British metal.

Thomas, Ian - 1984 Riders On Dark Horses
The atmospherics and intelligent lyrics evident in his earlier material were now coupled with more forceful guitar dynamics - a winning combination which resulted in an album which is nothing short of an AOR masterpiece.

TKO - 1984 In Your Face
My first run-in with the band was listening to their insipid 'Let It Roll' album from 1979. Awful stuff to be honest, and when a few years later, the band turned up with 'In Your Face', I was expecting more of the same. Hell no.. This is awesome stuff, and about as bruising an album of hard rock as you'll find on the block. Talk about a turn-up for the books!

TNT - 1984 Knights Of The New Thunder
To this day, this album still bristles with unbridled energy, with Le Tekro's guitar style setting the scene for many a copycat over the next twenty years. Along with 'Tell No Tales', both albums are compulsory additions to your collection.

Tormentor - 1984 Goddess Of Love
Tormentor's moniker sounds like another dodgy mid 80's act, complete with band members who sound like they belong on a bad Belgian football side, but it belies a U.F.O inspired set rich in melody and interplay.
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