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Dokken - 1985 Under Lock And Key
'Under Lock And Key' is very strong on many counts too. Great production, some killer tracks bordering on 'near-metal', with the bulk of the material being spread between rock ballads and smooth melodic rockers - but with a razor sharp edge.

Doyle Whiting Band - 1985 Good Rockin' Tonight
Here's an interesting and obscure release from this mid 80's Syracuse area band from upstate New York.

Dragon Fly - 1985 Tales of Dragon Fly Chapter One
On first glance the cover gives a 'prog' or even a 'metal' feel, but the music contained on the vinyl is high quality AOR, full of sublime melodies. This ranks as one of my favourite discoveries. It's prime time AOR hitting you with a torrent of free-flowing memorable tunes. They creep into your mind and soon take up permanent residence.

Drama - 1985 Scene From A Distance
Drama, a duo, hail from Memphis Tennessee, and unusually, sound nothing like any band coming out of this southern locale. The pairing instead delve into hi-tech pop in the vein of Wild Blue, Cock Robin, Scandal, Delta.. bands of that ilk.

Duke Jupiter - 1985 The Line Of Your Fire
A real history behind this album. Caught between a heart of a rock (sic) and a hard place, an album they had to contractually release, on a label that didn't give a shit. I mean Tamla Motown?? Please..

Faithful Breath - 1985 SKOL
A classy metal album which has attained a deserved cult status over the years. Everything about Faithful Breath typified 80's metal, the sound and image, and it's a shame they never broke out bigger than they did.

Fate - 1985 Fate
These blokes looked like they landed off the beaches of California and the screens of MTV. Signed to EMI Denmark, the band went on to release a number of albums during the late 80's, the first of which was this 1985 self titled debut.

Ferry, Bryan - 1985 Boys And Girls
Pop star, fashion maven, supermodel Lothario; the iconic Bryan Ferry put the ever-influential Roxy Music on ice after 1982's brilliant 'Avalon', preferring to focus on a solo career ..

Fierce Heart - 1985 Fierce Heart
Quite a strong rockin' album featuring one of the best rock guitarists around in Rex Carroll. Despite it's reputation as a pomp album reviewed previously in other publications, it's more of a straight melodic heavy rock album.

Fiona - 1985 Fiona
Probably the pick of all of Fiona's albums is her 1985 debut. If you like female-fronted AOR, this is a good one to get.

Firm, The - 1985 The Firm
Lot's of hype over this one and why not? Two of the biggest names in British hard rock; Paul Rodgers formerly of Free and Bad Company and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin pooling their talents together. Unfortunately for this reviewer, The Firm's debut is a monument to just how bad the music of the 1980's could be.

Flynn - 1985 Flynn [ep]
California based six-piece Flynn should appeal to all those air keyboardists out there. With only a hard to find 4 track EP to show for their endeavour, this band were the westcoast equivalent of Dream Theater. It's a shame that Flynn could only manage an EP, leaving the listener thirst-quenching for more!

Fortune - 1985 Fortune
One of the definitive pomp classics is this one and only album by the Los Angeles based band Fortune.

Fury - 1985 Fury
Released in 1985, 'Fury' is a bouncy effort with a hint of Loverboy, Urgent and Van Stephenson. It's likeable enough, and very reflective of the era.

George, Robin - 1985 Dangerous Music
I'm sure many of you will remember the instant classic track 'Heartline', which featured on the first Kerrang compilation video. So what about the other tracks? Well to be fair, nothing ends up being as good as 'Heartline' unfortunately. There are a bunch of decent songs, but the whole thing ends up being like a collection of cobbled material which could've been resolved with a better track listing.

Gilder, Nick - 1985 Nick Gilder
An album of zero ballads but with a sound majority of AOR inspired tracks. Reissued in 2013, it's time to give this album some long overdue love.

Godz, The - 1985 I'll Get You Rockin'
Despite flirting with greatness, this isn't quite the blockbuster one might have expected. It fails to compare to Salem's 'Cat Dance' and the early Godz work, perhaps a victim of its time.

Gorrie, Alan - 1985 Sleepless Nights
I mentioned earlier that the album is a by-product of the era, which is a kinder way of saying that it sounds very dated in 2014. Despite that, many west-coast fans adore the album, and it is still held in high regard all these years later.

Green, Glen Allen - 1985 A Living Fire
As you can tell by the personnel credits, there's loads of keys and synths in the studio battery, and it shows all the way through. CCM/AOR all the way.

Hanover - 1985 Hungry Eyes
'Hungry Eyes' is one of the best Canadian metal albums of the mid 80's and ranks up there with 'Night Of The Crime' as a classic of its kind.

Hasselhoff, David - 1985 Night Rocker
Just from the album cover alone here you know you're in for a treat - Hasselhoff posing on top of a Pontiac Firebird ala Knight Rider, clad in leather and slinging a six string!

Headpins - 1985 Head Over Heels
One of my alltime favourite Canadian bands are the Headpins. Well known to readers of this site, the band are centered around the pocket battleship known as Darby Mills. With success on the cards, it wasn't enough to keep their label Solid Gold Records above the waterline. By 1984 they had gone bust and left Headpins in the lurch. Soon however, a new label was found: this time MCA. Their debut for MCA appeared in 1985; 'Head Over Heels' would be the one and only album for the label, and the last studio offering.. to date..

Heart - 1985 Heart
Was it a sellout? Was it (as has been described elsewhere) a rebirth? Was it canoodling to all the trappings of success that was going on around them, including fashion sense and MTV? Probably all of them actually..

Heavy Pettin' - 1985 Rock Ain't Dead
A much admired act in their day were this Scottish five piece. This, their second album, rarely misses among its quota of pure hard rock.

Helix - 1985 Long Way To Heaven
With 'Long Way To Heaven' their sound becomes more polished, though still retaining that gritty quality accumulated over the years.

Helloween - 1985 Helloween Mini LP
This Mini LP is the place where the history of German metallers Helloween begun.

Helloween - 1985 Walls Of Jericho
Here's an extended review from Chris, looking at Helloween's first full studio album from 1985.. 'Walls Of Jericho'.

Holland - 1985 Little Monsters
Holland was put together by Chicago based singer Tom Holland who at the time already had a major label record deal with the band The Boyzz, who then became The B'zz.

Honeymoon Suite - 1985 The Big Prize
Honeymoon Suite's second album 'The Big Prize' is aptly named, as it is indeed a prize among melodic rock fans and collectors. This time around, the faint 'new wave' angle is dropped in favor of strong AOR themes, and sees the band enhancing their radio friendly appeal.

Icon - 1985 Night Of The Crime
Icon's 'Night Of The Crime' is deemed by many to be a classic melodic rock album, the band perhaps Arizona's best rock export.

In 3-D - 1985 No Glasses Needed
In 3-D were a little known band from Illinois. Signed to Refuge Records, the band does have a Christian slant, though you don't see it or hear it in their music.

In Pursuit - 1985 When Darkness Falls
Blending rootsy jangle pop with a few hi-tech moves on 'Losing Control' where Emma sounds like an rockier version of Lone Justice singer Maria McKee.

Innocent, The - 1985 Livin' In The Street
The Innocent were something of a minor AOR supergroup and they most certainly delivered the goods with considerable panache.

Jacks, The - 1985 In Danger
I take my hat off to a label like Retrospect Records who did a lot of work in promoting rare AOR and heavy metal from the 80's. One of those rarities was Nebraska based quartet The Jacks, who released this one-off LP back in 1985.

Jag Wire - 1985 Made In Heaven
Well what do we have here? An L.A band very much in the White Sister and Angel camp. You could be excused for the Angel connection.. I mean .. the album title for starters 'Made In Heaven', and if they all dressed up in white they could probably pass for Dimino, Meadows, Giuffria and co.

Janz, Paul - 1985 Highly Strung
'Highly Strung' was Paul Janz' debut solo album. This album featured a strong contingent of musicians, with members from local bands such as Straight Lines and Body Electric being involved.

Julien, Robbin - 1985 Here We Go [ep]
From out of the southwestern 'burbs of Minneapolis comes singer Robbin Julien. Minnetoka resident Julien hooked up on this rare 1985 effort for Atco, with a host of names in tow, including members from well heeled Minnesota outfits including Judd, Gypsy and Jumpstreet.

Kaja - 1985 Crazy People's Right To Speak
Remember Kajagoogoo? I do and still believe they were one of the worst examples of the 'New pop' movement's made for MTV excesses. By 1985, the band had shortened their handle to Kaja, tried to change their image and direction, but no one was buying..

Kaos - 1985 Total Kaos
It's not often we feature a band from St Johns, Newfoundland Canada. This might even be a first. The band are called Kaos, and they were in action between 1982 and 1986.

Keel - 1985 The Right To Rock
This was Keel's second album and major label debut after 'Lay Down The Law' had been released on Mike Varney's indie Shrapnel a year earlier.

Kick Axe - 1985 Welcome To The Club
After what was deemed a useful start to their musical career, Canadians Kick Axe returned in 1985 for album number two.

King Kobra - 1985 Ready To Strike
This debut was met with widespread acclaim, indeed a mostly sophisticated set of mid 80's commercial metal which beckoned at bigger things for the promising group.

Kiss - 1985 Asylum
Often dismissed in the Kiss canon of works, 'Asylum' appeared during a prolific period for the band following the removal of their makeup in 1983, despite shuffles in the guitar dept.

Kix - 1985 Midnite Dynamite
By 1985, Kix had found their magic formula, and this kept them on the high-side all through the late 80's and early 70's where they maintained a healthy profile. 'Midnite Dynamite' with Beau Hill at the helm saw the band move into Ratt and Def Leppard territory.

Lake - 1985 Voices
Probably not the Lake album with the greatest singular tracks, but all the better as a long player. Recommended!

Lamarca - 1985 Lamarca
Well the great mystery is over. In fact, one of the great mysteries of AOR-dom can now be revealed, for those that didn't know already.. including me. And that mystery was? Who or what was Lamarca?

Lamont Joe - 1985 Secrets You Keep
Joe Lamont; we first heard of this guy with the band Steeplechase and then the wonderful AOR outfit Shelter.

Leyden Zar - 1985 Leyden Zar
I kinda like this Canadian band. As mentioned in an earlier review of their 1981 debut album, I thought they were very underrated, but extremely good nonetheless.

Life By Night - 1985 Life By Night
Musically LBN intersect numerous bands of that era, namely contemporaries such as Cock Robin and Aimee Mann's Til Tuesday.

Lodgic - 1985 Nomadic Sands
The immediate comparison here are the bands Saga and Yes. Saga - who during their mid 80's phase played extremely tight commercial crossover prog/AOR, while Yes were buoyed by the success of their mega selling '70125' album.. probably half the reason why A&M signed Lodgic in the first place - looking for similar success.
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