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Icon - 1984 Icon
A rather engaging band from Arizona, who sent heads a-spinning around the 1983/84 timeframe with an excellent full-on debut metal album.

Imitators, The - 1984 The Imitators (ep)
Christian band The Imitators were more than just sideline spectators during the early 80's. They were one of a few new wave/pop rock bands touting the Lord's message.

Iron Maiden - 1984 Powerslave
This was in a way the end of the first era of Maiden and somehow I don't know if they were ever the same again. The whole package of the Egyptian artwork, the huge stage show, the metal itself and the resulting tour represented Maiden at their apex.

Jag Panzer - 1984 Ample Destruction
Somehow 'Ample Destruction' became one of the most acclaimed American heavy metal albums of the 1980's, which is not to say it isn't well deserved, but on reflection, and with the bonus of time, it doesn't sound unlike hundreds of other bands treading the same ground in 1984.

Jaguar - 1984 This Time
As their standing increased at home and in Europe, Jaguar committed a massive blunder and inexplicably transformed into a bland AOR act for 'This Time'. Quite how the band decided on such a transition within a year is unknown, but the reversal was disastrous.

Jakata - 1984 Light The Night
Criminally ignored, 'Light The Night' should be sought out by all lovers of hi-tech AOR and west coast.

Jarrett, John (Tribe) - 1984 John Jarrett
John Jarett's Tribe is a difficult album to pigeon-hole. It isn't power-pop, nor is it AOR. Maybe Jarrett is caught in no-mans land? If I was to throw a comparison your way, then Memphis rocker Rob Jungklas maybe one to tip at outside odds.

Jefferson Starship - 1984 Nuclear Furniture
On this one 'Nuclear Furniture', there's no confusion whatsoever. A wonderful album, recreating the genius last seen on 1979's 'Freedom At Point Zero' some five years previous.

Judas Priest - 1984 Defenders Of The Faith
The start to new years 1984 kicked off with the very early release of 'Defenders Of The Faith', perhaps the heaviest album the band had released up to that point in time, and what an album it was!

Jumpstreet - 1984 Follow Her Home Tonight
James Walsh is better known as a member of 70's Minnesota rockers Gypsy. Here is James' foray into westcoast/AOR territory with 1984's Jumpstreet.

Keats - 1984 Keats
Keats is a classy and well-produced affair that will appeal to all APP I-Ten and Charlie fans - without a doubt. In fact I would go as far to say that this is a closet classic from 1984 - an album that should be better known by all AORsters.

Keel - 1984 Lay Down The Law
An inspiring debut that ranks with the Icon album from that very year, both chock full of bluster and enthusiasm, and definite promise.

Kennedy, Joyce - 1984 Looking For Trouble
For Mothers Finest lead singer Joyce Kennedy's solo debut, it is essentially an album of two halves. Leon Sylvers (of disco band The Sylvers would produce and write/co-write all the songs on Side 1, while the aforementioned Jeffrey Osborne produced Side 2, which is less about funk, and drifts close to west coast and R&B.

Kick Axe - 1984 Vices
This Canadian band are well overdue a mention on this website. They own three albums which were released in the mid 80's, and now thanks to Rock Candy Records, all of them are recently reissued in 2016.

Kidd Glove - 1984 Kidd Glove
The second stage of the career of L.A guitar hero Paul Sabu kicks off with his Kidd Glove project. Already held in high regard as a melodic rock demi-god, Sabu straddles the fence between disco/pop and melodic guitar based rock. A confusing mixture for sure, but when it's played the Sabu way, it sounds pretty convincing to me.

Kiss - 1984 Animalize
Kiss continued with the heavier direction they had assumed in 1982, but there was an easing of more melodic numbers amongst the more frantic fare. The album was a chart success, top twenty on both sides of the Atlantic, further evidence of Kiss' rightful decision to shed the makeup.

Krokus - 1984 The Blitz
This album definitely was a new direction for Krokus, moving away from metal and even hard rock to a smooth and streamlined rock sound more in line with where bands like Loverboy and Bon Jovi were (without the keyboards).

LaBarge - 1984 Bargin' In
Here's a guy who it seems has been around in the Canadian music scene forever. It wasn't until 1984 among all his other commitments, that LaBarge was able to release his first solo album 'Bargin' In'. On this album, Bernie is locked into the 1984 groove, and moving in the same circles as fellow Canuck Stan Meissner and the late Van Stephenson.

Lake - 1984 No Time For Heroes
Following a live release (Live - On the Run, 1982) few seem to have seen and much less heard the German band Lake returning in 1984 with the album No Time For Heroes.

Legs Diamond - 1984 Out On Bail
Legs Diamond comeback LP was on a par with the much heralded 70s output, with an obviously updated 80s sound, mainly in the keyboard department.

Lennon, Julian - 1984 Valotte
Comparisons to John Lennon are moot here. Julian was blessed with all of his father's gifts, but 'Valotte' offers something missing from his father's albums - consistency.

Lightyears - 1984 Lightyears
If you can imagine listening to the debut Prophet mixed with a dash of late 70's/early 80's Heart, then Lightyears, a band from the eternal wet of the Pacific Northwest is the closest to fit the bill.

Lionheart - 1984 Hot Tonight
Supposedly one of the first supergroups out of the UK during the early eighties. So many hands passed through this band it was a virtual revolving door policy on personnel.

Little River Band (LRB) - 1984 Playing To Win
This is the definitive AOR album from LRB, or Little River Band as most people know them. After a string of popular MOR contemporary albums, which saw them get gradually better and rockier, it culminated in a series of great albums released on the US Capitol/Pasha label during the mid eighties.

Look, The - 1984 Everybody's Acting
Not to be confused with the British band of the same name, The Look were a Detroit band formed in the late 70's playing in a radio rock come new wave style. This is their third and final album, and the swansong came with all sorts of issues, which unfortunately became toxic and terminal.

Malmsteen, Yngwie J (And Rising Force) - 1984 Rising Force
Malmsteen's reputation as a technical genius was well sealed by the time of this, his first recording under his own name.

Maltese Falcon - 1984 Metal Rush
This Danish band sum up the total metal ethos of the 1984 era and were one of hundreds of such bands on the Roadrunner label plundering the same riffs from each other.

Manowar - 1984 Sign Of The Hammer
Metal merchants Manowar fourth album 'Sign Of The Hammer' sees them deliver their most interesting album.

Meatloaf - 1984 Bad Attitude
This is probably Meatloafs heaviest work, and he managed to pull a rabbit out of his hat with this considering his commercial woes. The British seemed to love it, Modern Girl a number one hit in the UK.

Meissner, Stan - 1984 Dangerous Games
In 1982, A&M asked Stan if he would like to record his own material, the answer was obvious. Therefore, much of 1983 was spent working on the debut album, to be known as 'Dangerous Games'.

Mer Min - 1984 Mer Min (EP)
Another obscure find for GDM readers. I believe these guys came out of the state of Maryland, and were the forerunner to the band Quade.

Metallica - 1984 Ride The Lightning
No two ways about it, 'Ride The Lightning' was a great album which reinforced their stakes and claim to being one of the pre-eminent metal bands of the 80's.

Molly Hatchet - 1984 The Deed Is Done
In what would be their last studio album until 1989, Molly Hatchet finally followed the lead of .38 Special and dived into the Southern-AOR market.

Moore, Gary - 1984 We Want Moore
All of the material (except two songs) are taken from his last two studio efforts; 'Victims Of The Future' and 'Corridors Of Power'. There are no one thousand overdubs here folks. It's raw energy straight out of the can.

Mr Mister - 1984 I Wear The Face
The 80's was synonomous with a few acts and artists. The Los Angeles quartet Mr Mister could be grouped into that category with their pair of 1985 hits 'Broken Wings' and 'Kyrie Eleison'. Here, we look at their debut album..

Murray, Anne - 1984 Heart Over Mind
The 'Canadian Snowbird' Anne Murray is not the usual sort of fare to be found on GDM. Murray did change lanes during the 80's with a run of radio oriented albums which culminated in the is little 1984 beauty 'Heart Over Mind'.

Nazareth - 1984 The Catch
The decision was taken to completely modernize the Nazareth sound, with all the sequencers and digital drum effects in tow. Dan McCafferty referred to this as a serious attempt at techno Naz. Now these things can enhance an album if used properly, but it can also go horribly wrong..

Newton, Juice - 1984 Can't Wait All Night
Juice Newton's 1983 and 1984 albums are well worth checking out, as by this stage of her career, a touch of the AOR's had set in..

Night Crossing - 1984 Night Crossing
With a moniker and somewhat cliche cover photo that screamed AOR it wasn't a difficult choice purchasing this album back in the day. Yes, they certainly looked the part didn't they? Average bar band AOR found in Anytown, USA in 1984.

Nitefire - 1984 Nitefire [EP]
Nitefire are based around a set of four brothers, who have taken Bon Jovi, Surgin and Zebra to heart by the sounds of things.

Nugent, Ted - 1984 Penetrator
Nugent goes AOR? Not quite, but the man went very close with this and other 80's albums 'Little Miss Dangerous' (1986) and 'If You Can't Lick 'Em....Lick 'Em' (1988).

Official Soundtrack - 1984 Dune
It wasn't the greatest science fiction movie of all time, I leave that title to the likes of 'Alien', the original 'Solaris' and maybe 'Metropolis', but it's worth a visit now and then for nostalgia's sake and those with adventurous tastes or have a hankering for crossover prog will find the album attractive while those expecting a Toto connected AOR fix will be sorely disappointed.

Orion The Hunter - 1984 Orion The Hunter
Yep, 1984 was a pretty good year for AOR in my books. So many great releases. This one, Billy Satellite, and the debut Bon Jovi album top the list I reckon. Orion The Hunter are superb in every shape and form.

Pallas - 1984 The Sentinel
Pallas were one of the original movers and shakers of the early 80's UK 'neo-progressive' movement. 'The Sentinel' is worth picking up and has been reissued by Inside Out with a nice booklet of photos, etc. Oh yeah, special mention must be made of Patrick Woodroffe's amazing cover art. Wow!

Pantera - 1984 Projects In The Jungle
While Pantera are not typical GLORY-DAZE candidates, their pre 70's work certainly qualifies. Most fans know of their existence as a melodic hard rock/heavy metal act before they changed tack and went extreme in the early 70's, but does anyone realise just how good they were?

Parr, John - 1984 John Parr
This album contains nine songs that are textbook AOR. Parr is a strong lyricist, painting vivid pictures of love & lust, heartbreak & revenge.

Patton, Robbie - 1984 No Problem
As with the 'Orders From Headquarters', there is a continuation of his AOR/west coast style, with names such as David Roberts, John O'Banion and Toto all acting as reference points throughout.

Perry, Steve - 1984 Street Talk
The lead singer from Journey took time out in late 1983 and early 1984 to record his first solo album. Perry who on this album, returned to an R&B/soul sound which pre-dated his arena rock stint with Journey.

Poco - 1984 Inamorata
One thing 'Inamorata' isn't, and that is a bonafide country-rock album. Quite clearly this album was borne of the studio, and the smooth radio-friendly sound veers more toward AOR than most.

Pretty Rough - 1984 Got The Fire
The band occupy a space somewhere between fellow Canadians Helix and early Killer Dwarfs, the vocals of Peterson taking up residence at the feet of high-pitched warblers such as Geddy Lee and Rik Emmett.
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